Annie’s Ace Hardware coming to Brookland

From an email:

Annie’s Ace Hardware and the Menkiti Group today announced a strategic partnership to bring Annie’s Hardware to Brookland. Annie’s Hardware-Brookland is expected to open in the Fall of 2015 at 3405 8th Street Northeast, sharing the upstairs portion of the Menkiti Group’s Brookland headquarters with Excel Pilates.

The 7,400 square-foot Brookland store will be packed with thousands of essential products and supplies from the most respected brand names and best-selling items in the home improvement marketplace, including Benjamin Moore paints, Weber Grills, Mrs. Myer’s earth-friendly cleaning products, a complete line of canning supplies, Craftsman tools, and other premium products. Annie’s Hardware-Brookland will also offer key cutting, screen repair, glass and Plexiglas cutting, and propane exchange. For the neighborhood’s active gardening community, the store will include a 1,000 square foot garden center adjacent to the main building, which will feature native plants.

Annie’s Hardware-Brookland will be the second location for Anne Stom’s popular neighborhood hardware store; the first location has operated successfully in the Petworth neighborhood since 2012. “Our mission is to provide customers with convenience combined with superior service through one-on-one expert advice and assistance,” said Stom. “We are committed to becoming a helpful and valuable neighbor to the Brookland community, both inside and outside the walls of our store.”

Bo Menkiti, the CEO and Founder of the Menkiti Group which owns and co-occupies the 20,000 square foot building that will house Annie’s Hardware-Brookland stated, “We are thrilled to have Annie’s Hardware as a tenant and neighbor. Anne is a proven, award-winning operator who shares our philosophy and commitment to vibrant grass-roots neighborhood development.”

Thomas Vedrody, the current Manager of the Annie’s Hardware-Petworth, will manage and co-own the new store. “I’m genuinely excited by the opportunity to run a high-quality, customer-focused store,” said Vedrody. This focus extends from working with customers to supply products specific to their needs such as rain barrels and composters, to hiring local residents from the neighborhood.”

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  • Will be interesting to see the competition with the True Value that is 2 blocks away.

  • Uh. What about the Brookland TruValue Hardware store at 12th/Monroe Streets (4 blocks away)? Howard and the Brookland Hardware have been there for decades and been great neighbors to the community. What is happening to them? Are Bo and Kymber Menkiti aware that this development, while good for their bottom line as it rents out a large space in a Menkiti owned propery that has been unleased for months, would be a direct competitor to a long-time business and community partner in the Brookland Hardware store?

    I don’t understand the need or the logic here. Anyone else know something I don’t?

    • is competition not allowed? Businesses compete against one another all the time. Maybe both can survive if they run a good business (good prices, quality, customer service, etc), but perhaps one business can’t keep up, and closes down. That’s how it works.

      • This will entrench the impression that it’s white folks vs. black folks in this city, and the white folks are winning.
        One neighborhood can support many restaurants, especially if there’s good variety. But I don’t know how many hardware stores there’s room for.
        And of course, the first thing Annie’s will do is offer unsustainably low prices, special events (how-to demonstrations, their famous ladies night). It’s what I’d do, if I wanted to drive my competitors out of business.

        • Accountering

          How does this entrench that impression?!?
          Also, all of the things you mentioned (special events and lower prices) seems like thats a pretty big win for the community. You comment makes little sense tbh. Are the black residents in the neighborhood not interested in greater selection, lower prices, and how-to demonstrations?

          • brookland_rez

            This is preposterous. Howard, who runs Brookland Hardware is white. If anything, it will be a new business vs. establishment issue. With all the new residents, I think there’s room for both. If not, then the free market will decide who wins.

        • I can see a giant like Walmart offering long-term low prices with the only goal of driving out smaller companies. However, I’m not sure that Annie’s is really capable of that (financially-speaking.)

        • This is a ridiculous comment. White vs. black? The owner of the Brookland TrueValue is white and a good amount of customers there are white too. Not everything is about race, geeze get over yourself. I do enjoy the Brookland TrueValue and would be sad to see it go, but no business is entitled to stay is business just because they have been in business for a long time.

    • I worry about the TrueValue, too, and everyone there is so friendly and helpful. But, I’ve purchased things there before and then seen the same item for far, far less at other hardware stores or Home Depot. I know that when I buy things at TrueValue, part of the price is a “neighborhood upkeep” tax. I’m usually happy to pay that, but it will be harder to resist when there’s another (better stocked, probably cheaper) small hardware store nearby (versus Home Depot).

      • Other than the owner at the register, I can’t say I would describe the other staff as either “friendly” or “helpful.” Sorry to say, but TrueValue is generally overpriced and dirty, selling wares that have been on the shelves long past their prime. Nor are their hours convenient for someone who returns to the neighborhood after work or is looking for service on a Sunday. I’d rather not have to go to Home Depot, but in my experience, TrueValue has not been a real alternative as a good neighborhood hardware store.

        • +1

          I have to reluctantly agree with this. The owner is a nice guy, but I dread going into this place. I’ve spent entirely too much time in that place for the simplest requests. It just takes forever for anything and everything: making keys, spinning paint, etc, etc. And it’s impossible to find anything. Also, the no Sunday hours thing makes it very hard to be able to count on this place to get any sort of weekend home improvement done.

          • +1 Not open on Sundays is no way to run a hardware store. May the best man/women/store win.

          • brookland_rez

            Unfortunately I have to agree as well. I end up getting most stuff at Home Depot, it’s just easier to get in and out and I know they’re going to have what I need.

  • I guess it’s okay when a long-standing small business is forced out of a neighborhood if another small business is doing the chasing.

    • Accountering

      I agree. A better hardware store with better employees, lower prices, and greater selection is moving in. This seems like a big win for Brookland and its residents. Annies is fantastic.

  • A garden center? Yes please. Annie’s has a cult following in Petworth for good reason. Great news for Brookland.

  • I find opening another hardware store 3 blocks away from TrueValue extremely odd. But with that said, I have never understood TruValue, a hardware store, being closed on Sundays and not Mondays. Very frustrating and unfortunately, most of my money for projects goes to Big Box HD. Hopefully this new place will be open all weekend.

    • I think you have your answer about why open another hardware store. You say you go to Home Depot because the current store is not convenient. The new store will hopefully serve the community better.

  • I agree with those that said to let the market decide. TruValue has stood the test against a Home Depot only a mile away. A HD with parking and late/weekend hours.

    I’ve always looked at that corner space that TrueValue is in and thought…that would be an amazing location/building/anchor for a great restaurant.

  • I go to both HD (though I hate it) and Brookland Hardware. I go to Brookland Hardware for certain things (window services, gorgeous brass screws, odd stuff for old houses, plumbing parts for older plumbing, radiator valves, and great advice from certain knowledgeable staff members). I go to HD when Brookland Hardware is closed or for lumber, vegetable plants, etc. I cannot stand how poorly that HD is run–strangely ignorant staff overall–and Brookland Hardware is just a much better experience overall for me.

    If Annie’s comes in and offers a good selection of compost, garden tools, and native plants with informed garden staff, it is Behnke’s, not Brookland Hardware that will lose my patronage. I would not worry about Brookland Hardware; they will do fine.

    I’ve never been to Annie’s but…so many of us need native plants and food plants. It should work out fine. All of our apartments, condos, houses and gardens are continually in need of “help”.

    With Lowe’s coming in not far away, perhaps Home Depot will be feel the heat!

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