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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • epric002

    rant: husband has bronchitis, a sinus infection, and the beginnings of pneumonia!
    rave: antibiotics. he’s already feeling better.
    rave: this weather!
    rant: eliminating dairy is hard. as i expected, not eating cheese & yogurt are the toughest for me.

    • I can’t remember if I suggested Daiya cheese last time but it’s not a terrible cheese substitute. Oh and Sticky Fingers has a great vegan grilled cheese.

      • epric002

        thanks for the recs! is there a certain type/flavor of daiya cheese that you think is particularly good? i looove sticky fingers, but haven’t tried their grilled cheese yet. will definitely keep that in mind for when i simply must have some gooey meltiness.

        • I think I had the mozzarella style shreds and the cheddar style shreds back when I was off dairy. Both were fine, not as good as the real deal but a good substitute. I think you should reward yourself with gooey meltiness for making it through a couple of weeks! 🙂

  • binpetworth

    Rant: Some idiot tagged the lovely mural with the telephone-cans on the side of the building at 13th and Otis.
    Rave: The formerly missing cat Ron from yesterday is home now. It warms my heart to see lost kitties and doggies go home.

    • Emmaleigh504

      That sucks! I love that mural.
      yay pets reunited with their humans!

    • I hate it when people tag murals.
      There’s another telephone-related mural — named “Off the Hook” — on the side of one of the zillion corner stores on Georgia Avenue in Park View. (I think it was done by the same teacher/student team that did the Chuck Brown mural on the side of Sweet Mango Cafe.) A while ago, some jerk tagged it.
      I was hoping that the tag would be painted over, but instead the proprietor put a Western Union banner over the tag (and over a chunk of the mural).

      • binpetworth

        Ugh, I think covering it with the banner may be even worse! Fortunately this mural is quite tall so the fool could only mess up the bottom of it. Nevertheless, I hope they’re able to repair the damage easily.

  • Rant: No water in home. Plummer was over until late last night working on changing the pipes in the basement. When I went to open the valve as instructed, there was one pipe that wasn’t soldered and water went everywhere. When I called him, he was already at another job so now I have to wait until this evening for him to come back out again.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave/Rant; Remember the old dog (19!) that had become blind and deaf that I sometimes dog sit and last time while attending to her the other much younger dog got in an empty elevator and the elevator took off for floors unknown?* Anyway she had not been doing well lately and passed away peacefully in her sleep on her dog bed. If you’re gonna go that’s the way to go! RIP Missie of Columbia Heights!

    *Admittedly when I tell this story now it’s the blind/deaf dog that gets into the elevator. It’s a much better story that way. My family motto is “Always tell the truth unless you have a better story.” I need to get that translated to Latin.

    • According to Google Translate: Semper verum dico, nisi melius fabula. Anyone know how correct that is?

      You should embroider that on a pillow. 🙂

      • I Dont Get It

        Thank you!

      • That’s pretty good, I think. I would say “semper verum dic” rather than “dico” so you use a command form instead of saying “I tell the truth.” Also I think the declensions in the second half could be improved. I would say: “semper verum dic, nisi fabulam meliorem.” But full disclosure, it’s been a few years since my last Latin class.

    • I remember that story! R.I.P. Missie.

    • Totally on board with your approach to truth-telling. I am all about the better story.

      • I Dont Get It

        My Great Aunt Babe was the best at this although my mother was great also. Yeah our house in rural southern Indiana was part of the Underground Railroad.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Never let the facts get in the way of a good story!

      • I Dont Get It

        Oh and a Native American tribe lived by the lake on our property. My mother was a big fat liar. 🙂

  • Rant: my building’s union reps are in bed with admin
    Rant: last minute schedule changes without regard for anybody’s plans… This goes beyond being flexible and it discourages any purposeful planning.
    Rave: spring break is so so close
    Rant: passover is soon which means blah food during all of spring break
    Rave: bought my ticket to see Talib Kweli next weekend!

  • Rave: Got my hair done yesterday. *flips hair*
    Rave: Boyfriend took me out for dinner last night
    Rant: None really
    Rave: Little brother is having a blast in London.
    Rave: Boyfriend!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Middle Zelda has developed an adorable addiction to K-Pop.
    Rant: Which means I pretty much always have an earworm of some K-Pop song – especially annoying because I don’t know Korean.
    Rant: I just realized that Easter is this Sunday. Am I going to pull together a nice dinner? I may just make a coconut cake and call it good.

  • Rave: In a good mood.
    Rave: Spring! Daffodils are blooming! And my own daffodils have finally bloomed!
    Rave: Enjoyed the George Pelecanos reading and Q&A session at the Petworth Library last night (and running into MPinDC there).
    Rave: Although the house is still a mess, it’s much tidier now than it was before I got into cleaning mode for my houseguest’s visit.
    Rave: My cat adores my houseguest.

  • justinbc

    Programming note: Scheduling conflict at Dacha for the HH previously set for April 23rd. We will have to move it to that Wednesday, April 22nd instead. Hope this doesn’t cause too many issues since it’s still almost a month away.

  • Decided to take up piano again, and looking for a teacher who will come to my house. Any recommendations?
    Rant: had to cut my nails short to play, and now I’m remembering why I kept them long. Short nails = hangnails. Grr. Also, it makes typing bizarrely slower.

    • Probably quieter too. I had no idea there was any connection between short nails and hangnails.

