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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: pedicure, eyebrow threading and hair appt completed in the same week
    Rant: adult responsibilities like taxes
    Question: Popvillers can anyone recommend a health (life) coach/nutritionist/fitness guru in the area? I need a support person to help me with my healthy lifestyle/fitness goals.

  • Rave: Hopefully getting a massage this week.
    Rave: Officemates are pretty entertaining.
    Rant: Ppl cutting off buses. So many accidents narrowly avoided in my evening commutes.

    Question: I’m supposed to get in touch with the ladyfriend next month. How best to do it? Call, text, something else? I’m thinking call to get dinner and talk. This is my first rekindling, so I want to do it right. Anyone had a similar experience?

    • Are you on a break? This is a planned period of radio silence?
      I’d probably text and make it explicitly clear that you want to meet to talk in-person. Suggest a specific date, time, and place.

      • Yes. She (but I felt the same) broke it off because she was just out of a bad breakup and wasn’t yet healed.
        I told her I’d check in after a while, and she said she’d like to come to my tourney in May.
        I didn’t know if texting was too impersonal, so that makes me feel better.

        • FWIW, I always prefer to be texted. But I generally hate talking on the phone so this obviously varies from person to person — had you been texting or calling more with her before?

          • Emmaleigh504

            +1 I so hate the phone. Texting is one of the best inventions ever!

          • This really varies from person to person. Texting could seem a little impersonal in this context, but the advantage of text or e-mail is that the other person isn’t taken by surprise and has time to respond. Maybe text her specifically saying something like “Getting back in touch to see how you’re doing. Perhaps we could do dinner next week? I’ll call you tonight.” so as to give her a heads-up?

          • +1 to texting. I also hate talking on the phone and under these circumstances, it would cause me personally a lot more anxiety. However- if you mostly called before… that may be a better route.

          • We both work a lot, and we can’t take phone calls, so texting happened more by default, but we had plenty of awesome phone calls. I like textdoc idea as that would work perfectly with my hectic gym schedule.

          • special_k

            I’m not a big phone person either, but if something’s important, I prefer a call or email. Plus, I’ve read enough texting troubles on Popville to say text with caution! 😉

    • special_k

      My only suggestion is to not text. Good luck!

  • Rave: I’m thinking of tomorrow as the first true day of spring, since it’s supposed to be so nice!
    Rant/question: What in the world is going on with the bike land on 6th St SE? I can’t ride on it and end up having to ride on the street because there are so many potholes and terrible patch jobs. Does anyone know if this is on a list somewhere for DDOT to fix?

  • Rave: There has been an abandoned vehicle on my block for 2+ months. I finally get around to putting in a 311 Request to have it removed and as I’m walking down the street to get the tags/make/model info for the request form, Parking Enforcement pulls up with a tow truck to remove it! I feel like George Banks in Mary Poppins – Such service!

    Rant: snow? seriously?

  • Rant: My bracket.
    Rave: Happy hour with the bf’s coworkers and then Escape the Room tonight!
    Rave: Kindness and Pell show last night.
    Rave: Fiiiinally out of the funk I’d been in the past couple of weeks.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: I still don’t feel so great.
    Rave: At least I’m working at home today.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Being unemployed for the past two weeks has been a really good thing for me mentally.
    Revel: Have part-time work lined up and continuing to look for full-time and freelance opportunities. Friends and family have been super supportive.
    Revel: Dog bruised his back/spine pretty badly last week. Took him off the painkillers last night and he’s mostly back to normal movement. Yay for tail wags!
    Rant: Driving up to Upstate NY tomorrow by myself
    Revel: Mr. Squid will be there to meet me.

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Watched Empire’s season finale last night and it reminded of good old ‘80s primetime soapy suds! 100 percent cheese. Love it.
    Rave: Finally started watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Super fantastic!
    Rant: People who brag about getting upgrades on airplanes. Just sit down and go to sleep. No one cares how important you are.
    Rant: People who wear snow boots when it’s really not snowing.

    • Happy people are on the Kimmy Schmidt bandwagon. I spent a good 10 minutes at work laughing after reading a Buzzfeed list about how Titus Andromedon was you as hell. LOVE IT.

    • I Dont Get It

      YAY Kimmy!

