Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – U Street

2009 Vermont Avenue Northwest

This rental is located at 2009 Vermont Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“This beautiful two bedroom townhouse with hardwood floors, granite and stainless appliances in the renovated kitchen, offers you vibrant living in the U Street Corridor. Located just across the intersection from the U Street Metro and Metro bus stoops you can go anywhere in the DC metro area! A back patio and upper level deck offer outdoor spacing and leaves room for fenced parking for 1 car.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $3,600/Mo.

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  • This looks really nice, but $3600? Woof. Is this really market? I’m in a similarly hot area (15th and S) in a 2/2 for $1k less.

  • Significantly overpriced. Hard pass.

  • overpriced. I’m in a 2/2.5 townhouse nearby-ish (probably more hot area for some. 11&P) for less.

  • It looks like a basement and 1st floor? And what does “leaves room for fenced parking” actually mean? You can rent the space? Seriously – why not make the housing search easier for people by providing real information????

  • maxwell smart

    $3600 doesn’t seem that outrageous to me given A: the current market and B: all of the development going on literally 2 blocks away. 2 bed/ 2 bath is an easy roommate situation at $1800 each which also includes roof deck and parking. Not an area I personally would want to live, but I am sure it will appeal to many.

    • Seems reasonable given the area, but most people I know able to pay $1800 in rent prefer not to have a roommate at that price point.

      • I was recently paying $1500 to live in a much larger space (massive loft) with a roommate in this area. Once the rent went up a bit, it wasn’t worth the hassle of having a roommate. $1800 will get you a decent condition 1BR in an older building or rowhouse in this ‘hood. No reason to live with a roommate for that money.

    • The current market in this area is actually pretty soft for renters right now compared to a year ago.
      For buyers? It’s much hotter and you’re paying a premium to own.

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