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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Holy potholes Batman!
    Rave: Told I did well even though I was stuck in some bad spots. Finally getting the hang of this thing!
    Neither: Crazy dreams! Former ladyfriend and kids wrestling.
    Rave: Nutritionist told me to eat more and add fat. Best diet ever!

    • I’ve been thinking about going to a nutritionist, would you be willing to share a recommendation? I feel like the less/better I eat the more I weigh, so I’m getting something wrong.

    • Re: your first rant – driving on Bladensburg Rd on Sunday, ran over a pothole, and it popped my tire! Seriously DC, get it together.

      • That sucks. Luckily I’m in the same roads daily, so I know where they are. The hwy, byway, everywhere! Ugh!

  • Rant: The commercial strip along Wisconsin Ave in Tenleytown just seems a tad tired/uninteresting. I wish there were better restaurants, stores in that area.

  • Rant: I’m really sleepy, and I’m chilled even though I’m buried in sweaters I have come to hate, and I want to eat eat eat even though I’m not hungry. GO AWAY, hibernation instinct!!
    Rant: The new (?) trend of matte paintjobs on cars. I don’t like it.
    Rant: Need to have work done on the house (plaster and paint, and some plumbing) and I just don’t want to fucking bother. I don’t want to deal with contractors, I don’t want to arrange to work from home and then get dicked around on the scheduling, I don’t want to write the checks, I don’t want to argue with my spouse about the wall color.
    I could go on. It’s one of those days.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: I went to bed (accidentally) at 8 last night, and I’m still tired. Either I’ve caught Emilie’s sleeping sickness, or I’m coming down with something.
    Rave: I’m feeling pretty warm and fuzzy about my job these days. Even though I get frustrated about my pompous, micromanaging boss and the lack of communication in our division, it is a pretty great job.
    Rant: I want to buy a couple of chairs for the living room, but it’s hard to find exactly what I want at the price I want to pay.

  • Rave: I’m in love with my pedicurist, but now I need to learn how to speak Vietnamese… Any course suggestions?

    Rave: Had a good burger for a change at The Pitch in Petworth… Not a bad spot, though it got a little crowded during the last soccer match…

    Rave: Employer is granting us one day of work from home every week! Hopefully we get Friday or Monday in the lotto. This I need very bad.

    • Did you finally make a move? Rosetta but the Vietnamese embassy might offer something.

    • If they give you an option, take Friday as the work-from-home day.
      In 2015, there are five federal holidays on Mondays vs. two on Fridays 😉

      • Solid Advice! It looks like Friday is gonna pan out! I’m stoked even though Fridays are casual days which are usually one of the best days to come in…

    • Emmaleigh504

      Tread carefully, you can go from nice customer to creepy in the blink of an eye!

      • That’s the case with dating in general in my experience, but if I was a creep to her she wouldn’t say that she likes me and I’m handsome 😛

        • Allison

          Just some advice from a female former customer service rep………. always remember that until you receive explicit confirmation to the contrary, that may still be “customer service” talking.

          • Emmaleigh504

            +1 I’ve been pleasant and nice and smiley to lots of super creeptastic men b/c it’s my job to provide good customer service. I’ve also been pleasant and nice and smiley to nice customers who too it too far and became super creeptastic. But I smiled the whole time.

          • +100. Also keep in mind the cultural component here. Women are often expected to be nice, give good service and not say anything even if they are uncomfortable, ESPECIALLY if there is a language barrier.

          • I can understand that ideal, but my experience is far different. We’ve gone out on an outside date already.

        • She might if you’re tipping her?

    • Without Google Translate, my cross-cultural lover and I wouldn’t have been able to sustain (and rekindle) our long-distance affair, since we don’t share a language. Apparently we’re not the only ones. The Post just had an article about the misadventures of a couple using Google Translate to communicate: http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/love-in-translation/2015/03/13/759964a2-c773-11e4-a199-6cb5e63819d2_story.html. Good luck!

      • Awesome! I think it’s the exact challenge I need at this point in my life to take me out of the normal boring DC area routine. We talk in small simple sentences, it’s kind of refreshing.

  • Rant: I also meant to post a comment about the magazine/paper boxes that litter the sidewalks of DC. I know this was discussed on PoP just over 4 years ago, and at the time some of the comments seemed to suggest that these things would just go away “soon” because of the internet. However they are still around cluttering up our sidewalks.

    • I hammered away on the issue of these boxes with the city back then (mostly through Jim Graham’s office, so what did I expect?) I remember he raised some free speech issues, which made no sense as it is a public space issue, especially when they often block sidewalks, especially dangerous for those getting off the bus on 14th St. just north of Irving. Besides – over half of them are abandoned and junky. Then I just gave up.

      • If any are abandoned and junky, just collect them and arrange bulk trash pick up. Or grab them and drop them off at Fort Totten Transfer Station. The city ain’t gonna move them.

      • I saw a man violently kick one over last week in Mt Vernon Square, it went partially into the road. Clearly it wasn’t a full one!

      • Wow – 2009 for my efforts! DC govt. is useless. I think we need a guerrilla effort. here is the last, long and non-effective email on this subject from 8 years ago!

