Arrest Made in 30 Year Old’s Stabbing Death at the Donovan Hotel Downtown in Feb.

From MPD:

“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch have announced an arrest has been made in the stabbing death of 30 year-old David Messerschmitt, who was found on Tuesday, February 10, 2015, shortly after 11:00 am, in the 1100 block of 14th Street, Northwest.

On Wednesday, April 1, 2015, at approximately 3:30 pm, members of the homicide branch arrested 21 year-old Jamyra Gallmon of Southeast, charging her with First Degree Felony Murder While Armed in connection to the homicide of David Messerschmitt.”

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  • This case really befuddles me – both his (lack of) judgment and her decision to kill him are confusing.
    A lot of the factors in this case don’t add up.

    • The WaPo article said the suspected motive was robbery, but I don’t understand how that can be if they found his credit cards all over the floor.

      • Here’s a guess: after the robbery turned deadly, the suspect dropped the cards for fear of being found and connected to the murder.

        • This would be my speculation, as well. But why not just meet up on a dark street corner and rob him? Why go to a hotel room, where you know there will be plenty of cameras and you’ll have to pass by a large number of witnesses? A hotel is pretty much the worst place to commit a crime like this.

          • We’re not talking the pink panther here. I don’t think there was a ton of foresight about those kinds of things.

          • I believe that he hired a prostitute of some sort.
            On the new the other day they said condoms, lubrication and a enema tool was found in the room.

          • There’s been some speculation that the sex paraphernalia may have been planted at the scene by the murder to distract the detectives.

  • Has there been any other info? This whole thing seems so weird, right? Why was he in that hotel? Why did she go after him? Did they know each other?

  • Solicitation, robbery, murder? Crazy case all around. I feel for his wife and family who presumably had no idea what was going on.

  • It’s such a sad case and I feel horrible for his family and his wife. I still can’t get wanting to know the details out of my head though…it’s like an episode of SVU and sadly it doesn’t end after an hour. What is the speculation? Drug buy gone wrong…or craigslist scam–the woman pretended to be a guy and showed up to rob him instead and things got ugly? Those are my thoughts.

    • What’s weird about the MPD Person of Interest footage from the original POP article is that when the POI is ascending the staircase at one point she covers part of her face with some sort of turtleneck thingy…as though she realized a little too late that security cameras are basically everywhere.

      • Yeah, the footage is weird…it’s as if she looked directly at the camera and continued on her plan…my guess is she did not go to the hotel with the plan to kill him. But he maybe put up a struggle and shots happened and he was dead and she fled. People rob places with cameras all of the time and we don’t catch them…far less of a priority than murder.

        Criminals aren’t the brightest people usually.

    • Re: SVU — Where is Serial when you need it?

  • I’m so glad they’ve finally made an arrest. His wife (widow) is one of the kindest people, I’ve ever met. Horrified to find out something like this happened. Glad they’ve taken another scumbag off the streets -hopefully forever.

    Not entirely sure what was going down in that hotel room…. but I have a pretty good idea. Quite surprised. Oh DC… you never fail to amuse.

    • I’m glad you find this amusing

      • Yeah, amusing seems like an odd word choice, especially if you know and like his wife.

      • Yeah, the word “amusing” really rubbed me the wrong way. Given that the guy is dead, it seems very, very sad. And even if he weren’t, the whole situation (adultery, deception, possibly hiding his true sexual orientation) would still be sad.

      • And the DC part…as if the geography is relevant. Crazier more gruesome things have happened in other cities…more specifically the burbs.

  • How did the police know to go to the hotel to begin with? Some sore of NSA tracking thing I bet.

    • Here’s a wild guess. Housekeeping found a body in the hotel room and called the police. And gave them the name of the hotel. Or right, it was the NSA.

      • That is a wild guess and it is incorrect.

        The police contacted the hotel before the hotel found the body. I don’t know if they tracked through credit card payment or cell phone pinging, but some form of data allowed the police to know his location prior to housekeeping.

    • Um, he was found at the hotel.

    • Because a body was found there.

    • I think you are correct. Edward Snowden’s documentary clearly explained how the Prism program was first developed to track and follow sexual improprieties across the US.

