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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Neither Rant not Rave, but question: What do PoPvillagers think about the story in the Post today about the lawsuit brought by one neighbor against another regarding smoke entering one home from a neighboring home? On one hand, it’s a quintessential gentrification story/dispute (so much so that’s it’s almost a cliché). But, there’s also a real issue at stake, apart from the personalities involved.

    • I’m happy as hell. I’ve had this issue in my condo. Smoke seeped in through the baseboards. I think the woman smoked at least a pack a day. She has a balcony and is right by the front door, but she refused to just go outside. I ended up moving away to avoid the issue, and we made the building nonsmoking for future residents. She also moved so the issue is quashed, but it could happen somewhere else. Glad to see some recourse.

    • I had the same problem with neighbors. Yes, they were there before me. They also ran a prostitution ring, sold heroin and fenced stolen electronics. My upstairs stunk and the screaming fights the women had were terrible. I asked them to not smoke so much in the adjacent bedroom to my bedroom and since I was doing them a different favor not related to the smoke they cut way back. It seems changing smoking locations, plugging holes, and maybe redirecting HVAC ducting could work.

    • Andie302

      When I was reading through this I thought the new residents were being unreasonable, but at the end of the article it says that they’ve offered to pay for repairing the neighbors chimney so that smoke no longer comes through. It seems like the smokers are just digging in their heals on this. If I were them, I would be pissed too…but can’t they empathize somewhat with not wanting a pregnant woman and a toddler to be exposed to something that’s proven to be unhealthy? I’m betting in the end the court issues injunctive relief that looks a lot like what the plaintiff’s want: appropriate repairs to their neighbors place. What’s sad is that this has fractured their relationship to a point where neither will be comfortable with the other as a neighbor. That’s unfortunate for both parties.

    • ha! I was going to bring this up myself! This story is fraught with tensions of all sorts, which makes it a bit sensational.However, I have to side with the couple who is bringing the suit. They know the neighbors don’t have the resources to fix their chimney, and they have generously offered to help pay for the fix so that their home is smoke-free. I can’t imagine having a young child and being pregnant while your house was filling with cigarette smoke. No one should have to live this way.
      Smokers’ rights to pollute the air should stop at their house. Once it enters my apartment space or this couple’s house, it is more than a nuisance- it is a health hazard. Period. As society evolves, people will be more willing to see this viewpoint. Indeed, the whole idea of non-smoking condo and apartment buildings was unthinkable only 10 or so years ago. Now it’s an idea that’s gaining steam because people don’t want to live with second-hand smoke, nor should we have to! Again, your right to smoke ends at my right to breathe clean air!

      • “Once it enters my apartment space or this couple’s house, it is more than a nuisance- it is a health hazard.”
        This is pretty much where I come down on it. The smokers’ point is that they should be able to do what they want in their home, and that no one has the right infringe on that right. I get that – but they fail to understand that when their smoke gets into their neighbors’ homes, they are doing exactly that – infringing on their neighbors’ rights to enjoy their home. It also seems silly that they aren’t willing to take any remedial measures. (I agree it’s nice that the neighbors offered to pay half, but it’s not necessary at all.)

        • I agree. They, smokers who cause second hand elsewhere, have a very one-sided view of freedom. In my case, I would have been ok if she stayed inside during bad weather, I’m a reasonable person. I even provided a smokeless ashtray to try and help. Still nothing!

    • Personally, I’m 100% for the idea. From the news story, it sounds like the new neighbors went through the correct channels to mediate the situation, and the lawsuit was the last resort. Legally though, this could set a dangerous precedent on what you can drag your neighbors into court over.

      • This post is almost completely just move, but everyone seems on the owner’s side now. Maybe because it’s owned not rented, kids are involved, or they offered to fix the issues.

        • I think the main difference is that the problem seems to be easily rectified in the injunction case (assuming one has a legal right to smoke on their own property).

        • Blithe

          It could be exhaustion. New residents, who happen to be lawyers, get a colleague to sue their neighbor for completely legal behavior that happens to trouble them. Little mention is made of any attempts that they may have made to alter their own property to rectify the problem. I think that if the health and safety of their family is a priority, that they should move — preferably to a free standing home, where they can have relatively more control over their environment. I get tired of ranting about the new people/old people, he who has the gold gets to make the new rules stuff though, and wouldn’t have posted on this topic if not for Anon Spock’s comment. I have every sympathy with the problem, since I’m sensitive to smoke. But I think that it’s on the lawyers to make choices that benefit their family — instead of using their own easy access to legal intervention to compel a neighbor to change his behavior for their comfort.

          • Blithe

            Also, there are over 300 comments in response to the original article — for anyone interested in reading comments from the community beyond PoPville.

    • I hope that this logic will apply to the group house millennials next door, who love to sit around their fire pit and pass the hookah into the wee hours. That damn smoke get sucked up into our air conditioning. Since they can’t confine the smoke to their backyard, I guess I’m good to file suit.

    • This is a tough case. There’s no indication whether the flipper caused the issues with the party wall; we all know that they tend to do a terrible job and use the cheapest quality materials possible. Prior to the flip, there’s a very good chance that there was no issue with the smoke. I’d also want to know if the new home now has a full wall of “exposed brick”. If so, there’s nothing really to be done – brick is porous to smoke, sound, and water. There’s a good reason the original home walls were slathered in two inches of plaster.

    • Blithe

      I’m curious — are there changes that the new, complaining neighbors could make to their own house that would help alleviate the problem? Could they plaster their own walls, change their windows, alter their ventilation system in some way that would minimize the problems?

  • justinbc

    PoPville HH for March will be the 22nd (Sunday) at Black Jack. It runs from 3PM til they close around midnight (see deal details in yesterday’s RRR or just Google it), I’ll probably arrive around 4PM.
    There’s also karaoke tonight (I think?) someone else can provide details as I I haven’t been able to keep up w/ that discussion since getting back.

  • Rant: Maybe it’s just in my head, but I worry that DC is going to become one of those places where billionaires and oligarchs buy up a bunch of property as “investments” and let it sit empty 52 weeks a year.

    • If it’s vacant, the tax rate is very high. It seems like a better option to rent it out at least.

      • What’s the minimum amount of time it has to be used to not be considered vacant?

      • I think the vacant tax rate counts against neglected, vacant properties. You’re still free to buy a $3 million apartment at City Center and let it sit vacant for 52 weeks without incurring the punitive “vacant” tax rate. Personally, I believe the property taxes should be punitive for any property where someone is not paying District income taxes at that residence (either a renter or owner-occupier).