        —– Original Message —–

        From: Kelly, Alice (DDOT)

        Cc: Argo, Linda (DCRA) ; Klein, Gabe (DDOT) ; Jim Graham ; Howland, William (DPW) ; Bellamy, Terry (DDOT) ; Thommana, Jose (DDOT) ; Dubin, Glenn (DDOT) ; Ricks, Karina (DDOT) ; Kass, Jonathon (COUNCIL)

        Sent: Monday, November 23, 2009 8:03 PM

        Subject: RE: 14th & Irving newspaper vending machines

        Hi Ms.

        Gabe is correct that we will be moving soon to address those publisher boxes that are deemed to be dangerous obstructions in public space. If we are unable to locate the owner to abate the problem we will place a sticker on the box notifying the owner that they have 14 days to abate or remove. While this will not address all of the boxes in public space at the Columbia Heights Metro it is a beginning.

        Authority to regulate the placement of publisher boxes in public space was just recently transferred from DCRA to DDOT. Publisher boxes have really become more of a DDOT public space issue than a DCRA vending issue with the huge increase in the number of free publications. With regard to your question about treating free publications differently from for “profit” publications, the First Amendment protection is provided to the voice and not the method of transmitting the voice. “Free” speech is protected whether it is sold or given away. As it has been explained to me by those more expert in the First Amendment than I, even a New Homes Guide could be protected if it included a letter from the editor or an article advising on the benefits of home ownership or some such message protected as free speech.

        Next steps: we have researched best practices and worked closely with a wide range of stakeholders including representatives of newspapers, BIDS and community members to design regulations that address the First Amendment concerns of the publishers while regulating the safe placement of publisher boxes in public space. The new regulations will require a permit for companies placing these boxes in public space and will create safety zones within which boxes may not be placed (i.e. access ramps, bus zones etc.). At this time we are not envisioning a fee or a permit per box but rather an annual permit and fee. The proposed regulations have been sent to the DDOT General Counsel for review and once they have gone through the various review processes they will be published for public comment.

        I hope this helps; if not please feel free to contact me directly.

        Happy Thanksgiving to all.


    • Are you talking about the metal (or plastic) boxes dispensing copies of things like the Express? If you think those boxes are “littering” the sidewalk, I’m guessing you live in a neighborhood that doesn’t have problems with actual litter — crumpled water bottles, empty chips packaging, empty candy boxes, used lottery tickets, etc., etc. I would be happy to exchange the latter for the former.

      • Though I guess I can see your point if the ones that irk you are “abandoned and junky.”

      • Yes, I do think they are littering the sidewalk…literally! Quite often the contents of these boxes spill out onto the sidewalk when they get tipped over either by vandals or by weather. And even if they weren’t actually littering the sidewalk with their contents, they do constitute a nuisance in terms of cluttering up the sidewalk.
        The first amendment issue which was raised 4 years ago by a few commenters is totally bogus. There is no first amendment right to permanently put something on the public sidewalk. If there was then none of us would be able to walk down the street due to all the signs, banners, ads etc. I would assume that the city requires a permit from anyone who wants to place these boxes on the sidewalk (in the same way that I would need a permit to place a dumpster on the street if I had construction work being done). If they don’t then they really should.

      • Your neighborhood doesn’t have a problem with litter. No, it has a problem with sociopath litterers.

  • Rant: I am so, so, so done with my job. I’ve been unhappy for a few years, but the last couple of weeks have just done me in. The work is great, but the people are just so damn mean and don’t value their staff at ALL. I really shouldn’t feel this miserable this early in the morning this often.
    Rave: I have an interview tomorrow! And if I’m offered the job, I’m going to take it as long as it’s not a pay cut.
    Rant: I hate my current job so much that I will take *anything* that doesn’t require a pay cut because it probably can’t be worse.
    Rant: I can’t think of another rave.

    • Are you me? I have the exact same rants. Good luck with your interview tomorrow!

      • Similar situation. I don’t hate my job, but I am over it. No growth left. I am willing to take a pay cut to work somewhere that is more aligned with where I see myself in the future. Last job I interviewed for said they’re still interested in me so I hope to hear some good news soon.

      • Thanks! Good luck to you guys on finding a way out too. It just plain stinks to spend so much of one’s life in such an ucky environment.

    • I’m in the exact same boat. The upper upper management, I’m fully aware, has no idea how to run a business. It drives me mad, I wake up every morning real bummed about going to work. it’s the worst!

  • Rant: I am not awake today. My head is in such a fog this morning.
    Rant: The jack hammering continues outside of my office. I really wish I had the option to work from home.

  • Rant: Depressed, irritable and mad. I feel like I’m in a deep dark hole.
    Rave: French class starts next month. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do and hopefully, it’ll help my depression lift.
    Rant: Is it spring or winter? I can’t tell with this weather.
    Rave: Getting some work done this morning in spite of mood.

    • Where are you studying? I spent a couple years at the Alliance Francais — working in a couple of trips to France — and really enjoyed it. It is a lifetime project but just mastering a few basics is very satisfying..
      Bon chance!

      • I’m taking classes at the Grad School. They’re from 6 to 9 after work so I hope I’ll be safe coming from L’Enfant Plaza at night.

        • Not sure if your concern is on the L’Enfant end or the other end, but if it’s the former — you’ll be fine going from the Capital Gallery building into the L’Enfant Metro. The building is practically on top of the 7th and D exit, and all of the classes let out about the same time.

    • I think it’s Sprinter – the time of year that you need a heavy jacket in the morning, a light one at lunch, an open light one when headed home, but no heat in your house if you live in a large condo or apartment building.