    • I don’t have a piano teacher recommendation, but you might consider calling a nearby piano store or university music schools for recommendations. I think it is exciting that you’re coming back to it! I took a three-year break from it, and have been playing pretty consistently for about a year and a half. If you haven’t already seen it, definitely recommend the forums at Piano World (which feature forums dedicated to adult beginners, tuners, classical and non-classical pianists, digital pianos, and those interested in the actual instrument- i.e., buying, selling, upgrading, upright vs. grand).

    • File them with a metal file you can get at most drugstores – the kind with a tortoiseshell like handle. The hangnails are because you cut, not file, at least in my experience.

    • Blithe

      Not sure about the house calls, but many of the working musicians listed on the capital bop site give lessons, so if there’s someone out there that you enjoy listening to, give them a call and see. If you call someone that doesn’t do lessons, they’ll probably be able to recommend a friend or two who will. They offer piano lessons at R Street Music – and the teachers there might be able to make recommendations as well. I feel you on the nail rant!

  • Bear

    Rant: My boss, who is trying to save his ass by stroking my ego and trying to convince me to take over as Director – not because he truly believes in me, but because then it’s not his neck on the line when things go wrong. Hell no. Also, that I’m “entering a new phase in my personal life” (i.e., getting married) and that I need to think carefully about what I want and not throw away everything I’ve worked for. And that my fiance is likely to “get bored” with me traveling so much. Fuck him, I am so done.
    Rave: Taking 2 weeks off to do nothing but work int he yard and get some wedding planning done. And when I get back I’ll most likely be transferring divisions, unless my org actually gets the balls to fire the guy, so either way I won’t be working with him anymore.

    • Ugh – your boss sounds unbearable!

    • Whoa! Insinuating that your future marriage will fall apart unless you take this job is way over the line.

      • Bear

        Actually it’s the other way around – that my marriage might suffer if I take on more responsibility, but that I shouldn’t throw away what I’ve worked for. His mistake is assuming I’m asking for a transfer because I don’t think I can handle the responsibility, when in reality it’s because he’s terrible.

  • Becks

    Rave: Last night’s showing , Of Mice and Men, at the National Shakespeare Theater was amazing! The acting was superb and left me emotionally drained.
    Rave: I am planning a three day weekend trip up to Dolly Sods this June! I can’t wait! Camping (in an air conditioned cabin), hiking, and NO PHONES!
    Rave: I am loving this cool and not too warm weather!!!

  • Rave: GMAT studying going well
    Rant: GMAT studying
    Rave: the weather is coming along.. so ready for it to be spring all the way
    Rave: show tomm @ paperhause should be good

    • Additonal Rant/Rave: i feel myself becoming one of those people who dont sleep much. ex: i went to sleep sunday night around 1:30am only to wake up @ 6 with no alarm or loud noise waking me
      couldnt get back to sleep to save my life but didnt feel tired at all during the day
      also, I am no longer able to take naps even if I really want to
      good because I suppose that gives me more time to do things in my already packed days but bad because I know it isnt the healtihest of things

      • SouthwestDC

        I’ve been sleeping less too. Last night I was working on a knitting project and didn’t drag myself to bed until after midnight. Then the birds woke me up at 4am and I couldn’t fall back asleep (probably because I was thinking about ideas for photographing birds).

  • Rave: Big paper/presentation was finished yesterday! Now I can take a breather for a day or two until I start working on finals. The end of the semester is so close!
    Rant: Having major motivation issues at work. They want me to be more confident and take on more responsibility, which is fine, but I’ve already been feeling overwhelmed and anxious about juggling work and school. I wish I could do just one of them well instead of both of them half-assed because I don’t have enough time or energy.
    Unknown: With school winding down, I’d really like to start dating again, but I’m in a dating slump! The last date I got excited for was a pretty big disappointment, and my matches on Tinder never message me first (which is fine, but … eh). Then again, I’ll be headed to California for the summer, so maybe it’s good I’m not having much luck.

    • skj84

      Do you attempt to message them? I’ve started messageing guys when I match. My sister had a strategy that works well. Message at least 5 new guys a day. It could be as low key as “Hi” or “nice profile”. It may seem tedious, but you will get at least a few responses. Some guys really like it when the women initiates contact. She’s found her last few boyfriends this way. Including her current one.

      • I have tried that but I find that either: 1) the conversation fizzles or 2) the dates I’ve been on where I messaged the guy first are usually my less-good dates. I don’t know if it’s my choice of guy or just that guys respond/say yes to dates more often even if they’re not really interested. ::shrug::

        • When I online dated, the guys I messaged first were the worst dates too. I wonder what that says about my choice of guy as well. I learned that the guys who message me first with genuine messages lead to better dates. You make me want to get back to OKC.

        • topscallop

          Same here. Actually, I’ve tried messaging guys I matched with and they never responded! I wonder if that’s because they “like” everybody?

          • I’ve actually had people swipe right on me — and by the time I open the app, they’re gone. I think they accidently swiped right, which is funny because I always accidently swipe left. Hah. Lame.

  • Rant: Still sleepy at 10:30.
    Rave: Got to work early. Wondering how I did that being so sleepy.
    Rant: It’s supposed to rain this afternoon.
    Rant: I feel bloated.
    Rant: I haven’t exercised like I wanted to lately because I was feeling sick.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Chex mix. that is all.

