San Francisco’s Philz Coffee coming to the Adamo building in Adams Morgan

1827 Adams Mill Road, NW

Thanks to word from the Adams Morgan BID – Philz Coffee is coming to join the new Mediterranean restaurant in the new Adamo building. Their website says:

“Philz Coffee is not your average coffee shop. We do things differently. We specialize in customized blends of the highest quality coffee from around the world. As you walk in you will see a baffling menu of different blends. While there is a description board of the blend descriptions, we recommend you go straight up to the counter and let the barista know it’s your first time, the barista will find out what you like and hopefully give you the best coffee you ever had!

All of our coffees are special customized blends crafted by Phil himself with many years in the making. Phil has spent over 25 years combining beans and creating blends to make the most unique smoothest tasting coffee anyone has never had. No place in the world has our blends. We work extremely hard to ensure everyone gets the absolute freshest coffee possible, no matter how inconvenient or time consuming it is for us. Each blend ranges from 2 to as many as 7 different beans from around the world and they each have there own unique distinct flavor. All of our blends are low in acidity which will help avoid any of those stomach aches you might normally have with another cup of coffee. For the folks that like single origin coffees, no worries, we have a variety of single origin beans available ranging from Colombian, African, Yemen, Kenyan, Sumatra, and more…

At Philz, we don’t make your ordinary latte, cappuccino, au lait, espresso, etc. Every cup we prepare is hand crafted to your liking. We can make it less strong for you, just ask. If you’re used to Latte’s, Cappuccino’s, Macchiato’s etc. we can make you something extremely similar and guarantee that you will like it better, and if you don’t, we will keep making you something until you are satisfied. Let the barista know if you like light, dark, or medium roast and if you like cream, milk, soymilk, sugar, etc. We do recommend your first cup here with cream and sugar. But anyway you have it, it will be great!

We wouldn’t even call this a cup of coffee; rather “A Cup of Love.”
Come by and enjoy the experience, One Cup at a Time.”

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  • Two things:
    1) This sounds like the Chipotle-ization of coffee: “Here are a bunch of options, mix and match as you’d like!” I’m not sure how that benefits something like coffee. So they don’t make regular drinks that people actually know, but they’ll make you something “like” a latte, macchiato, etc.? Why not just make a latte? And how can you make something that is kinda like an espresso, but isn’t? There’s one ingredient and one process! As an alternative to Starbucks, maybe this works, but I don’t really understand it
    2) Having a crap load of different roasts sitting around isn’t something to advertise. Roasted beans don’t age well, and the more options you have the more likely that something will be sitting around on the shelf for awhile. I hope they date every one of ol’ Philz blends.

    • Sounds like you haven’t been to a Philz. If you want a latte or espresso, just go across the street to Starbucks. I haven’t experienced any issues with stale beans, though I guess it could be a potential problem.

      • “If you want a latte or espresso, just go across the street to Starbucks.” Or go to any of the other local coffee shops that do those things very well without this weird online pitch.

  • justinbc

    I’ve been to a couple of the ones in SF. It’s OK, better than most quick in and out kind of coffee shops, but not some revolutionary Shangri-La type place as they describe it.

  • AMAZING!!!!!! This is the best coffee! I stock up when I’m in San Francisco, but now I won’t have to! Thanks Philz!!!

  • Not going to lie, I’m pretty excited about this. They’re all over SF and the coffee is excellent if you can get over it not being espresso-based. I just hope they keep their quality up, unlike pretty much every other west cost coffee company that’s come to this coast…

  • A great pitch! You will be baffled!

  • Emmaleigh504

    “a cup of love” gag puke

  • I saw “San Francisco’s” and immediately hoped it would be a blue bottle. I’ll give this place a go, though, despite the “cup of love” business.

  • They should fire their web copy person because that schpiel is redundant and a little too long for a website and our modern attention spans. It’s also really, really cheesy.

    That said, the place seems like it’s worth a try– though I agree with Anonv2 about the stale coffee concern.

  • I will enjoy watching them compete with the Starbucks across the street.

  • Say what you want about their spiel (ugh), but their coffee is great in my opinion. Welcome addition!

  • This is all well and good, but……SWEET GREEN! Please! I just want to be able to get a good on-the-go salad in Adams Morgan/Mt. Pleasant.

  • If you don’t like it, it’s not like there aren’t a dozen other coffee shops within a quarter mile.

  • Forgettable SF coffee, but it at least it isn’t Stumptown.

  • BEST NEWS EVER! This was the highlight of my last San Francisco trip! Made to order pour over coffees with like 75 different global options

  • I think their copy sucks balls but I love their coffee. Excited.

    • Good to know — the press release is certainly terrible. Who in their right mind describes their selection as “a baffling menu of different blends”?

  • This press release seems to designed to make one skeptical of the quality of the coffee, but it would be really nice to have a good coffee shop in the neighborhood that’s not crowded beyond the point of enjoyability. Hope they have lots of seating!

  • Philz is freaking amazing. I am so excited about this!

  • I’m not one to turn my nose at blends. Our very own Compass Coffee is proof that coffee blends can be fresh and delicious (their single origin from Kenya is also amazing)… but this press release lost me when a coffee shop suggested my first cup include cream and sugar.

    Let me rewrite that part: “We’ve spent so much time coming up with a plethora of roast and bean options, and we want you to ruin that immediately by altering the flavor with sweeteners”

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