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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Friday
    Rave/Rant: We’ve had generally nice weather most of the week, of course it will rain on the weekend
    Query: Does anyone know a good bar with outdoor seating that doesn’t allow any smoking?

    • Bar charley has a patio in back, so you don’t even have to deal with ppl smoking just outside the fence.

  • Rant – people who walk in the street, why?
    Rave – Sunshine & Spring

    • Maybe they had to dodge unshoveled sidewalks..did you think of their motivation? Yup, sounds just as ridiculous when I say it.

      • Yes, I walk in the street when the sidewalks are trecherous. But only on side streets, obviously not busy, main streets.

        Also, my mother who grew up in the mean streets of Brooklyn always taught me to walk in the street when I am alone at night. Again, not main streets, but it is safer as a woman to walk where there are lights and you are visible as opposed to in the shadows on the sidewalk. In DC this isn’t as applicable as in NYC, but there are certainly still some sketchier side streets, even in the busy areas. Don’t want to be a walking target.

  • Love this sign. It’s been this way for the better part of 6 or 9 months now. They don’t care.

  • Rant: SHATTERED my display last night.
    Rave: AppleCare+ actually paying off
    Rant: Can’t get it fixed until after this weekend.
    Rave: Determined to pack up my childhood home so my mom can sell the house.
    Rave: Curling up with my family dog tonight and tomorrow – she’s been sick and all I’ve wanted to do is check up on her!

  • Rave: I’m delighted and shocked to report that DC Water didn’t wreck our front yard when updating our pipes yesterday. In fact, if I hadn’t known that they had dug a giant hole there, I probably wouldn’t have realized they had.
    Rave: Some sweet new businesses coming to Shaw. Details comin’ at ya later this morning.
    Rave: Lots of good news coming in about the BFD. The news is only trickling in, but so far, it’s looking a-ok.
    Rave: Weekend!

    • Accountering

      Woohoo on DC Water! I am not shocked, but I will say I am surprised to the up-side.

      • I’m with you. I was positive that I would either have to pick a useless fight with a faceless DC agency or spend a chunk of the weekend at Home Depot and laying sod. I don’t know how they managed to replace everything so well, but I’m certainly not upset they did!

    • Great news on DCWater’s unexpected carefulness!

    • You talking about the new restaurant (Red Hen/Boundary Stone collab) announced at the Colonel?

      • Yes, that and the Tiffany MacIssac bakery AND the Mt Vernon Squangle scuttlebutt that I was rolling into “Shaw.” It’s a good time to be in the neighborhood.

        • Our toilet was running for 4 days when we were out of town so our DC Water bill is $180 instead of the usual $50!! 🙁 I called them, but they said there is nothing they can do. Boo

  • Accountering

    Rant: Contractor just told us we can expect the project to be done on May 1, and he is also pushing back on the per day penalty we contractually agreed to that begins 4/1. This is a tough one, as the penalty would be about $3,000 for that long of a delay, but there are still two phases of the project (basement renovation starts after we move in 5/1, and then phase three is that after the basement is finished we remove the stairs and put in a half bath on the main floor. Had some tough conversations with him yesterday and hope we see some action over the next week, it should be telling where we are at on 3/20.
    Rant2: Caps. Still wish we would have beat the Rangers. We definitely need to get past the Penguins, as I have no interest in a first round matchup with the Rangers. I think we beat both Penguins and Islanders over a 7 game series, but I would at least like to play Rangers in the 2nd round.
    Rave: Friday! Cloverfest with a bunch of friends tomorrow, and SparklyKittyTacos and her boyfriend. Anyone else going?
    Rave2: Move in date of May 1 is quite close to the two week trip to Greece. Getting excited for Santorina, Mykonos, Athens, and Sparta!

    • Yay, excited for Cloverfest!! 😀

    • Can you say more about the penalty? I didn’t know you could put something like that in a construction project contract (assuming that is what you are talking about)

      • Accountering

        It is $200/weekday past a certain date in a penalty. I enforced it on the last contract with him to the tune of $5400.

        • Wow that is awesome, i wish i had used this on my Deck project that ran 2 months late for no reason. Have you ever had to collect the penalty? I will think most contractors wouldn’t want to sign a contract like that, right?

          • Accountering

            I collected on the last contract to the tune of $5400. That was a $150,000 whole house gut-reno project though. I don’t think a $20/day penalty on a $15,000 deck project would be out of question though.

  • Rave/rant: First day back to the gym exposed how out of shape I am. 9 weeks to fix it!
    Rant: Not enough hours in the day!
    Rave: Mostly brought lunch just gotta keep it up.
    Rant: Busy Sunday may hinder next week’s planning.

    • Accountering

      First day is the hardest! I had my first couple of runs in over a month, and even after those I am feeling better. Congrats on getting back after it!

      • I’m currently trying to figure out how much gym time I can work around 55hr/week+ dog. I might have to start running before work because crossfit isn’t early enough. ACK!
        The hardest day was the day after I was promoted to a new belt. Everybody including the head instructor had to test it out. I survived just barely.
        Glad you’re back on the horse!

  • epric002

    rant: i’d forgotten just how much teenagers like being glassbowls. i was the lucky sucker for a harmless but rude joke yesterday. ugh, brought back all those super fun high school memories.
    rave: pulled the introvert card and went to be at 7:30 last night. lovely husband took care of everything for the rest of the night. am finally feeling human again.
    rave: friday

    • skj84

      ugh. I’m sorry you had to go through that. I also had a rough high school experience, I get triggered by nasty teens as well. Its amazing how it all can come flooding back. So glad you are feeling better.

      • epric002

        thank you skj84- truly. i was beating myself up for being bothered by it since they’re just stupid kids, but you’re right that when you had a rather traumatic teenage experience it can be pretty bothersome to be reminded of it. i hope you have a great friday 🙂

  • A huge thank you to all who shared and helped me yesterday in supporting my friends through their loss. You gave me the confidence to reach out and the guidance to support them. So in light of a the tragic rant that is their loss:
    Rave: The PoPville community. Thank you.

  • Rave: telework
    Rave: writing for DC Focused
    Rant: flakey people
    Rant: haven’t had a chance to look at a resume sent my way from a person on here. I’m going to look at it this evening! Promise!
    Rant: the folks driving around the U Street area last night. C’mon people, the dedicated bike lane (on V and later Calvert) is for bikes!