        • Nope. That’s silly. They pay dc property tax; why penalize them for being out of state. Property taxes are going to exceed the income tax in many cases.
          Didn’t realize it was neglected. I thought that blighted was a different one.

          • My issue with this is that it drives up the price of housing for everyone when wealthy people do this. Look at NYC – they have an insane housing shortage, 1BRs regularly selling for close to $1 million, yet nearly all of the newest buildings have more than half the units being sold to absent foreign buyers. They are not buying a home; they are buying an investment vehicle to park excess capital. This isn’t good for anyone who actually needs a home to live in.

          • Accountering

            That’s because the newest buildings aren’t meant for average new yorkers. New York and London are special cases, and there isn’t going to be some sort of situation where this becomes the norm in DC.
            With that said, the fact that you think there should be punitive property taxes on people who own multiple houses tells me that you and I believe very different things about capitalism. I am quite happy that lawmakers agree with me here.
            Would you punitively tax my parents, who when they retire in a few years are hoping to sell their house in the suburbs, and buy a condo in DC? Their residence will be their river house in Virginia, but they want the condo in DC to be closer my brothers and I, as well as our future children.

          • Property taxes in DC almost never exceed the income tax. If you’re buying a $3M home you had better be making $500K a year to afford it minimum. We have one of the lowest property tax rates in the country and one of the higher income tax rates.

            To Accountering, if they are going to live in VA tax wise and use DC as a vacation home then they should definitely pay higher property taxes than an income tax paying full time resident. If they are renting it out short term like AirBnB and paying the hotel tax when gone, then they should be eligible to avoid this theoretical higher property tax. Look at other vacation cities like Miami, Myrtle or even Dewey for examples of this tax policy. It shouldn’t be punitive, but should be higher.

            It’s nothing to do with capitalism, it’s that property is a finite good so having a bunch of empty condos leaves a smaller population to finance general infrastructure fairly.

          • Accountering

            So you are arguing that part year residents who live there four months a year, and are paying $4000/yearly in property taxes aren’t doing their fair share to maintain infrastructure – fairly?

          • Accountering

            Also, the idea that it takes $500,000 salary to buy a 3,000,000 house is ridiculous. If you have assets and can pay cash, a $100,000 in yearly income would be fine to own that house.

          • Considering that the property tax on $3M is $25k and the federal, state and fica income taxes on $100k is $35k, your theoretical person is going to have $40k in disposable income to go with their $3M. And that’s not even considering how they somehow only have $100k in annual income, but have $3M in cash to spend entirely on a house (and were responsible enough to get that cash but want to put it all in one property). Yes the numbers would theoretically work, but nobody that saved $3M on $100k per year is dropping it all into a house. If you want the break even on income and property tax it’s $300k income for a $3M property.

            No that $4k isn’t fair, because the gov’t still plows your street, the cops still patrol and the ambulance still comes (usually..sigh) even when you’re absent. They can’t hire seasonal firemen or cops for just when you’re here. No property should not be grossed up to equal the total tax obligation of a full-time resident, but it should be slightly higher because you want all those services when your here. By avoiding the income tax that would be normal on that residence, you’re pushing those expected revenues ($125k income as norm) of $9k in income tax and even more in sales tax on to other residents shoulders (yes your variable cost is down, but there are plenty of fixed costs). Do you think the 10% restaurant tax is unfair? What about the parking tax? How about the effective commuter tax that is the speed cameras on the borders? All of these taxes are to spread the costs of the city more fairly across the shoulders of all of the consumers, not just the select group who live there full-time.

          • Accountering

            You made a lot of interesting assumptions, so let me help here. So I can tell you are struggling with this, but many/most people don’t “save” 3,000,000, especially on $100,000 yearly.
            Could this not be a retired couple who sold an expensive home in the suburbs, have a couple million in assets, and are withdrawing $70,000 in earnings and dividends, that coupled with SS and they are at $100,000.
            Property taxes on a 3,000,000 house are unlikely to exceed $20,000. Houses worth $3,000,000, aren’t assessed at that. Second, people who make $100,000, do not pay 35,000 in taxes. That isn’t even remotely close.
            I think restaurant/parking/speed cameras are imminently fair. Keep in mind, tourists/part time residents pay those too. I just don’t think punitive taxes on part time residents, who are a HUGE BOON to the cities coffers, makes sense.

          • The tax rate on 100k in dc is 8.95% of 60k+2,200,’and they won’t pay that amount. Even if they did, it’s still less than the property taxes even at the lower 20k. Neighborhood, you brought in fed tax rates into a discussion of DC policy and factored in no deductions….

          • Thank you for your help, but your exact example makes the $3M house their primary residence, puts them on the hook for DC income taxes and eliminates the entire argument for higher taxes on a vacant second residence. The entire point of the discussion was for the person buying a second home. If you really want to use your example that which would represent a fraction (maybe less?) of the market first note I acknowledged you could find a case of it where it would work in theory, but probably not practice (they have substantial savings and are buying a $3M home, but have only enough savings to buy said home and will never have sufficient capital gains or ordinary income to push their income tax obligation above your property tax number of $20k, really….they could also theoretically buy a Ferrari, but they don’t because they don’t get millions with financial decisions like that).
            Saying the assessed value is irrelevant as we were discussing the taxes on property assessed at that level, it’s a discussion of relativity. If all houses were correctly assessed then we could lower property tax on the whole. We are debating .85 vs a random higher number.
            Spock, I brought in Fed taxes just to emphasize the minimal amount of disposable cash in this fantasy scenario where a person is spending 25% of their cash flows on property taxes. If you want to take deductions then by all means go ahead, but 70% of that number is going to come out of the disposable income number, so you’re not helping your tax or cash flow problems.
            If you want to argue that people don’t spend 35k on total taxes between fed, state and fica yes they don’t with deductions, but this example claimed 0 deductions other than the standard to maximize the 40k for life in said house, if you want to take deductions you’ll leave them less disposable cash.
            You’re both arguing against my claim of having significant income in the multiple hundred thousands is the norm for people buy $3M homes, and thus almost always they pay more in income than property tax in DC.

        • Blithe

          Um, nope. Imagine maybe being in graduate school out of state. Imagine having your parent die. Imagine having to pay punitive property taxes on top of this, while you’re trying to keep up with school, mourn a significant loss, and deal with the new and unexpected demands of being a property owner and the executor of someone’s will. No, just NO! And no, this is not a random example that I made up.

