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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: started a new position in January that I had already been doing functionally for over a year. now being micromanaged and undermined to death.
    Rant: yesterday was my birthday and I cried in the (private!) bathroom at work as a result of said stress and my apparent inability to manage it.
    Rave: at least I wasn’t the crying girl at work and nobody noticed?
    Rave: ate birthday tacos for dinner and got 3 new cookbooks, a novel, and a massage certificate. Looking forward to some healthy stress relief.

  • Longtime lurker, first-time poster!

    Rave: I got a great night’s sleep for the first time in weeks!
    Rave: I watched my cat chase her tail for 10 minutes this morning – laughed out loud.
    Rave: One day of Spring!
    Rant: One day of Spring before we get snow…?
    Rave: Badgers game on tonight

    • Hello and welcome!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I am so jealous of your sleep.

      • It’s been a long time coming – been under stress and having weird physical issues (probably brought on by stress) means middle-of-the-night floor pacing. First night I didn’t have to do that in a while, hope to make it stick!

        • Emmaleigh504

          Middle of the night floor pacing, do you have RLS?

          • Apparently I had “severe heartburn” (so sayeth Urgent Care a few weeks ago when it initially started). I thought it had run its course after a week of utter nonsense last month, but it asserted itself back into my life for a bit last week and ended on Tuesday. I’d like to give a special shout-out to Prilosec, for eventually giving me relief and the ability to both sit and lie down without pain. So sleep was a welcome relief last night!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Glad it was something treatable! But now you get the heartburn lecture 🙂 If heartburn becomes a regular thing, you need to have it checked out by a doctor regularly. There is a connection between regular heartburn and esophageal cancer. Hopefully it’s just a fluke and won’t bother you again.

          • I Dont Get It

            Have you tried a Net pot? Apparently that cures everything!

          • @Emilie504: You’re not the first person in the past few weeks who has suggested I see a doctor. I actually called a primary care physician’s office yesterday who accepts new patients but haven’t heard back yet. I’d never had this before last month – it was a bit scary. But I do plan on getting this checked out, because: OW.

          • Emmaleigh504

            OK good. We want you to stay healthy!

    • justinbc

      Welcome! But I’ll be rooting against you tonight 🙂

      • Thanks – and I understand. (If it weren’t the Badgers playing against UNC, I’d be rooting for UNC.)

      • Thought you were a Noles man

        • justinbc

          Both! I grew up in NC, but a lot of my family lived in Tallahassee, so I would always visit them for FSU football games in the fall when I was a kid. But living in NC basketball is always king, so you pick UNC or Duke (and some NC State), and hate the other. I also went to UNC for grad school.

  • Rant: A bird shat on my nose while I was walking to the metro this morning. These things only happen to me.
    Rave: I had tissues in my bag, and it made me laugh a lot. Only me!
    Rave: I am in love with the grey ankle boots that I am wearing today. Sometimes it really is the small things that bring joy to my day.
    Rave: Grit class at the gym this morning. It kicked my butt, but the instructor was so encouraging.
    Rave: Dutch chocolate as my afternoon snack.

    • Nose is better than hair?

    • binpetworth

      Once as a kid on vacation, a bird shat a mother lode all over my hair, shoulder, legs. My dad gave me the helpful advice, “Just be thankful cows don’t fly,” which while not amusing or helpful at the time, puts it into perspective now 🙂

    • I promise it isn’t just you. Stuff like that seems to happen to me all. the. time.

    • Supposedly a bird crapping on you is a sign of good luck and/or wealth.
      I’ve yet to see any additional commas in my bank account. And I usually get shit on by a bird once every 18 months or so. So your mileage may vary.

      • Birds sh*t on me at about the same frequency (WHY?!) and every.single.time a passerby will tell me it’s good luck.

    • Blithe

      FWIW, when I was about 5, a bird plopped a splat on my beautiful white Easter dress. My Mom immediately exclaimed: “That’s Good Luck”! I hope she was right, and that you will be bombarded with good luck!

    • All of these bird poo stories are making me laugh (thank goodness it wasn’t a flying cow)! And here’s hoping it is a harbinger of good luck.

    • It’s definitely not just you. I once had a bird shit on me as I was inspecting my car after I found one of the side windows smashed in. About a year later a bird shat on my head moments after walking out of the salon after getting my hair done. (Bird) shit happens!

    • Let me tell you a little story about my 21st birthday. So there I was, enjoying my “first” drink with my family on the beachfront in Clearwater. First sip goes down great. Second sip….a sudden thud on my back. Gasps from behind. I turn to look at my brother who is wide-eyed and exclaims “Ooooohhhhhhhh.”
      Spent the next 30 minutes in the bathroom with my head under the sick while my mother wiped the purple seagull bomb off my brand new lovely top. The night was a total loss.
      Made up for it a few night’s later back in Michigan with my friends…..indoors.

  • palisades

    Rave/Rant: Georgetown DMV. It’s so nice. Don’t even want to know what the other ones are like. Just because it’s clean and smells nice doesn’t take away from the fact that I spent an hour and a half there this morning. So many angry people.

    • Rhode island is really nice, and I got in and out in under an hour even though I had to see a supervisor. Maybe I went at a good time, but it seemed as full as others I’ve visited.

    • Went to the Georgetown DSW on Saturday, and even pretty late in the afternoon the line next door at the DMV looked bad. I will say that while the Southwest office reminds me of Mos Eisley Cantina, at least it has windows.

  • epric002

    rant: strange old men who tell me to “smile, it’s not that bad”. i beg your pardon?! you don’t know a damn thing about me. eff off.
    rant: the story that the pilot intentionally crashed the plane. gawd.
    rave: dishwasher is fixed! again. let’s hope this is for real.
    rave: grapefruit.
    rave: alexandra horowitz at 6th & I tonight. and adopt force one will be there! puppies and kitties, oh my!

  • Rant: Had to pick up kiddo early from day care yesterday because of a GI issue (not vomiting).
    Rave: Kiddo seems herself and had a great appetite yesterday. I’ve heard nothing to the contrary this morning, and I assume my wife has gotten up with her by now.
    Rant: I’ll probably draw the short straw and be home tomorrow. These things rarely pass in a day.
    Rave: Can use the time at home to get a head start on Passover cooking–yummy chicken soup!–and to hit the kd’s shoe store to get new sneakers.
    Rave: Got ok sleep last night. Not amazing, but better than it’s been, so that’s something.
    Rant/Rave: Caps play tonight after a LONG hiatus. They often play like crap with extra days off, so we’ll see what happens after their “mini training camp”. Either way, I’m looking forward to watching hockey again.

    • Oh – and rave? Starting our first temp foster gig this evening. We’ll see how it goes. The logistics are only working out this smoothly becaue my wife is home today, so I’m not sure how well that bodes for future arrangements, but we’ll see.

      • Are you fostering cats? Dogs?

        • A pair of cats. My cats would not fare well with dogs and I’m not sure we’re up for dogs these days. Extra cats may already stretch us just a bit!

