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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Bistro Bohem. Had dinner there last night for my bday and they brought out two glasses of champagne for us with dessert. Great food, great service, great spot. We’ll be back.

  • Rant: I was having a perfectly pleasant (albeit rainy) morning – then I get to work, check out the paper, and see that DC is destined to be an unwilling participant in the 2016 GOP presidential primary race. Every Republican in national office with nascent presidential aspirations is going to try to use DC as a proving ground to establish his or her conservative bona fides to the right wing base. Last week, it was Cruz, who apparently thinks (i) your employer should be able to fire you if you have an abortion or use the pill, and (ii) it’s a grave injustice if Georgetown or Catholic would have to give a few thousand bucks to fund a LGBT student group. This week, it’s Rubio, who wants to strip the Council of its right to pass gun control legislation and provide for “shall issue” concealed carry permits in DC. Every other word out of these hypocrites’ mouths is about local control and the awful abuse of states’ rights by the federal government, of course, but that doesn’t matter here for some reason. And their myopic constituencies, who are appalled that the federal government would overreach so much as to try to make sure that poor people have health care, applaud their efforts, because people who live in DC are liberals/minorities/government workers – we’re not real ‘Murikans, like they are. God effin’ damn it.

    • They should stop watching House of Cards. DC isn’t there for them to test out their policies and show the country how successful they are here.

    • Anonynon

      Vote for Rand…everyone else is irrelevant

      • Rand is one of the States’-Rights-but-not-for-DC Gang.
        The District’s relatively strict local gun laws are again under threat from Capitol Hill, with a prominent Republican lawmaker proposing to attach an D.C.-focused amendment to a hunting-themed bill set for Senate floor consideration Wednesday.
        It is not the first time Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has taken aim at the city’s gun laws, which include registration and education requirements, a ban on semiautomatic “assault”-type rifles and high-capacity magazines, and tight restrictions on carrying any kind of gun outside one’s home. In 2012, Paul put forward multiple gun-themed amendments that helped scuttle a bipartisan effort to grant the District greater spending freedom.
        Rand’s proposed amendment to the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act would repeal the registration requirement, end the ban on semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines, expand the right to carry guns outside the home and protect the right to carry guns on federal land in D.C. and elsewhere in the country. In essence, the bill would eliminate the District’s local gun laws, leaving only federal firearms law to regulate gun ownership and use in the city. The measure is similar to a House bill introduced in December by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio).

      • Yes, Rand Paul is totally different /sarcasm. “Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Thursday told a group of pastors and religious leaders that the debate over gay marriage was a symptom of a “moral crisis” in America and said he hoped for “another Great Awakening.” Paul said earlier this month that allowing gay marriage “offends myself and a lot of people.” He said he would prefer that homosexuals had an alternative “contract” that gave them “equivalency before the law,” while preventing same sex nuptials.”

        • Yikes. Not only does his political stance offend me, his grammar does too.

        • Anonynon

          I know for a fact you are taking whatever he said out of context. A man is allowed to have his moral beliefs. He would not outlaw gay marriage, Just because he doesn’t agree with it. Just as he doesn’t believe in abortion, but has clearly said he would never overturn the law. I thought this was America. So sick of all the BS social issues that people come up with to discredit this man. I am neither a dem or a republican (i refuse to associate with either party), but i truly believe he would be the best man for the job.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Me too. Happily bopping along to work and I heard it on NPR. Bastards everyone of them. #ragestroke

    • God, the GOP is the worst. I would really like to see the press give more coverage to that issue-especially since the GOP pushes so hard for deference to state’s rights everywhere but here. I’ve seen a few reports on Rachel Maddow’s show but pretty much nowhere else.

  • Rave: Got so much done already this morning. May head to starbucks to treat myself (still going off giftcards from christmas!).
    Rant: Talking about salaries/housing and hearing other people talk about it — I find it too interesting to look away but it makes me so … angry! I can’t even explain why. Just… BAH!