    • skj84

      Empires finale was everything. Goodness what a roller coaster ride! I loved every minute. I watched the Kimmy Schmidt pilot yesterday. It was cute. Going to binge watch the rest of the series this weekend.

  • Aglets

    Rant: new coworker i can. not. stand. which is just making this already difficult place unbearable.
    rant: the non-profit next to us had a pipe burst in the freezing temps last month and they have to gut their entire building (which is essentially a huge, 3 (4?) story stand-alone house. I am sympathetic to their plight but thus far have shoved a huge double wide trailer down a tiny street (no no-parking permits or warnings to the people and businesses on the street to not park there) . They balls-out ran OVER a small tree which then someone (probably them) cut down. They are throwing debris out their windows which are near our windows….this whole thing is a mess.
    I can only rave: that tomorrow is saturday. And i might have to go get a donut after this crummy week.

    • It’s probably the contractors hired by the non-profit, or even by their insurance company, who are being bad. Can con contact the director and let them know what’s happening at their space, so that they can lean on the contractors to shape up?

  • Question: I’ve been toying with the idea of a full-day adventure for boy’s birthday: boating along the Potomac (either Georgetown boathouse or paddle boating in the Tidal Basin), lunch, a Nats game, and dinner/partying with his friends. What are decent lunch options for around the Tidal Basin on Saturdays? What are good restaurants that are good for groups around Nats Park, Barracks Row, or other easy to get to areas? Bonus if it’s wheelchair accessible. My other thought is white water rafting (his birthday is in April) – are there any good places nearby? We do have a car.

    • GiantSquid

      There are no lunch options near the Tidal Basin. Maybe pack a picnic?
      For groups, how big? 10 vs 20 is a sizable difference.
      Nats Park: Gordon Biersch
      Barracks Row: Ted’s Bulletin, Zest, Matchbox

      • I’m thinking like 10-15: I know he has several friends from his Army days, and 2-3 friends from high school. I haven’t talked to him about plans yet, but thought I’d give him a few options that are mostly/fully thought out. I’d have him give me names of who he’d like to invite.

    • I haven’t gone yet, but a few friends of mine love Agua 301 (in Navy Yard). If he’s into beer, maybe try to coordinate something at Bluejacket? They offer tours and tour + tasting packages, maybe you could see if they’ll reserve a spot just for your group. However, they get absolutely packed on game days, so that might not work out.

  • Rant/Rave: Thanks for all the advice, PoPville. After one last text to gauge interest with the fade out date and no response, I am letting it go. I’m still really bummed because double rejection, but it’s another learning experience. Deleted his number. This time, I’m really done.

    Rant/Rave: Had to tell the last guy I went on a good first date with that I am taking a break from dating, so I wouldn’t be up for dating him right now. He was so understanding. We left it open to hangout as friends without dating pressure. What a nice guy. It was nice to be pursued by someone.

    Rave: good weather tomorrow. plans to be outside and have a nice night out partying on Saturday. celebrating no more dating “F”boys

    • justinbc

      Sounds like a lot of good choices!

    • Pablo Raw

      I don’t understand why you decide to take a break from dating when you seem you have found a nice guy.

      • Accountering

        I agree with this. If you like the new guy, may as well give it a chance? I understand slowing down or stopping online dating, but just turning off completely doesn’t make a ton of sense to me. Isn’t the ideal scenario (perpetuated by movies and moms everywhere) to meet a guy at the grocery store or in line at Starbucks, or at a POPville HH or whatever? Seems you have to be open to meet people, if you are going to meet someone.

      • He’s a nice guy, but I”m just not in the mindset to date him. I also think that we vibed better as friends. I might feel differently later but this is where I am now.

        • Accountering

          Totally agree, if you aren’t into him, then certainly don’t force it. My inclination is that you always should be open to it, because you never know.

      • The heart is not the logical part of the body 🙂

        • Tell me about it. If I”m not into it, I’m not into it.

          • Wouldn’t it be more honest, then, to tell him you aren’t into him for more than friends, rather than tell him you are taking a break from dating but want to see him to hangout? That sounds like one mixed message to me.