      • epric002

        congrats and thanks for fostering! tell us more about your foster???

        • Their names are Tanner & Topaz; we’ll only have them for a week so they can get meds before returning to PetMAC. Looking them up on petfinder, looks like this is Topaz: https ://www. petfinder.com/petdetail/31672731/ & this is Tanner: https ://www. petfinder.com/petdetail/31744979/

    • mmmmm passover food. Why is it so good?

      • Chicken soup is just amazing. And I really love the potato knishes that we make. YUM!

      • I think generally because so much effort/love is put into making it. Jealous this year that my wife is getting to go home for their Seder, but I don’t have the time to join them. My father-in-law’s cooking rocks!

      • justinbc

        Any particular things you recommend as extra good? I went to a big Passover dinner with one of my exes who was Jewish and just found most of it somewhat disappointing.

      • RAVE: Officially got my Seder invite last night. It’s on!

    • Accountering

      Big game tonight. This and the Hurricanes are our last two easy games until the 2015-2016 season. Need to get a win tonight for sure!

  • Rant: It seems our housing choice was too good to be true. Exterminator has come a few times…still cleaned up mouse crap this morning. At least I hope it was mouse poop. Landlord seems flustered. When I confronted her a couple of days ago, the response of, “I’m doing the best I can” was pathetic. I told her today that, according to DC law, I can put my rent into escrow until the living situation is cleaned up. She got very worried – saying she can’t pay the mortgage if we don’t pay rent so therefore can’t pay an exterminator. So, essentially she bought a million dollar house to rent out but can’t make the mortgage if there’s no rent coming in. Seems like an AWFUL business plan. We’re landlords and make sure we can have the place empty for a couple of months if necessary just in case.
    Rave: our downstairs neighbors is awesome
    Rant: I really, REALLY, don’t want to move again.
    Rant: It’s my birthday, and I feel far older than I am. I really believe living here is wearing on me in a way that is ruining my health for the long term. But I don’t know what to do about that beyond what we’re already trying to do (we can’t move without work….which is hard to find)

    • Happy Birthday Jindc! I feel you on the life span comment though in a slightly different boat. The fact that mostly all of our life qualities depend on jobs and work is so very limiting, I feel you on that struggle! Sending you all the good birthday vibes.

      • Thanks. The depressing thing is knowing what would make you happy and not being able to do it because of the risk to your family’s financial security

    • Happy birthday!
      I’d suggest to your landlord a monthly service that can deal with the mice so its a regular expense for the next year not an emergency call every time they show up.

      • um, yeah, I asked her if she had an annual contract for regular services and she said “well, it’s a 90 day guarantee”. um….you own a HOUSE act like it!

        • How old is your landlord? Is this her first home? She seems very immature about money matters.

          • She’s older, like 50s. She says she has been a landlord before. She lives ON logan circle so she’s not poor (and no, she doesn’t live on a bench in the circle!). She is VERY immature about money matters. Our neighbor and I have been talking about how if the landlord would make some basic improvements (like get rid of the ivy in the front), we would plant and maintain it. But she doesn’t want to do it. It doesn’t make sense. And THIS is her retirement plan! I think she believes the property will increase in value, and if she doesn’t take care of it, it won’t. And with known mouse issues, she won’t be able to rent it out if we move out.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Any idea how long she has owned the house? Some of my neighbors are the children of the original owners of their houses which were built in the late 1930’s, or second owners of their houses and bought them for well south of $100K back in the 1980’s. Most of them are not the types of sophisticated professionals who have high-paying jobs that would make it possible for them to buy the same house on the open market right now. In life, and probably somewhat more commonly outside of DC, lots of good hearted people of well below average skills, abilities, and intelligence own homes. I get that renting a house from such a person could really really really suck, and the impression that I’m getting from your posts might not be correct, but my impression is that she is probably a generally unsophisticated person who has never acquired the skills necessary to run a business and is sort of in over her head trying to take care of her house and meet her obligations as a landlord, and my inclination is to feel sorry for her.

          • HaileUnlikely

            p.s. Although you shouldn’t have to do this, have you tried identifying a high-quality pest control company, finding out how much they would charge for an ongoing service, and giving her this information? If she could clearly see that it would cost less than a couple of the one-off emergency service calls that she makes, maybe she’d view it more positively.

          • She bought it in November of 2014 for 960k.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Well, that changes things, unless it was a big wad of cash from an inheritance (which I have observed can also lead people to get in over their heads on things like property and money management).

    • Happy birthday! I hope your little boy is on the mend.

      • ah yes – thanks! he has fluid in his ear and swollen tonsils….got meds….he slept well but is still exhausted!

        • Oh, poor kiddo. Glad he slept well & hope he recovers quickly! Also hope there is a silver lining of you being able to rest more on your birthday 🙂

    • Happy Birthday, hope you get some cake.

    • Happy birthday! I only have one suggestion about the mice – if you aren’t opposed to cats – see if you land lord will allow you to borrow or get a cat for your home! I have an old dc row home, that is in various states of repair throughout, and I always had mice until I got a cat. Nothing I’ve ever tried works better, and a bag and a half of cat food per month generally costs less than an exterminator! Not to mention, nothing will make you feel younger than giggling like an idiot while your feline friend manically chases a laser pointer….

      • We have a large dog that is terrified of cats. If anyone has a cat that is a known mouse killer, and wants us to cat sit for a long weekend, we will happily give our dog to the dog sitter and babysit your cat in our home (my husband loves cats). We have thought about it, but my dog would kill us.

    • I totally empathize with you about the rodent issues, they are gross and make you uncomfortable in your own home. If you’re in a row house, honestly the best you can hope for is to get them out of any interior living space, but you have to be vigilant about checking the access points and accept that they probably can find a way into the walls of your house from the house next door. Let me recommend Cliff at Biotech Pest Management – http://www.yelp.com/biz/biotech-pest-management-washington

      Secondly, you probably need to look at the exterior premises and garage areas (if you have one) to see if any access points are vulnerable from neighbors. Sometimes rats will borough into concrete — you may want to fill any obvious gaps and also get rid of any piles of wood or other stuff that they may use to hang out in. At least get it off the ground. Then, look at your fences adjacent to neighbors. We had fairly high wood fences, but on one side they had literally chewed through the wood in order to access the other side, so we put some chicken wire. That works until they chew through that, and you have to replace it, again. We also dug out a flower box and replaced it with gravel because the rats were digging that way.

      As for ongoing maintenance, you definitely want to keep baiting stations around because they can help reduce the population much more so than individual traps. Cliff can help remediate any emergent problems but we use American Pest for a monthly fee. Good luck.

      • We’ve been using Biotech….hopefully they can solve the problem. The landlord claims they’ve checked outside. We’re an end unit row house.

