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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: great weekend filled with great food, drinks, old friends, Maryland basketball, and a slight sunburn.
    Rave: happy to be back at work and feeling productive.

  • Rant: Office culture and a boss who expects me to show extreme deference to him. Any time I’m assertive or show any independence he freaks the eff out.
    Rave: Last week was the kick in the butt I needed to update my resume and start applying to jobs again.

    • I work for a guy like this. After a little research I concluded he was/is a narcissist, which doesn’t make things better, but at least I understand his behavior now.

  • Rave: I really wanted a $100 sparkly cocktail ring from Macys about a year ago, but a relative who was with me at the time said that single ladies should never have sparkly jewelry because it might discourage a potential suitor. Well, this weekend (still single), I said what the hell, and bought a ring from Tiffany’s that is significantly more expensive and a lot more sparkly. Life is short- people should have a little bling in their lives (if they can afford it).
    Rave: Baths. Forgot how rejuvenating a bath can be.

    • I don’t know you, but I like you. Sparkles for everyone.

    • justinbc

      LOL @ that advice. Even more LOL if the person actually said “potential suitor”.

    • Amen to that. Before I got married, I bought myself a lovely large amethyst and diamond ring that I usually wore on my right hand but sometimes on my left. My now MIL once said “Oh don’t worry, you’ll get a real ring soon.” Well, sure, but that’s not why I bought it – I bought it because I loved it and because I could. Sparkle on, lady.

    • If you’re “discouraging potential suitors” who don’t know their right from their left, assuming you wear it on the right, then I don’t think that’s a bad thing. And I concur, more sparkles equals more better.

      • SouthwestDC

        My girlfriend and I were just Googling “which hand and finger do you wear a wedding ring on” the other night. That’s how clueless we are about these things.

        • Many Europeans wear the ring on the right hand. There’s no “proper” way to wear it, IMHO. Do whatever is most comfortable for you in your day-to-day tasks.
          “In Orthodox Christian, and some Roman Catholic and Protestant countries such as Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia, Lithuania, Greece, Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Venezuela, and India, the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand.
          In other countries, such as Ireland, Sweden, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, the USA and the UK, it is generally worn on the ring finger of the left hand, although right hand wearing is becoming more common.
          In Brazil, the ring is worn on the right hand until the actual wedding day, when it’s exchanged to the left hand.”

        • In the U.S., a wedding ring is almost always worn on the left hand.

    • I’m glad you bought yourself a shiny thing! I think you’ll enjoy it even more knowing that you wanted it and treated yourself.

    • Wow, that’s asinine. I probably would have bought the ring right then and just to spite that relative.
      Congrats on the new bling! Be sure to take a photo and send to said relative 😀

    • The gifts we buy ourselves are sometimes the best ones – enjoy it!

    • Yay for sparkly things! 😀

    • Nice going on buying yourself a ring! Ignore those naysaying relatives.

    • hammers

      I’m with the relative on this. A man has to know you can’t afford to buy yourself nice things, and you need him to provide you with all sources of sparkle in your life. Also, everyone knows men choose mates based soley on the 1 inch space of your proximal phalanx on the digitus quartus of the left hand. this move is risky.

    • I love that you bought yourself a ring! I wear rings on both hands every day but most of my female friends think it’s some kind of bad luck to wear a ring on your left hand if you’re single. Sparkly things you love > fake bad luck.

    • skj84

      Rock on! Get your bling on!

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: We are only 2 days away from the event of the century = Unofficial PoPville Karaoke. Wokn’Roll Chinatown Second floor, 7:30 on 3/11.
    Rant: It may actually not be the event of the century but it will be a lot of fun!
    Rant: Earworm of the day, Adam Levine version of “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” in Frank Sinatra’s voice.

  • Rave: Official start of tourney training.
    Rave: Have lunch prepared for the most of the week.
    Rant: Pooch connects Ziploc bags to him leaving even if I grab something for myself, so he’s extra hyper when I do.
    Rave: He has quirks, but he’s mostly a good dog.

  • justinbc

    Random PSA: Since it’s about a week away, please remember that it’s Paddy and not Patty when you’re posting all your status updates.
    Rave: Had a really good burger at Holy Cow in Del Ray yesterday slathered in pimiento cheese and topped with a fried green tomato.
    Rant: Had to deal with the stroller army that takes over that main street every weekend/day. So.many.screaming.children.
    Rant: Also stopped by Sugar Shack donuts down the street and they were terribly disappointing.
    Rave: Found some killer shoe deals at the mall before heading home, wound up scoring 6 new pairs.

    • Sugar Shack is good.