  • Rockandroar

    Rave: I quit drinking!
    Rant: I quit drinking.
    Rave: Spring is finally here!
    Rant: Walking home last night at about 6:40, going North on 14th St. right in front of Zeba Bar where the sidewalk narrows with the bus shelter and the sandwich board signs a tall white male with dark brown hair and blue running shorts and sleeveless shirt barreled into me from behind, nearly knocking me over. He was gone without so much as an apology before I could do anything, and he had earbuds in, so he probably wouldn’t have heard me anyway. He could have said, “on your left” or even “get out of my way” and avoided me. I’m a 5’3″ female, and although I’m on the short side, he didn’t just not see me. Up ahead he ran between a lady and her stroller. Not around, between them. This guy is a menace!

    • HaileUnlikely

      Regarding the runner: Don’t worry, he’ll get his ass handed to him soon enough. Gentrification notwithstanding, there are still plenty of people around here who don’t take kindly to that sort of thing.

    • Agree, the runner was a jerk. The “on your left thing” can backfire, though. I did it running at lunch (non-creepy time of day!) last week, and woman I was trying to be polite to was so startled she jumped out of the way and screamed. I’m probably lucky I didn’t get maced. Besides trying to avoid busy commercial stretches like that to begin with, I usually just slow down until it’s safe to pass.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Agreed. Unless you yell something very loudly that provides for several seconds of warning, a person will not have time to process what you said, convert it into useful information, and act upon it before you get there. If they are able to make any sense at all out of it, they’ll hear the “left” part and instinctively move to the *left.* Although it would come across as very rude, the warning most likely, psychologically, to coax the person into doing what you want them to do is probably “move right!” I’m with you, though, in just slowing down until it’s safe to pass.

    • Good luck on the not drinking. The hardest thing for me is the gazillion pleasurable associations I’ve built up over the years between drinking and other pleasurable activities — a couple glasses of wine before shopping (smooths the decision-making process), a stiff martini at the end of a hard week, two shots of something before any comedy on TV or at the movies. Walking past the bottle of 21-year-old Irish whisky in the kitchen is actually easier than ordering a pizza, which still doesn’t seem right without a cheap Chianti beside it.

      • +1. I can relate. I’m trying to stop, sort of, and what you are describing fits my experience. When was yur last drink?

        • I just quit 2-1/5 weeks ago — and I’m not claiming I’m going to quit. Just cut waaaaaaay back.
          And, if that doesn’t work, quit.

          • I can understand that feeling and gosh it’s hard, the best thing I saw on this topic was a discussion of how antiquated our model of AA is and the idea of going cold turkey. You actually have a biological reaction whenever you do drink again that often causes a binge session. Other countries (Scandinavia) where alcoholism is a covered disease under their healthcare did the research and created a pill that you can and are encouraged to drink on, but it blocks the pleasure receptors so you drink far less and slowly it becomes less of an interest, it’s legal in the states, but the patent expired so it’s not advertised anymore. Naltrexone, highly recommend googling it to anyone who thinks, hmmm I like to go out socially and have a drink, but my off switch isn’t quite the same as everyone else’s.

      • I need those pleasurable associations more than I need whatever benefits come from not drinking. Weight loss? General health? I’m not overweight and I don’t heave health problems. I don’t think I’ve ever had a drink before going shopping. Just that moment where I settle in to my chair with a glass of wine when the kids are asleep. I kind of live for that moment. Is that bad?

        • Doesn’t sound bad to me. But a lot of pleasurable association over a lot of years can begin to drag you down.
          (If I go shopping for something with a significant esthetic component — mostly clothing — and I go sober, I end up getting something I don’t love, but that seems practical — “I need blue dress shirt, this one is OK, I’ll get it” and then I never wear it. After a couple of drinks it’s like “hate it, hate it, hate it, LOVE it” and I wear it all the time. Of course, it always costs more than I wanted to spend. Appliances and such I buy sober.)

        • At one point a couple years ago, I was miserable about my job and some other shit, and I took a little too much solace in boozy evenings at home, which also included very boozy weekends. It was causing some problems — fighting with girlfriend over nothing, lack of motivation to stay active, burying direction at work. At some point, I came across the CAGE questionnaire online, which asks 4 questions, and is a validated instrument to assess problem drinking. 1) Have you ever felt you needed to CUT back on your drinking? 2) Have people ANNOYED you by criticizing your drinking? 3) Have you ever felt GUILTY about your drinking? 4) Have you ever felt the need to have a drink first thing in the morning (EYE-OPENER) to steady your nerves or get rid of a hangover? The truth is for me, I could probably have answered yes to at least 3 of the 4, and that felt like an indictment of my behavior. Doesn’t sound like a glass o’ wine post-kiddo bedtime is a problem, but others may be in different places so perhaps bears mentioning.

    • One of my friend’s kids nearly got plowed over but a runner the other week. In front of a school at morning drop off time. The runner could have easily just ran down the other side of the street, or, you know, another street all together. But no, apparently knocking into a 6 year old without apologizing or so much as looking back is perfectly acceptable. Of course I’m sure it’s the girl’s fault, she was too short to see. Come on fellow runner, quit being a-holes!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I got hit by a runner as he plowed through a group of people getting off the bus. He was trying to squeeze past the bus shelter and a group of people on a tiny sidewalk without slowing down. I didn’t even see him coming. The worst part was that it was summer so I got a dose of runner sweat all over my arm, chest, and cheek. So gross!