        • Oh good. I have nothing but great things to say about them and how they dealt with our urgent issue. A few years ago when we had our biggest problem, it took several appointments for us to narrow down our potential access points and remediate them. I’d also not take her word for it — SHE doesn’t have to live with a potential infestation, YOU do. I’d have Cliff take you and the landlord around and show you the potential problems.

    • Blithe

      Happy Birthday! Hope you’re able to do something to celebrate your self!

  • Rave: Was running for the bus and the bus driver stopped to let me on -first time ever that’s happened in DC. In Seattle the driver would pull up the half block from my stop to my front door and let me on there if I was late – I thanked the driver profusely.
    Rave: Woke up to a series of funny emails among my favorite colleagues – misery does love company (and sarcasm).
    Rant: I ate all my girl scout cookies – need more!

    • houseintherear

      I recently discovered that 7-11 brand cookies called “Fudge Mint Cookies,” in a green package, taste exactly like Thin Mints. It’s a shameful thing to know.

      • I ate an entire package of Walmart imitation Grasshopper cookies (themselves imitation Thin Mints) in a single day not long ago. My tummy did not feel so good — too much of a good thing.

    • I hated Seattle bus drivers who did that! And the ones who talked non-stop. I was once on a Seattle bus that stopped and waited for a person who was halfway down the block on the other side of the street. DC buses are a million times more efficient. When I’m already on the bus, I don’t want to stop and wait every time somebody else misses it.

  • Becks

    Rave: I have tickets to Blithe Sprit tomorrow! I can’t wait to see Angela Lansbury!
    Rave: I am looking forward to the Popvillers field trip to Rockville on Saturday. Let’s meet at 11AM at the Chinatown Metro on the Red line platform to Shady Grove. We’ll meet up at noon at Rockville metro then walk to the restaurant then across the street for Chinese grocery shopping! I am bringing my pushy cart! Can’t wait!
    Rantish: I saw a Vacant Property sign on the Bad neighbors door this morning. They are still living there. Is this a good thing? Will they be leaving?

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’ll see you at the Rockville station at noon!

    • Quotia Zelda

      Looking forward to it!

      • Quotia Zelda

        I’ll also meet at the Rockville station at noon (and, if there aren’t too many people, can drive).

    • I’m interested in joining if I don’t get into a symposium I’m wait listed for (at the Arboretum on native plants) — what’s the name of the restaurant & grocery store?

      • Becks

        The store is called Great Wall Supermarket and is located at 700 Hungerford Dr. The restaurant is Mama Wok and is located at 595 Hungerford Dr..

    • Blithe

      Yay! I’m really looking forward to this! I’ll plan to meet up with you at noon at the Rockville station. Thanks for organizing us! Since I don’t know any of you in person yet, I’ll be on the lookout for someone clutching a pushy cart. 🙂

    • I can’t wait to hear your review on Monday! Angela Lansbury is amazing–can’t believe she’s still on stage!

  • Rant: At the psychiatrist office yesterday, I found that I haven’t lost any weight. 6 weeks of walking 2 miles 3 times a week and nothing. I need to change my strategy.
    Rave: Boss had to cancel meeting this morning. Not glad that he’s sick (He’s a pretty cool dude.) but glad that I don’t have to sit through 2 hours of trying to keep myself awake.
    Rave: Last day of the week that I’m in the office. Telework tomorrow.
    Rave/Rant: Saw a federal job that I want to apply to. But if I got the job, I’d have to sign a mobility agreement saying that I would be willing to be moved at the agency’s will. Not sure about this one.
    Rant: This chick on my job has not stopped talking since I came here at 8. It’s now 10 am and she’s still talking to folks. Don’t you have work to do? I know I do.

    • Add weights to your routine. In addition to the increased metabolism you’re burn more calories with muscle. Also check your diet to make sure you’re not eating unhealthy or too little. The latter makes your body go into starve mode and hold on to fat. Lastly, interval training like alternating jog/walk is better cardio. Your body gets used to your routine pretty easily, so you have to mix it up.

    • take measurements in addition to checking the scale. Also, can I ask about weighing in at the psychiatrist? Is it a nutritional psych or something….?

    • Are you on any sort of meds? You mentioned getting weighed at the psychiatrist’s – usually they only do that if there’s a script involved. I only ask because sometimes meds can really screw up your metabolism, especially SSRIs. (As if you don’t have enough to deal with). Mention it to the doc – maybe there’s something else you can take?

      • I am on meds actually. I was weighed to see if the meds caused any weight gain. It didn’t but I also started exercising a while back and thought that might’ve started working by now.

        • Chinatown, I’m in the same spot. I started taking SSRI–put on almost 20lbs. Not ready to wean off but I’ve been going to the gym everyday (one day swim, another day cardio and weights), watching what I eat, and nothing. Normally, if I do that, I lose about 1lb a week…I think the SSRI is messing with my metabolism.

    • While — according to my GP and my cardiologist — a brisk walk three times a week should have heart and blood pressure benefits, three two-mile walks a week only burns about 600 calories — not a huge amount in a week. I agree with Anon that weights are a great idea (though not always practical).

      • My grandmother used big cans of food as weights, so even if you don’t have time/$$ to hit the gym, you could do arm curls around the house even pushups, etc. Bodyweight stuff is good too!

    • I lost about 20 pounds last year calorie counting. Reached my goal, and have been maintaining that weight since then (it’s been nearly 4 months now).

      Conversely, when I trained and ran in a marathon a few years ago, I didn’t lose any weight. Why? Probably because I cared less about what I ate and drank (thought process being, “I’m running so much now- who cares?”).

    • Are you comparing to the last time you were weighed on that scale? That could make a difference.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: My Amazon Prime addiction! When retrieving my Hello Fresh package from under my porch this week I noticed a small Amazon box containing some reading glasses that had been delivered February 11. I hadn’t even noticed I had an order missing!
    Rave: The tasty bowl of oatmeal I just finished because
    Rant: I knocked over my green smoothie this morning. Those suckers aren’t easy to clean up!
    Rave: I think I found a bed I Iike on
    Rant: Amazon Prime.

    • Your rants and raves made me smile as always, IDGI. I’m a bit jealous that your package deliverer can leave packages under your porch. Ours are regularly “delivered” to our recycling bin, so that February 11 package would have been long gone!
      +1,000 for Amazon Prime. I bought a great, minimal solid wood bed frame on Amazon once for $200 and sold it for nearly the same price on Craigslist. Go for it!

      • I Dont Get It

        Oh that’s good to know Shawess, thanks! I feel a little funny buying a bed from Amazon Prime but I think the Home Styles Cabin Creek bed works with my post-apocalyptic industrial “style” (I’m admittedly design-challenged).

        • I like it! If I may offer some totally unsolicited comments, I would just say that my only bad experiences with Amazon have been when I order large things and don’t like them for some reason — it’s really tough to make returns unless you can get the large item to the post office or FedEx yourself. For a purchase like this, where you may be able to buy in town for the same price, it might make sense to go with a company where you can see the item in person and have them pick it up if it doesn’t work in your space.

        • Also, it looks like Lowe’s has the same item for a -lot- less!