      • justinbc

        Sugar Shack is only marginally better than Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts in my opinion. And their ordering system is asinine, and the place is covered in chalk that wound up all over half the people I saw in line. To each their own.

    • Holy Cow is so hit or miss, but when it’s good MAN is it good!

    • 6 pairs of new shoes? You, sir, are living the dream 🙂

      • justinbc

        I really only needed one, but my lady took longer than expected with her bra shopping so my pile kept accumulating…

        • hammers

          Ive noticed men in DC generally have very nice shoes. Nicer than the ladies.

          • +1. My boyfriend and I met on the metro and I noticed his nice shoes at first.

          • justinbc

            I’ve noticed an overall improvement in the fashion sensibility of the city over the last 5 years or so.

          • 1) I think some women leave their nice shoes at work and commute in comfortable shoes; 2) mens shoes are much easier to be nice. A nice pair lasts a LONG time. Womens shoes are constructed from total crap. To balance it out, most men above the shoes all look the same in their Jos A Bank uniform 😉

          • hammers

            I still think men have nice footwear around these parts. I have seen many women commute in heinous footwear only to change into their “work pair” which are also hideous (this goes for me as well–see my ratty pairs of “work heels”) I generally envy men’s work styles. I don’t like any professional clothing for women.

          • Allison

            I think it’s because there’s a dearth of affordable, appropriately sized heels in this town. I went to Payless and Target the other day to try and find some heels I will probably only have to wear once to a wedding, and they’re all like 5 inches high. I left with nothing, of course. So I think a lot of women resort to the frump shoes because we just can’t find comfortable heels. Are kitten heels out of style right now or can I just not find them in any brick and mortar store?

          • “I don’t like any professional clothing for women.” I agree, Hammers. I haven’t found a place to reliably buy work clothes other than J. Crew, but can’t say I really love anything I’ve gotten there. I don’t know of a good brand that really speaks to the kind of clothes I want to wear to work and it available at a price I’d like to pay. I’ve had some luck at sales at Steven Alan, but that’s about it.

          • justinbc

            The commute factor definitely plays a role. I do see lots of women in DC rocking awesome boots during the fall though, which are much more noticeable than any guys shoes (ignoring neon high tops or something of that sort).

          • Allison, I’ve always thought that Payless seemed to specialize in f***-me shoes, but I don’t remember Target having quite such ridiculous heels.
            I haven’t bought any shoes for a while (self-imposed moratorium), but try Target’s website. There might be some shoes that are online-only; I know that’s definitely the case with their clothing selection.

          • Uh-oh. I just started looking at the Target website, sort of on Allison’s behalf… and I might have to end my moratorium on buying shoes. 😉

          • “I think it’s because there’s a dearth of affordable, appropriately sized heels in this town.”
            Yes!! DSW has a monopoly on the shoe business and they’re crap. The best heels I’ve ever bought here were from H&M; I keep getting them reheeled because it’s a lot easier than finding new ones.

          • IMO, Nordstrom rack is the best place to buy shoes. I recently picked up a pair of reasonable height, nude Cole Haan pumps on clearance. I generally stick to 3″ and under and can almost always find shoes there.

          • justinbc

            Jeslett, we stopped by there, so she could try to equal out the bag sizes for the day (I was clearly winning at this point), but after taking one look at the masses of women fighting to dig through stuff we turned around. That’s some Mad Max shit in there.

          • I have never had that experience there, though having met your fiance, I will say that she and I are definitely shopping in different shoe size aisles. In mine all the women are happy and frequently friendly.

          • Allison — What color/style of shoes are you looking for? Do they have to be heels, or would flats be an option?

          • Allison

            Seeking “nude” (light beige) colored, round-toe heels, preferably with shiny finish. I already own some nude heels, but mine are very low, pointy, and matte; they’re meant to be worn under my grey court suit, so they look very business-y and just wrong with my bridesmaid dress.

          • Hey Allison, what are you hoping to spend on them?

          • In the meantime, I have a few options to throw out at different price points:
            (I heart Zappos)

          • Allison, these are flats, but otherwise they meet your criteria: http://www.target.com/p/women-s-shae-ballet-flats/-/A-16482926
            These are heels, but the heels are probably too high:

          • Another pair of heels (though the heel is probably too high, and I personally am not a fan of platforms where the platform isn’t delineated from the rest of the shoe):

          • Allison

            Thanks I’ll check these out! In general, the cheaper the better, because they’re probably going to be a one-time thing.

