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  • fumigating, most likely.

  • Asbestos removal?

    • The guy’s t-shirt says ACM… with a quick google is indeed an asbestos removal company. Hopefully this does mean build-out and not just fumigation.

      • Yep, as all the trappings of Asbestos removal. Note the drawn-in plastic wrap–there are machines that essentially draw a vacuum on the area so Asbestos can’t fly out of cracks in the plastic.

        Not entirely sure what on the facade contained Asbestos, but something must have. Good for them for doing it right!

  • I remember eating there 30 years ago. It was the first meal I paid myself as a kid.

  • I saw this on Saturday morning. By the time we came out from brunch at Smoke and Barrel, it was already taken down.

  • hispanicandproud

    I used to date a guy who lived above this rat nest. It was gross.

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