    • epric002

      hi, my name is epric002 and i’m an amazon prime addict.

    • I love Amazon Prime – a lovely invention to ensure I spend more money that I should

    • Oh god, me too. Prime just makes everything so easy… And now that I’m living in an apartment building and no longer have to worry about packages getting stolen I use it ALL the time. I love that you can choose no rush shipping for $1 credit towards ebooks, etc as well.

      • I need to do that more.

      • I Dont Get It

        Whaaaat???? Why didn’t I know this?

        “you can choose no rush shipping for $1 credit towards ebooks, etc as well.”


        • You are most welcome! 😀 I think it’s a recent-ish thing, I only noticed it about… 3-6 months ago? Such a good idea.

          • I’ve been doing this recently too! I totally forgot and I got an email the other day saying I had $9 in digital music that was going to expire! Not gonna lie, I bought a totally random 90s album with it. Band will remain unnamed.

    • emvee

      I Amazon Prime everything to my office, and I mean everything. Dog food, toilet paper, dish detergent. I let it pile up until people start commenting, then I throw it all in an Uber to bring it home. #ThatCrazyAmazonPrimeLady

    • I have amazon prime for students… which makes me feel better about spending money… which is preventing me from paying for multiple classes this summer on my own. AP is a problem. Maybe we need a support group…

      • Hi, my name is Brightwoodess and I’ve been leading an AP ANON group for about a year now. Our UPS guy hates me. Subscription service savings was the straw that broke it. I highly doubt he signed up to deliver 30lb bags of dog food and boxes filled with crackers, granola bars, shaving cream, toilet paper and rice to me on a monthly basis. Not to mention my “Oh shoot I forgot I needed this” add-ons that come every other day.

  • Rant: Florence presale tix sold out in 30 sec. I rarely remember shows, and something like this usually happens.
    Rant: Loud, obnoxious old man co-worker. He’s really smart, but is easily confused and needs hand holding. It’s annoying! He’s also a hoarder.
    Rave: Haven’t weighed myself, but my clothes fit a little better.

  • laduvet

    Rave: Ran over 8 miles in the past two days… feeling great and my ankle is holding up!
    Rave: hot baths…!
    Rave: 90’s rap to assist in boring excel sheet work

  • Rave: Five days ago, I had this dream where I was gardening outside and singing. I haven’t gardened since I was a little kid with my mom (and all I did was the weeding) but I can’t stop thinking about gardening – I was having so much fun in my dream! I want to do it but have no space to. Maybe start a balcony box or something?
    Rave: Great article yesterday in WSJ on the influx of millennial/younger contra dancers in NYC. I feel that shift happening here too, but the overall community aspect hasn’t changed even though the generations are. I like that. Both my dad and my grandfather were dancers and callers but not until they were much older.

    • Definitely try a balcony box! There are some great books on gardening in planters & such. Tomatoes do especially well that way. And herbs!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Do a balcony box! If you don’t have a lot of room on the balcony, you can get pots that fit over the railings. That’s what I have and they are very secure. I love them!

  • Question: At the end of January a woman was attacked outside of my door by 10 teenagers. Now there is constant police presence (great!) and most recently the “light truck” has been in front of my house. It is a police truck that shines very bright light up and down the street. Should I be worried? Why the continued policing? And why, recently, added measures? How do I find this out? Thanks!

  • justinbc

    Rave/Rant: This video of Eleanos Holmes Norton: http://jalopnik.com/congresswoman-eleanor-holmes-norton-cant-park-1693790608
    I laughed even more at the “largely respected” part than the parking blunder.

    • I Dont Get It


    • Look people age. If you are lucky, it may even happen to you.
      At some point, for a politician especially, it is time to have an official driver take you where you need to go.
      For others, if you can’t angle park, then don’t attempt it. Like many suburbanites I’ve met – they can’t parallel park, even in a space 1.5 times as long as their car – but they know it, and park in garages instead of attempting to parallel park.

  • Rave: The first episode of The Politician’s Husband on Netflix. Very compelling, very slick visually. Looking forward to the next one.
    Rant: There are only three episodes. Darn BBC, always leaving us wanting more!

  • Rant: Incredibly immature extended family members. Deaths in my family tend to bring out [really ugly] true colors. Ugh.
    Rave: Leftovers of my favorite stir-fry for lunch.
    Rant: Tiny dog doesn’t cooperate for the sub dog walker. Female strangers make him so nervous.
    Rant/Rave: Waiting for one last scholarship decision before I can commit to a school. I just want to commit and move on.

    • I know the waiting is exhausting….hang in there!

    • Deaths bring out the worst in everybody’s family. One in-law in particular, but also some siblings, were so horrible after my one parent’s death that I truly dread going to the funeral of my surviving elderly parent when it happens. And it will be so much worse – as the surviving parent inherited everything from the one who died, so now there will be their stuff to argue about as well.

  • Andie302

    Rave: The pen-clicking, drink-slurping, loud-talking co-worker just revealed he’s moving to Orlando. WOOHOO!
    Rave: Fun night last night!
    Rave: I’m heading to a meeting out of the office shortly, which means different lunch venue options.
    Rave: I walked to HH last night, and from the house to work this morning…the time outside really does make everything better. I am ready to move already!
    Rant: That’s not happening anytime soon.
    Rave: I’m getting better at accepting that reality each day.

  • Rave: Got my application done last night before the midnight deadline. Thanks for the encouragement, PoPville people!

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Got more time on the science machine today! Hopefully it works and I can be done with these samples.
    Rant: It’s cold in here.
    Rave: Taco salad was pretty good last night.
    Rant: Just got word that I’ll have to go to Columbus, Ohio for a few days this summer. Ugh.
    Rave/Rant: Gotta plan three-to-four trips to Detroit, one to Columbus, one to Portland, one to Pittsburgh, possibly one to Chicago, and possibly one to Louisville for the summer. I’m terrible at keeping all this straight.
    Rave: Nearly done with my taxes. Just gotta mail in some checks and calculate DC estimated payments!
    Rant: Need my oil changed. Any venue suggestions?

    • Mug of Glop

      Oh, I forgot the rantiest part: The hard drive with all my pirated music from a decade ago seems to have crapped out on me last night. Gotta figure out how to repair the corruption or find my other backup disk…

    • At least Pittsburgh and Chicago are awesome!

    • Make sure to go to Jeni’s while you’re in Columbus. I try to go every 24 hours while I’m there.
      Also Middle West Spirits. I stopped in on a day they didn’t have tours, I was just popping in to buy, and the distiller stopped what he was doing and gave me a thirty minute tour.

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Finally tried El Sol last night and my god why didn’t we eat here sooner? I’m ready to declare these the best tacos in town, and god knows I’ve tried just about all of them. We’ve been driving all the way out to Riverdale Park to get tacos this good. No more!
    Rant: I can’t think of any rants, which is often a side effect of good tacos.

