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  • Shots fired at the Salvadorean-Mex joints?

  • Wow, this is great news if you’re a fan of delicious, moderately priced Mexican food.
    It appears that these are the same guys running the lauded El Sol at 14th/Randolph. So good that we went there twice last week. 😮

    • El Sol at 14th and Randolph is great, except for 2 challenges:
      1. The portions are small compared to El Rinconcito
      2. The overwhelming smell of cleaner/pine-sol that emanates from the bathroom and permeates the entire restaurant.

      • 1. The portions are fine for a normal person. If you’re petite – like my GF – then you can’t even finish half your meal. The burritos look big and the tacos are twice as filling as what you get at El Chucho/Chilango/El Centro/other yuppified taco haunts.
        2. I didn’t smell any Pine Sol last week. Maybe you’ve gone right after they’ve cleaned? This place is a lot cleaner than the other Salvadoran spots in CoHi, IMHO. Also cleaner than El Rinconcito (I was a frequent patron at the 11th Street location).
        Also, El Salvadorans don’t fire shots. They’re more likely to shank you with a homemade blade.

    • If this is from the same people and is as good as you all say it is, I’m sure we’ll be there several nights a week too.

    • we were at El Sol on 14th this weekend and it was tremendous. Decor – kind of kitschy, but definitely some awesome food, and a $15 brunch that is appetizer, meal and dessert and solid Mexican food at each stage. Very much welcome this.

  • Being latina and growing up in Adams Morgan/Mt. Pleasant, I barely knew any Mexicans.

  • samanda_bynes

    shit’s tight. shots fired indeed.

  • Yikes. I can’t imagine if anyone wrote about a new French restaurant “A Real French Restaurant Run by Real French Cooking in the Kitchen”

  • Definitely different owners than El Sauce?

  • I have lived in D.C. 10 years and have struggled to find good authentic Mexican food. I settled for Taqueria D.F. , but I recently came across 3 Salsas in Columbia Heights and I was blown away! Excellent tacos, tortas and quesadillas! I have been trying to go every weekend to support this place. I really want them to make it!

  • Having grown up in AZ, I really miss Mexican food. For those who dont know: yes- it is distinctly different from El Savadoran and Tex-Mex. if you dont believe me, just wait n see.

    • +1. Texas native here and I concur that real Mexican is nothing like Tex-Mex so know what you’re getting into. Real Mexican cuisine is a bit much for this Texan.

  • What shots fired?

    Really hope this is a different owner than El Sauce and learns a lesson or two from El Rinconcito – great food and quiet (with no annoying bass music – worst thing ever if you live nearby) despite being open late.

  • Here’s hoping they’ll start a cleaning service too.
    You just can’t find good help anymore…

  • El Sol is my favorite place in my neighborhood! Happy to see they’re expanding – you all are in for a treat!

  • So in what ways are Salvadorean and Mexican food different? In my limited experience, I’ve found Salvadorean food to be a little bland and not spicy enough for my tastes when compared to real Mexican or Tex Mex food, but it’s quite possible that I’ve simply never had really good Salvadorean food.

    • SO MUCH! Papusas aren’t Mexican for starters. I could go on at length but recommend you listen to the Kojo Nandi show that aired on NPR today.

  • I dont get it. I’ve had mexican food cooked by mexicans that was horrible and mexican food cooked by me that was awesome (I’m not mexican). This is a relative of that whole “pizza/bagels/taxis/hobos are better in NY” thing right?

    • Its to distinguish themselves from the countless Salvadorian places in the area that have token Mexican dishes on them, which often are not very good.

      • So its sort of racist? Or at least class-ist?

        • No, this is to distinguish themselves from the pseudo-Mexican restaurants that aren’t actually that good.

          • I think some of the Salvadorian places are good, but Salvadorian food =/= Mexican food. I grew up eating Mexican food and I miss it desperately. Of course, it varies by region, but I’m excited to try this place.

    • Agreed. Country of origin and cooking talent are not related. But people pay more for “authenticity”–whatever that means.

  • You know what’s a great Mexican restaurant though? Alero. That place nails it every time. (Not the U Street location, but the other two.) Alero does not deserve the hate from the Popville Mexican food snobs.

    • Can’t tell if serious. Hrmmmmm…..

    • It’s strange how inconsistent Alero is between locations. The one in Cleveland Park is actually pretty good considering what it is. The food at the Alero on U street is absolutely atrocious, barely edible. It’s really incredible how badly they can mess up something unbelievably basic and generic like a bean and cheese burrito or cheese enchilada.

    • Definitely needs /s

      Alero is an abomination.

    • Alero, in fact, does deserve the hate from food snobs …or really anyone who has functioning taste buds.

  • YASSSSSSSSSSS, or rather ORALE!!!

  • The irony being that most restaurants in the U.S. have Mexicans working in the kitchen.

  • Taqueria Habanero next to Red derby is very good..Owners are awesome too.

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