  • gotryit

    Rant: package stolen off my porch
    Rave: genius walked in front of several of my surveillance cameras
    Rave: MPD knew exactly who he was and where he lived – quick arrest.
    Rant: MPD knew exactly who he was and where he lived – this person seems like a real sad piece of work, and probably will never change.
    Rant: still don’t have my package back…

  • Rave: Friday, you came just in time! I have been so short-tempered this week and very much need a break from personalities at the office.
    Rave: Lots of fun time plans with dear friends this weekend.
    Rant: Family health issues.

  • Andie302

    Rant: See above RE contractor and schedule
    Rave: Impromptu lunch today with an old co-worker that I haven’t seen in nearly a year.
    Rave: Day drinking tomorrow
    Rant: potentially in the rain
    Rave: Friday
    Rave? Four more weeks to pack/donate/sell/trash things?

  • hammers

    Rant: Super overwhelmed lately, not really sure why
    Rave: First warm weekend
    Question: Getting some furnature delivered this weekend; in home delivery includes setup. Am I expected to tip in this case? The order was over 1k… what do you think?

    • Accountering

      Negative. Do not tip here. They are paid well, or should be paid well.

    • You just spent over a G on furniture. I think the guys would appreciate a ten-spot or a twenty if the item is particularly cumbersome to move.

      • hammers

        thanks for telling me how much I spent -_-

        • hammers

          Don’t say you’re sorry; you’re a condoscending anonymous internet loser, I’m fairly certain you aren’t sorry about a thing.

        • Here’s a smiley face! 🙂

        • Accountering

          The only reason it matters how much she spent is how much service she gets from the store in my mind. In my mind, an Ikea purchase with $69 delivery is different than a Room and Board couch with whatever they charge for delivery, in the level of service you should expect.
          Your insinuation that because she spent over $1000! on furniture that she should tip because she is rich or whatever is lame and not helpful.

        • +1 to what Accountering said. I would add that if you’re trying to furnish an apartment, $1000 doesn’t go very far, especially if you’re trying to buy things that are built to last.

        • hammers

          this has been pretty interesting, responses ranging from no tip to treat it like a big pizza! I’ll go hit up the ATM tonight for sure. FWIW delivery charge was 150 I think; and for me this purchase is putting me out a bit, but I don’t want to stiff anyone.

        • Hammers, I think the consensus is that there’s no real consensus, so I think it’s okay to go with your gut. I bet the delivery people are accustomed to seeing the whole range of responses.

    • IMO, if you’re paying for delivery/setup, you shouldn’t have to tip on top of that.

    • I’d definitely tip. I moved to my place last year and purchased a bunch of new stuff, the delivery guys carried some pretty heavy stuff up multiple flights of stairs and didn’t do any damage, so I was happy to tip them. One delivery even involved hoisting a heavy Room & Board outdoor sofa up from my back balcony to my roofdeck b/c it didn’t fit through the door to the roof.

    • Andie302

      I would tip $10-$20/person.

    • HaileUnlikely

      If there is a universal norm for this, I don’t know what it is, but I’d take into consideration the fee charged by the store for the delivery as well as the time and effort of what the delivery people do for you. If the fee for in-home delivery is like $69 and the assembly clearly takes an hour for somebody who is clearly working hard, then I’d definitely tip. If the fee was a few hundred dollars and the “assembly” consists of screwing four legs onto something that is otherwise assembled already, then no way.

      • Accountering

        This is reasonable.. I also think it depends on where you are ordering from. The aforementioned Room and Board sofa – I think a $2,500 couch should come with an expected higher level of service throughout the transaction, and that includes delivery/install etc.

        • Does the delivery fee go to the delivery guys? I’d ask the company and if there are flights I’d stairs or difficulty, I’d tip about $20.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Fair point. Surely the company takes a big cut, which also includes expenses associated with the vehicle, mileage, insurance, etc. My rationale was basically that if the fee is nominal, the delivery guys fairly obviously aren’t getting paid much. If the fee is a few hundred dollars, one can at least hope that the delivery guys get paid a decent wage.

          • Hope indeed. After doing catering which has at times crazy delivery fees, I can never assume the delivery person gets any of it. That lasted about a week.

          • Accountering

            I am quite certain the delivery guys for Room and Board make a very good wage. Room and Board gets to charge $2500 for a sofa because of their reputation. It extends from storefront to your living room. They pay a higher wage, because they want to ensure quality delivery guys.
            This is all an assumption of course, but I am quite certain I am correct here.

          • “This is all an assumption of course, but I am quite certain I am correct here.”
            I agree with your assumption (though I’d still tip), but this comment is hilarious. “I recognize that I have no support whatsoever, but I’m still 100% sure I’m right.” I’m not criticizing, I feel the same way (after all, how often to any of us make statements we know to be wrong), but I’ve never seen it put so starkly.

          • Accountering

            As I was writing, I knew I was on shaky ground. With that said, Room and Board is too smart to let their delivery be the weak link, so I am certain they have it down to a science – putting down mats etc if it is raining out.
            With that said, very true on how stark that was. 🙂 Also, a quick review of Yelp seems to prove out my original assumption, so now I least have SOMETING to stand on haha.

          • I am often absolutely correct with no discernible support. My genius will not be fully appreciated until after I’m gone.

    • RE: Furniture, I’m with Andie on this one. I’ve had furniture of this value delivered twice in my life. The first time, I didn’t tip because there was a delivery fee, but I felt guilty about it for much far too long afterward. The second time I get the two guys $20 ($10 each) and they seemed delighted. I felt better and as if I had made the right choice.
      Re: feeling overwhelmed, I hope you can tackle what you need to tackle this weekend and start the week (at least somewhat) fresh,

      • hammers

        I think I’ll plan to give 10 or 15 bucks per delivery person, and a couple of bottles of water. It’s a bed, and a table, so it shouldn’t be too hard but also will require assembly. I just want to plan in advance. I am a tipper, but I wouldnt want to say tip 10-20% in this case. Sometimes I tip way too much because I am not used to people helping me out and feel guilty. Thanks for the advice guys.

        • I think the offer a beer thing might be gender specific. As a guy, I’d have no qualms at all, but as a woman – especially a woman living alone, I probably wouldn’t.

    • jim_ed

      Yes, you should tip furniture delivery guys, especially if they’re carrying/maneuvering heavy stuff up stairs and don’t scuff your walls or the furniture. $10/guy will suffice, though we usually tip $20 if the assembly is particularly difficult.