          • You can easily account for these contingencies, i.e. exempt properties below a certain appraisal threshold, income threshold of owner, a one or two year exemption, properties newly transferred between parties, properties in probate, etc.
            Good housing should not be sitting empty for the vast majority of the year. That’s just bad public policy.

          • So you basically want to get rid of vacation homes?

          • Accountering

            No, it’s not bad public policy. It is people who own it, doing with it as they choose. As long as they aren’t harming anyone (not paying standard taxes, allowing it to become blighted,) they are simply doing with their property as they see fit.

          • We should tax them like vacation homes at 1.5% instead of .85%, look at Delaware, Dover’s property tax is 2-2.5% depending on the county line, but Dewey’s is 3.5% because they don’t get income tax revenue from a lot of those houses, even though they still need roads, water mains, etc.
            Note: not a perfect example because they have no sales tax.
            Also said student would still be on the hook either way, it’s just the amount thereof, and it’s easy to offer a full-time student exemption to the lower rate.

          • Accountering

            Delaware is a poor example. There is no sales tax whatsoever, so they need the property tax to make up the difference. I would argue that a beach house uses up a TON more city services (water connections etc) then one more condo in City Center that sits empty 90% of the time does.

    • Blithe

      Related Rant: I worry that the city that I love is being irreparably changed to meet the needs and desires of people who are moving in — and that 5 or ten years from now, the people who flocked in will leave in droves for greener pastures. Ryan, I feel ya!

    • Accountering

      Good news is, the type of places that the people you are referring too are not really in the price range most people are hoping to buy in.
      I love the idea of people buying up spaces in City Center and using them for 3 weeks a year. They pay property taxes all year, and then fly into town, pay for restaurants, black cars, private chefs etc. Then they take off and head home. They cost the city next to nothing, and are a HUGE tax win for the city.

      • The problem with that though is space is a limited commodity, even more so in DC than other cities. Every New York apartment tower or London row house built to sit empty most of the year means fewer places for the actual residents of the city to live. If City Center turned out the same way the development would be a boon for the developers and few else. It turns prime residential real estate, that could have actually met the needs of the city, into a ghost town and has a cascading effect of driving the people that should be living in the area into areas that could have gone to people with less money. If the HUGE tax win went to things like public housing (hilarious thought, right?) it might be worthwhile, but it would still be a terrible waste of space.

        • Accountering

          It sounds like your issue is with the height limit then… If a few blocks get turned into vacation housing for the rich, I am perfectly fine for that. It is meeting a need for housing, for rich people who want a second place to stay, and meeting the needs of the city, in the form of tax revenue with little to no related expense.
          I think we spend more than enough on public housing. It sounds like you and I disagree on a litany of policy issues, and that’s fine, but it doesn’t mean that this development isn’t a win for the city, as well as homeowners/taxpayers throughout the city.

          • I think you and I have very different definitions of “need.”

            Forget the homeless crisis everyone, a few rich folks would like a second place to spend every other weekend from May to September and that’s a vital need the city must fill.

          • Accountering

            I don’t think its a vital need. However, I also don’t see any reason for the city to meddle in the top 10% of the housing market. If millionaires want to spend their money in DC, we should not be discouraging this.

        • I see what you mean in general terms, but that was a parking lot before.

  • Rant: We are moving to Europe because of my wife’s job and I don’t want to go. We recently bought our dream home and all our families are here. I’ve been to Europe many times and I’m just not interested in moving. I had to support the decision to be a “good husband” but in the end, I hate having to leave and renting out our dream home, leaving family behind, etc. We are also too late in the process to change our minds. I know I won’t get much sympathy on this one.

    • palisades

      You’ll get sympathy about leaving everyone behind, but moving to europe is garnering no sympathy from me 🙂
      Where exactly are you going?

      • Thanks! We are going to be in Naples, Italy. A well known armpit of Eruope, but with good food.

        • SO MUCH good food. And easy access to so many wonderful places that are the beating heart of Europe. I am jealous of the road and rail trips you’ll be able to take within a few short hours.

        • jim_ed

          Now you get sympathy. Italy is the worst, food aside.

        • But like real armpits, not too far from some amazing places. I’d say, plan to travel very weekend. Make the most of your time there.

    • I’m sorry to hear that this is a hard issue for you…I hope you can talk to her about it

    • I for one, am totally sympathetic. I’m in a similar position, except as the “good wife,” and without my move finalized. For whatever it’s worth, in my own situation, the ratio of feelings of dread versus the feelings of excitement changes daily and I’m trying to stay optimistic that the good days will outweigh the bad. If they don’t, DC isn’t going anywhere. The job can come and go, and if the new city is really terrible, you can come back here.
      I’ve been collecting a lot of information about my own move and if you ever want to chat about this offline, feel free to email me at shawessdc at gmail.

    • you get my sympathy! hopefully you wont be there too long…. but next time be more honest with your wife.

    • Naples is tough if you don’t have job prospects there and/or you do not have flexibility to continue remotely with your current job. That said, if you have kids Europe is a dream! They are much more family-friendly when it comes to work policies, day care subsidies, vacation time, and schooling. If your wife is on a proper ex-pat package, you should experience a significant improvement in your quality of life (excluding the long distance from family – that’s a serious Q-o-L setback).
      Good luck with your decision!

    • GiantSquid

      Not to be opportunistic, but are you renting out your home?

    • You have my sympathy – it doesn’t matter how wonderful the new place is, if you are not interested in moving then it is rant worthy. Leaving a home you love, family, friends is no small thing. And just sucking it up isn’t usually a great strategy, in my opinion. Have you talked to your wife about your reservations?
      Hopefully there are things you can get excited about and start looking forward to ~

    • Internet broke yesterday and couldn’t respond earlier. Thanks to everyone for the great comments and feedback. Shawess, best of luck on your travels and thank you for the support!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: The lack of communication in my agency is so frustrating. We’re only 150 people; it shouldn’t be so hard to share information.
    Rave: I’m going to indulge in the therapy of my people – a nice cup of tea.

  • Rant: What is happening with my football team?! Not a question for Accountering 🙂

    Rant/Rave: Tinder+ for people over 30!

    • I don’t know what’s happening with your team, but Revis Island is back where it belongs (albeit at a steep price). That’s cause for celebration.

      • palisades

        Thanks for the loaner. He helped us a ton winning that superbowl. It sucks that we couldn’t keep him but I’d rather spend all that money on diversifying our defense.

