Anyone Else Having Problems with Self Check Out Pricing at Harris Teeter?

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“Dear PoPville,

I have been having a problem the last couple of months at the Yards Harris Teeter, and I’m wondering if its exclusive to this HT or if others have had a similar experience at either this location or at any others. When shopping there have been a few times that I bought a specific brand or more of something that I needed because it was either on sale or BOGO (buy one get one) via my VIC card. I use the self check outs and at first I thought I was paranoid or misunderstood the sales signs and wrote it off, but the last 3 times I have noticed that SOME sale prices were reflected when I rang them up, and others weren’t. Those three times I have pointed it out to the clerk monitoring the self check out and they have helped me resolve the issue by typing a code into the computer…. but they didn’t seem surprised and acted like it happens all the time and didn’t apologize or anything.

I know it might seem like small amounts, but they add up, in the last visit alone I would have paid $15 more than I should have. I am wondering if anyone else has had this experience, and (if nothing else) alerting folks to pay attention to the prices you are paying vs what was advertised. The real confusing aspect for me has been that some of the the items will reflect sale prices when rung up, and others (in the same transaction) do not.”

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  • justinbc

    BOGO items do not show the discount until you are done with your order and ready to pay. At that time the full discount is taken. The clerk should have explained this to you, it’s the same at every HT store I’ve been to.

    • ^^This

    • Yup. I’m still somewhat hesitant to swipe my card before seeing the final sale price, but it’s gone through every time so far. I’ve had a couple helpful clerks explain the process. (This is at the NoMa Teeter.)

    • west_egg

      This is correct.
      Bonus tip: At Harris Teeter, most BOGO items ring up half price even if you only buy one. One more reason to love The ‘Teet.

    • OP here – I am aware of that, unfortunately they still DIDN’T appear at the time of payment. The clerks confirmed this and therefore had to manually do it from their computer. I should have mentioned that, sorry!

      • This is definitely the case. Although, at this HT, the last 3 times that I have gone, there were large mistakes on my bill that I noticed after I paid. Double ringing, sale prices were not reflected, etc.

        • ahh! Sorry to hear that you too have had this issue. Thanks for letting me know!

        • Yes, I go to this store all the time and I have had this happened to me twice where it was BOGO and it didn’t come up, even after I went to pay. So I feel your pain too. I always double check everything when I shop there.

      • (The clerk’s override, or whatever it was, is what reduced the final total by $15. She confirmed that the savings did not appear in the total, when at that point they should have., and she confirmed that that was contrary to the Teeter’s system.) Still love the Teeter, just seeing if anyone else had a similar experience/warn others to make sure it comes off when they pay. But, it looks like I’m the only one who has had this problem!

        • justinbc

          Interesting. This is the HT I go to most frequently, and I’ve never had this issue, but I’ll be sure to pay extra attention from now on as I basically only ever use the self-checkout.

  • In addition to the BOGO items, any discounts strictly linked to your VIC card (e-VIC discounts) also come off at the end.

  • I Dont Get It

    I don’t use self-checkout. I prefer that someone has a job.

    • west_egg

      Exactly — These computers are replacing human beings and in the process, shifting the labor from the store to its customers. A cheap trick on both counts. Nevermind the fact that self checkout registers are a poor substitute for real people. I’m sorry but 8 self-checkout stations (2 of which are broken) supplemented by one “regular” lane is no way to do business. (Looking at you, Petworth Safeway.)

    • Emmaleigh504

      I see no reason to check myself out when I am paying the same prices as I would if an employee checks me out. Plus they are way faster than me. I’m all for professionals doing the work for me b/c they are better at it.

    • OP here – the only time I use self checkout is when the line is really long and I don’t have time to wait. On these occasions the lines were long (and the other shoppers in them had crazy full carts) so I proceeded to self check out.

    • I use self checkouts primarily when I’m buying only one or a small number of items, and don’t want to wait behind people with full carts. Or when I’m buying something embarrassing. You all know you do that, too.