          • By it, I meant dating. I like him, but not sure to what degree right now. I’ve mentioned this before, I have a difficult time being attracted to people. It’s a long process.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Isn’t that what dating is for? To see if you are attracted to someone? It doesn’t have to happen right away. Of course, hanging out as friends works too.

          • For what it’s worth, I met my boyfriend (who I’m head over heels for) at a period where I had sworn off dating. I had a bad relationship that I didn’t give myself enough time to get over, rushed into a “meh” relationship, had some of my own stuff that I worked through, and just wanted to do my own thing for a while. The first few dates I wasn’t totally into it, mostly because I wasn’t in the mood to “date”, but kept saying “yes” for some reason and took it slow. After about a month I was completely sold.
            Basically, if you like him don’t write him off right away. Dating had always been so stressful for me, which is why I wanted a break, but apparently with the right guy everything just came easily. Only you know really how you feel, I’m just super happy I didn’t push my guy off to stick to my “break” and let him go.

          • AnonAgain: that seems like where I am. after some bad experiences, I’m just not in the mood and mindset to date and be in a relationship. I know this guy is ready to be in a relationship and he deserves to date someone who is on that same page. I need to figure stuff out on my end first before I even consider that. I haven’t written him off but I will have to revisit this later.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Doing exceptionally well in my bracket so far, and yesterday’s games were amazing.
    Rave: Being able to telework yesterday and today.
    Final Reminder: PoP HH this Sunday at Black Jack. If you’ve never been it’s above Pearl Dive, there’s a separate door to the left of the Pearl Dive window. It’s a pretty large space up there, so if this is your first HH just look for me, I look like this: justinbc.yelp.com (I’ll be there around 4PM, the happy hour specials run until midnight)

  • Accountering

    Rave: Caps! Big win last night!
    Rave2: In the rebuilding of the back wall, they have determined that just building to the former property line will give us an extra 10″ or so. This is huge in a house where it is only 1200 sq feet (including the english basement). The extra 10″ will give us an extra 25 sq feet spread evenly across all three stories. Awesome!
    Rave3: Have 5 or 6 people coming to pick up bricks on Saturday. All arriving at 10:00am. It could be interesting, but I think it will work fine, as undoubtedly some people will no-show or be late.

  • Rave: I went dancing at Glen Echo last night and it still gets me pretty excited, driving not far from home, walking into a somewhat abandoned, mostly rehabbed, vintage amusement park full of arts programming. Then this morning I was asked if I would contribute to an article about it in a series on National Parks in a fairly large publication. So, now I’m extra excited.
    Rave: in swing dancing, when you say “I’m friends with the DJs” it doesn’t mean you hang out with a bunch of glassbowls.

    • Some friends and I have been considering going to Glen Echo to dance. Is it a wide range of ages (ie those below retirement age)?

      • There are a lot of different dance styles offered at GE, so it depends a little bit on which type you’re going to. Contra and Sunday waltz trend a little bit older then swing, and at the youngest end is blues. But, there is wide range of ages at all of those dances, especially Saturday night dances. There’s a large contingent of 20 and 30 something swing dancers, so if you’re concerned about being the youngest people there, don’t be.
        This Saturday the Jam Cellar, which is run by a bunch of late 20-30 somethings, is putting on a dance with Blue Sky 5. I would recommend checking it out.

    • *cough* I heard that!!

    • I love Glen Echo so much. The Friday night contras in the summer are some of the best dances in the mid-Atlantic. I have friends coming in from NJ, SC, NC, and DE all to dance at Glen Echo this summer. There’s something about the park that just makes it a mix of nostalgia and community.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: looking out the window and seeing no spring.
    Rant: spending the weekend in freezing/near freezing temps
    Rave: sports photography
    Rant: have to be up by 3:30 am 🙁

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Kind of in a funk today for no good reason.
    Rave: Time to start planning a Xmas trip home and another trip to Sweden so I can have something to look forward to.
    Rant: no trips this summer.

  • Becks

    Rant: Twisted my knee this morning on wet leaves, and am working from home today. Boss called and said he would need a doctors note as he has noticed this is a trend. Twice is not a trend! He didn’t even ask how I was!
    Rave: First Day of Spring!
    Rave: Chinese grocery store and lunch. Who wants to meet tomorrow or would next Saturday be better? One person suggested next Saturday. The store is called Great Wall Supermarket and is located at 700 Hungerford Dr. The restaurant is Mama Wok and is located at 595 Hungerford Dr..