        • There’s an Ian O’Connor piece on ESPN today about how the last 2 years went down that just makes me angry. Summary: If I knew where John Idzik lived, I’d go TP his house.
          But, you’re right – Revis did get Tom Brady the 4th ring he couldn’t get on his own. Well, Revis and an asinine play call by Pete Carroll. I will now go outside and scream obscenities. Aargh.

          • palisades

            Well the bright side is you got Sheldon Richardson for 2 years without Revis. I’d say that’s a pretty good trade-off

          • As bright sides go, that’s a decent one. If you asked me if I’d rather have Richardson and have the Pats win the Super Bowl, or not have Richardson and have them lose (or not make it) . . . That’s an oddly tough question.

    • Accountering

      I am having a hard time figuring out whats happening here, but my guess this is either the Pats, Jets, or Eagles, at which point – yup, anything going wrong for those teams is great in my book! 🙂

  • Rave: Found a great exterminator, they came yesterday…surveyed…and are returning today to do the job. They’ll return for a follow up, ect. I feel good that we stood up and took control of the situation.
    Rave: Condo gets staged today. I really want to sleep there tonight LOL
    Rant/Rave: MIL is visiting this week, and I’m trying to “let it go” (rave?), but the way she behaves is just so ridiculous. She literally doesn’t leave my child alone – she follows him EVERYWHERE. My son can get overstimulated pretty easily and he gets freaked out. She chases him with PUPPETS!!!! She’s sleeping on our sofa even after we warned her about the mice.
    Rave: The weather will be nice enough that we can get out, so hopefully it’ll be an easier/less stressful visit. I plan on being out as much as I can. yoga, pedicure, whatever else.
    Rant: We can’t really go out to dinner while she stays home because my son has been waking up at 9:15 every night again. And she’ll just freak him out worse. Ugh.

    • It’s terrible, but I can’t help but giggle at the image of your MIL chasing your poor son with puppets. Wow. Does he like being read to? Or like playing with blocks? Are there activities you can suggest that she initiate that he’d jump into participating in after a few minutes on his own?

      • just to improve that image, she bring the puppets EVERYWHERE with her – she’s tried to entertain other people kids with them! And she even gets them out when we SKYPE with her!! They’re going to try Harambe and stuff. I have stuff to do. It’ll be fine and my husband will make sure he naps and is fed. I trust him with that, but not her.

        • Blithe

          The puppets sound kind of terrifying, on top of being beyond weird. Do you think that while she’s sleeping on the sofa the “mice” could “liberate” the puppets?

    • Who did you use jindc? Mine is coming this afternoon!

  • Rave: bloody application in. Both of us in bed before 1am!
    Rant: USA Jobs couldn’t accept the secure pdf of wife’s masters transcript, so she had to take a picutre of the screen with her phone & convert to pdf with cam scanner. Ridiculous.
    Rant: woke up coughing in the middle of the night again, despite cough syrup. Not sure if it’s crap settling in my lungs or irritation in my throat from coughing or what. Cough is getting much better, but still waking me up at least once in the middle of the night or super early in the morning.
    Rant: DST messing with kiddo’s (and therefore our) sleep. Up at 6am this morning & letting us know about it.
    Rave: Wife went up to lay down with her. I went up to rescue her & let her lay down in peace awhile later & it turned out that she was asleep while kiddo was up and yelling. Poor wife is SO tired from the last few days. Glad she fell back asleep and I could lay in bed for a little while.
    Rant/Rave: theater plans tonight. Metromaniacs should be great, but we’re both so very tired.
    Rave: early morning meant I got to work early. That’s a little bit nice, I guess.

    • I have so much hate for USA Jobs! I’m glad the application is in, and my fingers are crossed that your wife gets an interview.

      • Thanks so much!

      • I hate USA jobs. I just got notice that I wasn’t qualified for the SAME JOB I’m currently doing at a smaller agency. really? so stupid. I hope it works out for her!

        • How does this even happen? Did you not match the words from the announcement exactly to the resume you submitted? I agree that USAJobs is a mess. Whether you are trying to get through the computer screening or the HR screeners who, frankly, don’t know what they are looking at when they are reading a resume (and wouldn’t know the difference between a Tier 1 school or a Tier 3 school, nor care), it is really frustrating!! I’m fully empathizing with you on this.

    • Metromaniacs was wonderful! Enjoy it – get a nice caffeinated drink before hand and eat some small candies to stay awake – you have to be on your toes to follow and enjoy! Also – I’d recommend reading the synopsis before hand. Enjoy and congrats on getting the ap in!

      • I’ll have to pass on the caffeine–but good call on the candies. I’ll put some jolly ranchers in my backpack to suck on. That should help 🙂

  • Blithe

    Rant: Jury duty. Being compelled to sit in judgement over another person sucks on multiple levels.
    Rave: Jury duty. Being in a room full of conscientious, principled people, individually and collectively trying to do our best is no small thing. I hope I never have to do this again though.
    Rave: Celebrating my inner adolescent: My Black Doc Martens with the tiny flowers: Whoo Hoo!
    Rave-ish: Contemplating spending an insane amount of money on a perfect eyeliner. No, I can’t find the color and texture in a cheaper brand. Yes, I could buy a dress at H & M or cook a dinner for 4, actually a dinner for six, or even a pasta-focused dinner for 12 for what this costs.
    Rave: First world problems. And most if not all of my problems are fixable.
    Rave: Shifting my focus towards, well, some things that I need to shift my focus to. Which is easier to do with the support of fun, supportive shoes, and maybe even crazy expensive celebratory eyeliner.

    • Andie302

      I always justify these purchases by saving credit card rewards or money I’ve been gifted. Nice bags, fancy vacuum, etc. Also, inquiring minds want to know: which eyeliner 🙂

      • Agreed about inquiring minds 🙂

      • Blithe

        – Marc Jacobs in Luna(tic).
        – Sadly, I tend to rationalize such purchases by noting that I’ve never been a drug addict…. so think of all the money I’ve saved! Not the greatest, or healthiest of justifications. 🙁

        • Emmaleigh504

          I love that justification!

        • I’ll continue to enabling by saying that I fully agree that the MJ colors are textures are entirely unique. The products also have such beautiful packaging. I think that the joy of seeing the product in your bathroom/handbag also justifies a higher price tag 🙂

        • That is a fun color! I say go for it. I justify these types of purchases in the same way…

        • Also, eyeliner lasts forever (at least a really long time), so it’s really an investment in your future.