          • It does seem as though the current Target selection is rather limited in the “heels of 2.5 inches or less” category.
            Another pair of 3″ heels:

  • Rant: Back on Feb 25 there was a post about the city filling pot holes on Piney Branch Parkway. It doesn’t seem to me that they’ve done any – the road is still a mass of craters, partic as it exits onto Arkansas.

    Rave: Maybe this week’s warmer temps will allow them to fill said pot holes.

    • Yes, there is one of them on the side of the road going towards Beach Dr that has turned into a full on sinkhole. I know it has been a particularly brutal winter, but this is getting ridiculous. I think that ultimately the road needs to be repaved – they will fill the holes, but they will just come back next year. Time for a better fix.

    • Holy cow, the DC is crater city right now! I thought my car2go was about to have its axle broken in half.

    • 16th Street SB north of Military Rd was a DISASTER. People were swerving into different lanes, nearly missing other cars, to avoid the potholes.

    • Oh man the potholes around this city are enough ti swallow men, bicycles, and small cars!

  • Rave: Made an excellent Ethiopian meal this weekend – chicken awaze, kik alecha, gomen wat, tikil gomen, shiro with store-bought injera.
    Rave: Leftover Ethiopian food.

    Rant-ette (minor rant): Having to update calendar of scheduled Skype calls to reflect time change in the US, hoping no scheduling conflicts result.

    • Additional rave: My pup is going to be in the afternoon animal fix today 🙂

      • Your pup is a darling sweetie!

        • She specializes in snuggliness 🙂
          It’s hard to imagine she was dropped off at a high kill shelter when she really was a pup (she was a Lucky Dog rescue)

          • Did she come from a rural area? Seems like those often end up being high-kill shelters because there are many unspayed/unneutered animals in the area and not many potential adopters, so even the sweetest dogs/cats don’t have anyone to adopt them until/unless a rescue group from a higher-demand area can rescue them.

          • Yes, she came from a rural part of SC. I tried to adopt locally (my previous dog came from the NY Ave shelter) but she wasn’t to be found in the weeks I looked.
            Mazie was not only unspayed, she was also pregnant when she was taken to the shelter. But she and her pups were all adopted 🙂

  • Rave: spring, it’s coming! already excited for cherry blossoms!
    Rant: city noise – did anyone in adams morgan area hear freight train horns last night and jack hammering at 7:15am?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Lots of jackhammering on Calvert. They are ripping up stuff on both sides of the street. I have no idea why, but it’s been going on for a few weeks.

    • ha, I heard the train horns and thought, where the F are those coming from? never noticed them before and I’ve lived in the neighborhood for years!

    • I love the train horns. I hear them a lot, but just far enough away (I am on 17th St) so it’s not annoying.

  • Rant: F’in mice. We got one, and the others have just been having a nice time eating the peanut butter off the traps. Bought more traps and now our kitchen looks like a cartoon version of humans trying to catch mice.
    Rant: Landlord keeps saying, “well, there’s nothing else you can do but set traps!” She brought over traps – the ones we didn’t ask for (glue and the large plastic ones – I’ve only ever found the cheap snap traps to work). She brought over mesh for us to “seal up around the porch” and spray foam/steel wool for any ‘holes’. We aren’t exterminators! She should hire a professional to do the exterminating – we also aren’t building supers. We’re setting traps and maintaining them. Seems ridiculous to expect a non-exterminator with a full time job and family to be doing what she should be doing as a landlord
    Rave: Dupont Condo goes on the market on Thursday. Nervous but optimistic!

    • Ugh, yeah, she should definitely hire an exterminator. Boo on your landlord.

      • I just checked our lease – it says specific things that are our responsibility (like snow removal and cleaning gutters, which we have no way of doing…). Nothing about exterminator. It’s a house, not an apartment/condo building. She said she received one quote for them to set traps and check them. But they also did a very good walk through of the property so I think she could easily get someone to locate and deal with holes. And we can set/monitor traps. I don’t understand landlords being cheap!! It’s ALL a tax deduction!!! We’ve never – in 4 years of landlording – said “no” to a tenant on any similar issue. No one has had a mouse, but you can bet we’d get an exterminator in ricky ticky – or have them schedule it and give us the bill/deduct from rent.

        • Hey jindc, I haven’t fully followed this thread, so sorry if this has already been discussed. I wonder if you’ve considered getting your own exterminator quote, then asking your landlord to reduce your rent by the same amount. I realize this isn’t ideal, but at least it could save you some time and frustration?

        • “I don’t understand landlords being cheap!! It’s ALL a tax deduction!!! We’ve never – in 4 years of landlording – said “no” to a tenant on any similar issue.”
          Only if you’re reporting your rental income to the IRS. Maybe your landlord is not doing that (stupid, I agree….especially if there’s an insurance issue).
          Also, some people are just irrationally cheap, even to their personal detriment.

