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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Still fighting the f’in mouse war. Sometimes, the bait will be gone. WTF? how are they not triggering the traps? I’m using peanut butter, cheese, peanut butter with cheese on it. Is there something I’m not doing?!
    Rave: Under contract to sell our condo. lots and lots of offers.
    Rave: If all goes well, new owner is someone who really loves it and will live there (vs investor). Which makes me happy because I loved that place – it is where a lot of “firsts” took place (brought home our dog, welcomed home my then-fiance from Iraq, got engaged, got married, welcomed home my husband from AFG). So it’s bittersweet
    Rave/Rant: MONEY!!!! all going to my kid’s college fund. Sigh. We’ll do a treat yourself, though.
    Rant: Israeli elections. So much for a family trip there to visit my husband’s relatives.

    • I just had a similar situation – a ninja mouse could eat all the bait off of the snap traps without triggering the spring. Finally got some glue traps, and the problem was gone within a day. YMMV, as not everyone is comfortable using glue traps.

      • we’ve had one successful glue trap catch, but he started to run away with the trap and my husband had to fish him out with tongs from behind the fridge. I think he was traumatised. I’ve heard that if you don’t clear them, they bite their feet/legs off. Truth…?

        • They can do that, but it depends on the size of the trap vs the size of the mouse. Small mice are generally stuck, but if it happened to get on the edge it would be able to fight more.
          I used a plastic snap trap with teeth that was very sensitive rather than wood snap traps. I never had an issue with them getting the bait.
          For glue traps, I made sure was positioned to get the most mouse on it. I figured out its path and put the middle of the trap in the path. They almost always got on the center, and they were unable to move. These were large traps. Those small plastic tray traps are too small to get the coverage.

          • so…..we have the plastic ones with teeth. The bait is gone at random times. We’ve put peanut butter UNDER the cheese to try secure the cheese a bit. Nope. So we should get the large rat-sized glue traps?

          • Yes! And buy gloves and use them to put out the trap. They can smell your scent. Put them right where the traps are now. It’s a steady food source, so they’ll come back to that spot.

          • Try less bait too, so it’s harder for them to get it. They have good noses. I used bacon bits for a good smell.

          • My problem with glue traps is that you either have to kill the mouse yourself or toss the glue trap/mouse in the trap so the mouse starves to death. I don’t want mice in my house, but I also prefer they die quickly rather than starve.

          • My neighbor recommended drowning, and that’s what I did with a bucket of water.

          • ae, I also hate the glue traps for that reason, but they really are the most efficient. We drown the mouse as quickly as we can get to it. (And when I say “we”, I mean the half of we who doesn’t tear up at the idea of killing furry things.)

          • I hate glue traps as well, but if you really are determined to use them you can use dry ice to asphyxiate the mice. Just put it in a small container, put something between the glue trap and the ice so you don’t freeze the poor thing, but still allow the CO to reach the mouse, and cover it. You can get dry ice at Harris Teeter.

        • I’ve dealt with a lot of rodent issues in a few places I’ve lived (20+ catches, rats and mice) and I’ve never seen one remove limbs to escape a glue trap.

          I’ve found that mice are generally not strong enough to move the larger rat-sized glue traps, so that may help with that issue.

        • I never had that problem. The mice that got on the glue traps stayed on them, in my experience.

      • We find mouse poop ON the glue traps. Which means they are walking across them, hanging out long enough to take a dump, then sauntering off again.

    • Hooray for your offers! And the MONEY! Also, +1 to your Israel rant.

      • we were planning on using some of our money take our son to Israel to see his (very old) great grandparents since time is a factor when, you know, you have old people around. But I don’t trust the security situation there now. So we’ll pass. Sadly.

    • I’ve been told that the mice can use their tails to swing the food off the trap.

    • Congrats on your condo offers!

      Re mousetrap – this is the best snap trap because the mouse has to go “inside” to get the bait (peanut butter seems to work best – just a little bit) — D-Con 00027 Ultra Set Covered Snap Mouse Trap.
      The design also prevents the trap from closing on the mouses leg and having the mouse drag the trap across the kitchen trying to escape and the dog trying to catch the mouse that can’t get away because of the trap on it’s leg….:(

      • I’ve never, ever had luck with traps the mice have to enter. Never. SO frustrating. Maybe we house the smartest mice ever? Like, the MIT post-docs of mice?

        • I didn’t realize just *how* smart mice are until our pest control guy educated me. He said they eat a little bit of the food source then run around for an hour to see how it impacts their digestive system then once they see it’s “good” they go back and get more and take it to their young/the nest. The bait stations he set out for us has a different kind of food/poison. They eat it, run around for an hour, it doesn’t impact them so they go get more and take it to their young/nest and then 3 hours later they’re all dead! Supposedly. Kind of depressing, but ugh mice really disgust me.

    • We had a HUGE rat problem at my old apartment. We constantly had traps around the house that were never set off. Finally my roommate came up with the genius plan of leaving a trail of food (dog food to be exact) towards each trap. We left for dinner for 1 hour, came back, and all 5 traps were filled. Super gross, but effective.

      • You just completely grossed me out – so sorry for all of you that have vermin issues.
        I’m thoroughly disgusted and feel the need to clean my office.

    • RatZapper! It’s the best. They can’t steal the bait and are humanely, instantly electrocuted, then you just tip the body out. No glue mess or pain.

      • But they have to enter them, correct? Which I’ve never had luck with!

        • The trick with RatZapper is to leave it baited but turned off for a couple of nights so they get comfortable going in. I’ve killed at least 10 rats in the backyard with it (you need a waterproof cover for this.) One was big as a opossum! I had to pinch it’s legs together to get it out of the box. Haven’t actually had to try it on mice.

          • I was too impatient to do this with my RatZapper — maybe I need to give it another shot.
            I had it set up outside with a large plastic IKEA footstool thing to cover it (and I think I brought it onto the covered patio when there was actual rain). I never caught anything with it, but one time I came back to find it with the bait missing, the trap completely overturned, and (IIRC) the battery cover off.
            Then I started worrying that maybe the feral cats were whacking it around, drying to get the bait (dog food) out. And I didn’t want to be zapping any feral kitties.