    • I’m home today due to “sinus infection”. Next weekend I quit drinking. Again.

  • emvee

    Rave: I’ve been running more with my buddy since the weather got nicer, and we’re noticeably improving!
    Rant/Rave: Found perfect grad program, am a shoe-in for it, have to decide if I’ll be sticking around DC long enough to finish it, and if I want to pay lots of money for it. It does seem perfect, though.
    Rave: Already planning on falafel for lunch!

  • Rave: Bought a bunch of daffodils this weekend and they are almost all open – smell so good.
    Rave: Caught up with my sister this weekend – laughed for a good hour, if only she lived closer.
    Rant: Brother never returns calls

  • Rave: celebrating my “I moved here 8 years ago today” anniversary by happy houring it up tonight after work with awesome friends

    Rave: Spring

    Rant: Allergy medication seems to have no effect on me this morning

  • skj84

    Rave: Trivia and dancing last night! I haven’t done pub trivia in years, I need to go out more. Anyone want to start a Popville team? Also had a wonderful time dancing at Roofers Ramble. Good seeing Jeslett!

    Rant: I didn’t get the job I wanted. I had two phone interviews and the in person seemed promising, but apparently the hiring manager didn’t think my “work style” gelled with the company. I think this is because I mentioned how much I hate non communication at work. Job hunting is so frustrating.

  • Rant: Tree pollen still out there flying around!
    Rave: At least I can breathe through my nose now (well, at least one nostril).
    Rant: Have friends coming to stay in April, and need to seriously clean up, but the last thing I want right now is to make any dust in my apartment airborne.
    Rave: At least the lung congestion (pollen!) isn’t so bad that I’ve decided it is a bacterial infection now, but I’m still watching it.
    File the above under: Price of Spring Arriving Late After Cold Spell

    • Andie302

      I saw a tip on Apartment Therapy that suggested cleaning in the morning so that allergens had a chance to settle throughout the day and wouldn’t be as irritating while you sleep. It might be worth a shot!

  • Rant: Left later than I wanted this morning & traffic on 16th street was TERRIBLE!
    Rant: Tried to get bloodwork done, and they didn’t have either order in the system.
    Rave: Friend who works in the practice could get me sorted out.
    Rant: Had to run over to the other office to get the form I needed & then wait in the other, busier lab that I was trying to avoid from the start.
    Rave: Eventually made it to work.
    Rave: I will not have to clean diarrhea out of a carpet today
    Rant: So tired already.
    Rave? Work is potentially less exhausting than running after a not-feeling-sick toddler.

    • Sounds like health care with 19th century technology!
      Work is ALWAYS less exhausting than running after a toddler, or so say my friends who have tried the stay-at-home-mom thing and decided to return to work. And that’s my experience when I spend a day running after one, which I do because I love it – but I find myself in bed at 8 or 9 afterwards, and I’m a night owl.

    • It is absolutely true that work is less exhausting than chasing after a toddler all day. Unless they are sick of course. When mine is sick, I can actually count on getting work done at home because she will sleep and lounge around all day.

  • Anonynon

    Rave: New Wale CD out ‘The Album About Nothing’…love hearing seinfeld samples in music
    Rave: Won basketball game last night…I popped off with 15 points (hitting big free throws to ice the game)
    Rant: Lower back is super sore this morning

  • Rant: They have to rewire my entire apartment, which means I can’t live there for a week and a half (or possibly longer).
    Rave: I’m lucky that my parents live nearby, especially since I have a dog.
    Rave: Saving a week and a half of rent this month.

    • Andie302

      Sorry to hear this! When you described the problem it sounded like it had the potential to be serious. It’s probably good they are doing it, I’m sure if it wasn’t wired correctly it also had the potential to be unsafe. And woohoo for extra savings 🙂

      • Very true! I’m glad they’re on it and that I don’t have to put the pup in boarding.
        Also, additional rave: looks like high maintenance bride friend is coming to her senses about the bachelorette party! She sent out an email about rethinking the 5 day Puerto Rico trip saying she doesn’t want to put people out like that. Woohoo!

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: 2015 has been kinda shitty so far: Lost job, brother getting separated from wife due to her cheating with a woman, grandmother recently passed away and my side of family wasn’t informed or invited to funeral, Mr. Squid’s job is continuing to be super stressful.
    Revel: Perspective and support of loved ones.
    Rant: Mr. Squid and I need a vacation.

  • HORRIBLE NIGHT last night
    Rant 1: almost got punched very hard by a homeless man in front of Trader Joes in Logan Circle around 8:20 pm last night. dodged it because I was paying attention. if I was still reading my texts, I would’ve been hit and knocked out. Tons of people around too.
    Rant 2: literally bumped into the last guy I dated who ghosted on me at the show at Black Cat and we ignored each other. Not subtle. He was standing a few feet away the whole show too. Thank goodness I was partying it up with new friends.
    Is the week over yet?

    • Anonynon

      its only tuesday >.<

      • Only good news is that when I quit my job this week I get over 2 weeks worth of annual leave paid out. It’s still Tuesday.

    • Oh my goodness, glad you are okay! Sucks about that guy being a dick. I know its cliche but it sounds like you dodged a bullet. If I were you I’d take some of the pay out money and Treat Yo’self

    • I have come close to that scenario with a homeless who felt ignored. I stood my ground, and he decided I wasn’t worth the energy.
      On the boy: I’m not sure what happened, but did you all resolve/actually talk about being friendly? or did you expect that on your own? I usually don’t talk to someone afterward if things ended badly because I’ve had ladies who take a polite hello as an invitation to reconnect. I see people I’ve gone on a few dates with all the time (small community and all). I’m not sure how one subtly ignores someone, though.