      • jim_ed

        Also, if it’s a late afternoon delivery, I’ll offer the guys a cold beer (just one, since one of them is driving).

        • hammers

          Hm, I’ve offered water before, but I’ve never thought to offer a beer. I don’t want to be *too* friendly with strange men in my house, I’ve had lots of skeevy service people before who try to ask me out, and they already have my phone number etc from the order or whatnot.

    • If they were reasonably careful, polite and didn’t damage anything, I would absolutely tip. Besides thanking them for a job well done, I think there’s a certain pay-it-forward aspect, as it might help future customers receive the same level of service. Also, how is this any different than a pizza, just on a larger scale?

      • hammers

        The differences would be that pizza delivery people make most of their money on tips; I already gave the company quite a bit of money, and the amount I can tip is much less than the standard 20%.

        • Unless the delivery guys own the company (I’m guessing this is unlikely), they too make the majority of their money off tips.

    • Like Jim_ed, I would also tip $10 per guy if they have to carry it up stairs and didn’t bang the walls.

    • I usually offer them a bottle water etc…

      If they do a good job and treat you like a human (sad but rare) I would give a $10 or $20 and say “have a beer on me”

  • Rave: Sidecar (thanks again for the rec, Andie!). I took a shared ride from Adams Morgan to Crystal City for $3 last night!
    Rave: Fun plans tonight and tomorrow! Hoping it doesn’t rain too much tomorrow for outdoor day drinking!
    Rant: I hate being a bridesmaid. So much.

    • “I hate being a bridesmaid. So much.” Stories?

      • The labia/jellyfish bridesmaid dress bride is just going overboard. I just got a planning email from her for her destination bachelorette party (overseas with a side trip to a remote island…what?). And, this is none of my business, but they’re going into debt to pay for their wedding (which I find ridiculous) so I know we just don’t see eye to eye on this type of thing and I’m dreading having to tell her I can’t go to the bachelorette party if it’s going to cost this much because I know she’ll take it personally and flip out.

        • epric002

          oh. my. god. please embrace the “no”. perhaps practice it ahead of time? since this is going sooo far overboard it will be easier to say no? i could see how just a domestic-travel bach weekend would make me want to say no, and i’d hope that in the case of a DESTINATION bachelorette party i would be “not just no, but hell no”.
          and hold on there- you go the email from her? is she planning her own party that i assume she is asking you guys to pay for???

        • A destination event, overseas, with a side trip? That’d be excessive for the wedding itself, never mind one of the (innumerable) events leading up to the wedding. No offense, but your friend sounds like a real treat (both because of this and previous postings). Remind us, is there a way out of participating in this? It’s going to be a debacle.

          • In the last few minutes, she’s “downgraded” to Puerto Rico + side trip, but still! Gah. And yeah, she sent out an email to the BMs (plus 15 other friends) giving hotel options and dates and asked us to plan/budget accordingly. You’re right, epric002. I need to suck it up and say no.
            dcd – She’s very sweet but this wedding is really bringing out the worst in her, unfortunately. I can’t back out of being a bridesmaid but I think I’m just going to have to put my big girl pants on and opt out of the bachelorette party. She’ll be mad but oh well.

          • Andie302

            I cannot imagine asking my friends to go to Puerto Rico and some other trip in addition to all the other things that inherently come with being a bridesmaid. There’s no defense for this! If it’s the wedding day then at least the bride can say “It’s my day”…this is just CRAZY! And she’s literally the last person that should be sending these emails. Crazytown!

          • I’m sure she’s very sweet, otherwise you wouldn’t be so close with her, but it’s just amazing what happens to otherwise well-adjusted people when it’s wedding time. How can someone possibly be mad when you tell them you can’t afford/spend the time/just don’t want to go on a multi-stage trip with them? I don’t get it. (And, while it’s even less my business than yours, but going into debt for a wedding while expecting your friends to for the bill for an elaborate pre-wedding trip says volumes about the new couple’s money management philosophy. And not in a good way.)

          • epric002

            “she sent out an email to the BMs (plus 15 other friends) giving hotel options and dates and asked us to plan/budget accordingly.”
            wow, that is some nerve. you are a kinder person than i would be if one of my “friends” tried that.

          • I 10000% agree with all of you on this! I can’t wait for this wedding to be over (it’s not until December…help!).

          • HaileUnlikely

            I have a couple of friends who are getting married soon and are setting a similar tone. They themselves have a lot of money (both earn good salaries and one is from a wealthy family), and in day to day life, they are very generous with their money. However, their wedding, and some of their other social events, entail their guests spending several hundred dollars (or more) of our own money (travel, new clothes, etc) in order to be able to participate, and it is painfully obvious to some of us that they simply have no comprehension of how spending that kind of money is actually kind of difficult for some of us.

        • Accountering

          See my comment below at 10:25am. I really got out in front of this one!

        • WHY is this a thing now? Awesome, great, you’re getting married. Totally would love to do a trip with you, but maybe not after you ask me to drop $$ on a bridesmaid dress or with only a few month’s notice? Seriously, dropping the cash you spend on a trip usually can eat up a ton of people’s budget.

          • Erms, how are things with Drama Friend?

          • Textdoc – haven’t talked to her in about a month or two. She seriously pissed off mutual friend at one point since she’s being so bridezilla, and I warned MF not to talk about her wedding. Surprisingly, MF mentioned using fake flowers to supplement real flowers, and DF was totally on board. We were both shocked. I’ll probably reach back out when life calms down in April (seriously, I’ve been in and out of town too much to have any energy left over). I’m also trying to get MF to come down for a weekend – I was supposed to see her when I’m home tomorrow, but it’s supposed to snow – so we’re trying to find a weekend that works.

        • Just say no!

        • I’ll just leave this here for your reading pleasure because it’s the first thing I thought of when you said “destination bachelorette party.” Oy vey.