          • Er, *trying (not drying).

      • We had a zapper trap baited and active for three months during a nightmarish mouse infestation. It caught one mouse. The snap traps caught maybe three. We cleaned out the rest (dozens) with glue traps.

  • rave: almost home from a long trip!
    question: anyone check out the purple patch last night?!

  • Rave: last nights run – sun setting, monuments, and pace were all great – ready for spring running weather!
    Rave: after workout this morning and whatever was in my coffee – I’m feeling fantastic and ready to take on the world!
    Rave: cleaned, ironed sheets are one of the little things that makes life better – okay back to work.

    • agree with your last rave. I believe that getting in to a freshly made bed with clean sheets is one of life’s few remaining small pleasures. I loooove it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Sheets at my grandmother’s house were always ironed, and it was wonderful!

    • The best is getting into a freshly made bed when someone ELSE made it. Someone who is careful about making everything all smooth and snug. Housekeeper days are my favorite days. Wish they happened more often.

  • epric002

    rant: contemplating giving up dairy to see if it helps w/acne. ugh. i LOVE cheese. i also am trying to not eat meat. eggs will be the only thing saving me from veganism 🙁
    rant (chronic): still cannot get up in the mornings
    rave: basketball tournament!

    • I had to give up dairy and while it was tough – it was the easiest 5lbs to lose ever.

    • The cheese is the hardest! I’m technically lactose intolerant but butter, milk, and heavy creams seem to impact me the most. Giving up cheese was just not going to happen long term. Andy2 is right–I lose way too much weight when I eliminate dairy entirely.

      • epric002

        i’m also very mildly lactose intolerant, but i drink so little milk, and always organic, that it rarely bothers me. do you have any recommendations for good creamers or yogurt that are almond/soy/something else that isn’t powdered?

        • I’m lactose intolerant/allergic and I like the Whole Foods almond and coconut milks – Trader Joes coconut is okay but not as good.
          Soy cheese stinks. Its a crap alternative to real cheese. When I crave cheese I take lots of lactaid and settle in for discomfort. The cheese has to be worth it.

        • How about goat cheeses and milks?

          • epric002

            it might be better, but from what i’ve read i need to do a total dairy elimination initially and can later try to add different products back in. it’s the hormones in dairy products that are (allegedly) the issue.

          • How long is recommended? I don’t have acne, but I’d like to get it out of my diet for a while.

          • epric002

            for the acne the elimination phase needs to be around 6 months from what i’ve read (i googled dairy and acne). i guess if you want to eliminate for another reason it probably depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

        • Lately I’ve been using Organic Valley’s lactose-free milk and yogurt– but that won’t help with the dairy elimination. I also like TJ’s almond milk. Soy yogurts aren’t terrible though I would go with a strong flavor and make sure it is really cold when you eat it. It gets pretty gross when lukewarm.

          • epric002

            blarg. i may have to give up yogurts. i hate the overly-flavored ones. plain vanilla low sugar greek or skyr is my all time fave. booo.

          • Yeah… it’s just pretty gross without a flavor to overpower it. There may be some coconut milk varieties out there but I haven’t tried them.

          • SouthwestDC

            Coconut yogurt’s good. I happen to love coconut, but as I recall the flavor’s not too strong.

          • I’m also a coconut yogurt fan. For a completely natural yogurt substitute (for some ways I would eat yogurt), I also like chia pudding. It’s not a direct substitute, but I like it for breakfast or as a snack with the same types of toppings I’d add to yogurt.

          • epric002

            thanks for the suggestions caroline and shawess!

    • epric002

      additional rave: just had an eyeglasses exam done and i’m NOT too blind for warby parker! 😀

  • Rant: lost one of my favorite earrings somewhere between Pilates class and home last night. If by some miracle, anyone finds a silver dangly earring shaped like a snake in Ballston or on the metro, please let me know!
    Rave: Easter care package from my dad and sister should arrive today! Candy, a new book to add to my collection, and a surprise that dad won’t tell me about.

  • Rave: Florida tomorrowww! Sun, beaches, and family here I come!
    Rave: Love my coworkers, they’re the best.
    Rave: Love Johnny Pistolas and their cheap tasty tacos. Yum yum.
    Rant: Getting cold again. Nooo… I know it’s only March, but I am so done with cold weather.
    Rave: Will be missing the possible snow Thursday night.

    • Additional rave: I finally got a DC library card for the first time. Can’t believe it took me so long…
      Related rant: No books that I’ve been wanting to read in the digital content, and having to put a book on hold and wait a while is a pain when it’s an ebook… Oh well, should be good anyway. Just need to make myself go to the library!

      • Yay on the library card! It took me something like 5 years to get one, but better late than never. 🙂

        • It took having kids and a Kindle to get me to use the library. But now we’re weekly regulars. 🙂
          Littlen, do you mean the books you want to read aren’t available in digital format at all? Because you can do holds for ebooks the same way you do for actual books. They have a limited number of virtual copies to lend. But I’ve also been surprised/ frustrated by what’s not available in digital.

          • A mixture of both – most of the books I’ve been wanting to read aren’t available at all. I found one book that they have, which I put a hold on. Just frustrating to have to wait a while for the only one they had! :p I’m used to instant gratification with bookstores and buying Kindle books… but hopefully this will save me some money, haha.

          • littlen, there is a place on the library website where you can request they purchase specific books

          • MPinDC – good to know, thank you!

      • When you have a DC library card you can also get an Arlington library card. I think you have to actually go into an Arl. library to do this, but then you can also borrow ebooks online from Arl. Both libraries also have downloadable audiobooks.

