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  • Awesome awesome awesome. Adams Morgan gets another bookstore! Hopefully they have a business model to go the distance.

  • Very spruce! Their apple pie is excellent.
    @Stano— that bookstore has been there for ages– it was just temporarily closed for remodeling.

  • This looks very cool. Great space. And I like the selections on the menu – those are some $4 toasts that I can get behind and the sandwiches sound delicious.

  • This looks awesome. Would love it if someone would bring a similar concept to H St. NE.

  • Looks lovely. I’ve never been inside in all these years of walking by it, but now have a good reason to check it out.

  • I wasn’t a huge fan of the old mural, but I would like to see something other than a white facade. It looks very clinical.

  • I’ve always assumed there was some type of religious bent to this place and that if you went there you were inviting proselytizing. Not that there is anything wrong with that but it’s not my thing. Am I off base and should I give this place a try?

    • This was always my assumption as well. But I don’t remember why.

    • In my experience I’ve found Busboys and gluten free bakeries to be more proselytizing of their ideologies. I’m going to give it a try.

      • Why would they proselytize after you are already giving them your business? Are you sure they are proselytizing and not just advertising something you are politically at odds with? Telling you they have gluten free options is not proselytizing.
        For the record I eat gluten and I have been to busboys once or twice; I have no dog in this fight. I just think diet politics are completely asinine so I’m calling you out. If I’m wrong and your waiter was preaching about his regular godly BMs and epic energy levels after dropping gluten you have my apologies, somehow I doubt that was the case.
        Also for the record, I do not recall anything like proselytizing at the Potter’s House when I have gone there.

    • I always thought the same. Has anyone been in?

  • I know. I live right down the street and they’ve been closed for over a year. Their last business model didn’t seem to generate the sort of income to stay in a place like this so my hope is that with the remodel and renewed focus they will become more of a destination. Sorry if I wasn’t clear before.

    • TPH has been in Adams Morgan since 1960. I don’t think “bad business model” is really a problem.

    • Thank you for the snark, mouse, but shutting down for over a year is simply not a good sign. I stand by my hope that they’ve found a business model that works for the current environment because I think they were a good fixture in my neighborhood and was sad to see them close for so long.

      • I think they own the building so they can shut down as long as they like. Also i think in terms of business model they are a not for profit….

        The Potter’s House is a nonprofit cafe, bookstore, and community space in Adams Morgan, Washington DC, combining spirituality and social justice.

      • The old people who were running it got old and handed it over to new younger people. Shutting down for a year to completely renovate a shop isn’t exactly unheard of. Oh look, Bardia’s New Orleans Cafe is shutting down for renovations until 2016! Down the tubes they go!

  • I miss that mural, but I guess it’s just par for the course, considering the way Adams Morgan is changing.

  • I miss the mural too. I never got the sense it was religious, just kind of a hippie, Takoma Park vibe.

  • Anonynon

    this looks like a good place to work out of, unlike tryst which is filled to the brim with pretentiousness.

  • Maaaaan, I’ll miss the Mural.

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