  • Rave: Enjoyed the Purple Patch last night
    Rant: Put the wrong soap in the dishwasher before I left = soap bubbles over the kitchen floor.
    Rave: Clean kitchen floor

    • I was thinking of trying Purple Patch tomorrow. Was it really crowded? Any dishes not to miss?

      • We got there at 7:00 and the upstairs was crowded, downstairs less so but downstairs has a more limited menu. Tables for two are really close to each other so we sat at the bar which was a good option. I had shrimp and kale, friend had steak frites. Both good choices (although neither were traditional Filipino foods).
        I’m looking forward to warmer weather when they’ll serve halo-halo (traditional mixed fruit beverage/dessert)

  • Rant: I can’t seem to kick this cold. Toddler germs are the worst.
    Rave: Tried El Sol in Columbia Heights for dinner last night, and it was AMAZING. New go to dinner place.
    Rant: I am having a problem where I unwillingly lost weight pretty rapidly and can’t seem to put any back on. I try not to mention it to most people because I tend to get the “you’re lucky you can lose weight” response, but I’m getting close to having an underweight BMI and I am a little concerned (and I definitely don’t have an eating disorder – just ask my husband about my ice cream habit). Has anyone had to deal with anything like this? Also, can anyone recommend a good primary care physician so I can go get this checked out? I would prefer female, and if they take Saturday appointments, even better.

    • emvee

      Oh man your last rant strikes a chord with me. I’ve been accused of eating disorders I don’t have more times than I can count. I’ve tried the ice cream diet (a bowl a night!) and it didn’t do much for me either. For me, it’s definitely stress related so I try to make sure I’m managing that and then I tend to stabilize. As for PCPs, Laura Hofmann in Adams Morgan at the MedStar Medical Center is AMAZING. She’s so positive and funny and is never judgy (I once broke down in tears in her office). The staff isn’t great…. they sent me a bill for an entire visit once, claiming that I had no insurance even though I gave them my card. So double check everything they do. Otherwise, she’s worth it!

    • epric002

      maybe a thyroid issue? i’ve had the same struggles and i know how you feel. my mom has grave’s disease so i make sure to have my thyroid levels checked regularly. i really like one medical, and i see janet (she’s either a PA or a NP) and she’s great. good luck!

    • Definitely get it checked out by a doctor, but also maybe try MyFitnessPal and log EVERYTHING you eat. It’s mostly used for weight loss but you can use it for weight gain as well–it will estimate how many calories you need to gain however much you want (1/2 lb per week, 1 lb per week) and see if that helps. If you think there’s a chance it could be stress-related then MFP is definitely worth a try. If you do that, also make sure you’re not over-estimating your portion sizes.
      I did have an eating disorder but once I was determined to get better I had daily 600-700 calorie protein shakes that were extremely caloric (think protein powder + milk + peanut butter + bananas and more) to increase my weight. I still use MFP to log (non-obsessively) for weight maintenance occasionally. It’s a great tool. Good luck!

    • HaileUnlikely

      A friend of mine, who is from El Salvador and lives here now, got some sort of parasite while traveling there that was unfamiliar to most U.S. doctors and resulted in him not absorbing the nutrients in his food and going from kind of chubby to frighteningly underweight in a span of about 6 months. His regular American doctor was stumped and was afraid that he was going to die. Fortunately, mostly by luck, he found another doctor who was from Central America who figured out what was wrong with him and was able to treat it. Probably unlikely in your case, though if you’ve traveled in the past few months, that might be worth some consideration.

      • On a semi-related but not really related note, depending on your age, it’s quite possible that you developed some sort of food sensitivity or other nebulous digestive disorder. I would definitely go get it checked, but make sure you take care of yourself in the meantime because, in my experience, it can take quite awhile to get digestive issues figured out.

        • +1– my friend had a very hard time gaining and maintaining weight before she was diagnosed with Celiac disease.

    • Doc suggestion: Shotashvili in Woodley Park. She’s very good. Not open Saturdays, but some evenings I think.

      As for unwilling weight loss, I had that before. Not to scare you, but my cause was lymphoma. There are many other possible causes though, such as the thyroid as others have mentioned.

      • epric002

        i actually left shotashvili after my whooping cough diagnosis debacle. i loved her PA, but she left the practice. i then tried their U st location to see another doc, who i liked, until they stopped taking my insurance. the practice is called comprehensive primary care, so while i would recommend the practice, i personally would not recommend shotashvili.

        • Wait is Shotashvili not in Woodley anymore? She’s my PCP (admittedly I’m overdue for an annual) and I love her 🙁

          • epric002

            she was when i left. woodley park wasn’t super convenient for me so after the botched diagnosis i just found another dr. at their newly opened U st office, which was uber-convenient.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Terrible night last night. Couldn’t breathe and couldn’t sleep. Finally started to fall asleep and Donna decided the litter box was not to her liking and scratch scratch scratch for hours to fix it.
    Observation: I looked out the window when the awful loud vehicle went by last night. It s a garbage truck. Kind of an anticlimatic revelation. The weird driving pattern night after night makes since though.
    Rave: Just got out of bed b/c it’s my late day at work and it’s my telework day so I’m fixin to have some hot chocolate and snuggle with Donna while I read my email.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: I just realized that the Jefferson Lecture is only a week and 1/2 away, and I haven’t made dinner reservations. I need to get on that.
    Rave? Strange dreams, but they involved Supernatural, so at least there was eye candy.
    Rant: Is one warm, sunny day too much to ask???

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Had a nice power yoga class at the Y yesterday, it fixed my sore body from my basketball game on tuesday
    Rave: Dinner tonight at founding farmers with friends
    Rave: Big Data/On an On Friday!

  • Rave: Closed on home sale today!
    Rant: Will miss the place – first house my wife and I purchased together, only house my daughter has ever known, lots of great memories.
    Rant: On the clock – 60 days to find new place.
    Rant: Offer pending with the slowest agent/seller duo on the planet. Seriously, the offer has to be Fed Exed? No email? Not even faxed? Sheesh.
    Rave/Rave: My wife does not think much of my plan to let the Kentucky Wildcats double what we made on our house.
    Rave: Despite minor rants, life is good.

    • justinbc

      Fed Ex? Wtf? Yeah, that’s odd.

      • Yes, especially considering that it’s been on the market for a while, with no interest, because it’s a complete gut job. You’d think they’d have a little more urgency, but maybe they have hopes for the spring market . . .

      • If it is local, you can probably hand deliver instead of fed ex.

    • Curious, in what neighborhood did you sell and where are you looking now? Why the move? (Presuming you’re staying in DC.)

      • Sold in Columbia Heights, looking in Bethesda. [Ducks] We’re moving because while we’ve loved our place, loving it as an early 30s couple is different that loving it as an early 40s parent. And yes, we’ve chosen Bethesda, as opposed to somewhere else in DC, because of schools. [Ducks again]

        • jim_ed

          Out of curiosity, if you can afford Bethesda, did you think of moving West of the Park? And if so, was there a reason you decided against it? I ask because we have a small child, and while we’re pretty set on staying, I know this could change based on experience, and also because it’d be a cold day in hell before I moved to Maryland.