      • Never had the talk in person about being friendly. Texted about it and he agreed. After the last run in we said we’d be at the same show and we should say hi, but I didn’t because he looked like he was on a date and then he texted that he didn’t see me. I said we could catch up some other time and maybe grab a drink but no response. Since the last communication was so awkward, I assume friendly is off the table. IDK how you subtly ignore someone, but when you walk into someone and you literally bump your body into theirs by accident (facing each other, some eye contact) you usually acknowledge the incident (say sorry or excuse me), but we both just kept walking. Trust me, we’re both unique enough looking to recognize each other. Will it ever not be awkward?

        • Wow! I’d say excuse me to a stranger; why not to the person I know?
          Honestly, it will stop being awkward once you stop feeling its awkward. That sounds super silly, but it’s true. You have to control what bothers you. He was someone you dated as opposed to a long-term ex. You had some good times, and now, things have changed to sour city. Be the duck: let it roll off your back.
          My scenario was dated a girl about the same as you two, and I broke it off. Fast forward some months, and we are walking through the same door facing each other. I ignore her, but once my friend and I are settled I mention that the girl is going to come up and talk to me before I count to 10. On 5, she is tapping me on the back…oh my, so good to see you. I make pleasantries, and have a good laugh with my friend afterward. The girl was holding hands with someone who looked EXACTLY LIKE ME but heavy! Talk about awkward. Hours later this girl is texting me. I had to be very abrupt, and make it clear again that there was no interest, and that I found it rude for her to text me when she was there with someone else. I’ve seen her out and about numerous times, and we have never spoken since then.
          You are going to see him again, so what? Why does he get the right to cause you angst? He doesn’t. Even in that scenario, you made a choice not to speak also, and if saying hello if you pass by again makes you feel better, then do it. He may have felt you made it awkward for him; who knows? A simple hello and get back to enjoying your show.

          • I wanted to say hello but body language and his vibe didn’t seem friendly or open to it. I think I make him uncomfortable since he keeps avoiding me. I get it you don’t like me. I’m open to being nice and friendly (I was the one who reached out first after our first run in) but I need the other person to work with me. It’s just going to be ice cold between us. I’ll survive. I’ll see him next week for sure. Eh.

          • I can’t imagine ignoring someone or pretending that he/she is invisible unless that person did you some kind of serious wrong.
            LA, in your case maybe being friends with the guy is off the table, but ordinary levels of civility/acquaintanceship should be possible (if maybe a little awkward). If you and he cross paths again, just say hi, and if you literally bump into him, say “Excuse me.” 🙂

  • Blithe

    Rave: Starting the No S diet. I’m determined to lose weight – and this plan seems like a sane way to make permanent changes.
    Rave: Thanks to Lent, I’ve already made some positive changes.
    Rave: Another shout out for the daffodils and the swimming pool service truck — my two favorite signs of Spring.
    Rave: Gym time yesterday. I’m trying to replace/ repair my competitive attitude with a more playful one — and had an unexpectedly wonderful role model.
    Only Rant: Achoo. Trees are pretty though.

    • What’s the No S diet? Nothing beginning with S??

      • So, no sugar, sesame seeds, sriracha sauce?

      • Blithe

        I’ll post a link separately, and there is a book, but basically the goal is to eat three meals a day — everything has to fit on a small plate (using a banquet platter defeats the purpose). No Snacks, No Seconds, No Sweets — except on days that start with an S. The idea is slow, sustainable healthy eating habits — and learning moderation. I don’t eat a lot of white stuff (dairy,bread, rice, sugar…) so what’s nice is that this eating plan can be adapted easily. The goal is to eat balanced healthy meals in balanced healthy ways. For me, having a formula to reinforce a No Snacks rule, and no eating in the evenings will be helpful.

      • The don’t eat crap diet, perhaps. Seems sane and simple to me.

        • Blithe

          Yup. Basically it’s the way that I’m told most people ate through the ’50s before obesity became prevalent: Small portions, distinct meals, healthy foods, occasional treats.

  • Rant: (reminded of this as i attemt to rest my head on my left hand) had a decent spill on the bicycle friday night at 9th & U. The entire intersection is covered in pot holes and one sent me to the ground… i was riding rather fast (most likely btwn 20-30mph) but its extremely annoying to avoid a pothole that is surrounded by potholes…
    suffered a mean bruise on my left leg/ buttox and a slightly sprained left wrist (managed to save the skin on my hand though)

  • Rave: Taking a few days off before next project begins. What to do with all this free time?
    Rave: Hair done!
    Rave: Interview tonight for a bartending gig at an awesome bar.
    Rant: Roomie being unnecessarily cryptic when I tried to figure out her morning routine as not to mess it up.
    Rave: Feeling good about contacting former ladyfriend in a couple weeks. No matter what happens I’m going to be my normal cool cumcumbery self.

    • skj84

      Good luck with the interview!

    • Why don’t you just let your roomie live? Seems like you are always finding something negative to say about her. I wonder if she describes you to her friends as the creepy roommate.