        • SouthwestDC

          At one time I had library cards for DC, Alexandria, Arlington, AND Fairfax County! I think most of those have expired, but I use my DC library card so much that I’ve committed the number to memory.
          Which reminds me of a Rave: If you like to do your book-browsing on Amazon or Goodreads, DCPL now has a Chrome extension that will tell you if they have the book you’re looking at.

          • Yesss, I saw that! I usually use Firefox (they have a helpful Japanese language add on), and they said they’ll be rolling out a Firefox version as well. So that’ll be very helpful! 🙂

  • Rave: More crocuses are coming up in my yard!
    Rant: A little worried about my daffodils — I planted about 50 bulbs in the fall, but so far only one batch has started coming up. I’m hoping that the rest aren’t running into snags with the landscaping fabric — I cut slits (in a X shape) so that they could get through, but maybe that wasn’t enough.

    • You planted your daffodils a bit late, as I recall. They are likely to come up a bit later than normal this year, but still should come up and bloom well.
      Check the spots where you planted them to see if the leaves are trying to come up underneath the landscaping fabric

      • I think I planted the ones in my actual yard at the recommended time — it was the ones that I put in planters on my back deck that I planted kind of late.
        Yeah, I’ll plan to check under the mulch to see where I cut the X’s in my landscaping fabric and whether anything is unsuccessfully trying to get through beneath. Thanks!

    • Becks

      Yeah for flower bulbs!!! Spring is almost here!

    • I Dont Get It

      I think they will be fine, it’s kinda hard to kill daffodils unless the bulbs were dried out to begin with.

  • Rant: Earplugs and classical music aren’t enough to block out the jack hammering on my street. I might kill someone.
    Rant: Lots of family health issues still on-going. I’m trying my best to be supportive of parents while still maintaining boundaries for my own sanity. I think this is going to be an ongoing balancing act.
    Rave: A lot to look forward to this week: Out of town friends visiting, dinner date with my partner on Friday, and spending time with my favorite toddler this weekend.

  • Becks

    Rave: Had good Shrimp wonton soup in Chinatown last night.
    Rant: Tired today. I stayed up late last night re-watching Twilight.
    Rave: Man of La Mancha tomorrow night! Super excited!!!
    Rant: Did you know that Rocket Bar in Chinatown closed? It is now, Jackpot Bar.

  • justinbc

    Reminder: PoPville HH @ Black Jack this Sunday. Their HH runs from 3 til close, I’ll be arriving around 4PM.

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Back to work after spending time with friends and family in Los Angeles! Got a standing ovation when I walked in the door! Felt so much love.
    Rave: Happy that I finished the hardest and hottest marathon in LA’s history! Time was far from a PR but a PR in record heat, so I am taking it as a win! Best part is that I didn’t quit as much as I wanted to. Sad to see people drop out and in so much pain. Pics make it look like I was fine.
    Rant: Came home to sick pootchy. All will be fine with him.

    • Congrats, but you seriously could stand looking at the pictures? Even when I’m in top shape and having a great race, in those photos I look like the bad guy in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” right after they open the lid. I’ve always wondered who actually buys them!

    • Way to go in that weather – saw college buddies pics while running – ugh!

    • Mug of Glop

      Whoa, serious congratulations, and good work! That crap looked brutal. I guess DC’s and LA’s marathons were an example of contrasting extremes.

    • hispanicandproud

      Thanks all! Well worth the shiny pretty medal at the end!

  • Rant: All the mouse talk makes me leery of my roomie leaving cookies just sitting on a plate in the cabinet. Who does that? Haven’t seen anything, but petrified of dealing with it again.
    Rave/rant: Got much needed sleep but skipped the gym.
    Rave: Sleepy dog after daycare.
    Rave: Less than 6 months until I can start house shopping again.

  • Rave: Planted lettuce, spinach, kale and chard outside and started a few things inside; the ramp bulbs I ordered are waiting at the farm for me to plant this weekend.
    Rant (and PSA): Don’t store old prescription meds in an OTC med container. I thought I was taking advil but instead I took a double dose of a med I’d stopped taking. Not a good feeling when I realized this (8 hours later, when I went to take more advil)

  • Rant: DC taxes. After waiting a month for our refund I realized that it was filed with one digit wrong on the SSN. Called DC today to find out how to fix it (file an amended return, wait for them to reject it, etc). The woman on the phone said that we could just send the SS card, BUT then she started to go off about the “business income” on the tax form and said that we needed to submit ALL documentation to support the business income (i.e. bank statements, 1099s, DC registration information, receipts, proof of all expenses). She claimed that DC is requiring this starting this year for everyone with business income. I re-read all the instructions and could not find a thing about any of this – sounds like an audit to me. For the record I have everything, but it is a massive amount of documents even though this is for a part time business with little income that only requires a federal schedule CEZ. Has anyone heard about this new requirement?

    • Sorry, don’t have an answer, but you did inspire my own OTR rant: I filed my tax return a month ago. Feds gave me refuned w/in 10 days. Still waiting for DC to do so. I KNOW I’m going to have to call the OTR and find out what’s going on (their website just says “Your return has been processed. Please check back in a few days”).

      • Thats exactly what mine said (discovered the error on my own). Got my federal refund within 10 days as well. Good luck.

        • Thanks for the info. I had to deal with OTR last year about a prior year tax return. I have a hunch that’s what’s causing the hold-up (even though the issue was resolved months ago).

          You might also want to go to their office by Waterfront Metro. I found that to be more helpful than talking to the people on the phone.

      • Tried filing an amended dc return. Used the address on the form, and it came back. Used different address and came back. I just sent it to the usual filing address and hope they get it where it should be. So frustrating!

  • Rave, I think: The potential move is looking more real all the time, even though we still don’t have anything finalized.
    Rave: Mark Bittman’s story in the NYT yesterday about the produce in his new hometown is getting me extra excited about our move. (It’s to the same place and I’m almost as food crazy as Mark Bittman.)
    Rave: The beginning of spring food here in DC.
    Rant: I’m still grouchy, verging on teary and mopey. I’m doing all of my normal things to try to shake the funk, but think I might need to go beyond that if I’m going to feel better. Any suggestions on things to do to cheer up, other than the obvious exercise, more sleep, meds and therapy?

