Trinity Restaurant “menu with ribs, pulled pork, turkey” coming to Shaw

1606 7th Street, NW

And the restaurants keep on coming to Shaw! Next up Trinity. The liquor license placard says:

“Full menu with ribs, pulled pork, turkey, and salads. Total Occupancy Load of 199. Summer Garden with seating for 68. Entertainment Endorsement.”

Some company for nearby Dacha ( opening Thursday) – updates as they get closer to opening.

7th Street looking south towards Q Street and Dacha Beer Garden

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  • And no concepts or artisanal whatever. Sounds like something to actually look forward to.

  • Where is the ‘summer garden’ going to be? In the alley?

    • From google satellite view, looks like they might have a backyard area that would support the patio.

      • Yeah, there’s sort of an oversized parking pad there. Two outdoor beer gardens within one building of each other? I’m glad I’m not on the alley, but that’s going to be rough the neighbors. Mostly young families there.

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