          • Blithe

            This! I love it! I’m not being frivolous — I’m making an investment in my future! Re-framing is my friend! lol

          • Just think of the money you’re saving by buying it now and not in a few years from Tiffany’s !
            Oh and by the way, if you google Tiffany’s *just to look*, Tiffany’s Temptations is NOT select pieces of sparkly jewelry

    • Emmaleigh504

      Buy the eyeliner, you’ll thank yourself later.
      love, the Enabler

    • Do you live in DC? If so, look at the date and expect a summons at this time in 2017. I’ve lived here over 20 years and you get to expect it.

      • yep, I get them every two years.

      • jim_ed

        Counterpoint: I’ve lived here 6 years and I’ve never been called for Jury Duty.

        • Once you start, it’s like clockwork.

          • Oy – you are soooo right, which makes me realize that I’ll probably be getting my summons any day now…

          • jim_ed

            Oh I know I’m whistling past the graveyard. The best/oddest part is that my wife got called early on and has now been summoned 3 times for it, while I just keep on being invisible to the courts. No complaints here.

          • It seems to be either “never” or “every two years on the dot” when it comes to jury duty. There is no middle ground. I’m on the latter plan.

      • I was warned about the recurring jury duty of DC residents, but I’ve been here 7 years and only called once. Maybe I’m just lucky?

      • Accountering

        Commented below, but last service was 3/12/13, and this time it is 3/28/15. Once they have you, they have you.

    • skj84

      Also would like to know what eyeliner? I’m in the market myself. Mascara suggestions are well as well.

      • Mascara: They’re Real! by Benefit

        • +10000! They’re Real is amazing! They make a gel eyeliner from the same line. I used a sample that came with my mascara once and now im addicted.

      • Dior The Show. Best ever. That, and eyelash tinting and having a curler at home. Which is actually THE best.

      • Blithe

        Luna(tic) by Marc Jacobs. Urban Decay liners are Wonderful — and less expensive. (Not inexpensive, just less expensive.) I mascara hop. Right now I’m liking Stiletto, which I think is Maybelline. Trish McAvoy is nice — but with mascara there are very good drugstore brand choices out there.

    • I agree with your rave about jury duty! I was really impressed with the work we did with such a diverse group of citizens when I sat on a panel.
      I’d do it again, but hopefully not for as long as the time I did it and not for such a brutal case. I didn’t have a hard time sitting in judgement of someone who killed someone else, but it’s difficult to sit through the minutia of it all. I would have a hard time if we had to make sentencing suggestions, but luckily that’s not the case here.

    • Yes. If we could just make this entire thread about fancy eyeliner and Doc Martens today, I would be a happy person. Coincidentally, these two EXACT items are on my payday treat list!!

    • How is it that I’ve been in the district since 2010 but have never gotten a summons?

      • I’ve been here since 2008 and still haven’t gotten one! Sometimes I worry that I missed it in the mail or something. :-/

        • I’ve been here since 2005 (but lived in VA briefly, so maybe I tricked the system) and have never been summoned. Nor has my GF.

        • I’ve been here since 2007 and changed my residency in 2009. Was finally called this year for jury duty and of course, was selected for a trial. Your time will come! I thought the process was fascinating. Helps that my employer was understanding about my needing to be in court for 5 days (3 days longer than the judge originally estimated).

        • SKT, am I correct in thinking that you don’t have a D.C. driver’s license? Getting one will (at least in theory) make it more likely that you’ll be called for jury duty.

          • I’ve switched back and forth between VA and DC so that probably has something to do with it. I do need to switch my license over to DC either way.

      • Don’t worry, they’ll find you! It took them about 3 years to find me but now I get summonses every two years.

    • Accountering

      I hear you on jury duty. Ultimately, for people to get a fair trial (and you would want one if you were the accused) it means compelling citizens to come and fulfill their civic duty. I am happy to do that once every couple of years.

      • I thought in order for the accused to get a fair trial the whole justice system would have to be dismantled and rebuilt…

        • Accountering

          Well, thats another argument completely. It’s not really realistic either, so given our current constraints, impartial jurors are a necessity 🙂

    • 1) I am glad you put the Doc Martens.
      2) Buy the eyeliner — you will never be happy with whatever inferior product you try to use as a cheaper substitute.

    • Earlier this week someone posted about how she was talked out of buying something sparkly for herself, only to regret it. Eventually she ended up buying something else sparkly, but this replacement was more expensive than the original piece.
      SO the lesson is – buy it now, you will save money in the long run.

  • Rant: Ppl who let dogs bark all hours. Luckily I was already up, but a dog barked from 640-720a with no end in sight.
    Rave/rant: , Roomie responded well to my request for help with chores, but she said she just didn’t realize. In 6 weeks she didn’t realize she never did a thing or didn’t see any of her spills/crumbs. Oblivious people annoy me to no end! I get all or nothing on chores with my roomies.
    Rave: Setting up new computer for mom on Saturday. Not sure where to take the old one…
    Rant: Packed gravy soaked lunch and forgot it.
    Rave: Already had to leave the office around lunch time.

    • I live across from a dog park, and although I love dogs, the barking can really be annoying at time. I know it’s their place to play and that includes barking, but the best time of day is 8pm, when the dog park closes and gets locked up. You have my sympathy because at least for me there’s a definite endpoint each evening.

      • It was in someone’s house. I thought it would stop, but I’m sure they saw a dog walk by and just kept at it. I’m up early almost daily, so it probably won’t bigger me. It was more a sympathy rant.

  • Rave: Warmth! And bicycles!
    Rant: Ordered my new fancy bike bag weeks ago from a local store (trying to support local bike shops!) and it STILL isn’t here. And they kind of don’t give a crap.
    Rant: Major traffic light outage.
    Rave: DC had five traffic cops out managing the situation. It was a cluster f* but a well managed one at that

    Question: In light of the changes in DC, what do you guys view as the best way to be an involved citizen and contribute to the DC we want to live in? ANC meeting attendance? Voting? Volunteering? Calling 311 to report problems? Just wondering what people think make an active, involved DC citizen.

    • Cancel the order and just go with REI. I love the panniers I got from them (from Detours). If you’re already paying a markup to support local, you should at least be getting fast and courteous service!

    • Blithe

      I don’t know if they’ll have what you want, but Timbuk2 has wonderful, customizable, will-last-forever bag options should you decide that don’t-give-a-crap customer service should not be supported by your business.