          • True – I believe she is because she went through all of the inspection procedures with the city and has a business license. This is her ‘retirement plan’….which is just a bad plan but to each their own!

          • She might not report to the irs. Dc business tax is only $250. She could easily get away with just paying that if she lives/pays taxes out of state.
            I’d only say no in the situation I mentioned. I can’t overcome someone living in filth. It’s a waste of my time to try.

          • Not being properly licensed with DC is not all that big of a deal. Not reporting income to the IRS is potentially a very, very big deal. If she’s licensed with DCRA but not reporting her income, she’s got her priorities mixed up.

          • She lives a few blocks away….I’m generally skeptical but she had her ducks in a row and other than this issue, is very responsive/friendly. We report everything to the IRS so we intentionally try to have our properties be pretty income neutral. Except for this year since we had two properties. Ouch.

          • Currently rocking a tax loss which allowed me to take the full student loan deduction. Woot! If the current trend continues, I’ll make too much for the deduction this year…more money is good though.
            Are you unable to take some deductions on the 2nd rental like depreciation?

          • nahh we did it all – it’s just a factor of renting two places at once. There’s really no “tax benefit” to having a child, no write off for our child care, which costs a metric ton, so it’s just the price. We’ll file estimated this year even though we are only having two rentals for 2 months of the year. Our second rental is $$ so it’s a lot of taxable income. Hopefully he move out, too, and we can well.

          • There is certainly a tax benefit to having a child, but you’re married, and I’m guessing make too much to see the max benefit. Those things aren’t bad, remember. 🙂
            Also sounds like you got a good deal in the $$ one also not bad, imo.

    • If it makes you feel any better, my condo building has exterminators on retainer and all they did was put out poison bait and like 1 snap trap. We tried setting up an appointment with someone who had reviews that mentioned a thoroughness with filling holes, but it was weeks to get an appointment. It seems that most exterminators don’t fix the root problem, so the ones that do are impossible to get.

      We filled the holes ourselves, time consuming, but effective.

    • Does your lease place the burden on you? If silent, then she probably needs to get someone at least to file holes. As long as you’re doing your part and keeping things clean, etc, I’d expect more on her part.
      When I mice issues, I used bug glue traps and made a murder hole…1 way in or out, so I’d catch them easily. Like I saw one go behind a bookcase which I’d already blocked one side, and I just had to put a trap on the exit and wait. It becomes a game of patience.

      • nope, nothing in our lease about exterminator-related issues. And yep, our place is clean (well, as clean as a place with a kid and dog can be) – we have a house keeper that comes and we handle trash, ect. They are going to /from the HVAC closet and the kitchen. I saw one go behind the fridge, so there’s traps (glue and snap) on both sides of the fridge – but they can, in theory, go under the fridge I would assume. We have traps behind the trash can, along the underside of the base cabinets, and in the hvac closet (where we have gotten just one).

        • Clean..didn’t mean to imply you were dirty. I just had issues with my tenants saying we say a mouse only to walk into a pigsty: sink full of dishes, trash overflowing, and open food. I sent photos and refused to do anything else. From what you said, she’s just being lazy. A general maintenance person can patch the holes and spray boric acid in the walls.
          If you have a dishwasher, there is probably a hole behind it. Also check behind the stove. Those were my 2 big areas.

          • hammers

            I definately have a hole behind my stove. I’ve been too lazy to do anything about it but I guess I should pull it out and try to do some damage control

          • If you’ve seen a mouse, I’d get to it. I’ve lived with a hole behind the stove in 2 places for years before seeing a mouse, so there is hope in that regard.

          • hammers

            oh I definately have mice. They just don’t bother me much, and I’m lazy, and I don’t like the idea of killing things but it’s a lot of work to safely remove them.

          • yeah we got the mouse at our rental property up the street at the dishwasher….we have traps set right next to it. I honestly don’t want to start pulling out appliances in a property that’s not mine. That’s part of why I want a professional to do it. As a landlord, I live by the “you never know what you’ll find!” axiom! I’m fairly certain the nest is somewhere near the HVAC just because that’s where we caught one and the exterminator said he thought so as well during the walk through. I have thought about getting a cat, but I have no idea where I’d keep a litter box and also, our dog is deathly scared of cats 🙂

          • @ Hammers: Mice are dirty and can carry disease> They also poop everywhere. Not sure that ignoring them is a great idea.

          • Despite the name mice are the biggest carriers of deer ticks which can carry diseases like lyme.

        • Does your dog eat his food in one sitting? Our mice were living on cat food.