      • Emmaleigh504

        The heat is still on in my building! They don’t change it by the date, they turn off/on by the temperature outside 3 days in a row. Works so much better than using a random date. Bernstein FTW! I totally need to find a good Sprinter jacket tho.

        • I have heat in my building too. I hate this time of year in terms of clothing. I never know what to wear. It’s cold outside in the morning, my office is hot in the morning and starts freezing in the afternoon. When I get home, it’s hot to me cause of all of the stuff I wore in the morning. I just want Mother Nature to make up her mind.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hope the French classes and extra daylight this time of year help you get out of the hole.

  • Rant: Co-workers on both sides of me are out with a stomach bug. I swear to All that is Good and Holy….
    Rave: Both of them out means I can allow Pandora to go ahead and think I’m a melodramatic high school girl in the mid to early 90s.
    Rant: Ward 4 candidate door knocking last night with a neighbor I really like. Though her incredibly poorly made flyer shows decent qualifications, the conversation we had was awkward and disappointing. I’ll give her qualifications a second look, but once again, not thrilled.
    Rave: Puppy has been super adorable lately. Not that she ever wasn’t. But she’s getting funnier and funnier the older she gets.

    • Brightwoodess (and other Ward 4 residents) — There’s a Ward 4 candidate forum tonight (Tues. 3/24). The info:
      Location: Peoples Congregational Church – 4704 13th Street NW (13th & Crittenden)
      Moderator: Colbert King, Washington Post Columnist
      Participating Candidates: Acqunetta Anderson; Leon T. Andrews, Jr.; Renee Bowser; Judi Jones; Edwin Powell; Doug Sloan; Brandon Todd; Dwayne Tolliver
      For information on candidates and their responses to questions from the community, see http://www.Ward4CandidatesInfo.com .
      (I don’t actually live in Ward 4, but I live close enough that I subscribe to the Petworth Yahoogroup.)

  • epric002

    rant: rude people on metro this morning. when i said “excuse me” before i sat down, it was so you would move your giant purse and close your damn legs so that i actually had room to sit, not just for you to say “go ahead” and continue to take up a seat and a half. and then i got schwacked by a backpack wearer. grrrrrr.
    rant: dishwasher. still. they’re bringing a new part on weds and have agreed that if this doesn’t fix it they’ll refund part of what i’ve already paid.
    rant: the airline crash in france this morning. so awful, and gave me a momentary fright as husband and FIL are traveling b/n france & germany this week.
    rant: this weather.
    rant: too many rants.

    • Yeap, husband and I took this airline twice around christmas between Austria and Germany and Italy. Can happen any time. sigh

  • Andie302

    Rave: Great trip! Good food, good company, and a great time despite crappy weather.
    Rave: Tulips that I planted last fall are coming up. I’m so excited the squirrels didn’t get all of them!
    Rave: I’m nearly through missed work emails and it’s wonderful to be on a team that covers for one another and doesn’t freak out over nothing.
    Rave: Friend that I was visiting asked me to be a bridesmaid
    Rant: but the wedding will be in NOLA, potentially along with the bach. party, and shower in Delaware. I thought I was past this stuff.
    Rant: We’ve already passed on the labia dress after some preliminary bridesmaid dress shopping yesterday. This is especially helpful since she’s thinking pale pink. (Sorry SKT!)
    Biggest rave: Good to get home to a certain someone 🙂

    • Welcome back, Andie! And I think I can speak for a bunch of us when I say Bring On the Bridesmaid Stories!

    • I’m glad there are still some reasonable people out there who decide against the labia dress!

    • I just joined up here recently so please excuse my ignorance, as this is obviously something you’ve discussed before…but that dress wouldn’t happen to be the godawful Vera for David’s Bridal one shoulder monstrosity that looks like female genitalia all over the skirt would it? Because if so…I am so, so sorry that you had to experience that moment of panic that you would possibly have to purchase and wear it.

      • It’s the Vera for David’s Bridal Strapless Crinkle Chiffon Dress with Mikado Sash and that moment of panic turned into a reality for me. SIGH.

        • Accountering

          It’s. So. Bad. I just google image searched it, and no one looks even remotely happy to be wearing it. I am particularly partial to the picture of the six bridesmaids wearing it who are all covering their face with their flowers.

          • Hahah, I’ve already decided that I’m only taking pictures with at least one other bridesmaid in it so people don’t think I picked that dress on my own!

      • Accountering

        This just may be the same one. SKT actually did have to purchase/wear it for a wedding later this year if I remember correctly. The thing is nasty, and no clue how it even made it past preliminary design. Once you have to wear this thing, first beer is on me, but pictures or it didn’t happen! 🙂

  • Becks

    Rant: Lady Carlotta cut my hands last night when we were playing. I must put those nail caps on her. Honestly, it looks like I have put my hands in a blender or joined a fight club.
    Rave: I am making bean and ham soup for lunch.
    Rant: I was so excited to plant seeds last weekend and now with the cold weather back, I’m not sure the seeds will make it!

    • Some seeds germinate better in cool weather (ex lettuce and other greens), others need the soil to be warm (tomatoes, peppers, etc) to grow.. If you planted tomatoes, for example, they will likely come up in May – still plenty of time to grow/blossom/produce tomatoes.

    • Allison

      Maybe you can use your gardening gloves to protect your hands during kitty play time?