      • How am I not “letting her live”? My question was simply what time she usually gets into the bathroom, so I wouldn’t make her late for work by starting to do my hair, btw. What part of that is “creepy”? I would like to believe asking about that makes me nothing short of courteous. I don’t wonder how she describes me to her friends. I cannot bring myself to be concerned with such things. 🙂

        If my memory serves me, the last time I mentioned her was during my illness which was a rave about her checking in with me after finding out how sick I was. Also possibly her badass shoveling skills.

  • Rant: Just found out that I don’t get comp time for all the travel I have to do this year for my new job. Example: An upcoming trip has us getting up at 8am, working at this other office until 2:30pm when we have to leave for the airport. We don’t get home until 9pm. That’s a 13 hour work day – but since we’re only working from 8am to 2:30pm, I have to make up an hour and a half later because travel doesn’t count. WTF.

    • I guess I jumped around a little and went straight for the “making time up” spent traveling. We also don’t get to count all that extra travel time as comp time because it doesn’t count as time spent working. So if my plane doesn’t get in until 2am on a trip later this year, too bad.

      • Accountering

        Meh, this is pretty standard. Part of being in a salaried/professional position. You should get comp time of some sort if it is extreme (takes your whole Sunday or something) but otherwise, par for the course.

        • On the list of things I thank God for every day is my boss who insists that we add a day of comp time to EVERYTHING. No kidding. She even has us add it to our vacations because she knows how tiring travel is. Not that I’m bragging. I just needed to rave a bit.

          • Awww that’s so nice! Hooray for great bosses! I can totally get behind this rave, no worries on coming off as “bragging”. FWIW, my boss is not happy about this either but she has no say in it.

        • Agreed, that is pretty standard.
          That said, it’s really bogus that he has to “make up” 1.5 hours of work time when s/he has just spend 7 hours traveling. No bueno,

          • +1. No comp time is one thing, but not even getting credit for a full day’s work?? That’s ridiculous.

          • epric002

            it’s not standard in my line of work. your work travel, “portal to portal” counts as time worked. i agree that having to make up time in your situation is BS.

          • Definitely not standard in my industry! And the idea of “making up” time spent traveling would lead to revolt, for sure.

          • I can get over the “no comp time” thing (I just figured we would at least get to sleep in and come in a bit later than usual after a late trip if we’ve done two 12-14 hour days in a row between travel and work) but I’m pretty livid at the moment over the “making travel time up” thing. Our first trip is in two weeks, and we booked our flights last week. I was asked to book a specific one, that has us leaving the office at 1:30pm. I made a comment that I was surprised it was ok for us to leave before the work day was over…and wasn’t told that of course it’s ok because we have to make it up. Was just told to book it. So between those two days of work and travel being actually 8am to 9pm days…I will have to make up something like 4 hours.

        • Yeah I guess I figured that we would at least get to sleep in and come in a bit later than usual after a late trip if we’ve done two 12-14 hour days in a row between travel and work. Apparently the difference is between non-exempt employees and exempt employees. This is the first time I’ve been in the exempt category.

      • So apparently this is strictly my supervisor’s interpretation of the policy. No comp time is the rule (I wasn’t surprised on that at all to be honest) BUT we certainly don’t have to make up the time. We asked another team lead/supervisor. Obviously the company would like us to make it up so the whole week’s time is billed to the client but we don’t have to make it up.
        Now I don’t know what to do. I can’t undermine my supervisor and say I asked around (this is a new job!) but I also do not want to make that time up. I think I’ll just talk to my supervisor after we’re back from our first trip and say that I really don’t think I need to make it up, and maybe ask to get it in writing from higher up that we have to make the time up?

        • epric002

          getting a clarification on a company-wide policy is not undermining him. you could ask him for the policy on it (and if he doesn’t have it you’ll likely have to go to HR), and after reviewing it say that you (and others) interpret it differently, and ask HR for a clarification.

    • That first part is absurd. You should be able to count work travel as part of your work day. Hell, I often get more work done while on the plane than in my office! Bang out a few hours of work while on the plane and tell your boss to GET STUFFED.
      I also don’t get to count all my travel time as “comp time” for purposes of accruing extra pay or vacation time. So that’s not nearly as rant-worthy. Instead, I’ve taken to extending my work trips (I’m often flying 8 to 10 hours each way) by giving myself a mini vacation wherever I’m located. So if my work in London ends on a Thursday evening (and hence flying back on Friday, missing the entire day at the office and then not back in the office until Monday), I’ll just stick around London until Sunday and stay with friends. Give yourself that time off!

      • I was advised that I could do work during the course of travel to make it a full work day, but that’s not going to be possible all the time. I contract for a federal agency and won’t have access to my usual desktop while away (also not allowed to telework, so we don’t have the ability to remote in to our desktops at the agency or anything like that). There will be some times I can make it work for sure. I’m just super annoyed at it all. I wasn’t even told that travel would be part of this job when I accepted so it’s just icing on the cake at the moment.

        • epric002

          i’m also a contractor. would you be willing to share which company it is that has this policy?

          • It’s a small company, so I’d really rather not (if it were say, Booz or Lockheed then I wouldn’t mind haha). Also, if you see my new reply above @2:12, it’s apparently just my supervisor’s interpretation of the policy and not the actual policy. Not sure what to do.