      • Pablo Raw

        I had a mouse once; tried different kinds of traps and none of them worked. Finally one they realized that the whole was behind the dishwasher; I sealed it and that was the end of it; I didn’t even had to kill the creature.

    • Andie302

      I had good luck with this after someone else on popville recommended it. http://www.amazon.com/Victor-Electronic-Mouse-Trap-M2524/dp/B000E1RIUU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1425929686&sr=8-2&keywords=zap+trap
      I’ve gotten two mice in two days after replacing the batteries. You don’t have to touch anything. I just put a some dog biscuits in there, and bam. That makes a total of 12 mice leaving the house in the last week. I wasn’t seeing evidence of any and then all of a sudden, I could hear them at night, etc. I’m hoping the one yesterday was the last one!

  • Rant: Was not prepared to get up this morning. Neither was anyone else in my family. Definitely running a bit behind today.
    Rave: Wife applying for a job she’s had her eye on for years.
    Rant: It involves going through USA Jobs, the post is only open for 5 days (despite looking to hire multiple people?), and wow, is that website a quagmire. I mean, I knew that from reading others’ rants about it in the past, but wow. Yuck. So that means late nights trying to get the stupid application done.
    Rave: Yay for warmer weather!

  • rave: netflix binge
    rant: netflix binge induced headache
    rave: a high of 60 forecasted today
    rant: it was still mid 30s when I was out this morning, plus the added darkness made me move slowwww
    rave: national building museum exhibit for the BIG projects. They were really cool to look at, unfortunately baker tilly was having some huge event set up in the museum (seems like someone is always renting out NBM) and it blocked a couple of them. Yuck.

  • Rave: Had one of those magical weekends with old friends and made a few new ones. It’s so wonderful when plans actually come together.
    Rave: Karaoke on Wednesday, so excited!
    Rave: Met someone 🙂

  • Rave: NICE WEATHER = lots of walking! And lots of fun get-togethers this weekend. Feeling energized.
    Rave with sub-rant: I love the new Tina Fey series on Netflix, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Only complaint is that I binge watched it way too quickly. It’s short!
    Rant: STILL no solid news about the BFD. I have somehow manged not to be too impatient yet but now am getting really frustrated.

    • Forgotten rave: Texting on the Viber app. The stickers bring out my inner tween. And it’s easy to text internationally.

    • SFT

      I only watched the first 2 episodes. I really want to like it, but it all seemed so rushed and contrived. Does it get better?

      • If you didn’t like the first two, then it may just not be the show for you. The rest is pretty similar!

  • Rave: The realization I’ll leave work while the sun is still shining.
    Rave: Creme brulee french toast for brunch yesterday.
    Rant: After two days off for snow last week, daughter home today with a fever.

  • Rave: it’s a no tights day!
    Rave: dinner date with the niece nuggets tonight.

  • Rave: Vacation last week
    Rant: Post vacation Monday blues
    Rave: Blues are totally worth it – looking forward to regular trips in 2015. Teleworking a week a month seems like a dream
    Rant/Rave: Office re-org growing pains – but then I think about the above rave…
    Rave: Scored two awesome mid-century side tables and they arrived while I was gone (thanks friends/neighbors for bringing them inside!). After four months I’m hanging pictures and putting the new place together, slowly but surely.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I am a terrible trainer. No one can give me the product I want with the instructions I give.
    Rant: Everyone in the office is so annoying today! I’m blaming my grumpy on the time change.
    Rave: Starbucks gift card from favorite aunt at xmas. all the caffeine for me today!

  • Question: With the e-mail brouhaha menacing Hillary’s attempts to put the negative tropes of the Clinton era behind her — the secrecy and paranoia, the arrogance and the general perception that the rules don;t apply to them — did she really need a picture of Bill posing with Pussy Riot to show up in today’s papers? The optics!

  • Rant: y’all called it last week. Guy I WAS dating said he could make the show I invited him to but would be late. He showed up & show was sold out so he couldn’t get in. Saw him before he went to another show but didn’t hangout with him though he asked me to because I was with my friend who was not feeling well. He asked if he could “hit me up after.” I shrugged and walked away. I texted the next day saying I want to go out with him. If he wants to go out with me, he should ask me out. If not, he should just tell me he doesn’t. No response. I think we’re done here, right?
    Rave: good first date this weekend. maybe a second date. still planning.
    Rave: plans to spend more time with my new guy friend. not romantic but it’s so nice to make new friends who make plans with you and follow through better than the guys you attempt to date.
    Rave: taking another break from online dating. It’s good to have on OKC detox.

