Another Shooting in Shaw Sunday Night

Lots of readers tweeted us last night around 11:30pm:

“Pretty sure a drive-by shooting just happened on 7th & P street NW – multiple gunshots, man stumbles & collapses, police now here @PoPville”

From MPD:

“The Third District is investigating a shooting that occurred at 6th and P Street Northwest.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Metropolitan Police Department on 202-727-9099.”

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  • We definitely heard it. And then sirens quite a few minutes later, which seemed kind of slow. Doesn’t shotspotter automatically report gunshots for faster response?

    • FWIW, I live within a block of the shooting, and from where I was, the police response seemed nearly instantaneous. 2-3 minutes tops before I saw cop cars. Sirens came a few minutes later.

      • Agreed, I am about 100 feet from where the shooting occurred, and there were police cars there in under a minute, though no sirens for a few more minutes.

    • Can’t rely just on hearing sirens. I think I heard first responders sometimes come in without sirens to see if they can catch offenders before they hear sirens and flee.

      • Thanks, good to know. Stay safe.

      • Yes, when I’ve called the 911 for shootings the police almost always show up in like 90 seconds, but they never have their sirens on because they are hoping someone involved is still around. The sirens usually come with the later response where they fan out in full force around the neighborhood or if/when a medical response is required.

  • For the record, this happened in South Shaw or SoSH, this would never happen in North Shaw! #NorthShaw #NoSH #DontBeAfraid #milliondollarrents

    • #NotActuallyShaw 😉

    • I beg of you, please don’t call it SoSh and NoSh. Even in jest, some suburban marketing consultant hired by a development company will scan these blogs to see what the cool kids are doing and not pick up your sarcasm. Then, we’ll all be stuck with another NoMa jammed down our throats.

  • Definitely heard this last night. I was almost asleep, but it sounded like four shots were fired. I would agree the response was quick, we had a patrol race down Marion St within minutes. His lights were on, but no siren.

  • Is this sort of thing really on the rise, or does it just seem like it, as a result of increased reporting? It seems like every weekend now, we hear about more and more shootings.

    • I just looked up neighborhood crime statistics, and violent crime is down -sharply- year over year.

      • If you want more nuance than that, you can look up stats here:

        • Hi Shawess – thanks for sharing this website. I live about 2 blocks away from the scene. Over here, it looks like the data shows overall that violent crime is slightly down, while property crime is up, year-over-year. The results may be slightly different depending on the catchment areas that we’re including. But the number of violent crime in this area is still unacceptably high.

          I’m glad to hear there were cars coming down Marion St within a minute – it gives me hope. What we really need are more MPD resources dedicated to the blocks between P & Rhode Island on 7th Street, where it seems like a lot of these crimes are occurring. There’s usually a cop near the metro entrance on 7th/8th and R, but there are a lot of incidents happening south of there, closer to the Rec Center. IMO, the development in this area can’t happen fast enough for safety reasons. More eyes on the street make the streets safer. In the meantime though, I wish MPD would put a bigger presence in this area, especially as it warms up outside.

  • I live on 5th and O Street and I have called the police three times in the past week because of gun fire. Over the past several weeks, there have been multiple shootings and we have regularly heard gun shots. I have not noticed increased police presence in the area though. The majority of the issues seem to happen across from the recreation center where groups gather. Anyone have any suggestions on who to contact about these issues? Typically the shootings only get worse as the summer progresses.

  • I just want to firmly hold these people by the shoulder, look them in the eye, and say, “Learn how to solve your problems like an adult.”

    Yes, I know how I sound.

    • Agreed. Also, we should consider some kind of across-the-board ban on sales of handguns and assault weapons in DC…

      • west_egg

        We can consider all we want but our friends in Congress will never allow such a thing — if it’s even legal. But that’s beside the point, because a ban on gun sales won’t do a darn thing to prevent these sorts of crimes. Criminals don’t buy their weapons from stores.

      • Park Viewer, what defines an assault weapon? Criminals do not purchase their guns in a gun store – of which there are zero within DC. DC has already crossed the line with gun ownership – making up so many laws that many citizens who should be well within their boundaries to own a firearm, just say forget it due to the ridiculous process.

        Read this:

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