    • SAME! I probably make less than many of my peers, but seeing people say you NEED 80-100k to live here [young and single] is just insane. I do okay making half that. I know we all have different definitions of comfortable, but C’MON!
      At least it’s Friday!

      • +1 900/month for entertainment; that’s working in restaurants is such good money. Thanks to all those ppl for helping me live comfortably for many years.

        • Thank you! I’m glad it’s not just me.

          • I think lots of ppl are confused and dismayed at these numbers. I don’t even track my entertainment. It’s just that small.

        • That thread is fascinating, if only because it’s been 20 years since I had to confront those realities, and times have changed so much. I would be interesting to pose the same question next week, but change the assumptions to married with 2 kids, both parents work, kids in daycare. Though I think next week might be too soon – probably need a cooling off period.

      • I’ve managed to make it here on even less than half that. I’ve accepted I’ll be living in group houses for a long time but still…

      • It’s not about different definition of “comfortable.” It’s about what it means to be middle class. To me, middle class means owning a home (not a super nice one, but something liveable that allows you to put down roots and start a family), being able to save for emergencies, having a retirement that consists of more than rice and beans, being able to afford a dinner out once a month, and having a little leftover for a bit of fun.
        Living in a group house – aka a boarding house – is not middle class. That’s how the poor lived previous to the Great Expansion of the 1950s. Saddling an entire generation with education debt in order to get their foot into a living wage job is also not middle class. We are losing all of the gains for which previous generations fought so hard. We are suffering from the disease of low expectations.
        The things I outlined are what I had in my fairly typical middle class American life as a child. To provide that safe quality of life now, I think you’d need to reasonably make $90-100K in the DC metro area. If you want to give that lifestyle to a child, add another 50% to that salary. These aren’t luxuries by any means. This isn’t “small plates for dinner every weekend.” We should expect that anyone who works hard for 50 hours a week should be able to afford this in the richest country on the planet.

        • Emmaleigh504

          whoa! 50 hours a week? What happened to 40?

          • That’s what my parents work and that’s what I work. I’d expect to work the same to keep my quality of life from my childhood.

        • So agreed with this. The idea of group houses as a panacea to the rents going up and up ignores that DC’s rapid rent inflation is a bad situation that needs to be addressed. It also ignores that group houses are a set up that favors the young, the well-connected, the social and the extroverted. Try getting into a group house when you’re 40, or if you’re an introvert who doesn’t shine in the sort of cattle calls that group house auditions usually are. I don’t think that the idea of wanting your own place is so outrageous, or something that should be out of reach for the average working adult.

        • Anon– While I don’t disagree with most of your points, the question wasn’t “what does it take to live the American Dream in DC?”
          It was about how much a young, single, renter needs to make to live comfortably. So yea, depending on your definition of comfort/livable/etc., that number seems to have a huge range.
          Also, while I do plan on owning a home eventually, I’m happy to have one roommate and make good decisions on a modest salary, and work *towards* that, while still enjoying my life.

    • That thread is my life! I make okay money at a nonprofit, but most of my close friends work in security clearance tech and make 100K+ — and they worry about money ALL THE TIME. I’ve definitely heard conversations where they say they won’t be comfortable for x or y reason (housing, kids, maxing 401k, etc.) until they hit 130K while I look on in horror…

      • Whoa, 100k+ in the world of security clearances? I’m so intrigued! Excuse my lack of knowledge but what’s the “tech” part of that? I started in DC pushing clearances and was only making $32,000, although the work life balance was great!

        • My guess is security clearance plus they work in cyber or IT. Yeah, if you have a TS/SCI and work in cyber or IT (especially cyber these days) there’s a line of people willing to pay you 150k. It’s crazy.

          • Yup, this. My only consolation is that they spend a lot more time in traffic in Virginia than I do. 🙂

          • SouthwestDC

            Yeah, my girlfriend’s nephew was making 150k in cyber security straight out of college (and still complains that he doesn’t make enough!). There aren’t nearly enough qualified people to fill all the jobs in cyber, so those who can do it command insanely high salaries.