  • Rant: Still cleaning up mouse shit in my house. Doesn’t seem to be as bad, but it’s still there – and new. WHY WONT THEY FALL FOR THE TRAPS?!
    Rant: Kid won’t eat, so maybe he knows about the mice? He hasn’t really eaten since Sunday.
    Rave: Positive things for my husband at work and with his law school applications – still waiting on 2 more.
    Question: anyone have a Dyson animal cordless vaccuum cleaner? I’m thinking of getting a new vacuum cleaner – ours sucks (har har har)

    • epric002

      vacuum- miele all the way! it does great w/our 2 dogs, one of which sheds a lot.

    • Usually when our kids stopped eating it was an early indicator of a cold that hit about the third day. Keep an eye out and don’t stress if (s)he seem lethargic or cranky, stock up on Tylenol.

    • I don’t have that particular Dyson, but I do have a Dyson and I love it. We’ve had it for almost 4 years and it still works great.

    • I have the Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim. I love it, but I also live in a small apartment so if you have a bigger place, I’d go for a different model since this one only holds a charge for about 25mins.

  • laduvet

    Rave: Slowly recovering from 2 weeks of non-stop work and lack of sleep (conferences can be awful to the body!!)
    Rant: I need my eye baggy’s to go away and start lookin’ fresh! Ladies any eye cream recommendations??!!

  • Rave: This breakfast sandwich
    Rave: Coffee
    Rant: Why do planes keep crashing? 🙁
    Rant/Rave: My little bro is traveling to London w/ his soccer team on Friday. Praying for traveling mercies.

  • Rave: Learning how to graft tomatoes (via workshop at the Arboretum) – very excited about learning to graft!
    Rave: Third batch of kombucha fermenting on the counter– another successful experimentation in lacto-fermentation (catching a wild ‘scoby’ aka kombucha mother)
    Rant: Wish the house elf would spend more time cleaning (why were there dishes in the sink this am?) and less time hiding things like my keys and the pup’s leash.

    • Becks

      That sounds fun! If only the Arboretum was Metro accessible. I looked up the bus routes and walking around that area is kind of scary. I would love to take some gardening classes.

      • SouthwestDC

        DPR has gardening workshops at various rec centers, or at least they did last year. There’s also a series of classes going on at the Hill Center (though at $50 a class they aren’t cheap).

        • I took a few of DC DPR classes last year (permaculture, growing mushrooms, art in the garden) & would definitely recommend.
          UDC may still run a Master Gardener program, Common Good City Garden also offers classes during the year

      • Carpool! Post here and on whatever neighborhood listserve you have, say what class you’re taking and when and where and how much, and it’s very likely someone in your area is either signed up, or will be inspired to sign up.
        We carpool for tons of things… school, of course; trips to Wilson pool in the winter; outlet mall.

  • Rant: My dog has an ear wax addiction. Not being satisfied of trying to get wax out of the other 2 dogs’ ears, he is now trying to get it out of the cats’ ears. Unfortunately for him, the cats don’t like him waking them up and attack him. This doesn’t stop him from keep trying.

    • epric002

      is that what it is? formerly foster puppy sniffs and licks grouchy corgi’s ears sometimes and i thought he was just being a weird dog…

      • Sometimes the obsession with the ears can coming from a herding instinct depending on the breed. My sister has a miniature Australian shepherd that constantly tries to herd my dog by licking and nipping at his ears. My poor dog comes home with his ears soaked whenever we see them. But it could be just dogs being weird too.

  • Rave: New Brandon Flowers song.

  • Rave (?) – The move is inching closer to becoming a reality. Husband’s company’s counter-offer was what we needed it to be.
    Rant – All of the moving-related things.
    Rave – All of the sunshine and nice-city-related things.
    Rant – Still pretty grouchy.
    Rave – Puppy manages to make me smile all the freaking time.
    Rave – The Food Lovers Cleanse. I’m so stupidly excited to start this, and thanks to the person who recommended it. The recipes look amazing and it’s a good way to use a lot of the random stuff I have in my pantry.

    • Are you planning to sell or rent out your house?

    • Re: cleanse. That was me and yay glad you are enjoying it! I loved it! Though I kind of needed a bigger refrigerator to hold all the produce I bought to make all the recipes. I think I still have a lot of chia seeds left also that I have no idea how else to use!

      • The shopping list is -seriously- daunting and that’s the biggest reason I didn’t start immediately — I wanted a chance to purge our refrigerator first! The good news is that I already have most of the pantry items on hand (and could use a reason to use them up!). So I think I need to just buy everything else early on Saturday morning and break it down immediately so I can store it in the fridge.
        Re: chia seeds, I’m a huge fan! I make chia pudding a few times a week and also throw them into smoothies and baked goods. They’re great as a topping for muffins and quick breads. You can also make “chia eggs” as a substitute for eggs. They bind bake goods in almost the exact same way as eggs and are pretty much flavorless.

  • Found an Amazon Kindle at Banneker High School near tennis courts. It’s titled Sarah’s 2nd Kindle. Sarah- we have your kindle if you haven’t purchased a 3rd Kindle yet. feel free to claim from the lost and found at Pleasant Pops (1781 Florida Ave. NW Suite G).

    • I think i know whose this is! My friend Sarah got a kindle stolen from her car Saturday at Cardozo. Alerting her to your kind post!

    • So i just called pleasant pops and they say they dont have it….did you already turn it in??