    • hammers

      It’s nice that he tried to make it out, but a good partner makes you feel wanted. If you have to question whether he really wants to be with you, he doesnt cut it.

    • sorry, you probably mentioned it before, but how old is the flake? Sounds like he’s pretty young (under 30). Not that it matters, just like to confirm/adjust my stereotypes!

    • Ugh, I’m sorry your show night ended up that way, but I’m glad you didn’t take him up on “hitting you up after” (not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with that). But it seems like you want something more, and good on ya for holding out for it and for making your wants/expectations so clear.

      Here’s hoping the second date with new guy goes well.

      • +1.
        I wonder if maybe the reason he didn’t text you back is that it’s not that he actively _doesn’t_ want to go out with you… it’s just that he’s so passive that he can’t/won’t make the effort, but is happy to show up (albeit late) after YOU ask him out and make all the arrangements.
        I don’t see any reason to continue with this guy, especially considering that you’ve just had a promising first date with someone else. Heck, even if you had no other irons in the fire, your self-respect is still worth more than that.

      • Just under 30. We both wanted to spend time with each other that night, but I was not okay with just being hit up after 1 am.

    • Yes, you are definitely done. You want something more that he isn’t going to give you so focus on other dates and new friends.

    • No need to further analyze the situation; he’s just not into you aside from physical sexytimes. This guy isn’t making the least bit of effort – that says it all. Any other guy who legitimately liked you and wanted to spend time around you would make an effort to (1.) secure a ticket ahead of time and (2.) show up. This guy sees you as his Booty Call.
      Don’t waste any more of your time on him, delete his contact info from your phone.

      • Thank you, Anonymous Guy. I already deleted his contact from my phone. I figured since he didn’t respond, that’s it’s over. I’m just gonna have to deal with running into him everywhere I go since we do like the same things.

      • Deleted his contact information. If he ever reaches out again, I think the appropriate response is “Who is this?”

    • Can I play the role of wise older sister? Please also pay attention to the new guy friend. Be open-hearted about romantic potential. As you get older, the guy “who make plans with you and follows through” gets SO important. They’re the gems. You just have to see them.

  • Rant: The time change is killing me.
    Rave: Despite hitting news a few times, I did manage to make it to the gym this morning.
    Rant: Monday. This weekend was fun but also busy. I feel like I need another day to just veg on the couch.

  • Rant: Jet leg, plus daylight savings time, plus having to work all day yesterday, plus a poor night’s sleep last night has me in a super cranky mood today.
    Rant: Dog randomly peed in the house this morning after her walk. She was doing so good with her house-training and it’s been over a month since her last accident, so this setback is really, really discouraging.
    Rave: At least the Metro had no delays this morning. There’s something I can rave about.

  • hammers

    Rave: The start of warmer weather means the end of SAD
    Rant: Running out of excuses! Making a public proclamation that I will start working out again this week. I was doing well untill Christmastime then it all kinda fell apart. I’ve never been particularly fit, but I’m hoping some excercise will get me out of my 2015 funk. (or maybe that’s a rave)

    • I’m with you on every single part of your rant. I’m hoping that the spring weather will help me get motivated, and the last few weeks have made me optimistic that I just might get back into a good groove.

    • Allison

      Same here re: exercise! I jogged on Sunday for the first time in months because it was so warm out. I went to the nat’l mall, and forgot that despite the warmth, there was still melting snow everywhere. Stepped in a giant icy puddle. Brrr! Was so out of shape didn’t even make it that long jogging before I walked home.

    • hammers

      anyone with foot problems (similar to plantar fasciitis) have any tips on jogging? My podiatrist suggested stretches which actually seemed to make things worse. My feet just kill after about 5 minutes.

      • justinbc

        Make sure you’re wearing shoes that are contoured to your stride. Have the folks at Pacers do a running assessment so they can recommend appropriate footwear.

      • epric002

        if you haven’t already, go to pacers or some other store that will watch you run and then recommend shoes/insoles.

        • hammers

          I’m actually wearing the ones my doctor recommended– just no luck. special insoles aren’t really helping either.

      • I’d encourage you to see a podiatrist.

        • No… you can definitely skip the podiatrist and go to either an orthopedist or an osteopath. I highly recommend the later, because you get very specialized care that is somewhat like going to see a physical therapist, but with a doctor. I speak from experience. I went to a podiatrist first, because I didn’t know any better. He put me in a boot that didn’t do any good. I eventually went to an orthopedist who diagnosed me with Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. He sent me off to physical therapy which was good. I also got customized orthotic shoe inserts. This was a few years ago, so the pain has all gone away (although I do get flare ups from time to time, so I just stretch). I also don’t wear the inserts anymore. I will see my osteopath from time to time whenever I notice something going wrong with any of my muscles/joints.
          I agree with the advice on getting specially fitted for running shoes. You may also want to find out if you need physical therapy. You may need to take a break from jogging until you get this sorted out.
          Good Luck!