          • And I definitely went for the wrong degree. Hahaha.

    • A small mercy: The infamous PercyP (or was it PPercy?) isn’t on the thread about livable salaries.

      • Emmaleigh504

        PPercy is probably in the poor house by now. What with 200k and barely able to afford food. such a rough life. smh

  • Rant: So devoid of motivation today. Have to brief my boss this afternoon on a project that is making glacial progress and that I hate with every fiber of my being. It has no substance, no external buy-in from those who are required to contribute, and even if done well will never accomplish much. I secretly wish they would dump it on someone else, but I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. So hard to even just go through the motions of caring.
    Rave: I actually enjoy almost everything else about my job, my projects, my co-workers and my leadership. It’s just this one turd I can’t shake off!
    Rave: Walked most of the way home yesterday evening and it was lovely. Can’t wait to shift into shorts for every moment I don’t have to pretend to be an adult!

  • rant: somehow overworked myself wed, been fatigued/sick/dizzy since. what gives, body?
    rave maybe: going to that dj set tonight with the guy whose name I can’t remember. here’s hope I can stay awake long enough.
    rant: just feeling gross in general this week. weather does not help in the least.

  • epric002

    rant: unc. expected, but still.
    rant: the weather.
    rant: husband’s return delayed by at least 3 hours.
    rant: idiot boss.
    rave: friday?

  • Rave: WTOP says Wegman’s is still in talks about opening a location at old Walter Reed. YES…pleez!
    Rant: I’m on a conference call that promises to never end.
    Rave: I’m working from home:)

    • I Dont Get It

      I hope your first rave comes true!

    • Oh yes please! I love Wegmans!!

    • Accountering

      This is a no brainer for Wegmans. They focus on a couple of things, a reasonable parking lot, and being within 5 miles of lots of $100,000+ family income families. There is an ABSURD number of $100,000+ families within 5 miles of this spot. This picks up all of DTSS, Bethesda, Upper NW, as well as U St and north. This store will kill it.

    • I’m not all that familiar with Wegman’s, but it sounds like this would be a very positive thing. And anything that improves Georgia Avenue is good by me, especially if the positive effect makes its way down to Petworth, Park View, and Pleasant Plains.

  • Rant: I am so unhappy in my job. I’ve been offered a massive promotion, which is really just the job I’ve been doing, but giving me the title and pay that goes with it. My boss knows how unhappy I am and is a wonderful boss. A lower level job just came open. He said that before we make anything official about the promotion (which needs to be in the next week or so), if I think I would be more happy in the lower level job doing different type of work, he’d consider letting me self demote and re-posting the higher level job and finding someone else. Now I don’t know what to do. ARGH.

    • Are you considering starting to job hunt for something different somewhere else anytime soon? If so, take the higher pay for now and just start job hunting. I did this at my last job, and didn’t feel badly about it at all – if it’s something you’re already doing, you deserve to be paid for it. However, if you’d like to stay with your company, I’d go for the demotion (assuming you can afford to). You can’t put a price on your sanity and happiness.

  • A mixed rave: got a promotion today, but not the one I interviewed for (one step up vs. two steps up, respectively). Really not pleased with who they ultimately chose for the position I interviewed for, but I’m glad that my boss recognizes that I deserve more responsibility.

  • Rave: Lilly Pulitzer for Target. I want every single thing.

    • Me too! I’m obsessed with the pom pom shorts.

    • I loooooove it too. Want everything, especially that starfish ring and all the bathing suits. Nothing will ever beat the ridiculous lily pad/alligator glow in the dark Lilly dress I bought in college though (thank you Filene’s Basement, RIP).

    • Me too!! I think I really want the pineapple sandals, the raffia tote bag, and a beach chair (though I think they’re $60, so that’s probably not going to happen). I’m really, really obsessed with the stacking mug set, that will definitely be coming home with me!
      Actually I just realized that all the things I want just scream “summer” so I think I actually just want summer.