      • SKT, I realize this is a bit of a sidestep to your (very valid) complaints, but when I hear stories like this, I have to wonder if the bride may not be deep down, secretly hoping that someone may give her a bit of a check on all of the craziness.
        Since I don’t know much about your relationship with her, I wonder if you may have some way of talking to her about -all- of the wedding expenses, addressing how she feels about the extravagance of all of the plans and their impact on her family’s future. Is there a chance that some part of her is really freaking out about it all, but feels too absorbed in the process to really address it unless asked a bit more directly? If so (and I realize this is a big “if”), that could be a good segue into discussing the expenses for the bridesmaids. If she can acknowledge that the wedding costs are too much for her and her husband, she might be more willing to concede that she’s asking too much of her friends, too.
        If I’m totally off base, feel free to ignore this 🙂

        • I have to say I’m not very optimistic about this prospect. Yes, the bride has “acknowledge[d] that the wedding costs are too much for her and her husband”… but she also thinks it’s perfectly fine for them to go into debt to pay for the wedding. I have a feeling that she might think the bridesmaids should just suck it up and do the same.

        • I can totally see this going either way. On the one hand, I do think she’s stressed about how much she’s spending on the wedding, but on the other, she’s always been a little high maintenance with celebrations (even for her birthdays) and she’s mentioned on a few occasions that she’s an “older bride” (she’s not, she’s 32) and so she really wants/needs to “do it big.”
          Also, I think a big part of why this frustrates me so much is that I don’t feel close enough to her to address these issues with her, which means I probably should have said no to being a bridesmaid in the first place but I was caught off guard/didn’t want to make things awkward. I think I would have talked about these things openly with my closest friends much earlier in the planning process.

          • So you could say no, but you don’t want it to be awkward? This person isn’t even a good friend. I think women are conditioned to be passive. I can’t see a man standing by and taking it.

          • Accountering

            What a silly justification for her need to “do it big”

        • Accountering

          I wonder why this only happens to women. On the same token as what you are saying, if one of my friends tried pulling this, I would speak with them very much in the manner you mentioned. The best bachelor party I am going to this year is in Dewey, and the house costs $189/person. I can totally swing that.
          Also, going into debt for a wedding is the height of stupidity. “Hey there, lets start a life together, and the first thing we have to deal with as a married couple is $15,000 in credit card debt that we jointly created!!!”

          • hammers

            agreed- going into debt for a wedding seems to put the wedding ahead of the marriage. Gotta say though, if they are already going into debt, they might as well pay for your tickets for the destination bachelorette ;-p

          • lol hammers, i’d be on board with that.

          • jim_ed

            I don’t think this is exclusive to women at all. Most of the bachelor parties I’ve been to/invited to have been destination – Vegas, New Orleans, AC, and Miami are the most frequent locations. That said, none of the inviters have had an issue when I turned them down when I’ve said “sorry, 2 grand for a bachelor party isnt in my budget right now” either.

          • Agree with you on this being the “height of stupidity.” Not a good start at all for them. If they are both spendthrifts, things are going to be rough. If one is out of control, but the other wants fiscal restraint later in the marriage, things will be rough. Either way, can you spell divorce? My prediction: less than 3 years. Sorry, but these are not the things good marriages are made of.

          • @jim_ed – I have been to bachelor parties (including my own) at three of those locations (not Miami) and a couple other pseudo destination places – rafting, etc. I’ve never seen not heard of anyone getting bent out of shape because someone couldn’t attend, for whatever reason. Frankly, as we all get older I miss them a bit – not the specific events but getting away with friends for a weekend. Some spouses (thankfully not mine) really get bent out of shape at the thought of a guy’s weekend away.

          • How did you find the house!?!? We’re trying to do our bachelorette in Rehoboth this summer and everything is booked or does a week minimum and it’s 5-10k for the week, which NO!

            I also don’t understand people who go into debt for a wedding. I know someone who got married 5+ years ago and her mom JUST paid of the debt from the wedding!!

          • jim_ed

            @ DCD – Yeah, they’re usually a blast if you can afford them. Some of my college friends’ tastes run a bit fancier than mine, like doing bottle service at the hot club, which is my personal hell, but overall they’re great. We also did one randomly in Philly that was surprisingly fun. Mine was in Charlestown, WV, and it was one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever taken. But to your second point – I think one trip with your buddies is totally within reason and a great getaway. About 10 of us do a 4 day fishing trip every year, where we hit a different state each year with the intention of doing all 50 if any of us live that long.

          • Accountering

            We are only going for the weekend. I think it was just through one of the standard realtor websites. It is a new construction (with us as one of the first tenants – haha) so maybe that explains the lack of constraints on it.

    • Accountering

      I’ve never been a bridesmaid (obviously) but the crap that brides put the BMs through is ridiculous. Here – spend $250 on this horribly ugly dress you will never wear again, and put up with me being a crazy person for the next 12 months!

      • I had the other problem, spend $250 on a dress I actually liked and would wear again, only to ruin it during hors d’oeuvres. Lol.
        But I’m lucky I’ve never had to deal with crazy. I have had to wear uncomfortable, super tall shoes, but the bride bought us all flip flops for the reception. It’s not all bad, you just hear about the stuff that is bad.

      • am i the only person who has had brides (or their families) pay for my dresses? I’ve been a bridesmaid 4 times, and 3 out of those 4 times they asked me to try on a dress for size, but then tell them what size i was so they could order it for me and pay. I thought this was normal??? did i just really lucky with very considerate friends? none of my friends are wealthy — the most expensive dress was from j.crew (and i love that dress, i’ve worn it a zillion times since then) but one of the other weddings we got the dresses from target.

        • epric002

          my parents paid for my dress for my sister’s wedding (i was still in grad school at the time/not working full time) and i think they’ve helped out certain wedding party members who they knew it would be tough financially for them to participate. but having been a bridesmaid 6 times, i think i paid for my dress (and shoes, hair, makeup, whatever else) at every other wedding.

        • My closest friends all said the same thing! They were appalled that I had to pay for my own (ugly) dress and thought the bride/bride’s family paying for the BMs’ dresses was the norm. I guess it just depends on the person.

        • I don’t know what the norm is, but I think Jerseygirl’s friends are very sensible — choosing reasonably priced bridesmaid dresses AND paying for them, rather than expecting the bridesmaids to buy them. (And of course selecting an inexpensive dress makes it easier for the bride to cover the cost.;)

        • I think that’s the traditional method. It’s what I plan to do for my bm’s if/when I get married. Not sure when people started having to pay for their own dress…

        • hammers

          I’ve only been a bridesmaid once and I had to pay for the dress (david’s bridal–fugly) and the alterations so about 250; I think more and more brides are letting people wear their own shoes, but I have never heard of them buying the dresses, I think that’s an assumed cost of acceptance.

