Another Alleged Package Thief Caught on Film

“Just wanted to pass this on to warn my H Street/Capital Hill neighbors. A package was stolen from my front porch in the middle of the afternoon on Easter Sunday and the theft was caught on tape. If possible, please share so that others can be on the lookout for this man. A police report has been filed.”

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  • Courteous of him to dispose of the packaging materials properly. Thx buddy.

  • Curious: You have a good security/bar door. Why wasn’t it locked? I’d have that thing locked all the time.

    • The person who left the package shut the metal door to hide it. We lock it when we are out or at night but neither was the case here. This was in the middle of a Sunday afternoon.

      • SouthwestDC

        I tend to do the same thing. The door itself is always locked, and I think I’d notice if someone was trying to break that down.

  • What kind of camera is that? So clear!

      • OP’s boyfriend here.

        The camera is a Hikvision DS-2CD2532F-IS, attached to a dedicated Windows PC running Blue Iris video surveillance software. Hikvision doesn’t have a big footprint in the US, but they produce very high quality IP cameras at reasonable prices. Overall, I like them better than their more well known competitors, such as Foscam.

        I have about 10 IP-based cameras mounted around my house that record any motion 24/7. I have had issues with a particular neighbor in the past, so I record everything and keep all recordings for any future legal action I may need to undertake.

        • i’m contemplating the new FLIR product:

          they were just announced, so i’ll have to give them a few months to see how well folks like them.

        • You may want to use SmartThings along with your security camera and put a sensor on your exterior metal door. Our home automation setup includes a sensor attached the storm door leading to our enclosed front porch area. We receive alerts on our iPhones each time this unlocked storm door is opened or closed. The sensor had no problems in the cold weather this winter. It’s very nice to receive storm door open/close alerts on iPhones when expecting package deliveries so we know to bring packages inside asap (even when we’re home but don’t hear storm door open/close). My wife is the gadget person and has mentioned adding a security camera with motion sensor but so far haven’t had a problem with package theft.

  • SouthwestDC

    I had a package stolen last week in Capitol Hill, in a similar fashion (opened on the spot with the packaging materials left behind). Wonder if it’s the same guy. Thanks for posting!

  • Thanks for posting. I’m a little surprised to see a man of his age involved in this racket, as I had the idea that the perpetrators were mainly young men.
    Also it is striking that he directly approached this house without apparently looking at any others. He wasn’t just randomly looking for packages, but knew one was here, and stopped to take off his backpack outside the gate, which he was about to use. He was not deceived by the closed but unlocked security door.
    So my guess is he was watching for deliveries. Any indication how much time elapsed between the delivery and the theft?
    Excellent footage.

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