Volunteer for the DC Citizen Snow Team and Help Seniors and those with Disabilities

Photo by PoPville flickr user Peter Bjork

From the Mayor’s Office:

“The winter isn’t letting up and neither are our volunteers! Serve DC is encouraging volunteers from across the District to join the DC Citizen Snow Team! The DC Citizen Snow Team will assist seniors and residents with disabilities with shoveling and snow removal in the event of winter weather.

The District requires property owners (residential and commercial) to clear the sidewalks surrounding their property within 24 hours after a snowfall. Even a dusting of snow can pose a challenge for seniors or individuals with disabilities, which is why we are asking residents to volunteer their services to help keep everyone safe and make the winter a little easier on those in need.

Register online at our website or contact Melvyn Smith at 202-727-7970.”

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  • This would sound like a good thing if we didn’t know the backstory.
    (That Mary Cheh tried to institute fines for non-shovelers, but Muriel Bowser, in her political cravenness, decided to push this “volunteer army” BS instead. Basically good people doing more good, bad people getting away with more bad.)

    • Blithe

      Do you really view seniors, disabled people, and people who would find it difficult for a variety of reasons to shovel snow as “bad people getting away with more bad”? If so, IMO that’s pretty short-sighted and pretty mean-spirited. Fining someone who is physically unable to shovel snow doesn’t clear the sidewalks.

      • Accountering

        There are a lot of people who may be physically unable, but are able in plenty of other ways. There are a lot of seniors with a lot of money, and paying someone $10 to shovel your walk doesn’t seem unreasonable.

        • HaileUnlikely

          And there are lots of seniors with fixed very low incomes. I agree with you that those who can legitimately afford to pay somebody to shovel for them should do so, but I also think that the call for volunteers serves a legitimate purpose for those who can’t. Also, given your tone, I’m guessing that you probably haven’t volunteered with the program or inquired about it enough to understand how it works (I apologize if I’m wrong on that one). Anyway, the way the DC Snow Team operates, they don’t just send volunteers out to shovel wherever they see snow; they assign an individual volunteer to a specific address or two where the property owner has already registered with the DC government indicating that they are unable and need assistance. I could be wrong but I’m going to go out on a limb and take a wild guess that most rich old people don’t abuse the system in that manner. I do snow team and the individual to whom I am assigned is homebound, basically bedridden, and also receives meals on wheels. Do you seriously object to asking for somebody to volunteer to shovel in front of her house?

          • Strawman. Of course no one objects to volunteers helping out.

            My issue is this: there is a system in place to identify folks who are unable to shovel and to send them volunteers. The same system could be used to exempt these people from fines, while still leaving fines in place for the lazy jerks. Using the poor old folks as an excuse for Bowser’s political gimmes is disingenuous.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I was objecting specifically to Accountering’s post, not yours.

  • albany

    It would also help if dc.gov declared a snow day, which they have been loathe to do, before asking for volunteers.

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