Centrolina, “European-inspired gourmet restaurant, located within a full-service grocery store” posts Liquor License Placard in CityCenter – Check Out Their Video

974 Palmer Alley, NW

The placard for Centrolina says:

“An European-inspired gourmet restaurant, which will be located within a full-service grocery store, selling food and alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises. Seating capacity is 72. Total occupancy load is 105. Summer Garden with seating for 34.”

And lots more great info from their video:

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  • I can’t see a market thriving in city center. That said, I’m definitely going to check out this place for a lunch at some point

  • “European-inspired” — so, pizza and French fries?

    Whenever I go to a gourmet restaurant, I find myself thinking, “I wish this place was inside a Safeway.”

  • Who knows how anything at city center will do? Right now the retail isn’t drawing flies, but the restaurants seem to be doing ok. Maybe this “market” will generate a little bit of foot traffic?

  • She lost me at “Expresso”

  • Who’s the European who inspired this place? Francisco Franco? René Descartes? Søren Kierkegaard? That guy who invented WWII? So many questions.

    • Egad

      I’m placing my bets on Søren. Everyone knows that the guy couldn’t even get out of bed without having a steaming hot EXpresso and wienerbrød first.

  • I don’t think this lady could have sounded more arrogant. She makes it sound like she’s saving Washingtonians from some sort of dearth of “local”, “seasonally correct”, “chef driven” food that’s not at dozens of other restaurants in town. Best of luck to her but I hope she pulls her head outta her ass sooner rather than later.

    • Her spiel isn’t perfect, but she doesn’t sound that bad.

      • I watched no more than 45 seconds of this video and heard her say “philosophy” at least 5 times. Yaaaawn. Also, stop touching all of the leafy greens.

  • I was thinking this is just the kind of retail diversity that City Center needs, low priced “luxury” options that the 90% can justify buying. I work in east downtown and there are almost no options to “pick something up” for dinner on your way home. I would probably be willing to pay more for the combination of high quality items and convenience. The Walgreens is about your only option for groceries of any kind down here; that or trekking to the Mt. Vernon Safeway.

  • What CityCenter needs, (or DC needs in general) is an outpost of Chapel Hill’s “Southern Season.” That would draw monster crowds.

    • There’s Union Market, Dean & Deluca, Fresh Market, Whole Foods, Yes Market, Marvelous Market, any number of weekly farmer’s markets, huge spacious Asian and international markets in the suburbs (that’s where I go). If I had to pick something from the South to be in DC I’d go with Publix, which has Wegman-like following in parts of Fla. and Ga.

      • There is no Fresh Market in the District, and the last Marvelous Market closed a year ago. But yes, Publix would be lovely.

  • maxwell smart

    So basically knock-off Eataly? Sounds about right for DC.

  • ” A European”; not “An European”. They should have someone non-European proofread their press thingy.

  • The “seasonal” market scene in the video is curious. Springtime artichokes and peas with summery tomatoes, peppers,zucchini and eggplants? Not in the mid-Atlantic, chef.

  • clevelanddave

    Yay Chef Amy you rock!

  • Very excited about Centrolina!

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