          • My brief synopsis of years of discussion: We have loved the HRCS my daughter got into for PS3 (I mean really loved). But, I’m skeptical it’s a long-term solution. As far as WOTP schools go (really, Deal/Wilson feeders) – I think Deal is a great school, but it is huge and crowded, and we are not certain, as she gets older, that my daughter would thrive in that environment (Though that’s not the main reason). In addition, we are less certain than others that we’ll be happy with Wilson when the time comes. Finally, we are just sick to death of the uncertainty. We spent so much mental energy spent worrying about schools, investigating options, going on tours, etc. Should we move her? when should we move her? What are entry years for good middle school options? What Deal feeder neighborhood should we go to? Will Crestwood be stripped out? What about Mt. Pleasant? I want a little certainty. Will we have to move again? Can we afford private school if we move? Enough. Of course, there are no guarantees, but this gives a lot more certainty. I think there are a lot of great options in DC, both DCPS and DCPCS, and we’ll definitely be back to urban living at some point (though maybe not in DC) but at this point in our lives, this is the right decision. At least that’s what I have convinced myself.
            As for Maryland – I hear you. But we are intend to stay very close, and still transit accessible (though that is iffy). There’s a long laundry list of things I’ll miss about Columbia Heights, so we’ll be back often. There’s also a lot I won’t miss, though.
            Sorry, that was probably more than you bargained for.

          • Thanks for sharing your thought process, dcd. I often wonder how much my personal priorities will change when I reach my 40s. I don’t plan on having kids, so that simplifies the schooling conundrum, but I wonder if I will seek a quieter, suburban type of lifestyle (albeit somewhere like Brookland or Woodridge) more so than prioritizing close proximity to eating/drinking destination.

          • dcb – we feel the same way…..the city live is too much for us with a child. The cost/benefit analysis isn’t worth it when everything is close by. Don’t feel guilty or bad – it’s a good decision for your family!

          • justinbc

            @Anon, if you really find yourself cooking / drinking / etc more at home, then it might not be worth it, especially if your friends move out as well. For me commute will always be a factor, so even though I would love a nice big yard to garden in somewhere further out, that just means adding an hour or more onto my daily commute, a trade-off I’m not really willing to make (and can’t picture myself making at any future point either).

          • @Justin: “that just means adding an hour or more onto my daily commute, a trade-off I’m not really willing to make (and can’t picture myself making at any future point either)”
            I could not agree more with this, and we’ve crafted our search with it in mind. Unfortunately, this translates to a very small (and pricey) geographic area that is acceptable. I have become to the unpleasant realization that my next house probably will note as nice as my previous house – not exactly movin’ on up, to steal a phrase from Sherman Hemsley.

          • justinbc

            There’s trade-offs to everything, otherwise we would all live in the same place 🙂 It sounds like you’re doing what’s right for your child, which is always a noble cause.

          • Justin and jindc, I appreciate the kind words. General reaction among friends/colleagues/neighbors is diametrically split between (paraphrasing) (i) “It’s about time! Haven’t you endangered your child for long enough living in Columbia Heights? You’re just lucky you aren’t all dead!” and (ii) “Selfish traitor! How will DC schools ever improve if involved, educated families continue to flee to the suburbs? You’re everything that’s wrong with this country. Enjoy Applebees.”

          • Did Crestwood officially get kicked out of the Deal-Wilson feeder? Crestwood was my ideal location (from a transport/commute-urban amenities-suburban yard perspective), if I ever opt to procreate. I’d have the option of Deal-Wilson, and it’s also close enough to plenty of great private schools (if I ever started making big money) 😀
            I think Bowser killed the Golden Goose on that one.

          • Crestwood was initially slated to lose Deal/Wilson feeder rights, but I believe that was reversed recently. We have friends with kids in the area, and they were ecstatic (though there may be some sort of grandfathering factoring in – I’m not sure if you moved in now, without kids, your eventual offspring would go to Deal).

          • justinbc

            dcd, on that note, I will say that I keep expecting DC schools to get better because more informed people are staying in the city and having kids (although the stats show that the majority still move away after their 1st) and keeping them in the schools. It’s going to take years of continued growth and resilient parents though, and I think most just don’t have the will to tolerate anything but “the best”. Personally, I went to a pretty rough school, so for me DC would be an upgrade, and I would want my (purely theoretical) child to experience a bit more diversity. I don’t like posh learning environments, it takes some of the unpredictability out of being a kid.

  • Rant/Rave: Made my first appointment ever with a dermatologist for a couple weeks from now. I figure that as I head into my late 20s, it’s probably time…my face has been a mess for years anyway so I guess a professional is a good idea. I just don’t like the idea of being told I have to shell out $$$ just for skin.
    Rave: Hair appointment tomorrow to get more pink in my hair, and hopefully eliminate some of the yellow tones and make it overall a bit blonder.
    Rave: Today’s the first day I get to leave work at normal time because I’m finally done making up time from snow days/delays at the beginning of the month!

  • Rave: No hangover today!
    Rant: Still drank more than I should of last night.
    Rave: I start back at working out this weekend!

  • emvee

    Rant: Finally took ugly pregnant mermaid bridesmaid dress that was made by small children in China to get altered.
    Rave: I walked in saying, “I don’t want to spend a lot on this dress because it’s horrible, but I also need it to fit me.” The woman (Cheryl Lofton in Shaw – highly recommend at least for customer service, haven’t seen the final product yet) worked with me to see what the least amount of work we could put into this travesty was to make it wearable. $58! Down from $160!
    Rant: Inexplicably fell (sober) in my brother’s kitchen last night and slammed my back against a drawer pull
    Rave: Yoga tonight at Buddha B for my sore back.

  • skj84

    Rave: Decided not to buy the hotel mattress. You guys put visions of bedbugs in my mind! Thanks for the advice. I think i’ll just purchase a topper until I have the budget to buy a good mattress.

    Rant: I feel like I blew a big interview. I had 4 phone interviews yesterday. My third one asked me to come in person the same day, which was great. However it ran into my final phone interview, which was the position I want more. Instead of being at home with my laptop in front of me, I had to conduct the interview while walking up and down Connecticut ave. I wish I at least had run into a coffee shop.

    • Re: the mattress topper – just make sure you get one that’s at least 3 inches thick and you should be set!

    • epric002

      we bought the Sleep Joy 2″ ViscO2 Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper on amazon and loved it so much we bought another one for another bed.

  • Rave: Had a fairly spectacular work day yesterday, involving analysis of some of my favorite issues in a special place. Without providing too much other identifying info about myself than this, I’ll just say that I was totally dazzled by Justice Breyer. What an amazing mind he has, and what delivery! Also, hearing the Young v. UPS decision in person was incredible.
    Rant: Feeling somewhat despondent today about my move, which is corresponding timing-wise with a lot of other big life sh-t that is complicated and heavy. I’m spending a lot of energy just trying to avoid openly weeping at my desk. I’m absolutely dreading breaking the news of my move to my closest friends because I expect them to fight me on it. I really need their support but don’t expect to get it.