    • I wasn’t super into some of the items until I saw that I can dress my niece as my mini me. Now it’s on.
      And my Hollywood Regency bar cart informs me that it isn’t complete without a gold giraffe bottle opener.
      Target is killing me.

  • Becks

    Rant: My nails never chip of crack, they just tear off at the quick!
    Rave: I bought a new Temperpedic memory foam pillow last night, and I slept like a baby!
    Rave: Popviller Field Trip to Rockville tomorrow to the Chinese restaurant and grocery shopping!

  • Rant: coworkers with more seniority, but not my supervisors, pushing be around, trying me to do things I feel strongly against, that are against best practices (like withholding recess) and chalking my opposition up to my inexperience.
    Rant: they announced snow makeup days. School til June 23 and no teacher work day next week.
    Rave: date tonight.
    Rave: spring break starts next Friday

    • One more rave: birthday cake frappuccino

    • Stay strong on the recess thing. Of COURSE kids are going to act out if they haven’t had a chance to run off some of that energy. Give your mean-spirited co-workers some reading on pre-puberty metabolism. When they say you’re inexperienced, tell that that they’re ill-informed and should get with the times. Grrrr on your behalf.

    • special_k

      There’s a lot of research that demonstrates the importance of play and opportunities for social interaction for kids’ personal AND academic development. Music and art are important, too, not just science, math, and reading. Hold steady!

    • There was a study on recess recently – part of my job is paying attention to medical news and I remembered seeing something about this within the last couple of weeks. Info:

      Recess: An Essential Part of the School Day
      Study shows supervised play boosts teamwork, friendships and positive attitudes

      And the full article:
      Playing Fair: The Contribution of High-Functioning Recess to Overall School Climate in Low-Income Elementary Schools
      I seem to be able to pull up the full text of the article; if you can’t and want it emailed let me know.

  • Rave/Rant: Just when my decision was almost made… second choice school matched first choice school’s scholarship offer. Now they are pretty equal and I’m back to the drawing board. I’m excited to have two financially viable options but… I just want to know where I’m going in 5 months.
    Rave: Good problem to have!
    Rant: Boyfriend will be off camping this weekend and I’m traveling for a good part of April.
    Rave: Not camping.

    • If it is just matched, and not exceeded, then why wouldn’t your first choice remain your first choice? Either way, congrats! Maybe make a pro/con list for both schools to see if that clarifies your thinking?

      • It’s just matched but the cost of living is quite a bit lower at second choice. It’s also mostly second choice because I haven’t visited yet (will be doing so in the week after next) and haven’t met very many current students or alumni. Good idea on the pro/con list; I’ve had one running in my head but I need to get it on paper. Thanks!

        • The visit will be crucial. So important to trust your gut if all things are equal. Good luck. Also think of the intangibles – if you have an idea where you would want to work/live when you get out. Some schools have great alum networks in their immediate vicinity, but it is harder to get a job farther away. Some schools it doesn’t matter much and you their reputation will carry you anywhere. Good luck – you’ll make the right decision.

          • Agreed! I transferred to GWU to complete my bachelor’s degree when I was 20, but I originally thought I wanted to go to Georgetown. 5 minutes into my tour and interacting with the people on campus, I had already decided to pull my application. No offense to anyone who went to Georgetown, it just wasn’t for me! I found the visit process the most helpful, personally.

          • Thanks It’s Just Me and eggs. Both schools are great for the market(s) I want to end up in (mainly NYC, maybe DC) so I’m very much basing it on my impression of the place and the people. I figure at this point “do I want to spend three years of my life with these people” is an important consideration.

            eggs– I felt the same way about Georgetown after my tours for both undergrad and law school. Though I do have friends who went there for both and loved it.

          • Sitting in on classes and getting a sense of how the teachers teach and how the students interact was crucial in my decision.

            Also, use the matched offer from the second choice to try to get more money from the first choice school – it often works, and I think they expect it.

