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  • justinbc

    Hopefully this location will fix the production issues that always have them running out by 11AM and actually put a moderate amount of whatever you order on the bagel.

    • I haven’t had this issue in a long time. I was just there Saturday at 1130am to grab a bagel and sit down in the Maketto courtyard. Service was prompt, inventory was fully stocked and my bagel with corned beef, egg and cheese was packed with goodness.

    • yeah i haven’t had this issue either…

      expand beyond the hill-area!

  • Aglets

    I’m excited about this- but on a personal note- i will miss that frame shop. I know one of them passed away recently…When I lived further up 7th street in the late 90’s i would always see someone working late into the night and I always felt a little safer.

  • Overrated. I mean, yes, they’re good, but not good enough to wait for in a line that stretches down the block. Hype machine at work here.

    • Thankfully, my kitchen churns out as good if not better bagels. I’ve met and talked with Jeremiah, very nice guy and wish him well on what seems to be a booming business (and when I met it was still a tiny pop-up at Cake Love hardly a year ago!).

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