Anyone Have Info on a Hit and Run that Killed a Puppy Sunday?


“Dear PoPville,

A hit and run accident Sunday killed our 10-month-old puppy, Pip. We were out of town and she was being boarded on 9th Street. She was on an afternoon walk between 2:30-3pm when she was struck by a car at the intersection of 11th and Rhode Island Ave, NW. We’re told by the walker that the car didn’t stop. We don’t have much information about what happened and we’re trying to find any witnesses. She was apparently on a walk with two others dogs at the time, but neither they nor the walker was hit – just our dog. She was a 20-pound black puggle mix – a little thing. The police have opened a hit and run investigation, but we’re just worried that without any witnesses, it’s going to be almost impossible to find the driver.”

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  • 🙁 Poor puppy.

  • This post makes me so sad. I wish I had information for you, and don’t, but will just say that my heart goes out to you. I am so, so sorry for your loss.

  • Sorry for your loss. I hope someone can provide you the information you seek.

  • Oh my gosh, this is so terrible. 🙁

  • So sorry for what happened.

    Not saying that that the walker is not telling the truth but hopefully they do talk to witnesses as it sounds (with the very limited info provided) more like the puppy got off the leash somehow.

    Really hope you get the information and cope with your loss as best you can.

    • I’m truly sorry to hear this. What a tragedy. I hope they find the bastard.

      But let’s just say WE ALWAYS MAKE THEM USE OUR HARNESS at the place over on 9th street because the rinky-dink little white and blue ropes the walkers use are not safe and I could easily see a dog backing out of one. I hope what results from this tragedy is a change in policies from the crew over there.

  • epric002

    i’m so sorry. any chance you could get security camera footage from near the intersection?

  • A couple things…I find it a little head scratching that all 3 dogs could be on leashes (presumably of similar length) held by the same person, and yet a car could get close enough to hit one and not any others. I could be wrong, but my immediate gut reaction was “dog walker not telling whole truth”.

    And not to be heartless, but considering the small size of the dog, and the moonscape condition of our DC streets, it is entirely possible they ran over the dog without knowing. Sorry about your puppy.

    • This is terrible to hear and I can’t even imagine the heartbreak, especially not being able to even be there for him at the end. But I also echo the comments above. One dog out of three getting hit is a tough story to swallow. Kinda makes me weary about our dog that gets walked with other dogs at the same time. Also, I think it’s a bit extreme to open a hit-and-run case on a driver that probably had no idea he hit an animal. The bump from a 20 lb dog could easily be mistaken for a pothole or curb.

      • Are you kidding me, DRC? If the driver was paying any attention at all they should have seen a 20 lb dog in the road. I doubt you would say the same for a 20 lb baby.

        • No, I’m not kidding. When paying attention to cars on the road in front of you, cyclists, jaywalkers, a*hole cabbies, giant car-swallowing potholes, and erratic metro busses, I’d say it would be very easy to not see a small black dog dart out into the street from the sidewalk. Even if the dog is on a leash, technically he’d only have to run 3-4 feet from the walker to be in the street and get clipped by a bumper or tire. The tiny dog could even be out of the field of view of the driver the entire brief moment it was in the road. You act like the dog was just laying down chewing on a rawhide in the middle of the street.

          • I can understand how someone may not see the dog until it is too late to stop, but a driver that is paying attention should notice a 20lb animal running out into the street and should definitely notice that they hit something. All it would take is one look in a review mirror to notice the dog in the road that they just ran over. This isn’t a squirrel we are talking about, a dog is large enough to easily see when it is light out.

  • I’m so sorry about what happened to your puppy 🙁
    I know you’ll never “get over it”, but I hope with time you can get *past* it and to a place where you remember all of the joy your puppy gave you and you gave her, and not think about how it ended. I lost a dog a few years back and it took a long while, but I got there, and now I feel better knowing he had a pretty awesome life with me. I hope you can find the info you need to get closure.

    • I find it very strange as well, about 1 dog being hit and no one else being close enough? Odd… So sorry about your puppy either way, I’m sure you are heartbroken, and hope that your memories of her will help get you through.

  • I’m very sorry for your loss. What will the police do if they find the driver?

    • Technically, criminal battery occurs to a victim even if the perpetrator only hits something the person is holding or is attached to the person (such as a dog on a leash), so I believe they could charge the person with battery for hitting a dog on a leash held by the “victim.” Other options probably are also available, e.g. leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving, etc.