            Though at this point, many, many years later, I wish I’d had listened to all the law students/lawyers who told me to go to medical school instead of law school, which I’d never, ever then considered. But my interests have changed, and now that clearly would have been a better decision! Law doesn’t remain intellectually stimulating for that long, and I underestimated that, or my need for intellectual stimulation.

        • I’m so glad I got to visit my first and second choice grad schools. I completely changed my mind about which was first and which was second choice.

        • I made my decision on the lower cost of living at one school when I had similar packages. It made such a difference. I have never felt as broke as I did in grad school, so paying $300 vs $900/month in rent (not to mention other costs) was a game changer for me. I was able to leave with much less credit card/student debt than I would have at the other place.

  • Rave: DC Charter School lottery results were released this morning and we are pleasantly surprised – matched at a top school, waitlisted for our first choice.

    Rant: We live no where near our matched school and housing in that neighborhood is ridiculously expensive

  • Rave: Lost 2-3 pounds this week. Energy levels are fantastic.
    Rant: Lots of gym time= not enough sleep.
    Rave: Probably doing brunch for one which is great because no one can judge me for drinking whiskey at 10am.
    Rant/rave: Having to force myself not to get a second job. I’m a workaholic, so it’s a pain.
    Rave: Housing/income talk makes me feel I’m doing pretty good if ppl are struggling around my income level with less debt and no home.

    • skj84

      I love single brunch! I can read my paper at my own pace and not have to worry about being judged about what I order. Dining out alone is one of life’s underrated pleasures. I’m presently brunching at Tryst and the only reason I’m not drinking is because I have a doctors appointment later.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: I inadvertently discovered that if you open a box of Triscuits from the bottom you can get to the extra salty crackers quicker!
    Rave/Rant: For the first time ever a cab driver asked me to put on my seat belt.
    Rant: Why have I not been doing this?
    Rant: I have to work until at least 8:00 pm tonight on a deployment for an internal customer who doesn’t think they need to validate the results until Monday.

    • I only started using seat belts in cabs in the last year– I have no idea why I wasn’t doing it before either!

      • A friend got in a cab with another guy. My friend put on his seatbelt, other guy mocked him (or at least questioned him) for wearing a seatbelt in the backseat. He and the cab driver joked about it, at my friend’s expense. Minutes later, the cab got in a pretty terrible accident; my friend got away with pretty terrible bruising and minor internal bleeding; the other guy had to have his spleen removed and follow-up surgery for something else. He was out of work for six weeks. Guess he wears a seatbelt in backseats now.

        • Whoa. Thank you for this wake up call. Seriously, I’m going to start using it now.

        • A friend’s sister got in a very serious taxi accident in NYC about 18 months ago. She still has weekly physical therapy. The accident broke her pelvis, collar bone, smashed a few bones in her face, and her arm. It required a few surgeries and hundreds of thousands in medical costs. And this happened on the streets of Manhattan!

    • Friday night deployments are the worst, particularly when the client can’t be bothered to UAT it ’til Monday. Here’s hoping it’s speedy and you’re out by 8!

  • Rave: My son got into our first choice for PS3 in the lottery last night! I’m beyond amazed and so excited!

  • Rave: Daughter got accepted to DCPS for pre-K next year.
    Rant: She isn’t zoned with her daycare buddies – I will miss seeing them every day!

  • hispanicandproud

    Rant: So many depressing rants today.

    • palisades

      Is this your first time reading other people’s rants?

      • hispanicandproud

        I read them most days but today seems pretty gloom and doom out there. Time to stay away from this page for a bit!

        • palisades

          It’s like this every day. I just scan really quickly for something that isn’t gloomy self-pity.

          • I’m not sure today’s RRRR is any more rant-y than usual, but if it is, it might be that the Friday Question of the Day seems to be getting many people down.
            Also, the traffic on that thread means that there are fewer comments than usual on the RRRR thread, so that might account for it too.

