Seasonal Pantry Staying in DC but “looking to close our doors for a new location within the next year”

1314 ½ Ninth Street, NW

Back in June 2014 we heard that Seasonal Pantry would be closing on 9th Street in Shaw and moving to Little Washington, VA. Not any more. Update from their facebook page:

“Seasonal Pantry is not moving to Washington VA. We are Staying in DC for now. We are looking to close our doors for a new location within the next year.
Thank you for all your support.”

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  • ledroittiger

    Went for dinner a couple of weeks ago and Dan said two of three options he was exploring for new venues were producing fresh pasta and fried chicken (in the soul food vein). Can’t remember what the third was…

  • Come to Georgia Ave between Delafield and Decatur!

      • I’ll second the Petworth or North Columbia Heights area. This sounds exactly like one of the types of businesses that residents have been clamoring for…. What a great addition it would be! And I guarantee the rent will be more competitive than Shaw with just as much (if not more) interest.
        There are several spaces near Red Derby, Lyman’s Tavern, Taqueria Hanenero and (the future) Little Coco’s on 14th St between Quincy & Randolph. Excellent access to public transportation too.
        There are also some interesting buildings on Georgia Ave near Chez Billy, Safeway and Qualia Coffee.
        Great Street Grants are available for both of these locations as well.

        • The above commenter just took the words out of my mouth. Petworth would be amazing and it would be much appreciated by the residents! Great opportunity.

        • Great suggestion, it would be a most welcome addition! The stretch of 14th St. between Spring and Randolph would be a great location. I think that kind of business model would do well here. I hope they consider our growing neighborhood!

  • Anyone know why there are looking to leave there current location? Shaw seems to be the new up and coming place to be.

    • tonyr

      There really no kitchen space. No idea if that’s the issue, but it’s plausible.

      • +1. I’m as unsure as you are if this is the issue, but it seems like it would be very difficult to run a proper, full-service restaurant out of this space because the food prep area is so tiny. The whole space is really tiny, in fact..

    • Perhaps the landlord (if they don’t own the space themselves) is raising the rent to reflect Shaw’s up-and-coming-ness?

  • Please oh please come to H Street NE.

    • I went to dinner there a few months ago, and he said that he was looking at a space around H St NE.

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