    • Andie302

      Sorry about your funk! Could you create a (short) list of things you’ve been meaning to do in DC, and then start knocking them off? It could be in anticipation of the move. I’m sure if the move doesn’t end up happening, you won’t regret expanding your DC experiences. I hope it gets better soon!

      • That’s a wonderful idea — I definitely have a DC bucket list and this weekend would be a perfect time to start on it 🙂

    • Sorry to hear you’re still in a funk! If you can get outside at lunchtime and/or after work, maybe the sunlight might help a little?

      • I’ve been doing this a bit — I walked four miles yesterday — and it’s definitely the highlight of my day. I’m going to make sure I take a long lunch today 🙂

    • This will cheer you up. Thought of you when I read this! 😉
      www. npr.org/2015/03/16/392561864/with-sunny-modern-homes-joseph-eichler-built-the-suburbs-in-style

      • Love this! One of the most exciting — and unnerving — parts of the move is the Bay Area real estate market. So many cool places to live! So expensive (and competitive) to find the right place!

        • Yeah, its really tough. Check out Oakland, I think you will like it. Reminds me of a more creative version of DC – urban, very walkable, neighbors know each other, low-rise buildings and great SFHs that are still somewhat affordable, sketchy pockets but quickly improving, etc. Weather is 10x better in Oakland than in SF. Only 10-15 minutes by BART into downtown SF. San Francisco proper is pretty, but totally jumped the shark with monied crowd.

          • Too many g-damn hipsters in Oakland now though. Seriously. I say that as someone who thinks there are almost no hipsters here in DC and think people totally overuse that term.

            That being said, yes, Oakland has better weather. It isn’t that affordable now though unfortunately, unless you want to live in areas that have a LONG way to go.

          • Yeah — from what I saw on our recent trip, it seems like everything is priced equally crazily, be it in SF, Berkeley or Oakland. It seems like it’s more of a question of convenience and the type of neighborhood we’d prefer. Each place we saw seemed to have unique things to offer and we like aspects of all three places. I think we’ll ultimately decide based on convenience for husband’s job.

          • Also: “there are almost no hipsters here in DC and think people totally overuse that term.” Amen.

          • I still lament the apartment I paid $895/month to live in until I moved here a couple years ago: 1 bedroom with garage parking, dishwasher, balcony.

          • When I visited SF I stayed with a friend in Hilsdale and really liked the area between there and Palo Alto. A bit warmer than SF proper too!

          • Yes, Oakland is also expensive (in the way that DC is expensive). But it’s nowhere near as crazy as San Francisco proper. Those are Manhattan prices – and West Village at that. You can still get a nice, sizable 1BR in Oakland for under $2K per month. Good luck finding that in SF (the apartments are so shitty in SF, btw – it is criminal how little maintenance is done by landlords).
            I will take Oakland hipsters/crusties/Burners any day of the week.

    • Shawess, I know that a move across country is a big deal. But if I read this right and you are moving to the Bay Area, I have to tell you that everyone I know how has made that move from the East Coast is just so much happier and content with their new lives. (I hope the same is true for you.) I think you may just have to be grouchy and let yourself be teary. It might seem silly to say, but you have to grieve for DC and the life you have here. And also, when the move does come, give yourself a lot of time to adjust. I think it really takes at least a year to settle in a new place and start to feel at home and build a sense of community. Good luck!

      • Artemis, I’ve heard the same thing about the Bay Area and can say that the moment I stepped off the plane there a few weeks ago, it instantly felt amazing to be there and continued to feel that way all weekend. I do have a lot to “grieve” here too, though, and I appreciate you validating the teariness 🙂 Maybe I need to stop fighting it so much.

      • +50000 to this. I know it is a big change, but my friends who have moved to the Bay Area are all absolutely in love with it. It’s gorgeous, the weather is lovely, the food scene is wonderful, they’re so close to wine country, etc. etc. etc. After the shock of dealing with the move is over, this could really be a wonderful thing for you guys.

      • Quotia Zelda

        So true. My cousin moved out there and WON’T COME BACK. We haven’t quite forgiven him yet.

      • Contrary to the belief of everyone who moves out there, it is in fact not the greatest place in the US. I think those people say they are “happier” because they buy into the “I’m in SF, isn’t it just the best?!” train of thought.

    • Blithe

      I’ll start with the usuals, just to reinforce what your already know: exercise and sunlight daily really do help. So does eating “right” — whatever that means for you. For me, meat, dairy, sugar, flour — stuff that I might even crave when I feel yucky, really does make things worse. — Consider making a treat list: Things that you can do daily and weekly to celebrate yourself and things that you enjoy. Go for a swim, sit in the sauna, get a pedicure with a new spring color, pull out your camera or a sketchbook. Your list of treats ideally will be things that you enjoy and things that you can look forward to. You might want to start a project: knitting, doing “The Artist Way”– a program that I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend, something that makes you feel more in control of your destiny, and that gives you a bit of motivation to carve out meaningful time for yourself could be key in helping you feel better. If you don’t already have a place in your day for play — make time for it. And, as someone — maybe Beau? — in PoPville suggested, try taking vitamin D.
      I hope you feel better soon? Between the doldrums of winter and the ongoing stresses of your potential move, you’ve had — and have — a lot on your plate. It could be a good time to do a journal if you don’t already. I’ve babbled a lot, but a summary would be to treat yourself at least as well as you would a much loved pet: Exercise, rest, play, treats, new things to learn and fun things to look forward to.

      • Blithe, as usual you are the best. I’m getting “The Artist’s Way” right now — it’s literally the exact resource I’ve been wanting. And now I’m going to plan all of the fun treats for myself 🙂

        • Blithe

          I’m glad that you found my babblings useful! 🙂 I hope you’ll share your treat list! One of my favorites is meandering by the water in Georgetown, and stopping at the wonderfully fragrant Lush store to inhale.