          • palisades

            Question of the Day was kicking a hornet’s nest if I’ve ever seen it. I definitely get a kick out of reading all the responses lol

          • palisades

            Let’s see if I can utilize any more phrases that have the word “kick” in it.

          • Can you kick it? Yes, you can.

          • hispanicandproud

            My bestie makes fun of the RRRR page. We often text in Rants and Raves mimicking the doom and gloom.

        • The weather is terrible today. Seasonality is definitely affecting people. It’s been a long winter by DC standards.

  • justinbc

    Question: Anyone had good service from a rug cleaner in DC? I have 4 rugs that we just got delivered from our trip to Morocco that I want to have cleaned in case they brought back any parasites with them, and I don’t want to have to schlep out to Virginia to have it done. A lot of the reviews for many of the places are rather shady too.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      for rug cleaning Bergman’s picks up and delivers. They are not cheap but they do a good job.

    • Ayoub does pick up and drop-off. I’ve used them before with no problems.

    • Accountering

      Hadeed is terrible. Also in Virginia. Also, if they screw up, and you rate them poorly on Yelp, they will sue you.

    • I used Mark Keshisian and Sons to clean my persian rugs in my last move – they are a little ways over the border in Chevy Chase – but they pick up and deliver, so it doesn’t matter. Expensive as all good rug cleaners are. Had a bad experience with an expensive rug and a cheap one (mainly a carpet place, not persian rugs) so am now very careful. Check out their website for a discount. You can also go to their rug store and talk to them first (I did – I’m over careful now) about what they will do to your rugs – I was convinced they know what they are doing.

  • Rave: T to the G to the I to the m-effing F.
    Rant: I have a potty mouth.

  • Rant: So I sent my passport in five weeks ago and just now got an e-mail saying it’s been put on hold b/c my photo is blurry. This is what happens when I use CVS. I leave for Europe in 6 weeks, so now I’m trying to get this all in the mail by Monday and hope for the best. I may just call today and see if I can go in person somewhere.

    Rant: I was promoted in December and trained someone on how to do my old responsibilities, so now I’m getting calls that remittance checks and reports are behind 2 months. I take my job very seriously, so when I see all the work I put in the last 6 years go to shit in 2 months is really discouraging. I have an extremely strong work ethic, so IDK what to do. I’ve hinted at this person that she needs to work a bit faster and it’s not registering. I don’t want to go to the supervisor b/c it’s throwing her under the bus I feel. It doesn’t help she just went on vacation for 5 days.

    Rave: It’s Friday!

    • No, you’re not throwing her under the bus. Expecting payments to go out timely seems very reasonable. If you want to be nice pull get aside and be straight roth her otherwise go to the supervisor.

      • epric002

        +1 when someone isn’t doing their job, letting their supervisor know isn’t throwing someone under the bus.

        • Especially not if you have spoken directly to the person who’s not doing a good job, and nothing changed. That is exactly when you’re supposed to go to the supervisor. Although you say you “hinted”. I’d give her one more chance, and be more direct. And then take it up the chain.

    • SouthwestDC

      The passport office wanted to reject my CVS photo because the white balance was off making the background appear grey. I should have just done it myself!

      • SouthwestDC

        Also, the in-person office is great. You’re supposed to make an appointment, but just show up if it’s urgent.

    • The state department has a passport office at 19th and G. They require appointments and only do so for a pressing need (which they define as traveling internationally in less than 2 weeks, need to obtain a foreign visa within 4 weeks,


    • Shoot, I used a CVS too and I remember thinking that the photo was really poor quality – it made my hair two different colors (it’s not). I only just sent mine in last week, but I need it by June 1. Did the passport office contact you directly? Do you think I should wait until they reject it/send it back to send in a new photo?

      • Walgreens in Chinatown did a great job for me. No issues.

      • My picture wasn’t great (from CVS) but I got my renewed passport back in less than a month! Hopefully you have good luck as well. The passport office will contact you directly but sounds like it may take a little while. As long as you can clearly see your face and it is the right size, it won’t matter what you or your hair look like.