        • I have been a bridesmaid twice and paid for the dress myself both times. The first one was hideous and I’ll never wear it again. The second one could be worn again, if I ever had opportunity to wear a full length gown. My wedding was a beach affair so my bridesmaids wore sundresses. I paid for them because I picked them, but they were like $30. When wedding #2 rolls around, I’ll either pick the dresses and pay or let them pick and pay. I’m the only bride I know who paid and thought I was being generous with my bridesmaid, but then again, if I’m making you wear something, I think it’s only fair.

          • epric002

            the only 1 of 6 bridesmaid dresses that i’d ever wear again (lovely navy cocktail dress) was so small i could barely get it on for the wedding! you have no idea how annoyed i was a the shop we bought them from. we all got measured there, and while my top and bottom half are different sizes, they recommended the smaller of the sizes, i insisted i order the larger size, and it was still so small that i had to wear spanx/couldn’t bend at my waist/was worried i was going to pop a seam all night long. what a waste!

        • We covered hotel rooms for the bridesmaids on the night of the wedding. Only one needed to fly in, so there were minimal travel costs. I didn’t pay for the bridesmaids dresses, but I picked out 3-4 different styles and let the girls pick what they wanted (and they convinced me to change the color). Happy BMs made me a happy bride IMO.

          • the only wedding where i was a bridesmaid and the family didn’t pay for the dress, they did pay for my (and the entire wedding party’s) hotel room for 3 nights (night before, rehersal dinner, night of the actual wedding). the bride wanted a really really small intimate wedding, and her parents insisted on a 200+ person wedding so she told them that if they were going to overrule her, they were going to pay for EVERYTHING, including apparently, a lovely 4 day, 3 night vacation for myself and my date. ha! bride’s family wasn’t particularly over the top wealthy, but they were southern, so i guess they really wanted a big wedding.

        • I’ll be a bridesmaid for the first time this summer, we’re paying for our own dresses (the couple are pretty squeezed for money as it is – the wedding is in Hawaii, where the bride is from). But she’s going to try and pay for hair for us and she has been suuuper low-key about everything and undemanding, since she knows we’re all in the same dire financial straits.

    • I have to ask: $3 for that ride sounds like a screaming deal, but how many were in the car? I’m trying to imagine how that driver is making any money at all.

      • Just one other guy going to the airport! It’s possible it was some kind of promotional deal, but the guy said he uses Sidecar all the time and always pays $3 for shared rides.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant/Rave: not sure yet. Have a meeting to discuss merit increases today. Why do they draw this process out?
    Rave: Excellent nap on metro this morning.

  • Rave: shut down the online dating account. I do not plan on starting up again ever. I gave it 6 months, and it hasn’t worked out. I feel free. All of my girlfriends shut down their accounts recently too.
    Rave: Sun. Spring.
    Rave: My new guy friend is befriending my friends, so we’re all going to be friends. Combing friend groups, yes! Still trying to figure out if he likes me as more than friends.

    • I feel you! After another boring/bad date last night, I think I’m going to shut mine down as well. Gave it a shot, it didn’t work for me either. Hope I get that free feeling too. And I love your rave on combining friend groups- so many people in DC are protective of their friend “groups” and don’t want to mingle. The more the merrier in my opinion!

      • SPShaw: my friend put it best “it’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders” after she shut down her Tinder account. We were all stressed about the guys we were dating and the guys we would like to be dating. It was too consuming. And while I have my best friends here in DC, I am excited to make new friends.

        • Nothing will be enjoyable if you’re stressing about it. I’ve had some crappy dates, but I figure hey, that’s one less bad person I have to encounter. I’d really like my ladyfriend back in my life, but I refuse to stress myself with a countdown until when we’re supposed to reconnect. I’d go crazy.

      • Anonynon

        did we go out last night? Hopefully not because I didn’t think it was boring/bad

        • You bring a good point on perception. One person’s boring date is another person’s awesome time.

          • Anonynon

            hahah this is true, I don’t think I went on a date with Shawess the girl i met doesn’t live in Shaw. I wonder what exactly a boring date is, I mean i guess I have had a few that weren’t amazing but I also would say I have never had a bad date (compared to some horror stories on here/heard through friends)

          • Anonynon, you’re thinking of SPShaw. Shawess is married. 🙂

          • Haha yeah. I didn’t go out on any dates last night, boring, awesome or otherwise 🙂 I caught up on The Mindy Project and snuggled with my dog, like any semi-self respecting married woman. Or something.

          • I think us males have a lot fewer bad dates than females, but that’s just based on all the stories i’ve heard and read. I rarely hear them from guys.

            I never had a bad date, but I had plenty of boring ones. What is a boring date you ask? Where the conversation is awkward the entire time, and there is no chemistry whatsoever, and it is clear you two have no similar interests. I suppose some might consider that a bad date, but compared to some of the horror stories out there, there are certainly worse dates than boring ones…

          • Exactly. It was more boring than bad (and I’ve had a few really bad dates… which make for great stories once you get over the initial shock of what happened). I consider myself to be pretty good at holding a conversation and will talk to most anyone, but if I want to leave after one beer because I’d rather clean my room than listen to you keep talking, its not going to work out.

          • Anonynon

            yikes, we left after 1 beer on my date (granted it was a big beer)…hopefully that wasn’t what she was thinking. She told me to ‘text her’ so i did today…awaiting a reply 🙂 hopefully i am not crazy in thinking there is potential between us.

          • I stayed for a second beer because I never know how to cut it off without being rude when I’m not having a good time but the guy is. I’m glad you had better luck last night, I’m sure she’ll text you back soon 🙂

  • Rave – Friday is here!! It’s the end of a long 6-day work week for me. Also, thank you to PoPville posters for recommending Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which was perfect TV watching for this week.
    Bonus Rave – Leaving work early to do wedding stuff – tasting with the caterers and wedding ring shopping!

    • I agree that Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is perfect TV for the week! Does anyone else have the theme song in their head all the time?

  • Rave/Rant/Trepidation: Maryland v Indiana at 6:30. We split the series this season by eeking out a win at home. Here’s hoping for a great showing tonight!