  • Rave: Went to bed early last night and feel fully rested this morning.
    Rant: I forgot my lunch this morning and this is shaping up to be an exceptionally boring work week.
    Rave: Found a ton of old photos in my grandmother’s apartment. Some of them are very old and look to be my grandma’s parents and are really dark prints on a thick, metal-like material. I’m planning to spend some time going through them this weekend and maybe get them into albums.
    Rant: Trying to figure out whether to buy or lease a Subaru Impreza or Outback. I may only need it for the three years I’m in school since I will like by in NYC afterwards. Hmm.

    • I’ll be curious to hear what people say about Impreza vs. Outback because I’m looking at Subarus too. I have only owned (two) Outback wagons and LOVED them, but the last few model years have really changed. It seems like they are small trucks now 🙂 So an Impreza could be more like the Outback I loved so dearly.

      • Unless you really need all the extra space, I would go with an Impreza. Both cars have seriously ballooned over the years, so if you were fine with your older Outbacks, I assume you’ll do well with a current Impreza.

    • Buy a used one. Unless you’re getting a tax write-off, a lease is almost universally a bad deal. They will nickle and dime you on every scratch, dent, and stain. Anything over the annual mileage limit will be expensive. Resell the used car in a few years – Subarus retain their value quite well, IIRC.

      • This is what I’m leaning towards. My family leased the car that I drove for part of my college years but none of us drove very far or had any type of accident. For law school I will likely be doing a 6 hour drive fairly regularly so I’m thinking that used is a better idea. Thanks for the input.

        • Keep in mind that one benefit of buying or leasing a new car is that the car will be under warranty for the full time of your lease, or the first three years (at least) of ownership. You may think you are getting a great deal on a used car until something goes wrong and you have to drop a lot of money on a repair. One option is to go the “certified pre-owned” route. But I’m not sure the cars you are looking at have those programs. If you do go the used route, research the heck out of the make, model, and year car(s) you are considering. I did not find out until I needed a new transmission that the particular vehicle I bought used had a habit of developing transmission problems once a certain mileage was reached.

      • Andie302

        I agree with your assessment generally, but I was able to sell a leased car at the end of a lease to carmax for more than the buy-out value and pocketed what turned out to be about a $100/month rebate. Plus, they didn’t care about the condition or mileage. You could consider this option – it only works on cars that really hold their resale value. (In my case, a Toyota Tacoma extended cab…which, despite being a truck, I loved.)

        • So you bought it then sold it, right? I’m considering a lease, but I’m not familiar.

          • Andie302

            No – I leased it. Then, at the end of the lease, at turn-in time, I sold it to Carmax. Essentially it was as if I bought it for the buy-out amount, but they actually took care of the paperwork and I pocketed the difference because their value was higher than my buy-out amount. The bank that handled the lease didn’t care who bought it, as long as they got paid, and neither did the dealership.

          • Awww ok. That makes sense. Thanks!

        • This really is a speculative investment. The timing worked out for you, congrats. But we are in the midst of a massive sub-prime auto loan bubble, which is long overdue to implode. As auto financing contracts, there are going to be a glut of used cars hitting the market in the next few years, which is going to drive down used car values. My guess is that this scheme won’t work in 3 years’ time, as CarMax won’t be able to find a buyer of a used truck at a over-inflated price (due to cheap financing extended out on a 7 year term).
          Caveat emptor.

          • Andie302

            Agree completely – and I felt like the lease rate I was paying was fair. This just worked out really well, and is something I didn’t think about until I was approaching the end of my lease.

          • Accountering

            This is interesting, and a line of reasoning I have not heard before. I agree we are in a bit of a loose financing period, but if financing contracts in 3-5 years (which we can’t say for certain will happen) wouldn’t people no longer be able to buy new cars, and as such will have to hold onto their used cars longer?

          • Lots of misconceptions about leases on here. Yes, you may not “make money” on it, but a car is a losing investment no matter how you slice it. My dad has pretty much leased his whole life and never owed a nickel at the end of it. Yes, you generally owe like 15 cents a mile if you go over your mileage, but that’s why you monitor your miles. I leased a car 2 years ago because my car was getting old and wasn’t too reliable, but I knew I didn’t want a car long-term. I am currently 6,000 miles below my alloted mileage and when my lease is up I know I am going to get rid of the car and go car-free.

          • Andie302

            I agree with the comment above. I understood all the pluses and minuses and it still made sense. I leased with my ex who got upside down in his three prior cars because of crappy money management. He was happy to share a new car after having had unreliable ones, I was happy he wasn’t going to end up upside down at the end of it, and I found that the dealership went above and beyond with service (even giving us a free tire one time after running over a nail). Selling to carmax was icing on the cake, but for the financial situation at the time, it made sense.

          • Thanks, all. Ideally, I would like to find a good used option but if I can’t find something I like in the right time period, I’m open to a good deal on a lease. I work in transportation tech and kind of want the rear view camera in the new models… but that won’t be a big decision making point.

      • PDleftMtP

        A lease is basically buying the depreciation on a car. They figure out what to charge you for a three-year lease by guessing what the car will be worth in three years and financing the difference – to take a simple example, if they think your $25k car will be worth $15k in three years, you’re paying $10k plus interest, plus a bump for uncertainty, over the life of the loan.

        Now, can there be money on the table at the end of the lease? Sure. If the car is actually worth $18k, not $15k, you pay the $15k buyout and sell the car for $18k to recoup the difference. You haven’t made money, though – they calculated your lease payment assuming the car would be worth $15k, so you’re just getting back money you’ve already paid.

