“A detective called today and told me they’ve seen a big increase in burglaries in the area”

“Dear PoPville,

I just wanted to send a note that there has apparently been a string of daytime burglaries on and around Maryland Ave NE. My neighbor’s house at Maryland & 11th NE was broken into during the day last week. That same day around noon a man knocked on my door asking for someone who doesn’t live here. A detective called today and told me they’ve seen a big increase in burglaries in the area, with the burglars becoming more “brazen” and that it’s a common tactic for them to knock on the door to see if anyone is home first.”

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  • I don’t live too far from there and my neighbor’s house was burglarized on Sunday. They kicked in the front door.

  • justinbc

    Did the “detective” mention how he got your number? Did he recommend you to an alarm company? This seems like a rather odd outreach notification…

    • +1 I thought the same thing.

    • Yeah, this doesn’t sound like something that detectives normally do. There’s gotta be some missing information here.

    • I spoke to my neighbor after her house was broken into and I told her about the guy stopping by my house. She gave my number to the police as a follow up to her police report.

  • Someone came knocking at my door in Petworth last month. When he saw me he said he was dropping off a package and walked away. When I opened the door, there was nothing there. Family members said I was crazy to think someone would knock if they had any intentions of stealing.

    • sure they would . do they want to break in and risk being identified, confronted or possibly turned over to police? the knock is a common tactic among home burglars because they’re interested in theft and not assault or worse. If someone knocking on your door arouses suspicion (flimsy reason to knock) you should definitely report to police.

  • We live in Parkview. A man followed our house cleaners up the steps to our home. When I asked him what he wanted, he said he was doing an inspection for the work that Comcast did at our home the previous week. (Comcast had in fact done some work the previous week). We did not let him in, but said he could go the the alley to inspect the wiring. I subsequently heard him trying to get into our back gate. I later called Comcast to verify whether they had sent someone out. They confirmed that they hadn’t and said they would have made an appointment to come out. Also, it would have been a Supervisor. This guy was obviously not a supervisor. He was kinda scruffy. Anyway, be on the lookout for this. I assume that he was going to try to gain entry along with the cleaners not knowing the Homeowners were home. He was heavy set, had dark skin and black curly hair. I’m not sure of his ethnicity. He was wearing an Infinity hat.

  • My place was broken into in Hill East a couple years ago similarly. I was out of town and the person knocked on my door aggressively for a few minutes (according to me upstairs neighbor who heard them). After it was clear I wasn’t home they pried open a small window and got in. This was in broad daylight on a weekday.

  • Brooklyn Brawler

    Interesting. I live the next block over! The warmer days are coming and these criminals are getting more and more bold smh

  • Oof. We had our house broken into during the day on F St a few blocks over back in December. It was…not fun.

  • A little scary how brazen some of these break-in attempts have gotten. I was home when someone apparently (according to my neighbor) started knocking on the front door. I was in the shower so I didn’t hear anything…until they tried to force the door open. My 60 pound dog went crazy and the alarm went off. Cops were there in only a couple of minutes.

    Seems like a strange choice for a burglar – I have an alarm/alarm signage everywhere, beware of dogs signs, bars on all the first floor windows and doors (except the front door) and even visible cameras. Plus I’m across the street a popular fish-fry place which means constant traffic from about 11am until they close.

    Desperation or extreme stupidity, I guess?

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