    • Ugh — your boss sounds like a jerk.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Boo to your boss!
      I would totally like to go on a field trip with you. I have no preference for day.

    • Getting injured on Fridays, Mondays, or lead up to holidays is something ppl routinely do when they’re faking, so I understand his concern, but he should have been more tactful about it.

      • If he has so little trust in the people who work for him that he isn’t taking their word for it when they call in sick, IMO he’s got issues.
        Yes, there are some people who fake being sick, but to basically tell an employee “I don’t trust you”/”I think you might be lying” in a professional setting is not good.

        • Emmaleigh504

          And she’s still working, just from home. I don’t see why he would need a note at all.

        • I’ve noticed that people who accuse me of lying, bosses and others, are those who lie almost compulsively themselves. They just think that’s what everybody else does, too – they don’t get the idea of basically honest people, they think everybody else is just like then, who lie all the time to see what they can get away with. It may not even be personal to you.

      • Becks

        I understand the Mon/Fri/Holiday train of thought, but to say he would need a doctors note since he noticed this is a trend. This is the second time! He and I don’t get along, but he should be more professional than to hang up on me after telling me that he would need a doctors note. It’s not like I do not do my job. I am constantly looked over, even though I am the top producer in the department.

        • Are you a woman working in a male dominated office/industry? I ask because it seems the most likely to match up: doing the best but overlooked, being asked for ridiculous stuff, etc. I hope not but that’s a double suck if so.
          No, he certainly could have done it better, and you’re working from home, so yea, I don’t see how that is noteworthy.

    • I Dont Get It

      Whaat? How old is this “boss”

  • Rant: my school is a disaster. We still don’t have the necessary books for this novel study so now we’re shaking down parents for money at a title one school. Wtf.
    Rant: got in a stupid argument with a roommate that still has me reeling (not the one who posts here)
    Rave: interviewing with Arlington and Alexandria tomorrow. I really need one to work out,

  • Rant: The federal hiring process. My husband has been screwed over by the same position at the same agency twice now. It’s ridiculous.
    Rant: They’re going to announce the job again, but he needs to figure out what he wants to do about law school. One program offered him a lot of money, but it’s in a different city (where the job would be). It’s not the best program out there, but if he worked and went there at night, it’s ideal. It’s so annoying to know the hiring process is this bunk.
    Rant: MICE

    • Actually screwed over? Or just rejected?

      • Scrillin

        *Plays the world’s smallest violin just for the rejected veteran Federal job applicants*

      • actually screwed over. They selected him and then they waited too long to certify the selection, so it expired and had to be reposted. So they told him to reapply and they’d limit the applicants. He did, and nothing…radio silence. They hired two people, one who declined because they waited too long and one with zerp intel experience. So they’re reposting it for him. Again. So THAT’S being screwed over – or played with, whatever. Rejection is fine, he’s already a fed.

        • I hate to say this, but he needs to take a hint. They don’t want him. Otherwise they would have hired him already, instead of just letting his candidacy lapse and blaming it on “ooops, we forgot.” Especially considering that they’ve already attempted to hire two other people.
          They’re just yanking his chain in order to avoid a difficult conversation. He needs to move on to other opportunities.

  • Blithe

    Rave: Friday Question of the Day! I’m totally enjoying the stories!!!
    Small Rant: No one has described a Ruth Bader Ginsberg encounter yet. She’s totally my hero — so I’m hoping for a vicarious thrill or two!
    Query: Someone who posted earlier this week as Rant said that they’d post an update. I’m hoping that things are going well.
    Rave: I’m not the only one in PoPville who <3 Barbara Mikulski! She's awesome! I'd love to meet her in person, or have a Jimmy's sighting.

    • What was the subject of the rant?

      • Blithe

        As I recall (could be wrong) the person initially posted using the username “Rant” — about making 4 days straight without a hangover, and feeling good about it.

    • skj84

      I met RBG doing an opera. I super with WNO and she bumped my spot for one performance. Both she and Justice Scalia guested that night. And I have a Justice Sotomayor story as well. SHe was seated at the table next my friends and I for brunch once.

