Help! “the folks correctly parked on the north side of Kenyon all got $100 parking tickets”


“Dear PoPville,

The 1200 block of Kenyon is a bit of a confusing, um, clusterpark, around the time that street cleaning starts up again. When street cleaning stops, we need to park on the south side of the street every day.

When it starts back up, we need to park on the north side of the street (across from Harriet Tubman) on Mondays. The signs are clear but take some looking at because they are also confusing in a way that only street parking signs can be.

So today, the folks correctly parked on the north side of Kenyon all got $100 parking tickets for parking there during evening rush hour even though the signs say “except Monday” on the north side and ban parking on the south side from 7 to 7 for Monday street cleaning.

The hope is that each person incorrectly ticketed will NOT have to fight their ticket. It seems possible that the mistake will register before the tickets actually register on the dmv site. That has happened to me when I was incorrectly ticketed before if you can believe that …. but there are many a tale of people getting fines doubled or penalties added when fighting illegitimate tickets…”

Ed. Note: I wonder if this is related to the pushing back of street cleaning to March 16th? Even so, this seems messed up.

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  • The 1A06 ANC rep, Patrick Flynn, sent out an email about this. He said to let him know if this happened to you. He wanted to know ticket numbers and issuing officer.

  • This could be the reasoning behind the ticketing. Street sweeping was pushed to Mar 16, although you could probably still fight it since obviously the signs weren’t updated and not everyone subscribes to the POP!

    • Wow, that’s awesome. Nice job. You should suggest to them that they just set a policy for alternate side street sweeping parking. We should be following the signs (Mar 1 – Oct 30), whether the sweepers are coming or not. It’s a much simpler, more consistent policy.

      • If the street sweepers aren’t coming, what’s the point in making everyone move their cars?
        If you _don’t_ hear about the postponement and you follow the sign, it’s not as though there are negative consequences.

        • “If you _don’t_ hear about the postponement and you follow the sign, it’s not as though there are negative consequences.”

          You mean negative consequences like everyone who followed the sign getting a ticket? That’s what seems to have happened here. Glad to hear it’s being resolved, though.

          • What happened here was D.C. government being incompetent (surprise, surprise).
            I guess I’m thinking of less complicated street-sweeping scenarios, like ones that have no rush-hour restrictions and where they sweep one side of the block on Monday and the other on Tuesday. In that scenario, if you move your car from the Monday street-sweeping side because you haven’t heard about the postponement, it’s not a big deal — you’re not going to get ticketed for it.

        • I’m not talking about the move your car for two hours spots. I’m talking about Columbia, Irving, and Kenyon, where we have parking on one side of the street (Lane A) , a travel lane (Lane B), and then a no parking 7am to 7 pm lane (Lane c). On street sweeping day, during street sweeping season, the no parking 7-7 is switched to lane A, and we all have to park our cars in lane c. So anyone who doesn’t get the memo winds up parked in an actual travel lane, and potentially gets a $100 ticker or gets towed. Does that make sense? I feel like I haven’t explained it very well.

          • I think I get it now — I was thinking of less complicated parking scenarios, like on my own block. That is indeed a pretty complex scenario.

          • You explained it correctly. On the 1300 block or Irving, most days street parking is on the left side of the street. The right lave is a travel lane during the day (so 2 lanes of traffic), and parking is permitted at night (reducing travel lanes to one). But on street sweeping days, it’s flipped – no parking on the left side during the day, but parking is permitted on the right.
            And, as one of Patrick’s constituents, I greatly appreciate his responsiveness on this and a multitude of other issues. Every time I come to the conclusion that the ANC system should be abolished, he reminds me that, properly utilized, it can be a great asset to the community.

          • The bigger problem here are the rush hour lanes on Harvard, Columbia, Irving and Kenyon. Why do we have four residential streets so close together functioning as a traffic thoroughfare where residents effectively lose 50% of their parking twice DAILY? These are residential areas and looking at the DC snow emergency map there aren’t any other east-west streets in the city, except Reservoir Road in Georgetown, that have these ridiculous parking/traffic regulations. Even Columbia road through Adams Morgan is one lane each way, and so is P street in NW. You can’t tell me that those areas have less traffic than the neighborhoods in Columbia Heights.

        • As I’m reading this, there has been an ambulance stuck on my block of Irving St. for over 3 minutes – with lots of honking and siren bleeping – because cars are parked on both sides of the street due to inexcusably IDIOTIC policy of DC screwing with a sensible policy.

          I worked hard for years to get the city to put up signs establishing the dates of parking enforcement for street sweeping. The parking rules should be enforced weather or not the streets are actually cleaned. The point is to ensure open travel lanes on major east-west streets. Like for Ambulances – where 3 minutes can be a lifetime.

  • This situation reminds me of this thread, about a parking enforcement officer who was interpreting a sign contrary to the way it was written:

  • Am I the only person who finds this ironic that people in the neighborhood that have the gall to restrict all kinds of parking to themselves are complaining about getting a bunch of tickets? If DC stopped it with the ridiculous zone system I bet residents would end up with a lot less tickets, and DC would have a lot less exceptions to meters. I mean it’s one city, but don’t park in front of my place.

    • “[T]hat have the gall to restrict all kinds of parking to themselves”? Are you serious? Do you live on one of the few unzoned blocks in Petworth?
      I would imagine that these parking restrictions were in place before many of the current residents even moved there. And keep in mind that these particular restrictions are there in part to facilitate people commuting into Ward 1 from elsewhere.

  • Nice, quick work on this, Anon Resident and Patrick Flynn. Thank you.

  • Still wondering how the 1300 block of Kenyon has a bulldozer sitting north side during rush hour – yet the cars around it are towed away. The bulldozer should get removed too.

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