      • I’ll second all the sage advice from Blithe, especially the Artist’s Way and journaling. The “morning pages” (part of Artist Way) I’ve found particularly valuable.
        Any transition has the potential for being very stressful – it’s a place of being neither here nor there, of [potentially] leaving a place you love while not yet feeling attached to a new place, community, friends. Feeling sad is a normal, healthy part of the process.
        Do more of the things that bring you joy, and see if you can do less of the things that bring you down.

    • You’re moving to Berkeley*?? Get ready to pay a lot less for produce that’s much better than here. Also much better weather (albeit dealing with a drought right now)…

      *If you were referring to the Bay Area in general, I highly recommend Oakland or Berkeley over SF but a) I am from there so biased b) if job is in or near SJ, then never mind…

      • The question of where we’ll live is still VERY open. Husband’s office could be in two different places in the area. One would make living in Oakland make sense and the other would make SF proper make more sense. That’s one of the open questions.

      • I have to second the recommendation of Oakland or Berkeley over San Fran. The rents are a little bit cheaper, and the weather is often five degrees warmer (and often sunnier) in the East Bay.

    • valentina

      I have a friend, who was a life long DC resident, that moved to Oakland recently and she LOVES it for all the reasons mentioned. It was a little difficult for her to find a place to stay but she said she could never see herself moving back here. Good luck to you.

    • Oh no, sorry to hear that. 🙁

      Perhaps find a good new long book series to dig into and bury yourself in (I’d say find a nice place outside to go read, if only it were warm – maybe in a nice coffee shop or teahouse like Teaism or Ching Ching Cha), keep yourself busy hanging out with friends a lo (that usually works best for me), try a hobby project – taking up knitting, painting, origami, jewelry making, something like that?

      • That sounds -divine.- I think I need to set aside some real “me” time this weekend.

        • Definitely spoil yourself a bit! A massage/spa day/manicure type thing might work nicely as well to distract yourself as well. 🙂

    • I Dont Get It

      Sorry to hear of your funk. Maybe watching a few episodes of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” will help. I promise I’m not a paid spokesperson! 🙂

      • I’ve watched the whole series twice and fully agree! I don’t even mind that I can -never- get the theme out of my head. (‘Cause females are strong as hell.)

      • I started it over the weekend but wasn’t really into it. I tried it again last night, proceeded to watch six episodes, and am now hooked! “Can’t the world be my noodles and butter?” really spoke to me. 🙂

  • RANT: DID I BAD THING! Texted the guy who faded on me last night that I saw him at the show the night before but couldn’t find him later to say hi.

    RANT/RAVE: he replied right away that he was there but hung around the back so probably why I couldn’t find him. He didn’t acknowledge his crap behavior. Some back and forth texting. Another text after midnight about the show we both attended that I didn’t respond to until the morning because I was asleep. The last time this happened he ghosted on me. Here we go again.

    RANT: liking people who are bad for you

    • justinbc

      There are so many single people in this city, why waste time on someone who isn’t totally into you?

      • Yes, there are a lot of single people but pure numbers don’t determine suitability. Not a lot of men would get along with me unfortunately.

        • You don’t need a lot just another one to capture your interest. This should be quality over quantity.

        • He’s already proven himself not to be a good match for you — he’s repeatedly late, he doesn’t initiate, and most importantly, he doesn’t seem to be all that interested in you.

        • Not to get all therapist on you, but you might want to think of that differently. It is healthier (and I’d wager more accurate) to think of it as there aren’t many men you get along with unfortunately. IOW, flip it around.

          This current flake is a perfect example. It’s him that’s the problem- not you.

          And most of us guys do suck. We treat women like crap. It can take a ton of effort to find a decent one, so why waste that effort on the ones that have made it clear they won’t give you what you need?

          Anyway, don’t beat yourself up too much. Most of us have done what you did last night.

          • I’ll let myself make mistakes and see what happens. Thanks for the advice, but I’m pretty unconventional anyway. I do what I want despite countless advice.

          • Hopefully that’s been more successful than disastrous.

          • At this point, we won’t be dating again. I’m not up for it. But I’m happy to know we’ll be cool if we run into each other and we can friendly.

      • People want that which they cannot have. It’s pathological. I’d venture to say that because this man shows disinterest, it piques her desire even more strongly.
        The eradication of desire is a means to ending suffering and accessing Nirvana.

      • valentina

        I wish I knew where all these single people are.

      • Good ones? Where?!

    • Can you make yourself delete him from your phone?

      • I just renamed him something rude. It made me laugh when he texted back. I don’t like conflict, so maybe that’s my problem. I give people the benefit of the doubt too often.

    • You were just casually dating this guy for 1 or 2 months, right? Why are you so hung up on him? I’m curious and confused.

      • I’ve been there…sometimes you just like who you like. Couple years ago, I was super hung up on a girl that I only went on two dates with. She did something similar in this case too…I was so confused because we had two really good dates and then she ghosted. I think what happened was she was dating multiple people and was more interested in the other one. It’s hard, but unfortunately the best thing you can do for yourself is let him go.

      • If you knew me, it would make sense. I am rarely if ever attracted to people. This is the first time in a while that I felt genuine attraction to someone beyond physical attraction. It’s so rare that it’s hard to shake.

        • I’m the same way. I need the total package not just a dumb bimbo. When I had to take a break recently, it sucked, but after a while I realized it was for the best, and I didn’t really want to constantly prop up someone who second guessed my intentions. If it rekindles awesome, and if not, that’s cool.
          You’re propping this guy up too. Doing all the work simply because you’re into him. There are more fish in the sea. Maybe you’re a bit asexual which is ok.

          • Thanks for understanding. Yeah, I don’t expect to date him. I just wanted it not to be weird if run into each other so I wanted to clear things up.

          • You all avoided each other pretty well, so I wouldn’t be too worried.

        • Ugh, I have been there. There are so few people that I am genuinely into, and it is the worst when the one I like is not worth the trouble.