  • Rave: Finally signed up for an account after lurking for a verrrrrry long time!
    Rant: Really, snow?!
    Rave: Hair appointment after work, can’t decide between dying it a vivid reddish-purple with burgundy lowlights or starting the lightening process towards a pretty peachy/pinky shade. I’ve finally found myself in a job that I can do this and I want to take advantage of it!
    Rave: Yay Friday!

  • Rant/rave: The siren song of fast-food breakfast.

    • This craptastic weather deterred me from that this morning. That plus having almonds readily available at my desk…

    • Becks

      Check out Zombie Coffee and Donuts in Columbia Heights for your Siren Song. The donuts are really good, and the coffee is quite tasty!

  • I Dont Get It

    ​Rave: The new memory foam mattress topper on Wiccan Dog Sitters bed! The 20+ year old mattress in that room is incredibly lumpy and uncomfortable (I can’t get the mattress out of that room) but it now feels like a new mattress. That room used to be the master bedroom and has an incredible shower but I moved out of it due to that mattress. Maybe I’ll move back!

    Rave 2: Even though I don’t need the white noise machine sleeping in the back guest room (my bed is still broken in the *new* master bedroom) I thought I would use it to drown out Lizzie’s manic episodes between 2:00 am and 3:00 am. Coincidence or not but Lizzie has had no manic episodes since I’ve been using it. Maybe it’s soothing for her?

    Rave 3: I had a great phone call with IDGI SR last night. I really don’t recall what we talked about but I remember laughing a lot and feeling better about the world after I hung up. How luck I am to have a warm, loving, positive, funny, vibrant 85 year young father!
    Rave 4: It’s all Rave Friday!

  • Miscellaneous PSAs about stuff this weekend:
    Sat. 3/21, 10 a.m. – emergency meeting for Police Service Area 407 to discuss recent gunshots/gun violence in Petworth – Fourth District Substation, 750 Park Road, NW
    Sat. 3/21, 10 a.m. – Neighborhood Crime Watch Prevention Training – Senior Wellness Center, 3531 Georgia Avenue NW (corner of Georgia and Newton)
    Sun. 3/22, ~4 p.m. – unofficial PoPville happy hour – Black Jack – 1612 14th St. NW (14th between Corcoran and Q), above Pearl Dive Oyster Palace
    The happy hour runs 3 to midnight (!); organizer JustinBC will be showing up around 4. Happy hour includes “$6.50 whole pizzas, $7 huge burgers with side, $3 good drafts, $4 slushies, half priced wine BTG, discounted oysters, mussels, buckets of cheap beer if you’re into that, etc.”

    • My awesome basement tenant is going to be moving out. I fear the odds of my finding an equally great tenant are low.

      • I’m considering a move to live alone. Location and price? When is it available? Or you can email me at lesbianswhopop @gmail if it’s dog friendly.

  • Rave: First day of Spring!
    Rant: First day of Spring?
    Rave: Wonderful contractors and repairmen found through Yelp!
    Rant: The homeownership rule that things break in 3s.
    Rave: New pixie haircut!
    Rant: New pixie haircut and being called ‘Sir’ at Starbucks.
    Rave: Friday!
    Rant: Friday during Lent and craving some meat for lunch.

    • SPRING! LOL. And I had pixie cut too once but grew it out quickly after people began mistaking me for my guy friend.

  • Rave: Packed a wonderful breakfast and lunch for work today, inspired by everyone’s awesome meal ideas yesterday (and the things in my fridge). I can’t wait to get to some large-batch cooking this weekend using the recipes and sites you all suggested. In case you’re curious, my breakfast today was Greek yogurt (the 0% kind) with almond slivers and pink lady apple. Lunch is chicken salad made with diced rotisserie chicken, the rest of the apple and spinach ribbons, mixed with vegan mayonnaise, dijon mustard and pepper. Certainly beats nearby take-out options!
    Rave: major self-care weekend planned, including two exercise classes, acupuncture and (probably) a manicure.
    Rave: Already feeling less ranty just thinking about it.

    • Forgotten rave: puppy is learning new tricks like a pro and is being the sweetest little dude this week. Fully of kisses and snuggles. Fingers crossed that he holds it together this weekend in puppy preschool!

