Shooting in Truxton Circle just after 6pm

@dcpolicedept tweeted:

“Shooting at 1808 hrs in the Unit block of Hanover Pl NW Lookout for Dark van driven by a black male.”

From MPD:

“The Fifth District is currently investigating a shooting in the unit block of Hanover Place, NW.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call (202) 727-9099.”

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  • This was a very scary incident. I was personally sitting on North Capitol in a car on the way home and heard the gunshots and saw people running up the street. I’ve never personally witnessed street crime, so it’s pretty jarring.

  • The shooting target was a huge (two-dozen+) craps game in the middle of Hanover Place. A small van or SUV pulled up to the game from the alley, fired five or six shots, then another five or six, then attempted to flee down Hanover toward North Capitol. The driver didn’t plan ahead, though, as the vehicle got hung up on a parked car and ripped its rear driver side door off, leaving it behind as it sped down the street. At North Capitol, it turned left up the service lanes, going against two lanes of rush hour traffic. It hit several cars on the 1300 block of North Capitol, and eventually swerved on to the sidewalk for half the block to escape up O Street. It was the most frightening thing I’ve seen in six years on this block, and that includes the shooting in almost the exact same spot in December.

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