Slim’s Diner posts Liquor License Placard in Petworth

Georgia and Upshur St, NW

Dang it! Slim’s is a bit smaller than I thought.

“New restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. Total occupancy load of 41.”

Hopefully a future patio will expand that number a bit too. Still very excited about a new breakfast spot!


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  • So pumped! This is the type of restaurant that Petworth needs more of… This will greatly increase foot traffic which should benefit all businesses. I also really hope they get a sidewalk cafe! Wish Domku and Petworth Citizen would do this too. Now… How soon can we get Little Coco’s opened on 14th St???

  • 41 doesn’t sound all that small. 10-ish tables?

    I’m not so sure about a patio in this location. I can’t imagine it’d be very pleasant to sit outside amidst the confluence of traffic on Upshur, Kansas, and Georgia, with one of the dingiest gas stations in the area just across the street.

      • I agree this is tiny. It’s hardly more occupancy than Crane & Turtle. Can’t wait to have to make reservations a week in advance to have diner food. This is such a bummer compared to what I thought it was going to be. Was hoping for a place like the Coupe.

    • Both the Upshur St and 9th St sides are very pleasant – Georgia Ave in this location has a good amount of streetscaping which protects it from noise and traffic. The farmer’s market, which is on 9th between Upshur and Taylor) isn’t noisy at all, and it’s even closer to the Georgia Ave traffic. Considering how narrow the sidewalk is on Georgia here, I seriously doubt there will be any outdoor seating on that side.

      • If you’re sitting on the Upshur side of Slim’s, you’d be very exposed to Georgia Ave. traffic noise. I mean, just look at the image in this article.

        The farmer’s market is actually what is protected from Georgia by trees and green space, which is why it is quieter.

        • Check it out on Google Street View; you’ll see that the landscaping actually protects the intersection at Upshur from the traffic heading north quite nicely.

  • Wonder if they considered (or could have considered) opening in the old diner/ Cuzzins location? The Murrell and Pizza Hut Buildings and location needs a redesign. Perhaps a traffic circle with lights to control speed would work there?

  • The plan–straight from Mr. Ruppert’s mouth–is to have seating on both the Upshur and 9th St sides. Yes, there’ll be noise from traffic, but maybe some large planters could mitigate that? Regardless, both the Diner itself and the outdoor seating will be very welcome

    But speaking of the old Diner space next to Cuzzins, what is the business there now? Clearly there’s been some sort of industrial kitchen use for 6 months or so, and sometimes there’s a lot of people around, but they have no sign or indication of what they are. It’d be nice if they had the courtesy to market whatever it is they are to the residents of Petworth, even if they aren’t a retail shop. I mean, they cook for someone there.

    • huh? what’s the point of spending money to market something you are not equipped (or possibly allowed) to sell? That seems less courteous than just keeping quiet about it. If folks are curious they can ask I suppose.

      • Hi “mmm”–I don’t mean “market” in the sense of spend lots of money reaching out to area residents, but how about a sign and a phone number? If they are a catering company, folk in the ‘hood sometimes need catering services, too, right? And, I did try to ask once and they mumbled something about “a dinner party service.” Maybe I’d like to be part of that.

        I suppose my larger complaint is that Upshur is becoming more and more a retail destination and a business tries to hide in plain sight seems antagonistic of that. Even the hydroponics supply shop in the alley behind Domku has a sign.

    • I believe the old Diner space is being used by a catering company. They have trucks parked on Upshur Street every day that they load up. I’ve seen the space opened for some sort of private dinners, but nothing really marketed for Petworth residents.

      On another note, we checked out The Pitch recently and they’re really good. Food was great, service was excellent, decent prices, plus they’ve got a roof deck. I think they’re a great option in Petworth.

      • epric002

        +10 for the pitch. we were told they’re also working on doing a patio out back!

        • Are we talking about the same place? I’ve been there 5 times to give it a fair shake and it’s terrible in every aspect. The bartenders don’t know anything about beer or drinks to the point that I was given a lime with my scotch neat. The food is ehh and over priced. 10 for 6 puny wings is terrible. It’s FREEZING cold when it’s cold out side. I mean freezing to the point everyone at the bar is wearing their jackets. When I was asked about the wings I mentioned that they are pretty small especially for the price and the “Chef” lurking at the end of the bar started an argument with me. I can’t get the local sports games on when I ask even though that was their claim in the beginning that they would carry all local teams. They leave it on ESPN News or something useless at night when there are tons of games on. It’s sports bar that doesn’t really show sports.
          I REALLY REALLY wanted this place to be good because I like sports and Petworth is against TV’s for some reason. I have given it a more than fair shake but it’s just terrible. Unless everything has changed in the past month then I have to completely disagree with you both.

          • epric002

            i’m sorry you’ve had bad experiences there- i’ve had almost exactly the opposite experiences. i’ve inquired about basketball games via FB before going and every time they confirmed that they’d be showing the game. i haven’t had any temp issues, i’ve only ever ordered beer or wine- so no issues there. and i’ve only ordered their hummus app, so i don’t know anything about the wings. the manager is very friendly and helpful, and the staff have all been nice and polite as well.

    • it was posted on here a few months back that they hosted one of those secret club type dining nights. Not sure if there has been more than one though. I also think you are right that they are cooking some sort of product that is not being sold at the location but in stores.

  • 41 seats is a lot smaller than I imagined. Going to be long waits if the place is any good. Hopefully they will get a patio. People sit outside all over the City, and yes they do that even on busy streets (ie 14th street)

    • Does this count seats at the counter? Or only 41 table seats? The fact that people are worried it’ll be too small speaks to the high demand for nice, family friendly options in Petworth. This place will be slammed.

  • I think it would be great if they could somehow also add an ice cream counter in there. At least seasonally…

  • 41 is super tiny for a diner! Not what I expected at all from this place. I know patios will help, but I was hoping to go to this year round, and seriously not be the reservation type place.

  • I guess they are calling it “Slim’s” for a reason. 🙂

    Come on, folks, it will all work out. So much complaining about restaurants on this blog…..

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