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  • April 12 was Sunday.

  • Weird. I was worried it would be a lot busier than it actually was on Saturday. Green line around 9:30 am, lots of open seats even around Gallery Place.

  • Rode Red three times Saturday and Green once. The stations and centers of the trains were pretty packed, but unlike commuter days, if you went for the 1st or 8th cars, there was hardly anyone on them, making it tolerable.

  • And aside from when snow has had an effect on things, I have never seen traffic so bad on any single day in all my years of living in DC. I ended up having to traverse practically all four corners of the District on Saturday afternoon, and it was horrendous pretty much everywhere.

    • Agreed. I had to fight the traffic Saturday and Sunday because I’m in the apparent minority of DC citizens that likes to do things on weekends outside the city limits. Traffic was an absolute shit show anywhere near the mall, which you are almost required to drive through to get anywhere south of the city. Sure, lets bring in hundreds of thousands of tourists every weekend, crowd the streets with tour busses and food trucks, then not have the infrastructure to support even our weekday traffic, i.e. horrendous traffic light timing causing complete gridlock.

  • Anyone see the two ladies on the blue line with a little red wagon filled with flowers for a bridal luncheon>?

    • Cute. I didn’t see them.
      I ended up doing my grocery errands by bus Saturday, so wasn’t on the metro at all. On Sunday it didn’t seem particularly crowded taking the yellow to Alexandria.

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