    • From what I’ve read, MPD called all the hotels asking if someone named Messerschmitt had checked in. Donovan House found his rez, MPD asked the hotel staff to check on his room. They knocked, there was no answer and they let themselves in.
      Hotels are often the scene of suicides. My guess is that it’s pretty common for MPD to receive notices from worried families that a person is missing, so they check the hospitals and hotels first. It’s a pretty sensible first place to look when people are missing.

      • They call every single hotel in the city? Geez, that must take forever.

        • DC CapHill

          A significant other would likely have access to a credit card account, or bank account of some sort, and if you were missing but charges were shown on the card, that would be something to report to the Police. The logic still follows.

          That said, if you intend to have semi-anonymous intercourse with someone answering a solicitation, homosexual or otherwise, you might want to check in with cash under an assumed identity?

  • Don’t make prostitution legal though. It’s better keep it underground where thieves and murderers can take advantage of the sexual puritanism of the public.

  • Egad

    I always wondered why there wasn’t footage of the killer LEAVING the hotel. Did she take another route without cameras?

  • We were speculating about this crime this morning at home and thought about these possibilities:

    1. Based on the sex-related items found at the scene, the victim thought he was getting a guy.

    2. That guy may have been known to the victim, because a lot of the victim’s personal property was apparently out in the open in the hotel room. That would be unusual for a first-time meeting.

    3. The alleged perpetrator really went out of her way to appear “gender-neutral” on her visit to the hotel.

    4. Was the alleged perpetrator taking revenge on the victim because he had been messing around with a (male)member of the perpetrator’s family? Or did the original guy set the victim up to be offed by the alleged perpetrator?

    Pure speculation, but there just seems something beyond the usual “Craigslist hookup gone wrong” story here.

    • @Magoo What about the sex-related items made this seem like he was meeting a guy? The info is all warped because of various news houses not wanting to offend anyone, but nothing I’ve heard suggests that he was there to meet a guy. What’s missing from the story?

  • Not to be too graphic about it, but an enema kit would commonly be used to cleanse prior to anal sex. Similarly, the condom-and-lube combination suggests the same activity. I know that this activity isn’t limited to male same-sex pairings, but it suggests to me that the victim had some very specific activity in mind that is usually associated with male-to-male sexual activity. And yes, it could have been planned knowing that the alleged perpetrator was a female. But like I said, I just think there’s a whole lot more to this story.

    • I agree that there’s a whole lot more to this story. Since we’re in the wild speculation game here, I’ll mention that I’ve been wondering if this could be some kind of set-up meant to “disgrace” him. What if he were lured there for something else, and after we was killed, the room was set up to look like he had come there for a gay tryst?

      • Interesting, I was thinking something similar but was too embarrassed as it sounded to out there (and still does). Here’s my wild conjecture: Wife knew he was engaging in some sort of extramarital activities and decided to have a hit done on him via this route. Insane and horrible speculation I know. I hope no family or friends related to the case ever reads the comments here.

  • Latest from the Post:

    “Messerschmitt had gone to the hotel after arranging to meet someone for a sexual liaison, according to four police officials familiar with the case. According to charging papers filed in D.C. Superior Court, Messerschmitt had posted an ad on Craigslist on the day of his death “soliciting responses from other men.”

    • Oh, I feel so bad for his wife. She looked pretty shattered at that press conference.

    • Well, there you have it. While she says her motive was robbery, it’s odd that an otherwise innocuous-seeming 21-year old girl from Southeast would suddenly hatch a plot to prey on someone such as the victim in such a baroque and risky way. It will be interesting to see if any additional details come out regarding accomplices.

    • The Post has the charging papers online, with a fairly complete timeline of events that transpired, items found in the room, and even the email aliases used.

  • My script is – the perp’s boyfriend runs a scam – trolls CL and sets up the meet then sends in the girl to extort the mark with threats of exposing him.

    But the real tragedy is for the family. I wish to whoever is supposed to be god, that everyone could just be open and comfortable with their sexuality, kinks, fantasies, whatever, and not risk being killed.

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