1427-29 Rhode Island Ave NW – Elysium Part Two


A reader reports:

“I noticed that signage is now up for a new condo project at the long vacant lot at 1427-1429 Rhode Island Ave NW. The Elysium will be a 32 unit 8-story building from the folks at Madison, who I believe are doing another project on 14th. Here’s a link to the project description”

Rendering via Madison Investments

Nestled on a quiet residential tree lined street, Elysium Logan is a luxury condo development just steps away from 14th Street putting it in close proximity to the best dining and entertainment in the city and across from Wholefoods.

Designed from the inside out the property will consist of 32 generously sized condo units laid out over 8 stories. The interior design and finishes will be of an exceptional standard designed to meet the refined taste of the most discerning buyers. 3 Penthouse units will be offered with private outdoor decks, stunning 360’ views. 7 units will have private elevator access. Each unit type at this property has been designed with the homebuyers experience in mind.

The Elysium brand represents a new line of luxury properties by Madison Investments.

You can see their other Elysium project on 14th Street here.

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  • If this is the same building, then their neighbors look to have got a handsome payment for the air rights: http://shortarticlesaboutlongmeetings.blogspot.com/2015/03/agreement-reached-in-logan-circle-air.html

    Looks pretty nice. I can only imagine where pricing will start.

    • Interesting. I thought the driveway entrance on the lower left of the rendering would lead to the Elysium’s garage parking, but from the agreement you reference, that’s unlikely as the neighboring building will maintain the right of way to access its parking. I’m curious if this means the Elysium won’t offer parking? There’s no reference to parking in their marketing materials unless I missed that. Ouch!

    • $675,000 for the air rights.

  • What? So RI doesn’t deserve the “Eminence in Residence” slogan that Elysium at 14th got? That’s not cool.

  • I wouldn’t call RI Ave a quiet residential street.

    • Between logan and 14th is residential. And fairly quiet, despite the best efforts of MD commuters

      • There is a hotel in the middle of the block and one at the end. This is not a quiet residential street. It may feel like it compared to the block just north, P Street.

  • across [an alley] from [the back of] Whole Foods

  • Wow what a totally new and original design. Should certainly bring some character to that area…..

    • I’m curious if you have ever attended an ANC design meeting – or an HPRB design meeting since this is so close to a bunch of them – and expressed your opinion that they should allow more interesting, distinct and unique architecture? Because they are the ones directly responsible for the dull, beige, cookie-cutter city we live in.

      • And I should clarify – that the new and relatively new architecture is what is cookie cutter – DC is certainly more diverse but it’s buildings are suffering from design by committee.

        • figby

          One of the worst things about these awful buildings all over the city is how little they have going on at street-level.

  • Haha. When the architect dumbs down a project/scales back details/makes everything blah, it’s called “value engineering”. I’m not making that up.

    • No, it’s called “we will do what passes the ANC design review” – if they tried to push the envelope they would have found opposition.

  • For what it’s worth, the calls for really stylish design are a bit at odds with the calls for affordable housing and higher density. You can’t hire Zaha Hadid to design 32-unit condo buildings that sell for $400/sqft. I would love DC to bring in some really brilliant and fascinating architecture, but let’s not kid ourselves that it would be even remotely affordable.

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