    • I’m in love with the bag (Linus Harrison) and it was specifically a treat for getting a new job. I have an Arkel bug I love but it doesn’t look professional or tidy so that’s why I went with the Linus. Detours and Timbuk2 have great bags but not the look I’m going for. Bummer that a local shop doesn’t give a crap about customer service…
      Oh to have a whole fleet of bicycles and bike bags though :-D>

  • Rave: dancing last night was extra awesome. So many good dances, lots of throw back music.
    Rave: checked one item off my bucket and to-do list: just hired an Abraham Lincoln impersonator.
    Rant: I did not get enough sleep last night because I went full hypochondriac after a weird pain in my neck and a tingly tongue. I’m embarrassed to admit how long I spent making sure my face and arms weren’t drooping or numb.
    Rave: I’m going on a site visit that includes a museum tomorrow. No office for me.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I still don’t get called for jury duty.
    Rant: Exhausted.
    Rave: It’s very quiet at work.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: RAVE! Unofficial PoPville Karaoke! 7:30 at Wokn’Roll in Chinatown; I’ll be there earlier than that warming up! Amazing singers! Interpretive dance!
    Rant: project from hell resurfaced and I’m trying to kill it.

  • Rave: Spent the last two days in NYC for work. It is always hard for me to come back home from that city.
    Rave: The Essex House. I did not want to get out of that bed!
    Rant: My grandma has been in the hospital for 11 days and isn’t doing well.It has been tough to see my dad struggle with making difficult decisions.
    Rant: Nothing like a health crisis to bring out extended family craziness!

  • Andie302

    Rave: I’m happy with my haircut. Sometimes she takes off too much, but this time I needed it. A woman even paid me a random compliment in the elevator this morning!
    Rave: My neighbors don’t smoke.
    Rave: Despite being the lady hacking in her cubicle, I am feeling much better today.
    Rant/Rave: Another mouse in the trap this morning. Is THAT the one I heard last night as I was going to sleep? Fingers crossed.
    Rant/Rave: I’ll be in Mississippi (visiting great friends) during the next HH.
    Rant/Rave: House progress

  • Rant (or Rave?): Three nights ago I was awoken in DC by the sound in the deep night of a TRAIN WHISTLE!!! My window faces west in Adams Morgan and I never heard a whistle there SO LOUD. Sometimes a muffled train I hear from Union Station, but this sounded like it was coming right down 18th Street. Where was that train? Or can noise travel and be THAT LOUD from a distance? I wanted to gather my important documents and run away.

    • Blithe

      That, for me, would be a major Rave. One of the things that I miss the most about my Baltimore apartment is the sounds. I could hear ducks quacking, boat horns, and train whistles. Lucky you! I’m jealous!

      • This was not romantic. This sounded like the train was screeching towards my window. It was extremely loud and I never heard it before and I wondered— where was it coming from? Is there a train track through, say, The National Zoo or Rock Creek Park?

        Or— was I imagining it? :^0

    • I really hope someone comes up with an answer for this! I used to live in Adams Morgan and would hear a phantom train whistle ALL THE TIME! It was way too loud to be coming from Union Station, but I couldn’t come up with any other ideas.

  • Rant: The insomnia is reaaaaaaally bad this week. Bedtime past 3AM and I’m dragging hard today.
    Rant: Applicants who do not give accurate contact information. If you live in one state, it is a really bad practice to have your resume list a state halfway across the country as where you can be reached. If you have misled us like that, then my sending your contract to your listed mailing address does not make me the jerk in this equation.
    Rant: I think that my boss disagrees with that assessment. 🙁 Boo.
    Rave: It’s supposed to be 60 degrees outside today! I am so ready for spring.

  • Rant: The Kennedy Center’s website is down
    Rave: Got an extra hour’s sleep due to doc appointment this morning.

  • Rave: excited for karaoke
    Rant: massively sleep deprived
    Rant: told popville my roommate would be coming to karaoke and now she might not be able to make it. Oops!

  • Rant: 4 month sleep regression
    Rave: Smiley baby and coffee.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Me
    Rave: Me

  • Rant – My dog was attacked for the second time this week by a neighbor’s off-leash dog in our building courtyard. This neighbor lets their dog out in the courtyard without a leash, and he makes a beeline straight to my (leashed) dog and starts a fight. It’s so scary and upsetting. I’ve been working so hard on addressing my dog’s fear reactivity towards other dogs and these encounters are huge setbacks for us. Also WHY does this person let their dog off leash in common areas of a dog friendly building given that their dog clearly has aggression issues? We have leash rules in our building for a reason, but this person thinks the rules don’t apply to him or his dog. I am so frustrated and upset.
    Rave – In happier news, my wedding dress arrived! Can’t wait to try it on again.

    • Have you talked to management? Seeing as there’s a clear rule in place, they should be able to take care of the problem easily.

      And I’m with you on the setbacks! My dog is reactive and something like that can take weeks to recover from. On a related note, this morning someone asked me if my dog was reactive as she’s noticed me telling Jack to sit off to the side when dogs pass and remarked at how well my dog is doing. I’ve only ever gotten snide remarks and this made me so happy!

    • Did you confront the negligent owner? If not, do it immediately!

    • epric002

      that is unbelievable frustrating and so dangerous of the other dog owner. i agree that this needs to be escalated to bldg management or maybe even animal control. i’m sorry- must be very stressful. good luck!

    • GiantSquid

      That’s when I’d grab their dog by the scruff, haul it back to the owner, and say “leash your fucking dog.” I have no patience for that ish.

      • Thanks everyone. We’re going to talk to management about this person. Love you advice, GiantSquid! I wish I could have done that last night but I was scared and everything happened so fast.

      • houseintherear

        I did that about 5 years ago to a lady “walking” her dog along P St between 15th and 16th. A blonde 20-something with a Bermese who lives above the Bang salon on 15th. She then followed me down the street screaming about how fat I was and how much money I cost the government… it was fun. 🙂

  • Rant: Recently returned from a few weeks traveling abroad and didn’t notice/remember that my residential parking tags had expired. Within 24 hours I received $260 in parking tickets. Do I have any hope of reducing this by taking it to a hearing? I screwed up and will take my lumps, but $260 in a day seems pretty excessive.

    Rave: Ice is off the river – ready to get paddling!

  • Accountering

    Rave: Caps vs. Rangers tonight. If we want to have a chance to pass them, tonight is a MUST WIN! Go Caps!

