Two “Johns”, One “Pimp” arrested in covert “Anti Prostitution” Operation in Logan Circle

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More anit prostitution stings from MPD:

“On 03/17/2015, during the early morning hours, members of the 3rd District VICE Unit conducted a covert “Anti Prostitution” Operation along the borders of PSA 307 & PSA 308. During the course of this initiative, members arrested two (2) male “Johns” who were seeking the services of street level prostitutes and one (1) “Pimp” who solicited an undercover officer to work for him and provide prostitution services on his behalf. Human Trafficking is real and a danger for everyone involved. Please remember “If You See Something…Say Something!”

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  • Are prostitutes magnetically drawn to this area or something? I know that it’s big in Logan (although my perception was more toward 9th – 12th and Mass than Logan Circle itself), but even 5 years ago it seemed like a weird location for a hotbed of hookers, and seems even weirder now.

  • They were in the area for decades and are largely invisible to most people who live there, hence, the periodic stings when someone like the minister at the Lutheran Church decides to get interested.

    It’s very difficult to completely rid an area of prostitution. My old neighborhood in Chicago has been trying to do it for decades even though the area gentrified in the 80s..

    The activity is generally S of the Circle–more oriented to Mass Ave. There are lots of hotels in that corridor which probably help maintain the trade, but it’s the alleys that probably matter more, that’s where a lot of the sex occurs.

    • Like drugs, as long as there’s a market for it, it will never go away. At least it gives the police something to do while 12-15 year olds rob people in Shaw.

    • I live in this area and disagree that it is largely invisible. I see prostitutes frequently in the morning on my way to the metro or on a run. You will see used condoms and wrappers in the streets. As you noted about the alleys, I frequently see idling cars in the alleys nearby. I also agree that the construction fuels the trade, which has been constant for years now in this area (e.g. Marriott Marquis, City Center, O St Market/Giant, Holm project at RI and 11th, the demolished Car Wash on 13th, the new construction at 10 and M).

      • I also live in the neighborhood and its largely restricted to the margins. You can find condoms in many parts of the city. that’s pretty meaningless.

        • I agree that it is not a red light district and a casual observer might not suspect anything if they never were in the area in the morning or late at night, but it is not invisible and tough not to see if you live there.

  • I’ve lived in the area for a few years and, honestly, the prostitutes themselves don’t bother me, per se, but the number of children walking to/from school while the women are out – sometimes at 8AM or 4PM, it’s ridiculous. I know it’s not the fault of the women (per se), but it’s still bad in the area. I don’t get a sense that cops in the area, in general, want to patrol let alone patrol alleys. Sigh.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Reminds me of a story my 8th grade math teacher told us about her daughter. They went to visit NYC when their daughter was about 7 and ran across some “ladies of the evening”. Her daughter thought they were beautiful and wanted to go talk to the pretty ladies. Later she asked for clothes like the pretty ladies wore. lol kids are awesome!

  • I was going to ask the Prince why he put quotation marks around “johns,” “pimp,” and “anti-prostitution”… but then I saw that that’s how MPD put it in their press release.
    SMH. Don’t people know that putting something in quotation marks in that context makes it sound as though you question whether the people were in fact johns/pimps and whether it was in fact in anti-prostitution effort??

    • Without the quotes, how do you know they’re not just randomly arresting people named John and Pimp!

    • once again the line between human trafficking and prostitution is completely lost on the MPD and so many others.

      • Perhaps, but there’s quite a bit of overlap.

      • Perhaps “independent operator” prostitutes aren’t the victim of human trafficking, but certainly almost anyone who works for and/or is controlled by a pimp is. The second arrest was of someone attempting to lure a woman into a life of quasi bondage. Not cool to waive away the suffering of so many sex workers at the hands of violent, controlling pimps.

  • Okay, DC born native, now living in Logan. I actually think its funny when “luxury condos” go up and new arrivals to the neighborhood think its all gentrified. In my mind, its the same people, the same neighborhood it always has been, just with luxury condos added on top of a network that geographically, has always been a hotbed of hookers. Also, located next to a lot of fancy office buildings. Not a coincidence.

  • Two Johns, one Pimp. Quentin Tarantino directs his latest thriller. Starring John Leguizamo and Samuel L. Jackson.

  • 2 Johns 1 Pimp. A new speakeasy coming soon from the group behind 2 Birds 1 Stone.

  • Two Johns, one pimp… but no prostitutes?

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