  • Rant: still have chest congestion, and it woke me up again last night. And in the mornings, it triggers my gag reflex. This is especially fun on the metro–being that person who seems to be hacking up a lung & feeling like I might retch. Ugh. I swear I’m getting over this cold, but the lingering symptoms are brutal.
    Rave: Friday!
    Rant: A little more planned for the weekend than I’d like, but ce la vie. It’s not that overbooked, I’m just tired.
    Rave/Rant: only four more days until next u/s. The waiting is the worst. I get so neurotic and convinced it won’t stick. At least I’m feeling less pessimistic now than I was earlier in the week. The weekend will be distracting, and then it’ll only be a couple more days. Early pregnancy makes me feel like a crazy person. (In my defense, I had a miscarriage at 11.5 weeks three years ago, when I totally thought I was in the clear, so now I overestimate the likelihood of recurrence)
    Rave: No meetings today, so I can hide in my office and plow ahead.

    • Oh man I hear you on the awful cough. 🙁 I finished my antibiotics for bronchitis almost a week ago, but I still have such a bad cough that triggers my gag reflex as well. Doctor prescribed nasal spray but it’s not doing jack. Go awayyyy…

  • Rave: LA TASCA HAPPY HOUR!!!! Went yesterday had a great time.
    Rant: I could write so much here, but I wont. Its Friday Lets be happy! 🙂

  • Rave: Quantic is DJing at Tropicalia tonight!
    Rant: This morning I opened my blinds to see my neighbor’s unleashed dog pooping on my front yard. The neighbor did promptly pick up the poop, but… ewww. Couldn’t you use a leash and have your dog poop in your own front yard instead??
    Note to self: Always wear gloves when doing yardwork.

    • my dog growing up somehow learned to poop on command, so we could make sure she only ever went in our yard. my current dog seems to think that pooping in our yard is a no-no, and will only go elsewhere. i always pick up promptly, but getting him to go in my yard is impossible!

      • Fair enough. But if this person used a leash, maybe the dog could be encouraged to poop in the area between the sidewalk and the curb, which is more like standard pooping territory.

        • if only! once my dog gets in his squat, if you interrupt him, it could be another 20 blocks before he finds another spot that is deemed acceptable. i have no idea how he picks his spots, but he is picky (he’s only ever off leash in the dog park)!! generally i do try to encourage my dog to poop on the grassy strip between the sidewalk and the curb, but sometimes there is too much going on on the sidewalk that i guess he wants somewhere more private? that’s one of the reasons i’m scrupulous about picking up poop immediately…totally rude to leave a turd on your neighbor’s yard.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: FRIDAY
    Rave: Eldest Zelda’s scholarship from her other top-choice school was larger than we’d thought it might be.
    Rant: Placed an online order on my phone when I was tired and accidentally ordered the wrong thing. The item I ordered is only a little bit different from the item I wanted (color), but that little bit makes a difference. Trying to decide if I can live with the difference.

  • Rant: I’m not unhappy that pot has been somewhat decriminalized in DC because I think far too many young men of color have criminal records for mere possession or use of small amounts. But the smell of weed really stinks. I actually find it more noxious than cigarette smoke. Maybe there is just some really bad stuff in DC.

    • Agreed re nuisance: waiting for the “no smoking ANYTHING” within 100 feet of this building signs.

      • I’ve always wondered about those signs. Can a private business really ban smoking on a public sidewalk just based on the proximity of the sidewalk to the building? My guess is no.

        • Accountering

          Probably not… Can they put up a sign and have their security officers hassle people… Why not?

        • They probably can’t. In Seattle, there is a law that you can’t smoke within 25 feet of doorway. There’s nothing similar here that I know of.

    • +1 on the smoke. Twice now I’ve experienced pot smokers somewhere near the top of the Dupont north escalators. The ventilation carries it the length of the shaft and you have to put up with it for the entire ride. Completely tolerant and even supportive of legalization efforts, but that’s just incredibly rude.

      • hammers

        For about a year I swear I smell it every time I walk on the street. Awful. I still think it’s better than cigarette smoke though…

  • Rave: I have an interview with both Alexandria and Arlington public schools next Saturday.
    Rant: Virginia is a non union state.
    Rave: both pay better than PG and are less messed up
    What do you all think? Is it better to give up union benefits for a higher salary/less dysfunctional employers?

    • Accountering

      With everything you have said, you sound like you are an excellent teacher. I don’t think the job protections are something you truly need – so I would happily give up the union benefits for a higher salary, less dysfunctional employer. Of course you will also have much more engaged parents in either of those districts, and less problem students – whether that is a positive or a negative is up to you.

      • I certainly do not feel like an excellent teacher but I feel like I could be if I weren’t working in such ridiculous conditions. I love my kids here but I just don’t know how much longer I can survive in PG.

        • FWIW, I think some of the best teachers in the world couldn’t survive PG. It’s a very dysfunctional system. If you don’t mind me asking, if you live in DC, why not teach in DC?

          • Accountering

            I agree with this. Take this with a grain of salt, but IMO, you should be interviewing like mad with the myriad charter schools. From Woodley park, you are probably a 20 minute metro/bus commute to 20 of them.

          • I believe, though can’t swear, that charter schools pay considerably less than DCPS.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Yeah, charter schools aren’t known for paying well. But as always, it depends on the school.

          • houseintherear

            Advice from an old lady teacher: Don’t give up your pension for the “freedom” of a charter school!

          • DCPS has its own dysfunction. But I wouldn’t be opposed to working there… I’ll apply to a free schools there.

    • What benefits would you give up?

      • That’s where it gets tricky… I know there are education associations in Virginia but they might not necessarily have the power teachers unions have in Maryland. I’m not very informed of the differences.

    • My bf is a teacher at an Arlington public school and says switch if you can. He’s VP of the local “union” chapter/chair of the regional district council and said he’d be happy to talk to you if you have more questions about it.

    • I say go for it! We still have unions that will cover you with liability insurance in case someone gets litigious. Arlington is better than Alexandria.

      • I worked in Alexandria as a sub for many years so I know it’s not the greatest district but they do pay a bit better than Arlington.

  • Rave: killing it at work this week, even got congratulated by my boss on an idea I came up with and made work.
    Rave: My site visit yesterday was great. The weather was perfect and we wrapped up early at the natural history museum, so more museum time for me.
    Rant: I just got off a conference call that was two ships in the night.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Race is finally upon us!
    Rant: Ugh, stupid race is tomorrow.
    Rant: And it’ll rain. And it’s an awkward temperature. And getting back home from RFK is gonna suck.
    Rave: Pasta pasta pasta!
    Rant: Sorry about closing all your roads. I’ll try to get off them as fast as possible.
    Rave: Went to see The Flying Dutchman the other night. It was pretty great! Wagner was a crazy lunatic, but the man could write a catchy tune.

