Sweet Cat Found in Bloomingdale


“We found this sweet female cat meowing outside our front door. She seems domesticated from her demeanor but she doesn’t have a collar. We have called Washington Humane Society, so they can take her in and scan for a microchip.”

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  • To the OP, if you have room in your heart and home I hope you would consider adopting this sweet girl. She has been around in the neighborhood for months now and I fear she has been abandon.
    You are right she is a very sweet cat and I would live to take her in if it were not for my two cats that I all ready have. She followed me around for an hour one night while I was looking for my cat and she has stopped by my apt a couple of times too.
    If you did call Animal Control and they did pick her up I am a little concerned because it is a kill shelter. So again if you or anyone else would want to adopt her that would be amazing.

  • OP here – I was able to coax her into my cat’s carrier and bring her to the Washington Humane Society. I was not able to bring her inside because I have a kitten at home, and I wasn’t sure if this cat is FIV positive. We called to check in on her today, and found out that she is not microchipped and she is in her third trimester of pregnancy. She will not be adoptable until she has her kittens in several weeks, finishes the nursing period, and is spayed.

    I will check in on her regularly, as I grew very attached to her in the few hours we were hanging out outside my door. I assure you I will not allow her to be euthanized, and will personally make sure that she is adopted into a loving home or will foster her until she is.

  • OP, Thank you. You are a good person. She really is a sweet, friendly cat. If you need any help finding her a good home I will certainly help in anyway. I’m glad to know she will at least have a safe(ish) place to have her kittens.

  • I think she’s ours! She’s been missing since Sunday afternoon. Please call our cell at 202-309-5866. Thanks!

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