      • I think you have enough time between now and June to get it back or have it put on hold in case the picture is of poor quality. They sent me an e-mail this morning. So basically they gave me two choices: set up an appointment at a passport agency and have my picture taken there. I could ask them to get it expedited for like an extra $74 or whatever it is. Or I can re-take the picture and send it back with a copy of the e-mail. But again, I run into the problem if I don’t know if the picture would be good enough. I might just go to Walgreens and try to send it by Monday.

    • Uh oh–I need to get my passport photos taken and had planned to swing by CVS. Anyone have suggestions for better places to go?

      • Emmaleigh504

        I got mine done at Fed Ex in Adams Morgan and had no problems. The lady even made sure I was happy with the picture before she printed it.

      • I had my last set done at the Walgreen’s in Cleveland Park.

      • I got mine at CVS and had no issues. Just make sure your picture isn’t blurry and your full face is clearly able to be seen. They show you the picture before they print it so just check it.

    • FYI on passports – after December the State Department will no longer be adding pages to your passport if its full – you have to get a new passport. So get the request in early! As a benefit – all passports will have 52 pages now!

      • Interesting! I asked for additional pages when requesting my most recent passport — now I just need to do a better job of filling them up. 🙂

  • Rave: Gym was super crowded this morning – but everyone was nice, cheery and shared
    Rave: First thunderstorm – love ’em
    Rave: Only a week till Easter get away…counting down the days!

  • skj84

    Rant: stomach issues in overdrive this week. I think my acid reflux has flared up. Or I can’t eat rich foods like I used to. Woke up sick three nights in a row this week. Of course as I’m writing this I’m eating a chocolate chip waffle.

    Rave: Nutella Lattes!

  • Rant: rodent issues continue. Our neighbors have them too. Soooooo yeah.
    Rant/Rave: staying at a hotel until landlord deals with it

    • Is your landlord finally putting you up in a hotel and actually dealing with it? Or are you guys just staying at a hotel and hoping they deal with it? I’ve been following your issues with this and seriously feel so badly for you all. I hope your landlord is for real fixing it now!

      • a little of both. She’s going to do work while we’re at the hotel. If it’s not resolved, I’ll have to f’in move. Again. FML.

    • Where are these mice, that you need to leave the premises?? When we had an infestation, they were in a utility closet that had no baseboards, so they were able to get into the walls and hide out for months. It was awful. There were SO many. But it never occurred to me to leave the house because of them.

      • They have a dog and baby. I think those may influence the decision.

        • the minute I saw mouse shit in the kid’s room, we’re out of there.

          And I don’t know where they all are. Exterminator (Biotech) claims to have sealed all entry points they can access, but that it’s the HVAC. Landlord is having HVAC’s cleaned and serviced on Monday.

  • Rant: The discussion about livable salaries and how terribly my company pays… Sigh. I really need to get out of here. Although my interests mostly align with working at nonprofits, think tanks etc. which won’t pay much more. :p My sister got all the useful strengths (IT, maths, science) and I got the not-so-useful ones… Oh well.
    Rant: Grey, gloomy weather!
    Related Rant: I was planning to go to the kite festival tomorrow, but since it’s going to be so cold (go away snow flurries) I may wimp out…
    Rant: Office politics.
    Rave: Friday, and going to do a low-key girls’ night with coworkers today. 🙂

  • Rant: My dentist sent me an erroneous bill where I am billed twice for each procedure. I’ve been trying to get in touch with them for A WEEK with no luck. I already paid this bill, about $400, out of pocket, and now they want $400 more. Ridiculous. I have no idea what to do.

    • Are they not answering the phone when you call the office? That sounds like a terrible way to do business for a dentist office. Billing snafu aside, I would start looking for a new dentist based on that alone.

    • If you out it on a Credit Card, dispute the charge and you will see how they will start caring. I pay everything with credit card for this reason and points.

