SoulCycle coming to 1042 Wisconsin Ave, NW Late Summer – 2 More Coming in 2015

SoulCycle West End
West End location courtesy SoulCycle

Thanks to a reader for sending the permit they found:

“1042 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Alterations, rooftop HVAC, signs and back-lit sign – SoulCycle

This follows word of the still unconfirmed scuttlebutt that a SoulCycle could be coming to Chinatown/Mt.Vernon Square too.  SoulCycle‘s DC location opened at 2301 M Street, NW in July.

Update from a press release:

“SoulCycle, the country’s premier full-body indoor cycling studio, will open in Georgetown late Summer, 2015. Adding to its current D.C. and Bethesda locations, SoulCycle Georgetown will mark the brand’s third D.C. area studio.

SoulCycle Georgetown will feature a 56-bike studio, home to the signature SoulCycle workout, and an expansive SoulCycle lifestyle boutique, selling SoulCycle’s original clothing collection. SoulCycle Georgetown will be located at 1042 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20007.

SoulCycle has plans to open two additional studios in the D.C. area in 2015. SoulCycle classes in the D.C. area cost $30.”

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  • I have never done soul cycle so could someone please explain to me how its better/different from a regular spin class? I found spinning classes to vary greatly due to music or how engaging the instructor. are all the soul cycle instructors/music uniformally good>?

    • I’ve never been, but I believe SoulCycle classes involve lifting weights and doing push ups while on the bike (which some other cycling studios and gyms do too). Doing stuff like that on a bike is dangerous, not effective, and ends up dropping power output of pedal strokes.

    • My understanding is there’s pretty rigorous training for Soul Cycle instructors and they have fairly stringent standards. The music/vibe of the class is also supposed to be really good.

      • I am a hardcore road cyclist and recently did my first soulcycle/spin class as part of a company meeting. I thought it was pretty cool..very high energy and a great workout mixed in with music and a motivating instructor. Don’t look at it though as ‘cycling training’ as it actually would teach you pretty bad cycling habits like lunging and swaying. In road cycling, you typically want to keep your upper body quiet and relaxed. But if you are looking for a fun, intense, somewhat costly and challenging workout that comes with a healthy dose of the soul cycle brand/cultishness, i’d check it out.

    • I have the same question. I kind of want to try it for myself, but kind of don’t want my “regular” spin classes ruined, as there’s no way I can afford SoulCycle.

  • I Dont Get It

    There was a great parody of SoulCycle on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!

    • The gym where Abbie works on Broad City is supposed to be a parody of SoulCycle.

  • nightborn

    Instead of another few SoulCycle locations, I wish we were getting one of those treadmill running studios, like the Mile High Run Club in NYC. I would LOVE that so much.

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