        • I’ve had three people tell me they had great results from seeing a podiatrist for plantar fasciitis (or something similar). So that would still be my recommendation.

    • skj84

      Agree on your Rave! I feel almost normal again. Please stay consistent nice weather!

  • oh, RAVE: Kimmy Schmidt. We have one episode left. LOVE. LOVE LOVE!!! So hilarious. Watch, if you aren’t yet!

  • Rave: Terps x 2!!
    Rave: Warmer weather and melting, melting, melting…
    Rant: Death in my BF’s family
    Not Sure: Big changes coming at work, could be a rant or a rave but won’t know more until Friday the 13th…I hope that’s not an omen.

    • Go Terps! And go Tribe–who may make their first ever NCAA tournament appearance if they win today against Northeastern! 🙂

  • SouthwestDC

    Rant: My niece who was supposed to be born on March 1st still hasn’t arrived yet. The suspense is killing me!
    Rave: Since I had the time I made a huge batch of frozen empanadas for the mom-to-be.

  • Rave: Went for a run yesterday – I need to get in the habit of getting out and exercising, and yesterday’s weather helped.
    Rave: I had a lot of fun with the boy this weekend. No one makes me giggle as much, loves my cooking, and encourages me as much as he does.
    Rant: I really hate my job. And I think it’s mostly just socially not a good fit – which sucks. They’re helping me pay for school so I really want to stay here for the full 2 years I agreed to (mostly since I’d otherwise have to pay them back). My mom and I have a joke that I find the worst people to work for/with. Hopefully my degree helps put me in the running for some good options for me….

  • Rave: Warmth!! Sun!! Decent temperatures for the week (despite the rain!. I’ll take it!
    Rant: Went to sleep, then woke up around 3 am and was COMPLETELY WIRED and couldn’t fall back to sleep until almost 5. I was not happy when my alarm went off this morning. So tiiiiiired…
    Rant: Therapists don’t take insurance, my work schedule doesn’t work with when they can see me, etc.
    Rave: Found two jobs I want to apply to. Now to force myself to write the cover letters and rehaul my resume. I am so bad at cover letters…

    • Cover letters are the worst. :-/ I spent a good bit of my weekend writing a few and I hated every second of it. But I hate my job even more. : P

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Rescheduled lunch at Rasika with a friend today. You won’t defeat me, Winter!
    Rave: DST. Sunset at 7 pm! Our long, dark nightmare is over.

  • Wow – 40 minutes late to the party :-D.
    Rave: Wonderful sunny weekend. Visited with friends and also had some great pony time.
    Rant: Parents celebrated their 39th anniversary and I didn’t send them a card/gift (woops). Mostly because every moment I’ve spent with them in the past year has been them complaining and expressing their anger and frustrations to me about the other one including discussion of separation and divorce. I don’t mean to judge them and now I feel incredibly guilty for not sending anything…
    Rave: Parental marital issues have brought up great conversations with my own husband about our hopes and needs for our partnership.

  • RAVE: got to use my Razorback heavy duty ice scraper I bought from Home Depot on the snowday. Destroyed the thick sheet of ice covering my backyard and driveway in about 30 minutes!
    RAVE: gorgeous weather this weekend allowed me to take the scooter for a spin. Used the scooter to commute for the first time in two months – SUCK IT, WMATA!
    RAVE: BBQ’d yesterday, too. SUCK IT, WINTER!
    RANT: so dark this AM. I really felt that lost hour.
    RAVE: sunlight this evening when I leave work!

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Bestie’s mom will be in town this week. Can’t wait to see her and hear her stories. Fantastic woman.
    Rave: First spring marathon this Sunday! I look forward to see family and friends cheering along the way. Even with an appendectomy early on, ongoing ankle problems, a few missed runs, a nice slip on the ice Saturday and the coldest training season ever, I’m as ready as can be!
    Rave: Love all my new coworkers. Very refreshing.

  • epric002

    rave: the weather! wearing hose today for the first time in ages! long walk with the doggies yesterday!
    rant: the time change. uuuuuugh. even the dogs didn’t want to get up.
    rant: adult acne. still. has anyone tried the rodan + fields unblemish line? i’ve tried everything (including derms and every RX known to man) and nothing is working. oil cleansing made what was just annoying into something awful and i’m STILL trying to get back to a pre-oil cleansing state.