  • I am so sorry!! I cannot even begin to imagine leaving my pup for a weekend, in the care of professionals that you assume will take good care of him, and then come home to this. So awful 🙁
    How is it even possible that you “don’t have much information about what happened” though?? Was the walker not right there, and saw the car that hit your dog? They can’t even remember if it was a car, truck, SUV…or even the color? I really feel like this company is not telling you the whole truth, and hopefully the police investigation will help get you some answers.

    • +1. This is sketchy beyond belief. This kind of incident would be all I needed to avoid this place like the plague (and to tell everyone I knew to avoid it as well). You don’t just have a dog on a leash and have it run over by a car unless you’re incredibly careless. Full stop. These people- wish you’d name them- ought to suffer the consequences of lost business. They also ought to be paying you a lot of money for their negligence. As in, enough money that they go out of freakin’ business!! Sorry for your loss- this is a very painful story to read.

      • I take my dog to the place on 9th, and although I will be asking a LOT of questions about this at pickup tonight, I don’t plan to take my business elsewhere at this point. This place treats my dog like a member of their own family and I absolutely adore the staff there. I’d like to better understand what went wrong and their plans to make sure this -never- happens again.. But I appreciate the restraint the OP has in not trying to fully condemn them before s/he has the facts.

        • Shawess, if this is Wagtime, please read the their Yelp and Google reviews. I would not feel comfortable at all leaving my animal there. There have got to be other ways to have your dog taken care of. I just posted a copy of a pertinent Yelp review on how a Wagtime employee was aggressively trying to walk an unwilling dog and the dog ran into traffic. The review is from September 2014 if you want to find it on Yelp. Bystanders had to get the dog, and cars were stopping to avoid hitting the dog. Could this be a similar situation?

          • I actually have read the reviews and the deducted stars I see in most of the low-star reviews appear to be for reasons other than animal safety — primarily cost, billing issues and staff professionalism. I haven’t had problems with those things, and quite the opposite, actually. I’m not trying to apologize for Wagtime — the death of a beloved pet is just horrible — but I think we should be careful not to smear the name of the business without knowing what actually happened.

          • I take my dog to Wagtime also (which is how I met Shawess and Gary!) and have had only positive experiences. Freya is so excited to go and basically sprints up to the small room as soon as she gets dropped off. We have only boarded her once, for one night, but didn’t have any problems. And we also love all of the staff that we have dealt with. Hearing about his incident is really troubling though, especially because Freya is not the easiest dog to walk and I would have concerns about her getting free if a dogwalker wasn’t paying close enough attention and she saw a squirrel or something.
            I’m very sorry to the dog owners, I know that I would be a total wreck if something like this happened to either one of my dogs. I hope they get more information about what happened.

  • I was a witness and, as a fellow dog owner and animal lover, have been heartbroken about what I saw ever since. If the Pip’s owners are reading this, I would be more than happy to help. Please let me know how to contact you, and I would be happy to help. My heart goes out to you during this time. I cannot imagine the pain you are experiencing, and would love to help in any way I can.

  • I don’t have information just condolences. This makes my heart break 🙁

  • Thanks everyone for your kind words. We agree that the information seems off. We had originally been told the accident happened at 10th and M while Pip was on a walk with two other dogs, but now have reason to believe that she may have been hit at 11th and Rhode Island. Unclear exactly what the circumstances of that situation would have been, which is why we’re seeking any possible witnesses. Thanks again.

  • So incredibly sad. I hope you can cope soon. How has the company been where your pup was being boarded? I tend to agree with the others that one out of three getting hit seems unlikely…I tend to think the walker isn’t telling the full story. I have heard too many horror stories recently about boarding and dog walking in this city..really unfortunate for those of us who have pets.

  • First let me say that I am SO sorry this happened. As a fellow dog lover, it breaks my heart.

    My husband and I drove by the scene right after it happened, so I can’t serve as a witness. We couldn’t have missed it by more than a minute or two, though, because we saw the dog get covered with a blanket and carried to the sidewalk. There were two cars stopped in the road, the drivers of which (I assume) were helping out.

    There were about five people on the sidewalk around the dog, but I don’t recall any other dogs around the scene.

    I can confirm that the location was 11th and Rhode Island, and that the dog was hit on the north side of street (part of Rhode Island heading into Logan Circle).

    I hope you can find some answers and get some closure. Sending big hugs your way!

  • My deepest condolences to Pip’s owner. It is tragedy that you were paying for her to be cared for, and in this case, it looks like the dogwalker is not telling you the whole story.

    I hope you can find out the truth of this horrible accident.

  • To the OP, if this is WagTime, please carefully read their Yelp reviews. I just found this one from September 2014:

    “I saw something that warrants this review.