        When you look at it this way, you see the real reason why you always buy used if you’re just looking to make the best financial decision: the biggest depreciation happens when somebody drives the car off the lot for the first time. You want somebody else to pay that. Buying a used car in good condition is virtually always a better deal.

    • On your photo rave, could they be daguerreotypes? If so, be very careful with them.

      • I just looked up daguerrotypes and they very well could be. My grandma just had them piled in an old suitcase. Have you worked with them before? If so, any tips on handling them?

      • Quotia Zelda

        They may also be tintypes.

        • I just read a comparison of daguerrotypes and tintypes– I think they are tintypes. They are all loose and do not look damaged. They seem a bit heartier than daguerrotypes sound. The article says to use a magnet to prove if they are tintypes so I will try that this weekend. I know nothing about this so thank you both!

  • Rave: Warm cat on lap, being very sweet.

  • Rave: I’m eating chocolate pecan pie for lunch today.
    Rant: restructuring drama at work. No one knows what’s happening yet, but another director is vying to take me from my director. I’m very, very happy where I am right now and I don’t want to move, though I’m flattered I’m wanted. I have to wait til at least June to find out the results, it’s a massive company wide reconfiguration.
    Rave: It was so nice to go to bed early and catch up on sleep last night.

  • Rave: First 2k (rowing) test of the year went better than expected — no fainting, decent time.
    Rave: First day on the water!
    Rant: A cold day to be out on the water.
    Rant: Waking up at 4:30 is a bitch!

    • Becks

      I was on Crew in College and loved it! I looked into joining a team when I moved to DC, but realized that I wouldn’t be in good enough shape nor would I get up at 4:30 like I used to.

      • We have club that rows in the evenings that is a great way to test the waters, as it were. There are no required practices (though, practicing is encouraged), no practice at all scheduled for Fridays, and the condition levels range from “could be on the Competitive Team (the pre-dawn crew)” to “better suited to the club’s (frequent) happy hours.” It’s a good coach and a fun group. Capital Rowing Club. https://capitalrowing.org/crc/index.php/rowing-programs/club-pm-sweep

  • Rant: anxious to hear back about my two interviews
    Rant: my current place is such a clusterf*ck
    Rave: avocado chicken salad for lunch
    Rave: Less than Jake and Reel Big Fish are playing in Baltimore in June!
    Rant: nobody to go with. Any takers? I’ll drive!

  • Rave: Ran into friend in neighborhood I haven’t seen in too long yesterday and today on the bus – so fun to catch up
    Rant: Metro escalator repairs that are months later than posted
    Rave: Buying airplane tickets for upcoming trips – filling out the travel calendar – now to add work travel to the calendar.

  • Rave: Getting really excited to have a life back in five more weeks, aka actually having time to hang out with some friends and colleagues, perhaps start attending a fitness class before work, etc. Not quite as excited to be relocating for the summer a month later, but I’ll take what I can get.
    Rave: My (relatively) successful dating experiences seem to come about a year apart, so I guess it might be that time again? Maybe? ::shrug::
    Unknown: It seems like everyone has a case of the Mondays today, even though it’s Tuesday. I’m sorry all! I hope your days start looking up!

  • Rave: Over the Rhine. One of my favorite folksy, bluesy singing duos. I have two more tickets left at the (pretty much right up front) table I bought for their show at Ram’s Head in Annapolis on April 22. Two DINK couples (including myself) will be in attendance, if you’d like to join us. No DINK-y-ness required. Tickets are $33 each, but I’m willing to negotiate since I just plain want to have a nice night out and don’t care about the costs involved. Anyone interested?

    • Might be interested — have to check and probably won’t know until tomorrow. Get back to you via PoP then?

      • No problem! You can also just email me at brightwoodess gmail. (I finally registered on here. I feel so grown up.)

  • palisades

    The Argentine national soccer team is practicing at Georgetown U today. Anyone know the exact times?

  • Rant: Absolutely exhausted from work yesterday.
    Rave: Went to bed at 9 pm last night.
    Rant: Husband woke me up at 12:45 am from a bad dream – never really went back to full sleep after that.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: conference call with tech morons. This is NOT rocket science people! Hit the mute button!!!
    Rave: still loving the Farm series. I’m up to WW2 farm and fear this is the last 🙁

  • Goodbye, DC. Thank you to those of you that have made my years here enjoyable. Movers are coming tomorrow, and I won’t be back for a long time. I’ll miss you.

  • Dear POPville,

    A friend and I are planning a trip to London this June. What sites do you all use for airfare? Such a headache trying to find a decent price itinerary that doesn’t involve ridiculous layovers!

    • I’ve used kayak, but would love to hear more. I used icelandair back in the day, but I took a long layover to visit Iceland.

    • Convenient flights cost more. Especially during the summer.
      Look into WOW Airlines, which is a new Icelandic low-cost start-up flying out of Baltimore. You’ll have a layover in Reykjavik, but there are worse things in life to experience.

    • Emeriates is having a sale for pairs of tickets to Milan (then a quick flight to London?) – seats were crazy cheap for business class.
      Look at flying out of BWI or even Philly.

      • Nice, thank you!