        • Blithe

          LA, maybe you could consider changing your expectations, rather than your attractions. You seem to really value your attraction enough to want to hold onto it at some level. It’s clear that this guy’s flaky behavior and lack of initiative make him, as textdoc put it, not a good match for you. He’s, by your description, not someone you can count on as a partner in any way, but perhaps if you can switch to viewing him as, I dunno, an interesting character who might brighten your day from time to time, you can reach some comfortable resolution with yourself. This sounds excruciatingly tantalizing — but maybe if you can put him in a different emotional box, you can salvage a little bit of the magic without wasting effort in ways that seem destined to lead to more pain.

          • BLITHE, YOU ARE A GENIUS! YES! That’s what I actually intend to do. He is really fun and entertaining but not relationship material. I simply put it out there to him that if we see each other or are in the same place, it’s okay to talk and say hi instead of avoid. I did not indicate any desire to date again.

    • LA, you should consider reading Attached. It’s affirming rather than negative (like he’s not into you) and explains the different relationship types, anxious, avoidant and secure. It’ll help get you through this bit and be better able to drop the avoidants early in the future. This guy sounds like one and sadly many of the single men are, for exactly that reason.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: ProQuest if freaking useless! It just makes up numbers for the results page. And it never wants to give me the articles I request. aaagggghhhhh
    Rave: Addicted to the Farm shows (Tudor Farm, Edwardian Farm, etc). It’s fascinating to see all the old fashioned ways of doing things I didn’t know needed doing. I want to hang out with Ruth Goodman and learn all her old recipes.

  • Rant: It looks like we have to try for a short sale on one of my late sibling’s houses. The house is not going to sell for what they owe on it, and we just need to get rid of it to close out the estate. Does anyone have experience dealing with short sales? What little I know about them makes them sound like drawn out ordeals.
    Rave/Rant: I’m such a summer baby. The older I get, the less tolerance I have for the cold. I was so annoyed that it was wintery this morning and I had to fish out the parka, boots, etc.
    Rave: Aaron Schock’s downfall. It’s kind of amazing that this all started from a style piece about his ostentatiously decorated office.

    • Accountering

      The idea of a gay republican is still hard for me to even fathom. Why you would choose to associate yourself with a party that actively works against you is beyond my understanding. That alone tells me there were other issues there. Don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split ya… bro.

      • Same thing with Black republicans. I know a few gay republicans. They tend to fit the description other than being gay, so I get it.

      • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
        Look at his shady business dealings. That’s all he cares about. And meeting famous people.

      • A second to Anon Spock, they are a Republican who is gay, not a gay Republican. You should respect them even more for being more than a single issue voter. Same deal goes for Republicans who are black.

        • Accountering

          No, I respect them less for being able to overlook a deeply personal issue and associate with a group of people who would prefer they not exist.

        • We should respect him more for being able to do the mental gymnastics that allow him to support a political party that would deny him equal rights, solely based on his sexuality?
          Um, OK.
          Republicans really are money-obsessed masochists.

          • I’ll agree it’s hard to fathom, but please climb down off the high horse you’ve ridden in here on and cool it with the liberal belief of intellectual and moral superiority. Pure denigration of the other viewpoint makes you the fool.

          • I can’t even respect people who vote Republican just knowing (or ignoring) that their policies oppress and disenfranchise most of the population. I can’t even wrap my brain around the idea of someone who does it knowing (or ignoring) that the oppression and disenfranchisement are happening to themselves and people just like them.

          • “the high horse you’ve ridden in here on and cool it with the liberal belief of intellectual and moral superiority.”
            So the belief that all people should be treated equally under the rule of law is a “moral high horse?” That’s a horse ride I’m happy to be part of. And I have no shame on calling people out on their bigotry – even if they don’t believe a word of it – as a means to an end of their accumulation of power and money.
            You actually want to defend this pablum, Mintwood?

          • Yes, I’d like to defend the fact that a person who is gay can have more opinions and beliefs that purely their sexuality and the balance of those beliefs can lead them to choose the Republican party. To imply that all Republicans are of one mind “money-obsessed masochists” implies a complete lack of understanding about how 50% of the country comes to their political beliefs and directly implies that you as a “liberal” are claiming moral superiority.
            I don’t agree with (or frankly like) most Republicans, but the “we are superior, they will find the way one day view” you hold of our party (that’s you and me as Democrats) is worse. You’re taking the bigoted stance that a person’s opinions on a multitude of issues must be disregarded because of one aspect of their character. That said person can’t possibly have an opinion on taxes or roads or military because they are gay and that must define them. No it shouldn’t, period.

    • I’ve done a short sale. I’d guess it added about 3 weeks to the process once we received an offer…there was one round of negotiations on the price (which I wasn’t a part of, it went on directly between the bank and the buyer). However, the bank had already initiated foreclosure proceedings, so they seemed more willing to do a short sale. Also, if this is the route you are going to take I’d stop paying the mortgage immediately (or talk to an account and discuss strategy). And the offer was cash.
      You should ask if a short sale or foreclosure would have any credit or tax implications for you personally (I haven’t the foggiest idea how that works with a decedent). My credit has taken a hit but fortunately didn’t have to pay taxes on the forgiven debt (but this is not current law for 2015 so far).

  • Accountering

    Rave: Construction is progressing well! Back wall is completely down.
    Rant/rave: Would like to give away bricks on Saturday. I will help load and carry etc. Already have one person meeting me, anyone else want some free 100 year old bricks from the back wall of our row house? I estimate we have around 600-1000 total.

    • Accountering, have you tried listing them on the Freecycle Yahoogroup for D.C. and/or on the Craigslist free section?
      What color are the bricks — dark red? Light red? Tan?

      • Accountering

        We have already gotten one person who came and took a truckload this past Saturday from Craigslist. Will repost to craigslist and Freecycle now. They range from fairly dark red, to light red.