    • Question for racers – we like to go cheer you on (though the rain might impact that). What time will you be getting to the 1300 block of Harvard in Columbia Heights? Not the leaders, but the pack.

      • That’s about mile 7.5. If you don’t care about the elites, pretty solid packs should hit around 8:30 and continue for at least an hour based on the wave start and plenty of more casual runners. Thanks for coming out, but please, please don’t bring an “Almost There” sign!

      • I should add: That’s a great spot for motivation, too. I’m still sucking wind at that point from the almost constant climb from Rock Creek Pkwy to 16th St.

      • Mug of Glop

        Yeah, that’s a pretty horrible part of the course for the runners! But it was pretty great last year seeing pretty solid crowds all the way from Adams Morgan through to North Capitol. Serious amateurs will get there at about 8:15-ish, and most people that are at a running pace will be through there over the next hour. Please don’t be offended if I don’t take a cup of beer or a jello shot from you. As much as I want it, it might literally kill me.

    • I’m only running the 5K portion, but need to wait for the hubs to finish the half. The weather is going to S.U.C.K.–not looking forward to that, or shivering after the race. We’re also taking the metro, so apologies in advance anyone in our train car after the race wraps up! I foresee an irish coffee in my future tomorrow 🙂

      • Mug of Glop

        Trains will only be slightly more smelly than usual.

      • No apologies needed. Stadium Armory will look and smell like a Red Cross disaster relief camp. In your shoes, I’d probably tax him his beer ticket!

        • Mug of Glop

          A more fitting punishment would be for her to give him her beer ticket, so then he’d have the displeasure of 100% more Michelob ULTRA.

  • laduvet

    Rave: Capital Fringe’s new location is pretty cool on H st

    Rant: bad decisions last night due to margaritas

    Rant: why can’t i learn to shut my mouth sometimes? 🙁

  • Rave: Condo listing is active!
    Rant: trying not to worry
    Rant: I thought staging would be different. It’s lovely, just though it would be a little different!
    Rave: After work playground visits. LOVE it.

    • Good luck!!!! And yay indeed on the after-work playground visits. We have a playground at our bus stop, so we used to stop and play for 10-15 mintues before going home last fall. May have to pick that up again now that it’s light later & warm!

  • Suddenly really want a bagel for breakfast tomorrow morning. Suggestions on the best bagel in walking distance from Mt. Pleasant??? Thanks!!!

  • Rave: Just found out that one of my top choice schools is giving me a major scholarship! I’m pretty surprised and incredibly relieved.
    Rant/Rave: I’ve been having extremely weird dreams lately. I resurrected some random guy last night. Creepy.
    Rave: Great run through Rock Creek Park last night.

  • Rant – Mt Pleasant ANC appears poised to deny permits for the farmers market this year. Three commissioners oppose and are forcing the organizers to present to the ANC to defend their position. Why do ANCs ruin everything nice?

    • What the what???? The MtP farmers market is super popular! Why would they deny permits? I’m so confused…

    • I don’t believe the three (new) ANC folks want to deny the permit but rather want the manager to explain to them how the farmers market works. Which is pointless and unnecessary, and irrelevant to the request for the permit (which focuses on whether the farmers market is a disturbance (noise, trash).
      The farmers market has been there 10+ years, there is no reason these ANC commissioners need to know how the farmers market operates. Is it a detriment to the neighborhood? No.
      So send the letter of support already!!
      By the way, at least one of these ANC commissioners who wants the market manager to come to the ANC meeting to talk about how the market operates has been given a letter of support in the past from the ANC without coming to a meeting.
      Mt Pleasant ANC — you can do better. I hope.

      • Explain how the market works? People selling meat, produce and other goodies get there early on a Saturday, set up, and people from the neighborhood come, purchase said meat, produce and other goodies, and go home. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  • Rant: DC Parking Enforcement. Two $100 tickets within 24 hours for having my car parked on my street with slightly (less than one week) expired tags. You really had to ignore my note that I had an inspection scheduled, didn’t you Ms. Anal Parking Enforcement Officer who double parks to eat McDonald’s and then litter in my neighborhood, huh? Argh. Yes, I know I should make time to go to the inspection station, but how about a little understanding (particularly for a car legally parked and obviously unmoved)?

    • The inspection sticker and the registration sticker are two different things. Sounds like you allowed both to expire. Were you getting ticketed for just the expired registration?

  • Rant: I know this topic is a little played out here, but I am trying so hard not to contact someone I dated a few times and liked. It’s been over a week since we’ve been in touch and I thought it would get easier. Nope. Last texts were friendly. He texted last, I didn’t think I’d never hear from him again so maybe I accidentally faded on him but my interest was clear and I’m just making excuses.
    Rant: Maybe I should also try giving up on online dating, but that feels like just giving up.

    • Accountering

      I give you permission to contact him one more time. One more text, perhaps proposing a drink sometime next week. If no response, then you have to give up, but one more text isn’t the end of the world?

    • I think online dating can be fun and you could find the one, but don’t make the latter an all consuming goal. Expect some fun dates and some boring dates….and if more comes from it, great! I don’t think meeting ppl in a bar should be different.
      I think online dating is great on the hand that you can find out a fair amount to save time meeting, but it just isn’t personal on the other hand. One day I’ll get the confidence to just walk up to someone in a normal setting and say hi.

    • You have permission to send one text, friendly but also fair to say if you aren’t interested it’s ok, you just like clarity. Then put the phone down and read Attached. Trust me, it’s helpful if not profound in giving you some perspective.

      • I’m getting this. Thanks!

      • Accountering

        I am not certain I would do the clarity thing – if you propose a drink, and he ignores it, then you have the clarity? If he is going to fade, saying something like that isn’t going to get you a response either way IMO.
        If he is on the fence, and you think another date would help you both figure out if there is something there, the explanation and such just comes off as a bit forced and almost desperate.

    • Thank you, all! I should probably mention that the last texts were about getting together. He brought up getting together again during a date, said he wanted to, then legitimately couldn’t both nights I tried for. Since I did the asking and he didn’t suggest alternatives, I just didn’t push it any further. So I think he told me what I need to know despite still seeming interested. But maybe one last text, although after all this time it might seem weird.
      Does it ever get easier? Maybe when you meet the right person.
      Rave: The Popville community. Don’t know you all but like you a lot just the same.