    • justinbc

      That sucks, hopefully they don’t make it about them!

      • Thanks, Justin. I think it -would- be about them, but they will likely frame it as disapproval of me conceding to make the move, as if I’m some kind of passive pushover. I’m not — this was a thoughtful decision I made methodically alongside a supportive, collaborative partner. The move is likely to be harder for me than it is for him, but it’s the right move for us as a family. I think my friends recognize I’m not a pushover, but can’t really put themselves in my shoes here, so they may default to this position anyway.

      • +1
        I support you! One friend down, just a few more to go… 😀

    • I hope your friends surprise you (in a positive way) with their reaction to your news. I wonder if it would help as you share your family’s decision to also let them know what you need from them (support for you during the process, etc).

    • I had the chance to see Justice Breyer speak last year; he is SO incredible. His mind just blows me away. Glad you had such a great day 🙂

    • Blithe

      What an awesome rave! It’s nice to be dazzled at work every now and then! 🙂 As to your rant, can you take off a few hours and go somewhere and bawl? I hope that if you’re open about needing support from your friends that they can hear that — and come through for you. And maybe even plan some nice rituals to help all of you with this transition.

      • “Can you take off a few hours and go somewhere and bawl?” I would love that and probably need it, but it’s not really feasible today. I’m just going to have a good cry this weekend. Maybe I can try to crowdsource some good rituals here? I’m almost too overwhelmed at the moment to even think about what I can do to try to feel better.

        • Blithe

          Mmmmm — maybe coming to the Rockville field trip with some of your PoPville friends to process and brainstorm on Saturday? 🙂 – I’ve lived in, and left, several cities, and what helped me a lot was making a point of doing ordinary-ish things, One Last Time, so that I could savor them a bit. I had a couple of friend-groups that met up regularly to hang out — and I arranged to go to the same old neighborhood places that we usually went to — so I could say goodbye to the places and some of the people who worked there as well as to the ritual of hanging out on Fridays with particular friends. I visited the spots where I liked to sit and think, and regular stops — like shops where I always used to chat a bit to tell people that I was leaving, and how knowing them made my life easier/better. I took One Last Walk by the river, one last trip to donate books to the library….. I really didn’t want any special good bye parties — but did want to re-visit places that were regular parts of my experience in each city. I also added some field trips — alone and with others — to places that I always planned to visit, but never managed to squeeze in, so that along with the re-visiting, I had some new experiences too. Those made a nice bridge to even more new experiences in my newer city.
          — Another bit was making specific plans to keep in touch — even as I acknowledged that things would be different, and not all plans would actually happen. The short version is to do whatever you need to do to acknowledge and respect your own losses and transitions, and consider keeping a journal, so you have a safe place to dump and celebrate all of the changes you’re going through.

          • I love each and every bit of this and am saving it as a note to myself so I can look at it when I am trying to figure out how to spend some spare time. I really wish I could join you all Saturday, but am begging off because I’m already over-scheduled for the day. I love the idea of going to Rockvile, especially with you all, but rarely feel like I have time to get out there 🙁

    • I Dont Get It

      Your rave sounds amazing! Sorry about your rant, we are all pulling for you!

      • Awww. Thanks, IDGI!

        • I Dont Get It

          Think of the Meyer Lemon 😉

          • ALL of the Meyer lemons!!!! And you should have seen the freaking cauliflower I saw at the farmers’ market there. I couldn’t believe it. Imagine broccoli rabe-style cauliflower. It made me wonder if what I think of as cauliflower is a genetically modified frankenfood while “real” cauliflower is actually super gnarly and wild looking. Either way, I WANT that cauliflower!

          • I Dont Get It

            Yes I lost my s on the way to work. Yes the produce there sounds amazing!

    • special_k

      Sorry you’re feeling down about the move. When you tell your friends, perhaps squeeze in a sentence or two about how hard this is for you and you really need them to be supportive, even if they’re bummed out by the news. I don’t think they’d want to intentionally make you feel bad, but they’re just expressing how much they like you when they yell, “Don’t go!” and grab hold of your leg to keep you from leaving.

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 It’s because they love you. Hopefully they will push aside their sadness after the shock and will be excited for you.

      • You guys are too sweet and I -hope- you’re right. I’m also hoping to sweeten the pot for them by giving them one more reason to visit my beautiful new city. A free place to stay in a great US city is a nice thing, no?

    • Shawess, sending you big hugs! And I get the hesitation with your friends. I think you can tell them point blank that you have mixed feelings about the move and that you need their support. You shouldn’t have to process their feelings about losing you while dealing with your own (I feel strongly about this issue given how some people reacted when a dear friend moved a couple years ago). Just put it right out there that you *need* them in your corner.

      • “You shouldn’t have to process their feelings about losing you while dealing with your own.” Thank you, Artemis. This is a really insightful point and makes me feel like I’m a bit off the hook. I’ve definitely been trying to process all of the feelings here and and that’s not really working out.

  • Rave: Awful, horrible old woman who drove three assistants in a row that she worked with to quit was just fired/quit. Unfortunately it was just a few weeks after the last of those assistants left, but ding dong the witch is dead!

    • Is this the woman we’ve talked about before or someone else? If it’s the former, I’m glad I don’t have to have long, incoherent phone conversations with her anymore!!

      • Oh, the 受付 one? No, I think the one you’re talking about is still here (although there are rumors that she’s on her way out too). She’s sweet and incredibly genki, just… impossible, can’t understand her at all, and she can’t really do her job anymore.
        This other woman was just downright nasty and awful. So glad she’s gone.

  • If you lost your keys (3 keys with a Gold’s Gym keychain) in dupont circle this morning I left them with the front desk person at the lobby of the building on 19th and M

  • Rave: dinner with my sister tonight. She’s awesome.
    Rave: my birthday was this month, so my free Rent the Runway birthday dress is arriving tomorrow. I’m kind of obsessed with it, it’s gorgeous. I might wear it all weekend. Versace at brunch? Why not.
    Rant: I have a ton of work to do and I’m pretty much freaking out and trying to do all of it at once instead of prioritizing it and working sanely.

    • skj84

      Rent the Runway does free bday dresses?! Good to know! And yes, rock the glam gown brunch!

      • epric002

        holy cow- how do you get the free birthday dress? mine’s next month!!!

      • Well, I should say “free” birthday dress. If you join pro, which is worth it for the birthday credit alone, not to mention the free shipping and insurance on all your orders, you get a $50 credit to use the month of your birthday.
        I’ve been to a number of weddings in the past couple years and I’ve rented probably 6 or 7 dresses and had great experiences with all of them. My dad even told a woman at his gym to try RTR because he knows how much I like it.