  • Accountering

    Rant: Indiana and republicans. It is so disgusting that they are so keen on being able to discriminate against their own citizens, that they are willing to do economic harm to the entire state to accomplish it. I hope Gen-Con moves, and I hope SalesForce stops investing there. What a joke, these clowns run on jobs, then legislate to discriminate, directly costing jobs for their citizens.
    I may not like Bowser, but she would NEVER do something even remotely this stupid, to directly harm the people she represents.

    • I Dont Get It

      I am so ashamed of my home state.

    • It’s amazing that in 2015 any Republican has not figured out that this is not going to fly anymore. I love how quickly the backlash to this started. Have fun with that tanking economy, Mr. Pence!

  • Rave: All of my nieces and nephews are going to be in town this weekend. So excited to catch up.
    Rant: Despite having to get the house in shape to host a bunch of people, my BIL will undoubtedly do nothing to help, like he always does. It makes me so angry that he won’t lift a finger around the house, no matter how overwhelmed my sister gets.

  • Anonynon

    Rave: New Death Cab for Cutie cd is streaming on NPR
    Rave: Big Data tonight!

    Happy Friday

  • Relevant to yesterday’s discussion on high electricity bills!
    mrmoneymustache. com/2015/03/25/cut-your-power-bill/

  • Rant: Overcast.
    Rave: More crocuses coming up — this time, lavender ones! (The purple ones were the first to appear.)
    Rave: Other things coming into bloom! The buds are forming on the saucer magnolias right outside the east exit of the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro, so they should be blooming soon.
    Rave: Once again, a friend from high school is coming to town for work and staying at my house.
    Rant: Once again, my house has gone feral and needs to be tamed. So much clutter.
    Rave: I’ve got the weekend to tame it.
    Rave: Social activities with PoPville folks!

  • Rant: Home sick today.
    Rave: Cuddling my sweet, sweet pup all morning long and starting to cook Food Lovers Cleanse large batch foods.
    Rave: Happy.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: politics.
    Rant: concentration levels are at a new low.
    Rave: busy popville friend weekend ahead.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: My colleague is in in New Orleans right now and tweeting about all the awesome stuff he’s doing/eating.
    Rant: I was SUPPOSED to be in New Orleans today. I’m not.
    Rant: It might be Christmas before I can go down.
    Rave: But maybe not! I have a Southwest credit burning a hole in my pocket.

  • Rant: The tree pollen allergies this week have been making me miserable – sinus, lungs, throat, coughing, fatigue, practically losing my voice – symptoms persist, whether I’ve taken over the counter drugs, herbs, vitamins, homeopathy (I’ll try anything) or nothing. What works for others? I don’t usually experience spring allergies in DC, not since my first year here – I thought I’d adjusted to the area-specific pollen. But this odd winter (late cold) is making for killer pollen.
    Rave: At least I can breathe right now, and am not coughing for the moment. And that I finally figured out it was pollen, and not that I was coming down with a cold.

  • RAVE: got a job offer for the job I’ve been waiting to hear from for a few weeks now. Obviously going to say yes after getting the formal job offer with salary info. Couldn’t have come at a better time as my current org is doing “restructuring” aka laying off people.

  • I Dont Get It

    Bonus Rant: I had to reset my DC311 password which means I had to access my
    Rant: AOL account where I have
    Rant: 22,846 unread messages mostly about
    Rant: Erectile dysfunction pills.

  • Late day question: does anyone have a colorist in the city they recommend? Specifically one that’s good with balayage? Preferably in Dupont/Adams Morgan/U St area.

  • justinbc

    Rant: Holy shit people are desperate to be offended today. Shouldn’t this improvement in the weather be cheering you up?

    • +1. If the temp goes up but it turns gray and rainy, that doesn’t count as an improvement, I guess. I’m not tired of winter, but I am tired of people using the weather as an excuse to be jerks.

    • Agree – DC needs to relax a bit. Sadly the summer weather never really does that as well as a good snow storm and snow day or three. Snowmageddon 2010 was one of my favorite DC memories because everyone was so nice and neighborly.

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