  • Rave: Apple gave me a new phone for the price of a screen replacement under AppleCare.
    Rant: How long the updates, backups, restores, and syncing have taken. I think I need to cut back on the amount of music on my phone and just keep the basics I never skip. Maybe that will be my spring/summer project…
    Rave: Not having to fight with my phone tonight!
    Rant: So tired after fighting with my phone for 6 hours the past two nights, moving, work, drafting a letter for depressed friend, and drafting my statement for running for student government. I can’t wait until after this weekend to have a few more things off my plate!
    Rave: Going to be a shutterbug in Richmond this weekend. Anyone have some must-see/off the beaten path suggestions?

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Stupid K-1 finally arrived, and taxes are done.
    Rant: Haven’t actually filed yet. I always have a little anxiety about it – what if I forgot something?
    Rave: Filing tonight!

    • You can always amend up to 3 years, so if you find a mistake it’s fixable. They also may catch it for you

  • Rave: Going to Los Angeles tomorrow for a long weekend and a wedding!
    Rant: I was going to wear jeans the whole time but now it looks like it’ll be too hot for that. Rethinking my packing/outfit scheme the day before is stressful.

  • Rant: Sick. Wife had one bug (stomach virus) last week, this week I’ve a got sinus infection.
    Rant: Young lady who jumped in front of me to take my cab this morning at 15th and U. I’ve got my arm up, he’s making a U-turn to get me and when he slowed during the turn, she just jumped in, then wouldn’t look at me as they drove by. Why are people so f*cking rude and self-centered?

    Rave: Weather is starting to break.
    Rave: I’ve been listening to the (new to me) War on Drugs album, Lost in the Dream. So very good and it makes we want to take a road trip.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: I think I’m the only popvillian who doesn’t complain about internet service.
    Rave: keep discovering great shows, the newest one is Broad City.
    Rave-ish: St. Patrick’s celebration for me was spicy mexican cocoa and popcorn; the introvert way. And Broad City.

  • Rave: Office title change finally approved. We from SEVEN words to TWO. So much simpler.
    Rave: Yet another awesomely cheerful and helpful employee at Trader Joe’s last night. Totally made my day on the way home.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: I noticed that many on here complain about street canvassers hitting them up to make donations for various non-profit causes. I never get stopped and I attribute that to my bad ass street cred or
    Rant: I look poor.

    • skj84

      I think my chronic case of “resting bitch face” spares me.

      • epric002

        i thought i’d perfected mine too until those rude teenagers got me last week. BUT, it was really beautiful out when that happened so i might have been smiling. will have to work on maintaining RBF even during gorgeous weather.

    • Pablo Raw

      I was late for a lunch with friends once and one of them was waiting for me outside the metro with “that” smile on his face; he asked me if I had “30 seconds for the children” and I said “no”. As I fast walked away he screamed at me very loudly “YOU DON’T HAVE 30 SECONDS FOR THE CHILDREN?????!!!!!” That has now become a joke amongst friends 🙂

    • Thank you for reminding me of a rant I had from yesterday. RANT: There’s a guy who panhandles on the Red Line asking people for money so he can buy his daughter some diapers. It has to be going on 5 years that this guy has been using the same line. *Your daughter is no longer in diapers! Ask people for something else!*

      • I Dont Get It

        LOL Maybe you should offer some money for the medical condition that his daughter clearly has that requires her to still be in diapers.

      • I Dont Get It

        Oh and by the way, I saw him the for the first time last week on the Red Line.

  • skj84

    Rave: Found old photos of my dads side of the family I’ve never seen! My favorite is one of my Grandma holding my dad as a baby. He was such a cutie! Going to post that on his birthday Friday.

    Rant: I miss my Grandma. It’ll be 5 years since she passed in a few months. She was an extraordinary woman.

    Question for the historians in the group: One of the pictures was of my Grandma and her friends catching at Count Basie show in the mid 40’s. The picture is labeled 9th and V, 1946. My Aunt and I could not for the life of us figure out what music venue it was. Anyone know? My aunt thinks she may have meant 9th and U.

    • I don’t know what club that would have been, but check out-

      The PBS article lists a few old clubs that aren’t around any more, but with my light digging I haven’t found their locations- Cimarron Club, Club Bengasi, The Green Parrot, Club Bali, The Jungle Inn, and Murray’s Casino.

    • That is awesome about the pics. My dad digitized all his family photos and slides and sent them to us on disks. I now have photos going back at least 60 years and seeing them makes me smile 🙂 What an absolute gift he’s given us.

      • skj84

        My mom is the family historian, she’s made it her duty to find and digitize as many pictures as possible. She was the executor of my great aunts estate and found some pictures of her family reaching back to the the late 1800’s early 1900’s. She scanned and reproduced the ones that were not too fragile. My personal favorite is a wedding pic from the beginning of the last century. Some of the older people in the picture were former slaves. My mom has done her best trying to find out more on their stories, but it seems she hit a roadblock for anything past that time period. No records. 🙁

        • My mother had good luck on ancestry. Got back to the 1700s. I assume she checked there, but if not, give it a try.

    • Ninth and V would be where the 9:30 Club is now. That building used to be the WUST Radio Music Hall, but WUST didn’t exist until the late 1940s (and began as WBCC, broadcasting out of Bethesda). I don’t know whether the building preceded WUST or whether they built it. If the latter, perhaps an earlier building on the same site?
      If it was 9th and U… perhaps it was on the northeast corner, where the D.C. Housing Finance Agency (I think) is now? Or the southeast corner, which I think didn’t have anything built on it before the current redevelopment?

    • binpetworth

      That’s a great rave! You might want to contact John Kelly (Answer Man) at the Washington Post with a copy of the picture and your question. He’s great at uncovering previous lives of buildings/venues, etc.

    • You may also want to post the photo on the “Old Time D.C.” Facebook page and ask if anyone knows. There are a lot of long-time residents who follow/comment on there, and folks often ask for help with locations. Besides, it’s a neat page!

