23 Year Old Arrested in March 30th’s Shooting Homicide in Brightwood

From MPD:

“On March 30, 2015, at approximately 2:30am, Mr. Antonio Ayala was found suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. He later succumbed to his injuries at an area hospital. The Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch conducted an investigation and was able to identify the suspect.

On April 7, 2015, the suspect, 23 year old Mr. Herman Odom of Washington, DC, was placed under arrest and charged with First Degree Murder while Armed.”

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  • HaileUnlikely

    Props to the cops indeed. There was an SMS notification of a robbery by gun last night at 11 PM involving 3 suspects in ski masks on the 6900 block of Georgia (4 blocks from the location of this robbery/murder). I wonder if they were related. I am very much hoping that MPD caught all three f*ckers in last night’s robbery and determined that one was involved in that murder as well.

  • There was also an armed carjacking at Georgia and SD around 10:30pm last night. Despite all of the crime in the neighborhood the last few weeks, I didn’t see a single police car on my trip home around 9pm, yet I saw three within a few blocks in Dupont this morning. The latest crime wave is really frightening (2 carjackings, shootings, stabbings all in about a month), but neither the crime nor the neighborhood outcry seem to be leading to a more visible police presence.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I take your general point, however, Georgia & South Dakota do not intersect, and the carjacking I am aware of was at Kennedy & South Dakota, which is several miles from the area in question.

    • I have seen an increase in police presence. Just last night coming home on the 70, there was a cop parked at Georgia and Kennedy (yes, I’m aware this is south of the murder), I have noticed more foot patrols in general along Georgia in Petworth, Brightwood Park and Brightwood. As far as South Dakota goes, that is far to the east of Georgia and does not intersect…. are you perhaps thinking of a different street?

  • The fact that you don’t see police doesn’t mean they’re not around. Twice on GA avenue I’ve seen large groups of undercover cops suddenly materialize seemingly from out of nowhere and arrest people. Driving around in squad cars with lights flashing, or walking around noticeably dressed in uniforms, may in fact not be the most effective strategy even if it does make people feel more comfortable.

  • The suspects followed the victim and his friends from the CVS, and the store’s cameras got their faces!!!

  • I knew Antonio, he was such a kind and giving person. Everyone who knew him loved him he will truly be missed. So sad his life was taken by stupidity and the hands of another person. Yet they got one of them but the other one needs to be brought to justice

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