          • In Big 4 consulting it depends when you’re travelling, if it’s during the normal workday you absolutely hit the travel bill code instead of the client code (8:30-5:30), but you technically have to be just travelling, if you’re working you bill and if you’re sleeping, reading, or watching Netflix that’s “personal time”. That said everyone hits the travel code for their travel time, however it doesn’t help your utilization eod so it’s purely for the OT number so you make that time up to get to your target billable hours other times during the week if you’re worried about your targets (that said, I’ve never had a salaried job where billing less than 40 was a concern.

          • epric002

            totally understand. and if that’s just your supervisor’s interpretation, i’d recommend finding the actual policy/talking to HR to clarify what the policy really says. good luck!

  • Rave: Egg retrieval had best possible outcome
    Rant: we’re not out of the woods yet

  • Rant: Every time the DMV makes national headlines, I get texts from family and friends asking if I’m near wherever said event is occurring. No, I wasn’t near the cross-dressing coke heads at Ft. Meade yesterday, and no, Fairfax hospital is nowhere near my office in downtown DC. (Although that nutbag was just caught in SE, so I guess you can’t put anything past stupid criminals.)
    Rant: Screwed something up while covering for a co-worker on vacation. Luckily other co-worker across the globe had my back.
    Rant: He “replied all” to point out said mistake.
    Rave: Gonna go drown my sorrows in 3 District Tacos and a jug of cane soda. (You know, to balance out the raw smoothie I had for breakfast.)
    Rave: Easter candy (still, again, always)
    Rave: Puppy is acting much more grown up these days. The long walks and encounters with people/dogs/small children is making me much more confident that she’ll be fine around my nephews.
    Follow-up: For those also asking yesterday “Where is Michele “Shelly” Miscavige?” we were not alone: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/31/shelly-miscavige-scientology-going-clear_n_6972060.html?ncid=tweetlnkushpmg00000067

    • At least it means folks care about you! Definitely a bright side to it. It’s all part of living “just steps from the White House” 😉

      • +1 to “At least it means folks care about you!” My mom didn’t call me after the earthquake — it wasn’t until a few days later, when a hurricane was supposed to be coming through, that she bothered to call.

        • Yep, I am blessed for sure. And I suppose also blessed that I can answer “Nope, I’m fine” to these questions.

    • I also got a text from my mom. Pointing out “that’s not DC. It’s the suburbs. I’m fine” doesn’t help. I feel like saying… it’s a city. Sh#t happens. Usually I’m fine. If not I’ll at least text that I’m holed up in a building hoping to come out alive. But probably will only tell you after/if I really think I’m going to die.

    • palisades

      I work in a building about a block away from the hospital. We were on lockdown this morning too. Kinda crazy stuff!

    • I was caught up in some national news a while back, and once I got home, shaken but safe, my first priority was to call my mom and let her know I was ok. She hadn’t even thought about me in connection with said national news. It made the phone call kind of weird and awkward.
      But my SIL checked in. 🙂

    • This happens to me All. The. Time. Particularly from my parents who have no excuse since the live less than 45 miles away (though in reality it may as well be 4,500 miles). I will say when things do go down near me (the murder at 13th and Varnum, the stuff that went down on Georgia and Kennedy/Jefferson), they don’t really buy my whole “it’s several blocks” from me line. Maybe I’ve developed a false sense of distance, but those places feel very far away even though they are not far from where I live.

      • When I hear gunshots and then later find out on a blog that it was a mile away I think “Oh, no worries, it wasn’t near me.” But then I remember that i could hear the freaking gunshots.

  • RAVE: enjoyed the last $10 Pasta Monday at Osteria Morini last night. So good and so cheap! Had great seats by the window overlooking the river 😀
    RANT: all those gorgeous apartments in Navy Yard are rentals. Grrrrrrrr.
    RANT: seasonal allergies like WOAH 😮
    RAVE: lots of yoga this month prior to vacation 😀

    • I rented in Navy Yard for a year and REALLLLLLLLLLLLY wanted to buy there, but the market was saturated with apartments. I miss living there though and can’t wait to go down to Yards Park this spring and summer.

      • I’m more annoyed that everything south of M Street is a rental. None of those nice new buildings are condos (excluding the older co-op developments west of Nats stadium). If you want to buy, you’re looking at those building on New Jersey Ave which – frankly – are not really attractive and not on the water. The Foundry Lofts are swoon-worthy, but I ain’t gonna pay $3K in rent for a 1BR. That’s flushing money down the toilet.

        • I’ve heard rentals make more money. I assume that’s the reason why no condos, but the ROI takes longer, right?

  • Rant: Failed to spread out my monthly volunteer hours this month. 4 hour shift late tonight.
    Rave: Love what I do during those hours.
    Rave: Decided to pass on a great coat I saw at L.L. Bean on Saturday (on clearance!) but was still thinking about it this morning. They still had one in my size and are shipping it to me. Need to stock up on warm gear before I move somewhere freezing for school.
    Rave: Made amazing gluten-free cookies last night and am enjoying them today. 🙂

  • skj84

    Rave: Google Maps PacMan game! You can play in any city. I just attempted Dupont Circle. Maybe not the best decision, the circle was difficult to navigate with my keypad. I think I’ll try the Mall next.

    • RAVE: I FOUND THIS ON MY OWN TODAY. Google mapped something in Washington Circle and bam! Fun time! It too proved to be difficult, however. I died. First time in the history of the Interwebs that I actually was the one who went around the office and showed something amazing that I found all on my own. What a fabulous pre-April Fool’s treat!