    • I’m nervous about this game. In theory, they’re coming off a game last night & we’re well-rested, but I feel we often have let-downs if we’ve had too many non-game days. :-/

  • Rant: Still didn’t find my jackets.
    Rave: Made signs to alert other residents
    Rant: The cleaning staff removed the signs (almost sure they “took” my jackets now) smh
    Rave: I’m over it, perfect reason to shop
    Rant: Relationship woes
    Rave: I’m not giving up. <3

  • Blithe-inspired rant: I had a pretty fabulous collection of Doc Martens and similar types of shoes in high school and early college and foolishly purged them all in a series of moves. Some of those shoes would be my dream shoes right now. I really should have found a way to keep them.
    Rave: Gary learned to sit in puppy preschool and it was totally hilarious. You can hardly tell he’s sitting because of his tiny hind legs. One he figured out he could get the good treats for sitting down, he didn’t want to stop. We were dying laughing (and very proud).
    Blithe-inspired question: In the mail, we got a jury summons for the former owner, who no longer lives in the area. Should I do anything with it? I don’t have the former owner’s contact information.

  • Rant: I have so little patience today. I think I just need to close my door to prevent myself from being grumpy with colleagues.
    Raves: Warmer weather, amazing sleep last night.

  • Rant: Feeling groggy practically all the time.
    Rave: Snuggly kittycat on lap…
    Rant: … until a moment ago, when I had to move my arm slightly on order to type.

  • Rave: Heard back about a job application I had given up on. They asked for a phone interview. Yay!
    Rave: Going to Los Angeles for vacation and a wedding next week(end). I love Los Angeles! My last trip there includes a soak in a rooftop hot tub while drinking Pernod. That is the life.
    Uncertain: Ordered some two-piece bathing suits, the kind with the high-waist bottoms. My figure is not the greatest and I generally feel like an ass in a bathing suit, but I’m eager to find out if I can pull off a two-piece without looking completely ridiculous.

    • Where did you order them from?

    • I love two piece suits from Athleta. The tops are bra-sized, with underwire, so you can get a correct fit there. And their skirty bottoms are cute, not granny-like. I honestly feel quite good in my swimsuit, now that I finally found a brand/fit that works for me.
      Of course, these are not performance athletic wear. They are hanging-around-watching-the-kids wear.

    • I usually wear two pieces but inevitably feel self conscious of my belly. Found this gem at Target the other day — all the comfort/modesty of a one piece but the sexiness of a two piece! 🙂 http://www.target.com/p/crochet-halter-bandeau-one-piece-swimsuit-mossimo/-/A-16454703#prodSlot=large_1_2

    • epric002

      where did you order from? high-waist bottoms are totally in now so there are lots of options! i got a great last season 2-piece from cleo by panache on ebay. figleaves, bare necessities, and her room (i think) carry a wide range of sizes.

    • I got a few of them from ASOS (http : / / tinyurl. com/puajjql, http : / / tinyurl. com/jvjx944, and http : / / tinyurl. com/ppa899w) and a this top with plain black bottoms from Zappos: http : / / tinyurl. com/nvj5rnm. Forever 21 has SUPER CHEAP suits, but the high-waist bottoms are sold out in my size. (Their plus-sized suits are also really cute, BTW.) Urban Outfitters has some nice ones, but they were just a bit more than I wanted to pay. Mod Cloth also has cute high-waist suits, but again, too rich for my blood. (I have use for a bathing suit maybe once every few years, so they last a long time, but still I can’t bring myself to pay a lot of money for such a tiny garment.) It’s so nice to see a variety of styles available. Bathing suits for all bodies and levels of confidence!

  • Rave: After exercising for 30 minutes a day for about 3 weeks, my pants for work are starting to fit better. I no longer have them digging into my stomach at work.
    Rant: Sinus headaches are the worst today.
    Rave: Finally had the courage to sign up for the French class that I have been looking at for a couple of years.
    Rant: New office is near the intersection of 2 hallways so I have to see nearly everyone I work with walking around all day which distracts me from my work sometimes.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Have fun in the French class! Next year I will definitely sign up for the Swedish class I’ve been looking at for years.

      • Who’s offering it — GLN?

        • Emmaleigh504

          Nope, the Swedish School in Falls Church. Their website is out of date, but last I checked (about this time last year) they were still offering classes.

          • Is this Svenska Skolan? I’ve been looking at that class for years, without actually signing up. I’m part Swedish (like, American, but great-grandparents were from Sweden) and I’ve always wanted to go there.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Yep, that’s the place. It’s a pain b/c they only do the beginners class in the Autumn. So every year about this time I want to take the class, and then I miss the deadline to sign-up or something. But this is my year!

      • Thanks for posting – I’ve been thinking about continuing ASL studies and was inspired to look for tutors since I’ve taken some classes but need refresher before I pursue the next level.
        Wyzant.com has a number of ASL tutors which is exactly what I’m looking for
        but no Swedish tutors ~

    • Great job on the pants fitting!

  • Rant: Utterly exhausted. Barely hanging on to both my jobs and I can’t keep it up much longer. Love the night job but it doesn’t pay, hate the day job but it’s an actual salary. I miss running and yoga. Sigh. I’ve applied to so many jobs and hear nothing, it’s so discouraging.
    Rave: There could be worse things and I’m looking forward to leftover Indian for lunch.

    • Can you pay your bills on one job or can you get a better paying do you can work less) night gig? You can make good money in most restaurants around here.
      I’d recommend quitting the night job as you’re clearly burned out, but cutting back could help too.

  • epric002

    rant: exhausted. this time change has really done a number on me. and then last night on randolph b/n 13th & 14th pepco or someone was doing repairs, but not only were the repairs loud but multiple times around 1 am some glassbowl driver decided they needed to honk incessantly at something.
    rave: got my first xolair injections this morning! did not have anaphylactic shock!
    rant? i have to carry an epipen now b/c of the xolair.
    rant: formerly foster puppy stuck his head too close this morning and got peed on by grouchy corgi. gross.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: unexpected vet trip today. Think dog ate something on a walk that he’s not passing. Nervous to see him not himself.
    Rant: unexpectedly unemployed on Friday.
    Revel: well rid of a position and a boss that was making me miserable.
    Rant: no notice, no severance, no vacation payout. Very disappointed in someone I considered a friend.
    Rant: need to find a new job
    Revel: Lots of support from family & friends in the job hunt. Also have time to catch up with people, work on freelance stuff, update website, all the stuff that was crammed in while working full-time.
    Revel: family member visiting DC. Trying to show her around without overwhelming her. Love that I could give her a SmarTrip and directions to the Mall and have her explore on her own.

