Rendering of the first new Condo Building, VIO, coming to The Wharf in SW Waterfront


From a press release:

“Hoffman-Madison Waterfront, the master developer (led by PN Hoffman and Madison Marquette) of the 24-acre world-class, mixed-use, waterfront community The Wharf in Southwest Washington, D.C., today announced the first residential condominium building, VIO, will open for pre-sales in spring.

VIO will be a 112-unit, 12-story luxury condominium building that features generously-sized residences, including a mix of studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and penthouse units. The homes, designed by Handel Architects in collaboration with WDG Architects, will feature wide-plank hardwood flooring, European cabinetry, granite and quartz counters, Thermador and Bosch appliances, natural stone and porcelain tile baths, custom closets, and 9’ ceilings.

“VIO will set the standard for luxurious waterfront living in the District,” said Monty Hoffman, founder and CEO of PN Hoffman. “Equipped with the highest-end finishes and luxury amenities, like a rooftop infinity edge pool with river views, VIO will be the perfect model for what to expect from The Wharf’s other residential, office and retail spaces.”

“VIO, with floor-to-ceiling glass, will offer stunning views of monuments and the Potomac River and unique and immediate access to what is sure to be a world-class waterfront experience,” said Amer Hammour, chairman and CEO of Madison Marquette. “We are very excited to be working with both Handel and WDG Architects to create an iconic waterfront building that will exceed the expectations of urban living.”

VIO, which derives from Latin for “I journey,” includes amenities such as a private lobby on The Wharf’s Yacht Club Piazza with covered drop-off, 24-hour front desk, concierge services, clubroom, fitness center with yoga studio, and an outdoor infinity edge pool overlooking the Potomac River. Secure underground parking is included with the purchase of most residences. Select VIO residences feature private-access elevators that include direct access to the Wharf promenade, which will include an impressive mix of restaurants, bars, cafes, and other retail. The majority of residences at VIO feature balconies with water views and several penthouses include private rooftop terraces.

VIO limited pre-sales begin Spring 2015.”

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  • Sounds expensive.

    • It is. Here’s the breakdown from Urban Turf: 1BRs start at $600K, 1BR/D at $700K, 2BR at $1.2 million.

  • maxwell smart

    okay – so yeah, 9′-0″ ceilings are taller then the 6′-8″ ceilings I currently live with. But 9′-0″ is really very generous – certainly not something that’s a selling feature.

  • It’s “nice” and all but it does not make me dream.

  • This place is going to be a ghost town in 5 years. The people who would want to live down there aren’t going to be able to afford it and the people who’ll be able to afford it won’t want to live down here. I can’t wait to see this whole project collapse under its own weight.

    • I disagree with this. With the water (how many truly waterfront residential buildings are there in DC?), the baseball stadium, Arena stage, metro, hopefully soccer stadium, the bones are there to make this a very desirable neighborhood, even at high prices.

      • maxwell smart

        Agreed, only on the condition they do this right – making a truly exceptional pedestrian waterfront experience will make this a very attractive destination. There is already a great start at Navy Yard so continuing that momentum will make this very attractive.

    • SouthwestDC

      Why wouldn’t people want to live there? It’s a very convenient location and it’s on the water. Those are two huge features that no other neighborhood except the adjacent Navy Yard (and arguably Georgetown) have.

      • Yeah, great location, near a Metro station, marina and golf course! And a short trip to Nats Stadium and National airport. I’m interested…

    • I’ll take the other side of this bet. Seems to me like PN Hoffman knows this market and has a pretty decent track record of creating lively developments…

    • “This place is going to be a ghost town in 5 years. The people who would want to live down there aren’t going to be able to afford it and the people who’ll be able to afford it won’t want to live down here.”

      Columbia Heights, Shaw, Brookland and Trinidad circa 2007 want their breaking news back.

      • $600K (starting at) for a 1 bedroom…show me that in Trinidad, Brookland etc…

      • To be fair, those neighborhoods are not composed of “super-blocks”. The Navy Yard/Waterfront is pretty charmless. The massive, hulking buildings are not inviting and does not contribute to the feeling that you’re in a real “neighborhood.” It reminds me more of Pentagon City or Crystal City.
        My guess is that this becomes a neighborhood filled with people driving in and out of their parking garages.