    • +1 to Versace at brunch and happy belated birthday!

    • Afternoon rant/hilarity: my leather skirt made an extremely embarrassing noise when I sat down in my boss’ office. Think whoopee cushion-esque.
      I said nothing.

  • That One Guy

    Rave: Going to pick up some donuts from Sugar Shack tomorrow. Can’t wait.
    Rant: need to limit caffeine intake. No bueno.
    Rant: need to start exercising. Ugh.

    • justinbc

      I don’t know if you’ve had them before, but I found them terribly disappointing. If you’re in DC I would highly recommend Astro over them (but if you’re in VA it seems like they’re at least better than KK / DD).

  • Rant: The family who lives above our condo. I’ve asked the board to check their carpet coverage, but this kid just keeps on screaming. I’ve never heard such a consistently unhappy toddler in my life. How early to people put their kids in day care?

    Rant: I’ve got some work beefs that I can elaborate on, but I am getting sick of my working environment, coworkers, and management styles. Over it.

    Rave: Almost the weekend, right?

    • I read a really interesting thing on the internet a while back written by a mom who was writing to “another mom” she observed having a really bad day with her kid. It sort of re-opened my eyes to how hard it must be to be a parent (which is EXACTLY why I can’t/won’t do it). I now genuinely feel awful for parents who have difficult kids. And from speaking with co-workers, if their kid has behavioral issues, daycare might not be an option. Adding these folks (and you) to my prayer list. It’s gotta be really tough. And I know you’re just ranting. I totally feel for you.

  • Rant: Washing machine broke down, air conditioner broken (window unit), security system beeping at me and ADT can’t tell me why, bathroom sink won’t drain. I love spring.
    Rant: Busboys and Poets in Takoma, you need a new cook, at least for the breakfast crowd. I understand grits may be hard for you but messing up eggs is criminal. Haven’t tried lunch or dinner yet. I’m too afraid.

    • Are there batteries in the alarm? Those could be the being ala smoke detectors.

    • If you’re at B&Ps in Takoma for dinner, you have to try the cherry pie for dessert. It is divine. I find their drinks about $1 too expensive for the area, and their dinner is ok.. still getting their sea legs.

  • Rant: I finally had to upgrade to Word 2013 at work, and I do NOT like it. Why are so many things that used to be in mixed case now in all caps??

  • Thanks Anon Spock, the system should be giving me a low battery code but its not. I’m going to replace them all anyway.

  • Rant: Mom came down with the flu last night and cannot get on a plane this evening, therefore girl’s shopping weekend is cancelled.
    Rave (I think): Drowning my sorrows in McDonald’s fries and Easter candy.

  • RAVE: Booked stuff for 3 days in Playa del Carmen and 4 days in Tulum at the end of April. So excited to be sleeping next to the ocean in a thatch-roofed hut and driving a ragtop 4WD Jeep in Mexico 😀
    RAVE: Booked for my next work trip to Switzerland the week after I’m back from Mexico. 7 days in a luxury hotel ain’t bad! 😉

  • bluemagnolia

    Question: long time reader, occasional poster:) I’m feeling empowered to make my own kombucha and am looking for a scoby! Does anyone here have one that they would be willing to part with? Thanks!

  • Rave: I have finally managed to placate my feline overlord and she is sleeping.
    Teleworking has become awfully challenging as of late because often she wants my attention and I can’t really provide it when I’m working. Sometimes I have to shut her in my bedroom, which is far enough away that I can’t hear her (presumably) meowing in protest.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I am teleworking today and both cats are shut in the bedroom. And quiet. They seem to be able to find some unknown key on my keyboard that locks the whole system up when they step on it. Don’t feel bad all they do is sleep anyway.

      • Yeah, I imagine that she probably sleeps most of them time when I’ve shut her in my bedroom, and wakes up only when she hears the stairs creaking and knows I’m coming up.
        If I don’t shut her away, though, it seems like she’s awake practically ALL DAY on a teleworking day. I’m like, “Umm, aren’t you supposed to be sleeping 16-20 hours a day?”

    • epric002

      i don’t have cats, but on the rare day that i get to work from home, i make a point to have a good exhausting play session w/formerly foster puppy before i start working. and i’ve also taught him the command “all done”, which we usually use when playtime is over, but i’ve discovered actually works really well when he starts bugging me and i’m busy with something. if you give cat a good play session first perhaps she’ll be more willing to nap? and can you teach a cat something like “all done”?

      • justinbc

        Unfortunately, most cats DGAF.

      • Epric002 — I do try to give her a good bit of attention first — brushing her, petting her, having a play session with a toy — but usually she still wants more. (Getting her a feline playmate isn’t an option, because she doesn’t like other cats.)
        She’s more likely to fall asleep after I give her some wet food, but even that doesn’t always work.

        • epric002

          ehhh, then if you’ve given her plenty of attention i wouldn’t feel guilty about locking her in another room. you gotta do what you gotta do!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’ve been trying to teach Donna the word for supper, she DGAF about the word, she just wants the food. Ashlee knew “movie assy” meant she was in the way and needed to move. I don’t think Donna is quite that bright.

        • I think my cat has learned the word “dinner,” as well as learning how to manipulate me into feeding her wet food more than once a day on telework days. I used to be much stricter… but she also used to be easier to manage.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I used to be way stricter with Ashlee. I let Donna do what ever the F she wants. What happened to me?

    • I really wish that I a) could telework and b) had a cat! They can make it really hard to focus though…

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m teleworking and Donna is a dream. Sometimes she gives me a nasty look when I disturb her nap (her bed is by my feet), but usually she just sleeps all day. She just woke up and is snacking on some grass. She’ll go back to sleep until this evening when she will send gibberish IMs to my partner on the late shift.
      I lucked out with the best cat ever when I found Donna 🙂 [except this morning when she had to re-arrange the litter box for hours.]

      • epric002

        i’ll take litterbox re-arranging over butt-licking 6 inches from my head any day! while husband has been out of town the dogs have been allowed to sleep with me, which is not usually bothersome, until they both decide at 3am that their private parts need an intense 15 minute cleaning session. as soon as one finishes the other decides to start up. ARRRRG!

        • Emmaleigh504

          hahaha yeah that’s no fun. But it reminded me that last night Donna climbed over me to get her pre sleep head scratches, except she has short stubby legs so she fell on my head. A big belly flop on my face. And since it was comfortable, she stayed there. And since she’s spoiled, I let her. 🙂

        • Hahah! So frustrating but so funny. My dog isn’t a big licker but my parents’ dogs are the LOUDEST sleeping companions. Someone is either licking or coughing or needs to move 85 times.

          • epric002

            mine are only nocturnal lickers! UGH. and a big part of the reason they don’t sleep with us when we’re both in bed. the beagle buddy who stayed with us for 9 months was the worst. he liked to sleep under the covers at the foot of the bed. but then he’d get hot and want out. and then he’d get cold and want back under. repeat ALL NIGHT LONG! he did not sleep with us very often.

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