    • Yep, me, too. I agree that once you reach a cashier they can do the job much faster, and I can be going through the payment process while they are ringing/bagging my stuff. Related rant (I realize that this is the wrong thread): now that I always bring my own bags to CVS, etc. the clerks rarely offer to bag my items, so I’m juggling trying to bag my items, pay, get change, put wallet away, etc. Just because I brought my own bag doesn’t mean I should have to bag my own stuff – it’s just so inefficient, yet it is the rare clerk who will take the bag and actually help.

    • I use self-checkout all the time – like 99%. I really wish that everyone who feels that cashiers are faster than they are would not use the self-checkout lines because it is incredibly frustrating to get stuck behind slow ass people in the self-checkout lines who don’t know what they are doing. So if you really think cashiers are faster, PLEASE do me and every other real self-checker outer a favor and use a cashier.
      As far as the job protection argument goes, I do understand it but I submit that your choice not to use the self-checkout line is not necessarily protecting cashier jobs – at least the non-union ones. At some point, the number of cashiers becomes so low that you don’t have much choice but to use self-checkout. At the CVS I go to downtown, most of the time there are no cashiers dedicated to checking people out. The cashiers supervise the self-checkout lines and get items that are kept behind the counter.

      • I think we can all agree checker quality varies pretty substantially across stores in the region. Some stores move people through quickly, others look like they just met their first bar code.
        Similarly, some self checkout lines tend to be smooth, others frequently have multiple stations malfunctioning and are full of customers who can’t scan to save their life.

        Some grocery stores have both problems (I’m looking at you Columbia Heights Giant).

  • yep, i notice this a lot. frequently things will not scan as being on sale, and i’ll have to get the clerk to come over and fix the price.

    • OP – Sorry to hear you are having the same problem, but it’s nice to know I’m not insane!

  • I noticed those issues as well at the Navy Yard location as well as the machines not scanning any coupon (or just one and that’s it). Brought it up those issues several times and were never fixed. Sad to hear that I’m not the only having the incorrect price issue.
    Gave up after two months and went back to my usual HT (usually NoMa/sometimes Potomac ave), even though I live on I St SW. I’d rather trek to the store with very little issues than go to a much closer store with lots of issues, even considering I don’t have access to a car.

  • This happened to me at the Kalorama store just 2 weeks ago and I had to call over the clerk to adjust. She actually had to cancel the entire order and re-ring, which was a bit annoying as I had a bunch of produce (have to type in the number rather than scan).

    In principle I agree about checking out with clerks over the self option, but it’s almost always faster to use the self checkout. Considering how busy grocery stores around here are, I’m not willing to spend another 10 minutes in line each time I’m shopping (usually twice a week).

  • This happens to me with at least one item every time I go to the Yards Harris Teeter. I always go through the regular checkout line and have them scan my card beforehand so I can see the discounts being taken off. When I point out that something didn’t ring up correctly usually the manager comes over and inputs what I say the price is without confirming. The cashiers act like it happens all the time and sometimes just give me the item for free instead of calling over a manager. I don’t remember this happening when I frequented the NOMA HT.

  • It only happened to me once. I didn’t get a sale price. I brought this to the attention of the Service Desk person because I had already checked out. They said that it was Harris Teeter’s policy to provide the item for FREE if that happens, so I received my credit. That worked well.

  • On the topic of the Yards Teeter (as well as any new Teeter), does anybody else agree at how awful the new check out lanes are? I feel so bad for the checkers who have to keep turning and pulling out items from the carts, and there’s really no study place to put a full basket.

  • I know that some deals are “e-VIC” instead of just “VIC” – so if you are not set up for both that could be the issue. It would make sense on the level that at the self-checkout someone has to probably enter a code to apply it. Likely don’t notice it at a regular check-out because the cashier catches it. Customer service should be able to help get your number showing both e-VIC and VIC.

  • I smell a class action. Better call Saul!

  • Pet peeve… if you have to explain an acronym after you use it, it defeats the purpose (i.e. Rachel Ray using EVOO… and then saying extra virgin olive oil… every… single… time.

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