Twisted Horn, from owner of Hank’s Oyster Bar, posts liquor license placard in Petworth

819 Upshur Street, NW

Twisted Horn will have:

“Total Occupancy Load of 60 and a Summer Garden with seating for 40 patrons.”

The block is badly in need of more outdoor seating, hopefully Slim’s Diner gets some too!

Tons more info Twisted Horn here.


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  • I think I read somewhere that the “summer garden” would actually be in the rear of the building, not on the sidewalk. I agree though, sidewalk seating would be great as well.

  • Can’t wait!

  • So pumped for this to open. I would also love more sidewalk seating on Upshur. What a great addition! Now if we can ony begin to fill in some of the store front nearby on Georgia Ave. Such potential!

    • +1. (And further down Georgia Avenue as well!)

    • It’s the right time for our semi-annual wtf is going on at Park Pl, so I’ll ask. Wtf is going on with the Park Pl building? When will they either fill the vacant storefronts or start paying vacant taxes? Last year what made me shrug it off was the hope that they were waiting for the new Safeway. Well now, what?

  • Jumping up and down with joy!

  • Was this actually a church? Really????

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