Another Alleged Package Theft in Action

“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to send this along as yet another advisory on package theft. I live on 4th & I St, NE, and had a package stolen at 3:29 yesterday – less than a minute after it was delivered by UPS. You can’t see the guys face, but he’s wearing a pretty bright red sweatshirt. Can you pass this along in case anyone saw anything, or at the very least as a heads up?

We’ve contacted MPD and UPS, so maybe something will come of it. The UPS delivery man even stuck the package behind our recycling bin. So it’s pretty clear the guy was just following the truck.

Your frustrated neighbor in NE”

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  • Allison

    Aww, the adorable pug in the corner at the end. He’s like “hey! *sniff* come back with that! *snorty sniff*”

  • justinbc

    Yeah a lot of them just follow the delivery trucks and stop at the nice looking houses. It’s like riding behind Santa’s sleigh as presents fall out. I’m really glad we’ve got a pretty good delivery driver who puts stuff over our fence, which so far nobody has tried to leap (that I’m aware of).

  • Ugh. What’s “alleged” about this?

  • As a new home owner in Columbia Heights, I just had my first package stolen yesterday. Welcome to the neighborhood I guess. I’ll be delivering packages to my place of business from now on. Lesson learned…

  • I wish the police would do a sting and follow the people who are following the truck. Like a “Bait Car”-type operation.

    • Or what if they planted some packages along routes that have been hit hard with some type of exploding dye in them, like they do with money in bank robberies? You’d have to figure out a way to do it without someone innocent opening the package but it seems like that’s possible

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