    • I certainly don’t want it to fail but I see your point. I think the folks who can afford this would rather live in G town or Old Town Alexandria. My guess is the units will be purchased by friends of the developer and high net worth individuals from Montgomery County, Loudon etc….who want a a trendy place to park money. Unless they get some units priced around 3-400 like in other new buildings around the city, this area will have a hard time becoming a “neighborhood” and will be more like a National Harbor.

    • Most likely many of the units will be purchased by investors who will then rent them out. Also, I fail to see the desirability of living near a baseball stadium. For me, it’s a negative (disclosure: I admit that I don’t like baseball)

    • 1,000 net new people each month to DC. There will be nowhere see for people to go but here. Your prediction lacks the step of the neighborhoods you listed increasing in value as these may be less, ultimately, than georgetown or some other neighborhood made popular due to a lack of options elsewhere in the city.

  • The architecture is this city gets more awful by the minute.

    • I agree. I looked at the rendering and shook my head. Atlantic Plumbing has shown us what is possible – why won’t seemingly ANY of the other developers take one step toward trying something remotely outside of the same old, the DC comfort zone? TWO colors of brick? You bet! TWO sizes of glass? It’s modern and slick now! Push and pull the facade in sketch-up? Now it’s ARCHITECTURE, right? Stainless appliances and ‘high-end’ finishes? SOLD!

      Sorry for the snark, but seriously, at these prices we can have good design and good buildings. Check that – we should expect good design and great buildings.

      • accendo

        We need to ditch the height act to have a better chance, IMO. Developers can’t maximize by building up, so we get lots of homogenized cubes to maximize they space in the heights to which they are allowed.

  • looks great!

  • I have a friend who lives in one of the newer buildings by the Safeway in SW on the 8th floor. The views from her unit down there are just stunning… like no where else in the city. You get the monuments, the capitol, the rivers, hilly vistas in the distance and all this gorgeous greenery from the Mall, the waterfront and Ft. McNair. Even the views of I-395 seem to add an urban bustle to the scene. Southwest seems to have a bit less baggage in the minds of many newcomers. With Arena Stage, Nats Park, the Yards et al nearby, I think the waterfront is going to take off like nothing we’ve seen before.

  • The design of this horrid looking office building trying to pass as urban dwelling more likely driven by a cost conscience, developer who has no clue or desire for what good design could do for this area. I bet if the architects had the final say the results would be an engaging, interesting and desirable place to live. Oh well 🙁

  • Not sure if I’ve missed this somewhere, but does anyone know if there are plans to move the fish market? I work in this area and when it gets warmer the stench from the market is something else. I’ve been wondering if it was going to affect the retail, but I can’t imagine living there, opening my window for some fresh air, and smelling that instead.

    • My biggest fear with all this is, despite the lip service, the gentrifiers will push the fish market out. It’s one of our most unique and local features. People moving into new sprawl subdivisions amid farms seek the idyllic country life then realize farms smell and force the farmers to shutdown.

      Cities smell. Spend time in NYC to confirm that, but there’s life in those odors. Appreciate it.

  • Great, just what this city needs, another luxury apartment building. I love living in SW but I’m afraid that I wont be able to afford it in just a few more years.

  • Developers complain about the apartment market being saturated but I think it’s only the luxury market that’s saturated.

    I knoe it’s easy to just add amenities and jack the price for maximum short-term return but if someone targeted the middle income market with no frills I bet it’d be lucrative in the long run.

  • Accountering

    This is great news. A high-end condo building is desperately needed. Very glad to see they aren’t going condo, and glad to see that they are including some 3-BR units as well. Looks great, and another vacant lot disappears.

    • I take it you meant “Very glad to see they aren’t going rental” ?

    • binpetworth

      Who buys a 3-bedroom condo at $1.5 million? I can’t imagine that most people who would need the space/bedrooms and had that kind of money wouldn’t prefer a single family dwelling, but since I’m not in that demographic, what do I know? Even bought and converted to a rental would be pretty damn steep.

  • As the make-up of high income individuals in DC transitions from attorneys to IT, this development should do well. I was considering Georgetown (too difficult to get to), Downtown (lacks charm and to noisy), waterfront is easy to get to, has charm and not to noisy. I decided on west-side U street corridor. I plan to rent the U street condo and buy at Vio.

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