    I went in to pick up a brochure. On the way out of the door I see a staff member walking a VERY unhappy dog. The dog is wearing an ill fitting lead. The staff member is dragging the dog around because the dog doesn’t want to go back inside. Either the owners had done zero training or there was a real problem.

    The dog got away and started playing in traffic. Cars stopped and people got out to help scoop up the dog. It was BRUTAL to watch. I want to be forgiving but I’m horrified. Imagine paying money for dog care when your dog is out in traffic? That’s my worst nightmare and all I did was pickup a brochure. This could have been a one time mistake/incident but there’s also no excuse for a care facility not properly fitting the dog to the leash.”
    Based on the reviews, this place is seriously bad news- as in, they should probably be put on Animal Control’s alert list. I’m hoping that anyone who experiences or sees negligence reports them.

  • So, if its the kennel I’m thinking about near there, there’s a lot of hearsay that I’ve gathered over the years about this place that makes me seriously doubt this story. I’m sorry that this happened and I hope you get the closure you’re looking for. I am terrified of this sort of thing. In my limited experience with the owners, I would never feel comfortable taking my dog (or goldfish) to them. This is gut wrenching and I feel terrible. I’m spending extra time with my pup tonight.

    • Also, be careful when dealing with them and what you say publicly about them (or really what you say, period) – if your efforts are aimed at bringing a law suit, I’d hire a lawyer now rather than later. If you investigating just to get closure, I would find it fast and not make a lot of contact with the facility. I dont think I would give this advice about any other person/entity I have ever come in contact with. Good luck and again, from an anonymous internet poster, so sorry this happened.

  • As a fellow dog owner, I have the deepest sympathy for what you must be going through. I truly hope that you find out exactly what happened and that eventually you are able to find peace with the situation.

    I would like to echo some of the other comments here and question the information you have been receiving from whomever you were paying to care for your pet. I understand a reluctance to call them out if they did everything they could, but if it comes to light that somehow they have not fulfilled their duties (either through some negligence while walking your dog or in failing to provide you full and complete information), I hope that you would consider it. I use a one of the number of boarding providers here in DC and I did lots of research before choosing one, and this is the kind of information that can be relevant to others who are making similar decisions.

  • I went to that daycare a couple times with no complaints but after some horror stories I decided I wouldn’t be going back.. if it were my babes I’d be on the phone with a lawyer…

  • I did not see your dog being hit but I was walking down O Street near 11th around that time and did see a dog that resembles your dog running down the street with it’s leash still attached and someone from Wagtime running after it- I assume the dog walker. A few people including myself tried to grab the pup but the it was too quick. The last I saw the pup it was running up 11th Street and the person from Wagtime was running after it. I had a terrible feeling it wasn’t going to end well given it was running towards the busy intersection at Rhode Island Ave. Again, I didn’t witness the dog being hit but if this was the same dog I don’t think it would have been a vicious crime but rather a tragic accident. Sorry for your loss-

  • I know Pip was a CDR alum and that you must be heart broken. I am so sorry for your loss.

  • I am so sorry to hear this awful story. I have a puppy that I walk all over and I never even thought of how the dog walkers could lose control of one dog. I will now be using only services that are one on one with my dog. I am so very sad for you and your family, but is sounds like you got some witnesses which is a great service of Popville. Big hugs in memory of your Pip.

  • Tragic for this pup’s family – and for all involved. And for those needing to board a dog – take a look at You board your dog with local people in their own home. Of course, you still have to meet and ask lots of questions – but mostly it is just local dog people taking an extra dog into their home for a few days and a little extra cash.

    • Think twice about We just had a very bad experience with a sitter who we believe abused one of our dogs. I don’t think they do anything to make sure their sitters actually understand dogs and will be patient and loving to them. After the fact, I seriously regret leaving my dogs with someone who was sitting for a little extra cash.

      • That is why you meet personally with the potential dog sitter and ask lots of questions. The company is simply connecting people. It is up to you to know what to ask and judge the capability of the potential dog sitter. There are hundreds of people on there, so it should be easy to find a good person – unless you’re going for ultra cheap fees. But most of the fees are close – around $25-30 per night.

        I think most of the sitters are dog owners/lovers who are just happy for a little extra cash/”play money” (Like $100 a month or so) for taking in a fun companion for their own dog.

  • Also if anyone is looking for alternate boarding solutions in the shaw/logan area, I used Rachel of K9 Divine for my overnight needs when I lived over there. She was great with my dog (who has issues with other dogs) and is also a trainer.

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