    • Love self-care weekends! They’re so necessary. Enjoy! 🙂

    • I Dont Get It

      Your weekend sounds great! Where do you get acupuncture?

      • Pekoe Acupuncture on 9th. I’m a huge fan, but it helps that my insurance covers most of it 🙂 I also like City Acupuncture Circle in Dupont and went there before getting this insurance. It’s a lot less expensive out of pocket.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Won myself the caption contest!
    Rave: Coffee coffee coffee!
    Rave: Science machine’s been working, and actually gave me some useful data.
    Rave: Weekend’s shaping up to be pretty decent.
    Rant: Couldn’t make my schedule work out to see the Mahler 9th at the Kennedy Center. Womp womp…
    Rant: Ugh, it’s cold out.
    Rant: Just the general existential angst, mostly.

    • I missed the caption contest when it first went up but audibly laughed when I read yours today! It’s perfect.

    • I meant to write earlier this morning but forgot/got busy – that might be the best (or at least my favorite) photo caption ever. (Captions for me fall into several categories – meh; pretty good; damn that’s funny and I should have thought of it (headslap); and damn that’s funny and I never, ever would have thought of it. Yours was squarely in the last category, and I’m always the most impressed by those.) Well done!

    • Mug of Glop

      You guys are all far too nice! I guess the grueling experience of hobbling my way through the reed 1/2 books in the orchestra pit for my high school’s performance of West Side Story has finally paid off!

  • Popville query: suggestions on takeout food (not delivery, but metro accessible) for when you’re not feeling well? I’ve been lying to myself all week by saying “it’s just my allergies.”… I’m currently in Chinatown, but suggestions don’t have to be specific to this area.

    • Pho from Pho DC or matzoh ball soup from Carving Room. Delish!

      • Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! Got some matzoh ball from the Carving Room. YUM! I’ve also reacquainted myself with my neti pot this week. TGIF!!

    • I know it’s a trend that some folks roll their eyes at, but my go-to is always Pho. Pho DC is in Chinatown, though I can’t vouch for it as I’ve never had it from there. But you can’t screw up Pho, can you? Maybe you can.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Pho is magical and cures everything. I like Pho 75 (Rockville) best, and Pho 14 is good too.

    • In addition to the other good suggestions here, I’d add Daikaya ramen, maybe with some added spice.

    • On the Asian soup side, I also really like Tom Kha thai soup when I’m sick. I usually get mine from Reagent Thai in Dupont, but any reputable thai take-out spot should have some. Usually has the right amount of spice, creaminess (coconut milk), and bitterness (lemongrass) to really do the trick.

    • My go-to is to usually carbo load when I’m not feeling well – Vapiano’s or Corner Bakery for pasta. CB also has soup. Or if you wanna grease yourself out, shake shack burgers.

    • Pablo Raw

      Not food related but… The Neti Pot. It cleans the allergens from your sinuses.

  • skj84

    Rave: I can finally make PopVille Happy Hour this weekend! I miss you guys! I’m probably coming around 3, I have to be at my show no later than 6.

    Rant: I just realized I’ve posted so many identifying personal anecdotes today. Not that i’ve been totally transparent on this site. But anyone who knows me will probably figure out who I am today!

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Thanks for the advice yesterday, I agree…I don’t want to paint her in a bad picture. I will leave it in my head as a nice friendly drink.
    Rave: Lets go Maryland! #turtlepower

  • New rave: Fish Taco Friday with the co-workers. I’ll take three, please.

  • Rave: One wonderful gorgeous foster kitten is getting adopted tomorrow! (Lucky people.)
    Rant: New gorgeous foster kitten (Persian mix with bright blue eyes) was feral and 5 days in is still wanting to hide away all the time. I did get her to sit on my lap and eat baby food off a spoon today.

  • Rave: living in my dream home, love my house in north Petworth.
    Rant: random guy banged on my front door Thursday night at about 9pm while at least pretending to talk on a cell phone. The minute I looked out of my window, the guy bolted from my front porch. I kept watching him as he walked down the street. He yelled out that he had meant to go to the address next to my house. Thing is though, he walked right past the address he said he meant to go to. I suspect he was probably casing. He was a heavyset African American in his late forties, about 5’11”. Seemed really odd and out of place. Thought other PTW residents should know.

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