    • skj84

      Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry. I’m in the same predicament, but I knew my situation was coming. It sucks that you were blindsided and let down by a friend. Good luck with everything. .

    • Three days notice?! Wow, sorry to hear this
      Hope you land on your feet, and in a place that doesn’t make you miserable!

    • I’d be on the lookout for a check for the earned vacation time. That time has been earned and can not be taken from you. Good luck!!

      • Nope, that’s up to each individual employer. There’s no federal law (a few states have one) that mandate a payout for accrued vacation time.
        That said, I’m really sorry Squid. I’ve been there, and it’s like a literal punch in the gut.

  • Rant: Drivers who park their cars blocking curb cuts.
    Rant: A City that doesn’t use lines, signs or enforcement to make it exceedingly clear that drivers should not park their cars so as to block curb cuts.
    Rant: Young families that relocate from the City to the suburbs… for any reason… but particularly because of schools.
    Rave: Cleveland Elementary School. Amazing.

    • “Rant: Young families that relocate from the City to the suburbs… for any reason… but particularly because of schools.”
      OK, I’ll bite. Why?

    • After my accident, the cop told me to put on my hazards since I was driving so slow. It does suck for turning notice, but I think they probably need them.

    • Blinking lights are much easier to notice than stationary ones. I don’t know if it was warranted in your particular situation, but I’ve been very thankful that folks turn on their hazards in squalls of rain or snow.

      • If a squall of rain or snow is so bad that you cannot reliably see the tail lights of the car in front of you, you should pull of to a safe spot on the side of the road and then put on your hazards — but putting on your hazards and CONTINUING TO DRIVE is nonsensical and dangerous in that situation.

        And that cop gave bad advice. If you are driving slowly because you are having car problems, which other drivers probably can’t tell just by looking at your car, then yes you should put on your hazards so the other drivers know something is wrong. But when the thing that is wrong is snow, which is affecting every car on the road, do you really need to use your hazards to alert other drivers that you will be driving more slowly than normal, particularly when doing so makes it much more difficult to discern when you are going to turn your car, which, in a snow storm, is a very important thing to alert other drivers to so they give you the time and space to complete that turn without sliding into you?

        • Simmer down. You must not come from a place where it snows much. Lots of us are from places where, if you pulled over and stayed put when it snowed, you’d freeze to death in your car before it stopped.
          Best practice in snow-heavy places is to drive slowly, with blinkers. They teach it in drivers ed.

  • Rant: I need new tennis shoes. I don’t run or anything, but I have to wear orthotics, so I like to go to a store that does a real shoe fitting. Anyone have a recommendation?

    • I like Pacer’s. I’m a runner but I have seen them do fittings for those who just need comfortable walking shoes.

    • Fleet feet on Columbia Rd. in Adams Morgan. I’ve bought three or four pairs of running shoes there (I buy a new pair roughly every year). They are so helpful, patient and most importantly knowledgeable. They let you take the shoes you’re trying on and run outside with them. I used to have orthotics and they were super helpful when I came in with them.

      • I’ve been going to Fleet Feet for 20 years (yes, since I was a toddler 🙂 )
        They’ve always taken time to make sure the fit is right and that I’m comfortable with the feel of the shoes.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Agreed on Fleet Feet. By no means to discourage you from going to Fleet Feet, but the other solid option around here in my opinion would be Georgetown Running Company. Pacers has some really good guys at some of their stores, and I really like Pacers for all they do for the local running community, and I actually buy shoes there pretty often, but it has been my experience that it easier to come across a time when you walk into a Pacers and nobody knowledgeable happens to be there at the time. At Fleet Feet and GRC, that just doesn’t happen.

  • skj84

    Rave/Rant: Sulk day has turned into semi productive day. I’m getting some things done that I haven’t had time for. Except lounging on the sofa finishing House of Cards. I’m so close to the end!

  • RAVE: In NYC for the next few days for work. Staying at the Standard Highline – OMG the views!!!!
    RAVE: This morning I saw a model posing for for a lingerie shoot in the building across the street from my hotel room 😀

    • Just don’t have any sex in the windows unless you want to put on a show. The view goes both ways 🙂

    • skj84

      Get drinks at Le Bain if you can! The view is stunning. Alas the last time I went it was freezing and I couldn’t stay outside very long. Oh and milk and cookies at The Standard grill. Goodness I am so jealous of you right now. I love The Standard. And the Highline.

  • Boots: I know you all love boots. I’ve never had any, because they all tend to feel loose and bunchy around my ankles. But I’ve got my eye on a pair of Born brand boots, so please help:
    Is the brand good/ durable/ worth the money?
    Is the bunching thing normal and will I get used to it? The foot part fits well.

    • Blithe

      I think that Born is good, durable, and worth the money — but not as good, durable and worth the money as, say, Fryes — which last forever, and can be resoled. Borns are known for being very comfortable, which is a huge plus. Are your boots soft leather, ankle-length slouch boots? If so, I’d say that you’ll get used to it. If these are stiffer leather and/or taller boots that are pouchy at the ankles, my guess is that it’s a sign of a less-than-perfect fit that, I, at least, would find continually annoying.

      • Blithe

        Also, see if your boots are available at Zappos, or Nordstrom or another site online. There may be very detailed reviews of the boots that you’re interested in, which could help you make your decision.

      • Thanks! These boots are the standard calf-height ones that have been de rigeur for the past couple years. But ALL boots are loose around my ankles. Even if they’re too tight on my calves, they’re loose around the ankles. Perhaps my ankles are particularly delicate?

        • Blithe

          Are ALL boots loose around your ankles? Or just the pull-on kind? Pull-on boots will tend to be cut wider because you need the space. Zip boots that allow you to slide your feet in can be cut narrower at the ankle for a more fitted feel and look.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Born is worth the money. I’ve loved every pair of shoes/boots I’ve gotten from them.

  • Rave: had a good time at the show last nit with my friends. I even saw one of my former awkward dating experiences (remember the sex dream guy ) and I was so cool about it. It’s like whatever now.
    Rave: I think I’m gonna come out on top of this recent ghosting experience. Yes, I will run into him because we hangout at the same places and go to the same shows. But you know what, I didn’t do anything wrong, and hell, I’m pretty damn confident. Your loss, buddy.

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