        • I agree about Wow airlines, there is also Norwegian air if you can score cheap flights to New York.
          Another alternative, if you don’t mind indirect flights, is find the cheapest Europe airport to fly into from Washington and then get a budget flight from there to London (eg ryan air, easyjet, wizz air). My husband and I booked flights to Dublin in June for $770 for two weeks and will be doing a week in Ireland before going for a week to Portugal on ryan air and returning to Dublin for our return flight back to DCA.
          http://www.skyscanner.com is a great website and so is momondo.com I find their flights consistently cheaper than kayak.
          Good luck and enjoy your holiday!!

  • Rave: new mattress…. SOOOOO comfy
    Rant: almost impossible to drag myself off of comfy mattress this morning. being unemployed doesn’t help.

    • What mattress did you get? We’ll be mattress shopping soon, and I’m seriously leaning toward one of the internet-only options. Do folks have experience with Casper or Tuft and Needle?

      • Accountering has recommended Saatva (I think that’s the spelling) in the past. IIRC, Littlen and maybe another person have purchased Saatva mattresses on this recommendation.

      • I got a beautyrest mattress with the pillowtop — didn’t do that much shopping around because I had a beautyrest years ago that i really liked (was most recently sleeping on a cheap ikea mattress). it’s possible that this one is super comfy because the mattress i replaced was terrible, but i had a *great* night’s sleep, and so did my BF who is usually a terrible sleeper.

      • Yes, my Saatva bed has been great! Very comfortable and they had great customer service. 🙂

      • I’ve had a Tuft and Needle 10″ thick mattress for about a year and I love it. Would recommend.

      • Accountering

        Get a Saatva! It is a luxury quality mattress that you would pay $4000 for at a store, but they take out all the inefficiencies of mattress manufacturing, remove the middle men, remove the store room, and remove the sales commission, passing on the savings to you. The king size mattress I got for $1700 is amazing (I also bought one for my rental!)

        • I think I want to go with Saatva when I move off to school. Were you able to pinpoint really accurate deliver dates? That’s my only concern, as I will need the mattress to be delivered the day that I move up. Otherwise I am looking at a memory foam from Costco– but would prefer to try Saatva.

          • Accountering

            Yup, they do a great job. Awesome customer service, and if you explain you need a specific date, they will help you out.
            Not sure where you are going to school, but may make sense to give them a call and confirm though. They have a warehouse in Greenbelt, so that makes a DC delivery pretty convenient.

          • Thanks! Their website says that they deliver to the zipcode but I will call them as I get closer to the move.

        • Which firmness level did you go for? Do you regret not going firmer/softer? (I assume not given how happy you seem to be.) I’m debating between their “Luxury Firm” and their “Firm”.

      • Thanks to all for the suggestions! I will take a look at Saatva’s offerings.

  • Anonynon

    Rant: When friends know you so well, that the interpret everything you say as cynical.

    Rave: Have a long distance pen pal who is keeping me optimistic.

    Rave: I am looking forward to the changes coming up during the next year, maybe it can’t come soon enough

  • skj84

    Rant: The first email I see this morning is a rejection of my application. Not a good start to the day.

    Rave: it’s hair color day! I want to do something fun, yet workplace appropriate. Thinking about purple tips or maybe a streak.

    • epric002

      what kind of workplace?

      • skj84

        None yet. But if I end up somewhere with a conservative dress code I want to be ready. I’m doing red highlights. Still fun, yet not as extreme as the pink I’ve been rocking.

        • epric002

          enjoy! you are much more adventurous in the hair color dept than i 🙂

        • I think with your dark hair purple would be best, it’s bright but blends well. I used to have bright purple highlights, but in a layer of hair that didn’t show on top and that started a few inches away from my face. I never had to worry about roots and from the front you couldn’t really see them. I’m not sure you want to go that “subtle,” but it could be a good compromise.
          I’m jealous you can have fun hair in your industry. I dyed over mine when I started working where I am now, eight long, colorless years ago.

        • I’m always super partial to red 🙂 it feels so weird to not have any red in my hair now. Right there with you on the bright pink, though, this is the first time I’ve had that in my hair and I’m slowly really growing to love it!

        • Emmaleigh504

          Pink is my absolute favorite hair color. I swear Mother Nature meant to make me pink-headed at birth, she just forgot at the last minute.

  • Rave: Boss thinks I am doing an excellent job in my new position!

    Rant: Child next door throws tantrums CONSTANTLY from about 7am til 11pm. Just constant screaming and stomping. When he’s not having a meltdown, he’s running and screaming. We just bought this townhouse and had I known what was next door I would have moved on. I understand children make noise, but its just all out screaming all the time. He has no bedtime so he’s up later than we are carrying on. The noise makes it hard to hear the tv and enjoy our home, and the pounding vibrates through our walls and floors. You can hear him everywhere in the house. It’s worse than any apartment we’ve lived in with neighbors on all sides! We had to buy a white noise machine just to sleep at night. We don’t want to get passive aggressive banging on the walls (though we are close), but we feel akward talking to them because they seem nice, and we don’t want to ruin things with our neighbors only having been in the house for a short time. We also don’t want to be labeled as anti-kid. Any Advice?

    • “Any Advice?”
      Talk to your neighbor? They probably have no idea you can hear it.

    • I love kids, but I couldn’t deal with it. I’d definitely mention it asap. Be polite but firm. You deserve peace and some quiet.

    • SouthwestDC

      No advice, but I can empathize. When we lived in VA we had a neighbor whose kid would be outside screaming the entire day, every day. It’s pretty bad when you’re inside your own home at 11pm, with all the doors and windows shut, and you can’t even have a phone conversation without the person on the other end hearing it. We knew we’d be moving to DC soon so we didn’t do anything about it, but our dogs were traumatized from the experience and still don’t respond well to small children.

