Shaw’s Tavern Sold to Owners of Front Page in Dupont? License Transfer Pending

520 Florida Ave, NW

Whoa – a reader passes on from DCRA:

“A transfer of ownership was approved to 520 Florida Avenue Restaurant LLC for Shaw’s Tavern’s license on Wednesday, March 11; however, the license has not yet been issued. Several outstanding documents still need to be provided to ABRA, including a certificate of occupancy, before the license can be issued to the new owner.”

The reader says the new ownership group are the same folks who own Front Page, located in Dupont at 1333 New Hampshire Ave, NW. Updates when more info is known.

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  • justinbc

    Hopefully they make drastic changes, that place is/was terrible.

    • This is such a waste of amazing location. Why cant they do something nice? FrontPage is also horrible

  • And the Villagers rejoice! $75 for lunch with a couple of cocktails is ABSURD.

  • I always enjoyed this place for brunch, but it’s awfully expensive. And the upstairs (which apparently was illegally being used anyway) is downright bizarre.

  • Yeah, but Front Page? That place is kinda fratastic.

  • please please please let the washington firehouse be next!

  • This place is bad now, but the Front Page is also quite bad.

  • Popville commenters had prepared me to hate this place, but it’s actually not terrible. Slightly overpriced, and not extraordinary, but a perfectly acceptable brunch spot.

  • Intriguing. The prices always put me off of this place. If things change, I’d probably give it a try.

    • They lowered their beer prices some time ago to a more reasonable level. (I remember them charging something like $8 or $9 for a Blue Moon, which is absolutely ridiculous.) Granted, I still haven’t been back because the food was completely forgettable. I somehow doubt things would change much with the ownership swap.

    • The only redeeming quality of this place was their happy hour prices when the weather was nice and you could sit on the patio.

  • Had no idea people didn’t like this place. I’ve only been there a handful of times and always thought it was great.

  • hopefully they bring the jazz on Thursday nights back!

  • Man, y’all are harsh. It’s not great but a totally decent spot to hang out. A couple of tasty options on the menu, good beer list, family- and young professional-friendly, and love the patio/big open window situation. A neighborhood spot where you can always get a pleasant seat.. Yeah, the prices were not so great, but that’s DC for you. I’m sad this is going to a chain, Front Page is. the. worst.

  • I Love this place. I hope they do not make Too many changes. Love wed nights for the piano karaoke and the food. It’s always really busy though so maybe the new owners won’t mess with that.

  • Meh? I was going to bite my tongue, but i simply can’t. Shaw’s Tavern has had its share of ups and downs, and has come a long way for the better with no thanks to whining goats like you! Meh! Meh! Shut it!
    To the management and staff of Shaw’s, I raise my glass to you! Thank you for all your efforts that have brought neighbours and friends, co-workers, groups, families, trivia lovers and those who love to sing! DC cheers!
    The only constant in life is change. As you begin a new chapter, Shaw’s Tavern, I know you will give it your best. Many, like me, say thank you.
    As for the annoying goats- there’s grass for you to eat somewhere else. Do something drastic! Get lost! Meh.

  • Can only go up from here – bad service, prices and forgettable to meh food.

    • Wait, are you talking about Front Page, or Shaw’s Tavern? Because Front Page is actually worse than Shaw’s Tavern. It’s a frat house. This just means that Shaw has officially been taken over by the bros.

  • I had no idea so many people hated this place either. The prices are very similar to any other restaurant in DC. Where is everyone else eating at? Yum’s?

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