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  • The roads in DC were pretty quiet this morning, too! What’s going on?

  • Maybe everyone took a sick day because of opening day last night.

  • Spring break for a lot of schools. Everyone is eating turkey legs at Disney.

    • Yup. Between Easter, Passover, and spring break a lot of people are out of the office.
      A few people on my team who are parents of elementary aged kids are out of the office this week for various lengths of time. Probably because they don’t want to pay for day care.

  • there is a 1pm Nats game so maybe a lot of people are teleworking?

  • My bus was empty this morning, too! I was so confused!

  • I think everyone else just got a slow start, myself included.

  • My red line at 8:45 was so full that they shut the door on people still trying to get out at Metro Center.

    …so, the usual : / .

    • Yeah, I was going to say maybe everyone was late this morning because Gallery Place and Metro Center were overcrowded around 9:00.

  • Mug of Glop

    I’m pretty sure everyone decided to forgo their normal commute and take a drive on 695 this morning.

    • LOL I drove past the accident this morning around 8 and they were still cleaning it up. Traffic was backed up from DC all the way down 295 and onto the beltway as far as I could see, and onto the 210 on-ramp. Everyone complains about crowded trains on the metro, but imagine tacking on an extra 1-2 hours to your commute a couple times a month because of a fender bender.

  • My redline train was packed and then off-loaded at Gallery-Place where I had to wait for two more to go by before I could get back on. Don’t brag 😉

    • Yeah not sure where this person got on but I was on the train one or two behind the one that was offloaded at Gallery Place and it was no less full than usual before the offloaded people got on.

    • Yep, I was on that offloaded train too. The platform was already packed and once the train offloaded it was out of control. Basically impossible to move.

      • And this is why I hate taking metro.

        • +1
          This is why I own a scooter. All day, everyday. Fortunately, the predicted rain this week has avoided the rush hours.

          • I’ve considered a scooter, but not sure how I’d transport a 50lb bag of dog food. The distance is maybe a mile probably less. Thoughts?

          • Amazon prime, google express… I’m sure there are other subscription delivery services.

          • Ally

            I’ve been happy with Instacart. MUCH cheaper than Postmates and I use them for all my heavy pet food/litter since I don’t have a car.

          • You can easily do that. I often transport 40 to 50 pounds of groceries divided between two large reusable Trader Joe’s bags.
            I have a gear rack on the back of the scooter and use a bungee net to tie it down. For a large bag of dog food, I’d probably use standard bungee cords. I’ve never had a problem. You just need to make sure you have the weight centered so the scooter does not lean to either side.
            Here’s a few options for racks for vintage Vespas/Stellas (I have the first rack):
            scootermercato. com/Scooter-Parts/Rear-Racks

          • I have had package theft at my home, so I do not want to risk someone thinking that huge box is a tv; therefore, I get it delivered to the post office and pick it up. I’m considering a move away from the car.

  • I Dont Get It

    Eastern Orthodox Easter Week?

    Actually with this gloomy, cool weather I suspect many people, like me, hit the snooze alarm a few times.

  • Weird. I got on the red line just before 8am and it was packed as usual.

  • It’s federal telework week. Enjoy it!!

  • It is obviously the End Times. Duh.

  • Husband and I coasted up 95 this morning and were totally confused by the lack of cars. Wasn’t it Spring Break yesterday too? Not a complaint, it’s just weird.

  • Strangely, both my yellow line trains from Huntington to L’Enfant and then the green line to the Navy Yard were insanely busy.

    • That might be because there was a sick passenger at L’Enfant (someone had a seizure and they could not be moved for quite awhile) which caused trains to single track. They sent my train back to Waterfront and then BACK to L’Enfant.

  • 16th Street was a zoo. The express bus passed right by my stop with stopping because it was so full, and I’m pretty far north in Columbia Heights–has never happened to me before.

  • My train to Shady Grove this morning had serious brake issues. Meaning the train operator had trouble moving the train each time she stopped at a station. It took almost a min to ‘restart” each time. I sit at the very front and could hear her on the radio. She was SO PROFESSIONAL. She continuously apologized for the inconvenience and when we had to bypass Medical Center, she made sure to give everyone an alternate route. Its pretty stressful being a train operator for Metro. She was just trying to do her job and couldn’t even move the train. smh

  • I once drove into Manhattan via the Holland Tunnel on a sunny Saturday morning, and it was like this. Eerily empty. Got to feeling very paranoid, like something had happened in the city, and I was the only one who hadn’t heard about it. But no, just a happy, unexplained lull in traffic.

  • There were projections yesterday that the power outage might last until this afternoon. Maybe people preemptively took the day off?

  • Additional info as requested: Got on RL at Gallery Place, this was taken just leaving Farragut North. There were no more than 3 additional ppl from when I got on at this point.

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