  • Neither a rant nor a rave, just something that I could use some suggestions on! There are many reasons why people do yoga, and sometimes it can be a really intense workout- if that’s what you’re looking for. And right now, that’s what I’m looking for! But I haven’t found a class that really challenges me, makes me sweat, where I’m sore the next day… I’ve bounced around to lots of “power yoga” classes in town, but so far I haven’t found a really good one. I was in my hometown over the weekend and took a class that kicked my butt! And I thought- where in DC can I find this?? My yoga practice is usually about feeling centered but I want to mix it up a little bit and get my heart going so I can take a few days off of boring cardio/weights. Any suggestions?!

    • epric002

      i don’t know where in the city you are, but mimi rieger’s power flow class (weds night at yoga heights) and sunday’s rocket yoga kick my butt pretty consistently. have you tried intermediate/advanced classes?

      • Usually level 2/3 vinyasa classes are really challenging. There’s also a yoga/pilates hybrid class at Yoga District (Dupont studio) that kicks my butt. It’s like yoga plus strength training/core work. Muscles I didn’t even know I had were sore for days after that class.

    • Have you tried -Down Dog Yoga classes? – Any class with Mimi Rieger? -“Rocket” yoga class? Down Dog classes are -seriousl-y challenging and SERIOUSLY sweaty. They’re a bit much for me and I like tough yoga classes, but I have friends who swear by them. I’m more of a fan of Mimi Rieger, whose classes are challenging, but adaptable to different skill levels. She teaches “rocket” yoga and some other teachers of that kind of yoga (her students, I think?) can be very challenging, as well.

      • I just looked at their website and I’m going to try the 6pm Friday class with Paulina. It’s not Bikram-level hot, is it? Yoga pants and tank doable, or will most people be half-naked? (And thanks so much for the recommendation!)

        • It may even be hotter than a Bikram class, honestly, and it’s vinyasa yoga. In the summer, it’s brutally hot. And when I say it’s sweaty, I’m not kidding. You will sweat like a maniac. I couldn’t believe how sweaty I got.
          People wear all kinds of things that are sweat-friendly, and some will strip down as the class progresses. You might might to wear shorts and a tank top. If you’re comfortable going half naked, you won’t be alone, but you won’t feel pressured to go there, either. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

          • I think I’ll stick with a tank and capris! I was once in class with a woman wearing a *very* tiny boy short bikini. Now, I’m all for being who you are and doing you and “eyes on your own mat” and the whole bit, but it was a little awkward!

          • Haha! I’ve never seen -that- at a yoga class, but I’m sure a lot of men will go shirtless and women will be down to their sports bras on top.

        • Down dog is good. It’s slightly cooler than Bikram – I believe Bikram is set at 105 degrees, while they shoot for 95 at Down Dog (which is plenty hot enough). DOwn Dog also gets hotter with the later classes in the day – I’ve done both morning and afternoon classes there, and the mornings are predictably cooler. The classes are also hotter when they’re packed.

          Clothing ranges there. I usually do sports bra and shorts, but tank and yoga pants will definitely be a common choice there.

          Make sure you have a large towel for your mat, and ideally a smaller towel to wipe yourself. Especially if you’re doing a 90 minute class. Stuff gets really slippery.

          Paulina is a great instructor (to be fair, they don’t have any bad instructors there).

          • Thanks for the info! I’m excited to finally try something new- and use the towel I bought last year and never used. 🙂

    • Thx! Actually, I was just looking at Mimi’s rocket class for tomorrow night at Flow. Glad she gets two thumbs up! And no, I haven’t heard of Down Dog- and here I thought I knew all the studios in town lol. I’ll definitely check them out!

    • I’m usually pretty challenged by the sunday morning yoga 2 class at Tranquil space. The saturday class has my preferred instructor, but sunday kicks my ass pretty regularly.

      • agree – the level 2/3 classes at Tranquil Space can get very tough. They’re subtle – you don’t realize your ass is getting kicked at first. Then suddenly…”we’re doing WHAT NOW?”

    • For some serious muscle burn, try Krista Block’s classes. She used to teach at Buddha B, but now she’s over at Flow.

  • Ok, POPville: having a serious preggo craving for pork chops. What’s your best recommendation for restaurants serving delicious pork chops? Something in Dupont/Logan/Adams Morgan preferred.

  • Rave/Rant: Time for a new therapist. Saw the old one yesterday and told him about my complaints. He apologized but I could tell that he was irritated by my complaints. So I decided to cut my losses and move on. It took me forever to find him and I’m scared that my depression may worsen while I’m in the hunt for a new therapist.
    Rave: Made hotel reservations for Labor Day trip to Nashville to see my alma mater play. Will get to see old college roommate while I’m there. I’m excited even though it’s a who 6 months away.
    Rant: Mother Nature needs to make up her mind about whether or not it’s spring.

  • Rant: Dating in this city. I think it might be time to bow out for a few months. I haven’t been single that long anywho…

    Rave: Activities that I love, friends that are great, excellent rental situation, supportive family, make me one lucky boy.

  • Eyebrow highlights: is that a thing? My hair has faded a lot over the years, but my eyebrows are still almost black.

    • skj84

      I do know some salons offer eyebrow bleaching. Not sure how light you want to go, but it may be worth checking out. Just don’t end up bleaching them too light!

    • epric002

      i get mine colored (darker) when i have my hair done. disappearing eyebrows are no joke when you’re blonde in the summer. i look like i have no eyebrows in almost every photo of me in the summer from ages 16-21, thanks to lifeguarding.

  • Query: Does anyone have a general practitioner that they love? Or is there a Popville post on this somewhere with a list? Time to find a new doctor…

  • Andie302

    Rave: It’s my Friday and I head out immediately after work to the airport for a direct flight with two close friends heading to visit a third in Mississippi.
    Rave: I’m nearly finished all the work that needs to be done before the end of today.
    Rave: When I get back, I should see some serious progress on the house from the last time I saw it (Monday morning).
    Rant: Misplaced for the second half of April
    Rave: but luckily a friend needs a house/dog sitter so it appears to be a win/win.

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