Salty Dog Tavern coming to Dupont

1723 Connecticut Ave, NW

Thanks to @BarredinDC for tweeting us the news:

“Salty Dog Tavern Set to Open in Dupont to Replace Black Fox Lounge”

I stopped by on Sunday and indeed their new awning is already up:


Black Fox Lounge closed back on Jan. 1st. Updates on Salty Dog Tavern when more is known.


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  • I still miss China Cafe and the leather rack…

  • That Leather Rack rebranding is so odd. Bite the Fruit? I believe the Leather Rack/Adam & Eve/Bite the Fruit and Black Fox Lounge businesses were related. I wonder if Bite the Fruit and Salty Dog Tavern are.

  • The Leather Rack and Black Fox were owned by the same guy. Unsure if anything has since changed with that. Is Bite the Fruit still a sex/leather shop?

  • I am still dealing with the tragedy of Black Fox Lounge being closed.

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