    • Becks

      Bad neighbors were locking their screaming 3 year old outside after 11PM. The kids (5-8 of them ranging in age from 3-12ish) were also out front screaming while the adults were drinking and partying in the back yard. The kids picked my roses, and were throwing the rocks in my front yard at each other and down the steps. I told them and they claimed no English, but had perfect English when I went to give them a letter than came to my house.

    • Uhh, talk to them? Do you think this is a problem you can magically fix without any communication with the offending parties?

    • Probably best to talk with the neighbors sooner rather than later — the longer you wait, the harder it’ll be to do it without outwardly conveying how frustrated you are.
      I was re-reading the original post and thinking… maybe the best way to bring it up would be to avoid the behavior aspect (tantrums, screaming) and focus just on the noise/volume, so that they don’t think there’s an implicit criticism of their parenting or of the kid? You could say that the noise carries, they probably don’t realize it, etc., etc., and just sidestep the issue of the _specific_ noise, the kid’s apparent lack of bedtime, etc.
      Maybe you could sweeten the whole conversation by bringing cookies or brownies?

      • Textdoc, you just reminded me — The NYT Ethicists discussed a similar situation and came to a similar conclusion! nytimes.com/2015/02/22/magazine/can-i-ask-my-neighbors-to-quiet-their-baby.html . Their conclusion was classic: “Speak softly and carry a stuffed animal.”

        • LOL!
          I’ll have to check that out. I haven’t been all that impressed with the Ethicist’s answers in the past, but maybe he/she got it right this time. 🙂

          • The Ethicists have multiplied! It’s much better now that they have a panel rather than a single person. Their podcast is terrific, but it’s the same content as in the magazine.

          • Interesting. I haven’t read the Ethicist(s) in a while — as you can see from my not knowing their increase in number 😉 — but the last time I did, the majority of the reader comments were along the lines of “Why are they paying someone to write this column? This is terrible advice.”

  • Rave: Fun weekend, good time with friends.
    Rave: Switched my afternoon coffee to a liter of water a few weeks ago and have felt better than ever.
    Rant: My lease expires 3/31, the unit is being offered to new tenants with 2 free months, but the LL refuses the same deal if I agree to renew, saying that’s against UIP policy. Seriously that’s financial idiocy!
    Rant: Looks like I’m going to be moving again after 1 year, ugh

    • Let me guess – they also want to increase your rent?
      Landlords are banking on the fact that you don’t want to deal with the headache of moving. Any chance you can sign a new lease for a different unit in the building? Or perhaps negotiate one month free?

      • You hit the nail on the head with both guesses. I said sure new higher rent works if you give me 1 month free on a 13 month lease, but without that my effective rent would be going up $600 per month…unbelievable all the work-arounds they’ve found on rent control.

  • Rant: Often there is no right or easy answer even when you desperately want there to be.
    Yesterday I saw a beautiful Canada goose hit by a truck. I couldn’t stop, but saw him flailing in the roadway. I love animals and I’m particularly attached to the geese by my work. I was a 1/2 block from my office, so I went there and called Second Chance, Animal Services, and a wildlife rehabilitator. I went back to search for him and finally did. His wing is definitely injured. I sent (bad) photos to the rehabilitator who said there’s no easy answer as to whether they should intervene. I’m not even sure she’ll actually go check on him. Depending on the injury, he could be euthanized or rehabilitated, but his mate would be left alone to fend for herself.
    He was still there this morning in the pond, but I can’t stop thinking about whether he’s suffering and what his fate will be if he can’t fly. There have been a lot tears. I get the whole circle of life thing, but sometimes I think I’m too sensitive for this world.
    Sorry for the sad story, but I needed to get it out of my head somehow.

    • A mockingbird with a broken wing has been hanging around our house for a couple weeks. At first he just ate what the other birds dropped from the feeder. Then he got strong enough to hop up, branch by branch, to the feeder itself. Now he’s fluttering from shrub to fence.
      I don’t know about goose pair bonds or collaborative chick-rearing; I just wanted to give you a happy story about an injured bird.

      • If there’s a perfect response to my heartache, it’s this. Thank you so much. Maybe I’m underestimating his ability to heal, adapt, and thrive. I’m going to go with that; it’s a happier way of thinking.

    • epric002

      i’m sorry- i know how upsetting that kind of thing can be and how it can really stick with you. i also get very upset by those kinds of things and tend to obsess over them. you did the right thing by reaching out (though i know it can often be even more maddening/depressing when they can’t/won’t do what you think ought to be done). though i’m not religious, i find the serenity prayer very helpful in situations like these. i also often feel better if i then donate/volunteer for a group that helps in those kinds of circumstances. perhaps you might feel better if you made a small donation to animal service or the wildlife rehabilitator in honor of this goose?

  • The Mudd House on 1700 block of M St NW looks closed for good

  • Rant: my coworker who at least once a day describes herself as, “so anal about [fill in blank]”. Yuck, I just cringe when I hear this. And now I have come to anticipate and dread it each day.
    Rave: Have job, even if it is just an 8 month contract.

  • RAVE: Woooo, confirmation that I’ll be back in Europe for practically all of May 😀
    Probably spending Memorial Day weekend in Berlin.
    RANT: Not heading to Japan, as I thought :-/

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