      • Just say you’ve been busy. He should have suggested alternatives, but if you really like someone things like that should be overlooked to some extent. He reached out after to faded, so I’d hope he was genuinely interested then.
        For me it’s been easiest when I either had a great connection or we were looking for the same thing even if it couldn’t go to love and marriage. Ideally you’ll have both when the right one comes along.

  • Rave: No set plans this weekend. Just gonna chill with the puppy. Perhaps go to the park on Sunday. Yes!
    Rave: Got a new garage door installed yesterday from American Joe Repair Service. 100% customer satisfaction. Finally a company in DC I feel comfortable —great actually — about recommending.
    Rave: Boss is out today (Not that I don’t love her, but it’s a little easier to do the following with less guilt) Hit my deadline yesterday so it’ll be a great Friday of a few catch-up emails, and lots of funny video watching and enjoying the company of my co-workers.
    Rave: Fish taco Friday!
    Rant: Um, I don’t have any? No. That can’t be. But, it IS!!

    • Accountering

      Tell us more about the garage!? I have a garage in my Brightwood rowhouse (I suspect we have a similar set-up!) and it currently has wood swinging doors on it. Hoping you did a similar project where you upgraded and had a garage door put in? I would love to do an insulated door, but am a bit intimidated about the cost.

      • We had a “regular” garage door, ie it opened upward with an opener. However, it was on an incredibly old double pulley system that shook the entire neighborhood upon opening. The pulley system finally gave out this winter with the cold so we had the entire track system rebuilt and modernized—no more scary shakeys. (Actually it’s so quiet now that I made it go up and down 5x last night and recorded it because I was in awe. I’m easily excitable.) The old door was straight up aluminum, zero insulation, dented, fugly. It is almost a standard two-car, however, as everything is in our 90 year old house, it was a foot short (15 ft wide). So, of course, it was a special order. We went with the high-grade 2-inch thick insulated because the garage is wicked cold in the winter, thus so is the family room which is directly above (we switched the layout of our house, it was formerly the dining room). We’d been considering insulating the garage (it’s cinder block/brick with only one tiny window) but Joe told us he truly believes the new door will solve the heat problem. I concur after seeing this door in place.
        Here’s why I’m so impressed. The door broke in the afternoon. We called in the evening. He came out in the morning. The special order was done and completely installed in two weeks and it looks freaking sweet! Joe was top notch with his customer service. The installation guys he brought along with him were professional and efficient, and he gave us a really really great deal. I asked my brother in Ohio what he thought of the price (he owns a light construction business on the side) and he said it was a great price. He’s in Ohio, ya’ll. He’s usually astounded by DC prices! Oh, and he gave us straight answers too. Didn’t recommend anything that we didn’t actually need. For instance, he said our opener was just fine and there was no reason to replace it.
        Have him come out and take a look at what you’re trying to do. I bet it’s not as difficult or costly as you might think.

        • I had to smile on reading “Actually it’s so quiet now that I made it go up and down 5x last night and recorded it because I was in awe. I’m easily excitable.” 🙂

        • Accountering

          Called and scheduled an appointment! I figure while the storage rental tenants are moving out I may as well get this taken care of.

          • Awesome! Tell him he forgot a tool at our house yesterday…for the second time! (Geeez, Like a third date with a desperate chick. JUST KIDDING.)

  • Rave: Raise and bonus.
    Rant: I live next to the Sex Barbershop.

  • Bonus rant: when people use phrases like “THIS IS EVERYTHING” or “THIS IS HOW YOU DO [[X]]” or “THIS IS WHY THE INTERNET WAS INVENTED.”

    • I could probably forgive the last one if it were posted with a photo of someone’s cute cat.

      • Oof, I have no such room in my heart for that sort of transgression.

        • Emmaleigh504

          cat pix make everything better. They are pretty much everything and why the internet was invented. I mean, I can handle all the things if I have cat pix 🙂

          • Yeah — I remember after the election of 2008 (or maybe 2012?), someone posting something like: “OK. Now that the election is over, we can return the Internet to its original purpose… CAT PIX!!”

        • Emmaleigh504

          Bust seriously, CAT PIX!!

  • I’m a bad daughter and I’m OK with it.

    After a month sober, my 70 yo father came over drunk a couple of days ago (on my birthday). He came over yesterday and I gave him some $3 off beer coupons I found on coupons.com. I also gave him coupons for yogurt, so I guess it balances out.

  • Rave: husband already got in to one law school. Very proud of him and his perfect LSATs 🙂

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: out of the good tissues at work and nose decided to turn on like a faucet. Is it allergy season already???
    Rave: no one can hear me being the obnoxious sniffer.

  • Rave: Forced myself to go for a run last night for the first time in six weeks. Small steps! Ouch sore legs today.
    Rave: Applied to a job last night, after procrastinating on the cover letter for several days.
    Rant: The stupid anxiety I get whenever I apply to something. I need to get it through my head that applying is not a commitment…
    Rant: Roommate issues and being oversensitive, especially recently.
    Rave: Incredibly patient parents that I am very close to. If I didn’t have them to talk to I’d be in really bad shape.
    Rave: Friday! Thank god. The early mornings this week have been rough and the week feels like it’s gone on foreverrrrr.

  • skj84

    Rave: Opening night on the show I’m working on went well! Yay!

    Rant: Falling into the habit of sleeping way too late. I didn’t get up until noon today. Granted I didn’t go to bed until 3am.Gotta nip this is in the bud!

  • Rant: I’m trying out electric toothbrushes for the first time. The first one I bought sounds like a gasoline-powered weed whacker.

    Rave: good god I love teleworking.

  • Rave about WMATA customer service (yes, you read that right…): I ordered a new Smartrip card online about three weeks ago, but it never arrived in the mail. I was just going to give up on it (I bought one at CVS in the meantime), but finally today I emailed them and told them I never got it. To my surprise, I got a reply within ten minutes offering to mail me a new one, and I just got confirmation that they disabled the other card and mailed a new one. Color me shocked!

  • Rant: fought with the SO a lot today. Lots of stress in us both right now
    Rant: dinner with friends, which I was hoping would get me out of today’s funk: friends keep telling me they are on their way, but not leaving. Looks like they will keep me waiting for at least 50 minutes IF they were telling the truth this time when they said they left. His is NOT what I needed today and I can’t understand how somebody can LEAVE 20 min after they were supposed to be somewhere.

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