  • Rant: Writing “performance goals”. Here’s the goal I really want to write: “come in late, leave early, take a 2 hour lunch and STILL get a massive raise.” Oh and “take a week long vacation every month”. I think one of the reasons it really sticks in my craw this year is because they announced layoffs on the same day that the goal setting system came online. I’m sure everyone who was laid off had splendid goals with detailed “measures” and well defined stakeholders.
    Rave: spring!

    • epric002

      biggest waste of time/source of frustration. i DESPISE the new system/tool we’re supposed to do our assessments in. it doesn’t acknowledge/recognize/accept the professional certifications i have earned, which are very common in my line of work, which is a not-small part of the type of work my company does. i emailed the HR people letting them know and they just don’t care. how nice. now they know how i feel about their stupid assessment process.

  • Rant: snotty head cold clinging on, maple pollen is probably not helping
    Rave: One week until Easter, two weeks until spring break! I will miss the peak cherry blossoms, but looking forward to hiding some eggs and laying on the beach.

  • Rant: I think my hours at work will be reduced. *Feeling under appreciated*
    Rave: Got myself some delicious pizza at & Pizza. * Pats tummy*
    Rant: I am not ready for gym today. *
    Rave: Well, at least I get to release some tension at the gym. *P^_^P*

  • Rant: My partner is going through some depression right now, and although I know that I shouldn’t take anything personal, it’s hard not to, and it’s starting to affect our relationship. He has always been very affectionate and loving, and that feels like it is shifting. It’s hard to tell if it’s because he no longer feels that way, or if it’s the depression. I know that others have posted here about depression, I was hoping someone could offer tips as to how I can help him through this without losing my mind?

    • epric002

      is your partner seeking/getting treatment of any kind? have you tried talking to him about this?

      • No, he is not seeking professional help right now. I have suggested this, but his past experience with being prescribed psychiatric meds by a GP did not go well and I believe he is concerned about this happening again if he were to see a psychiatrist (I have tried to persuade him that just bc one provider is full of crap doesn’t mean all providers are, but to no avail). He does not feel comfortable going to therapy. I really wish he would, but it’s like it’s such a stigma to him I’m not sure how to convince him.

        • Sorry to hear this. Is he still with the same GP who prescribed meds in the past? If he’s with a different one, perhaps that GP could prescribe him meds (if the partner is more resistant to the idea of seeing a psychiatrist than to seeing a GP)?

          • He is no longer with that GP, and it was several years ago. She diagnosed him border line bi-polar and began treating with lithium. She was fired by her practice (unsurprisingly) for inappropriate treatments and he was immediately discontinued from the meds following evaluation and being evaluated as situationally depressed. He does not have a regular GP now and tends to rely on those clinic type places – he’s an “only go to the doctor if I’m near death” type, especially since having had the experience he had previously.

          • It may have been the correct diagnosis and the correct script, but that experience is not actually how the clinical interaction should unfold. For one thing, some patients respond to some drugs but not others; working in tandem with others more experienced in depression/related issues is critical; and, he needs to be an active partner in his treatment and self-management. It sounds like he buys into the stigma that behavioral health issues are not as serious as physical ones. Try emphasizing for him that depression is a medical condition with serious consequences if left untreated. Try to get him affiliated with a PCP and seek referrals through them for therapy. Maybe offer to go with him?

        • Can you dig more deeply into why he is uncomfortable with talk therapy? What are his objections? Try to present it to him as a strategy of investigating what is causing him to be experiencing depression, which is important to improvement. If you’ve had experience with a therapist, highlight how it helped; if you haven’t express openness to trying it, or allude to other people you know it has helped. Depression isn’t caused by one thing, and it can’t be solved by one thing. But it can’t be overcome by doing nothing.

    • If he cannot gently be persuaded to seek counseling and/or appropriate drug therapy, it might be wise for you to attend some counseling by yourself to get a better handle on it (or meet with a good priest, minister, or rabbi if you have one). It might be good to seek this counseling even if he is in therapy. Good luck- depression can be quite the beast. Maybe the longer days now will help stave some of it off, but fighting depression can sometimes be a lengthy and involved process. The good news is that there are resources out there, and hopefully people in your own network who can provide the support you need.

      • I had not considered this for myself, thank you for the suggestion!

      • epric002

        agree that even if he is reluctant to get treatment, you should consider talking with a professional so that you get the support you need so that you can continue to support him, and hopefully help him get the help he needs.

    • Be present and available, be accepting and non-judgmental, and be clear about the impact this is having on you. Encourage him to seek evidence-based treatment (talk therapy and/or medication) to reduce the burden of symptoms and to help clarify some possible causes of the depression. If he has objections, work to overcome them. Connecting him to resources is the single best thing he can do to lift the fog.

  • Rant: Spotted a pile of torn-up bread pieces — maybe three or four slices’ worth — about 12 feet from a sign saying “Please Do Not Feed the Birds or Animals.” C’mon, people!! This means you!

  • PSA for anyone interested in 16th Street NW traffic issues: There’s a meeting tonight from 6-8 p.m. at the Mount Pleasant library.
    The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) will host a public meeting to kick off the 16th Street NW Transit Priority Planning Study. Over the Year, DDOT and Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) will analyze the sources of bus delay to improve transit through the corridor.
    Join the discussion:
    When: March 31, 2015 – 6 PM-8 PM
    Where: Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Library
    3160 16th Street NW
    Washington DC, 20010

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