    • Have you tried pro active? I’ve found it works best when you’re on the worse end of the acne spectrum.

    • I’d like advice on how to prevent PMS acne. Thankfully it’s all I get anymore, but by the time it clears up it’s that time of the month again…

      • ….control your period. Go on birth control and get your period every 4 months (if at all). Unless you’re trying to get pregnant, no need for it and no period = no PMS.

    • I had good luck with proactiv the first time I tried it, but strangely, it didn’t work for me the next time around. The Clinique line was ok, better than nothing, but not better than the first round of proactiv. And THEN I got a hormonal IUD (Mirena). That was the fix I had been looking for for pretty much my whole adult life.

    • epric002

      i used proactiv a few years ago and it worked great for about a year and then it just stopped working 🙁
      @wdc- i’m surprised to hear that- i’ve asked about the IUD before and everything i’ve read/what my dr has told me is that it does not help with acne, and can make it worse.

      • Maybe it was the stress of dealing with periods that was making me break out! But yeah, most people don’t seem to get the complexion effect I got with mirena. I figure it was about time I was in the lucky minority for something.

      • Same boat here with PMS adult acne. Doc prescribed new birth control to assist. Haven’t seen major progress yet, but I think my body is adjust. I’ve adjusted my cleansing to be more gentle and to moisturize and spot treat with OTC benzoyl peroxide. No just dealing with the red marks post acne.

    • You’ve probably tried this already but manuka honey/any propolis balms work well for me for spot treatment. I also use a combo of prescription stuff and then Vivite night renewal before bed. Let us know how the rodan+fields unblemish line works if you try it — I’m always looking for new/better skin care products!

    • Allison

      I’m sorry oil cleansing didn’t work out for you! I’m oil cleansing with off-brand albolene now, and it’s doing wonders for me. Have you thought about jumping on the Accutane train? Or perhaps spironolactone?

    • FtLincolnLove

      Have you tried getting a Clarisonic system? I bought one back in December and my skin has never looked better. A little pricey but well worth the investment!

      • epric002

        yup, been using it for over a year. it helped for a while, but no longer. which seems to be true with EVERYTHING i’ve ever tried. blarg.

        • hammers

          maybe you should gather up some things that have worked for you in the past, and alternate every 3 weeks or so (or however long they take to work)…I haven’t dealt with stubborn acne, but I know the body gets used to things and eventually the body will stop reacting.

          • epric002

            unfortunately most things seem to take 6-8 weeks to start working (if they work at all) which just makes the whole process maddeningly slow. i suppose i could re-try former meds….ugh. just so tired of having never-really-clear skin.

  • Rant/rave: Someone recommended liberte yogurt which is more soupy (that’s a good thing) than other yogurt, but it has so much sugar. That’s the only other major ingredient besides milk. Glad I only bought 2 to try.

    • Why do they add sugar to yogurt? So annoying. I just noticed that almond milk has added sugar as well. Really unnecessary, especially since almonds are sweet already. I might have to start making my own.

      • They have unsweetened options.
        I don’t mind a little but 29g in a tiny container is insane!

        • I don’t like yogurt because it’s too thick. I’m not a fan of custard, pudding either.
          I meant that have unsweetened almond milk.

          • I always thought unsweetened almond milk meant no sugar but it doesn’t! That’s why there’s a Low Sugar Unsweetened option.

          • I’ve never seen that before. I’m new to the noon diary milk, but I’ll have to check it out.

          • I just looked up almond breeze and the unsweetened has 0g sugar. They have regular, flavored, unsweetened, and low sugar. I think it depends on the brand, so I’d switch. Unsweetened should be just that.

          • I’m blanking on the name, but there’s a locally made almond milk that’s just almonds & water. At $9 a quart it’s a lot more expansive than Almond Breeze but probably cheaper than making it at home.

          • That’s really weird because Almond Breeze is the one I was talking about. I always thought the Unsweetened had no sugar until I saw the Low Sugar Unsweetened the other day and was confused, so I started comparing ingredient lists on all the almond milks in the store and discovered they all have added sugar.

          • I think the confusion may be that there are (at least) two unsweetened versions: vanilla and “original.” I am looking at the original unsweetened Almond Breeze right now and it has 0 grams of sugar.

          • Right, I was looking at the Original (my girlfriend can’t stand vanilla!). Maybe they just recently changed the recipe.

        • For perspective, one serving of Lucky Charms has 10g.

      • epric002

        siggi’s is a delicious, low-sugar yogurt!

      • Anon Spock is right — there are (tasty!) almond milk options at grocery stores without sugar. I think the main reason to make almond milk at home is to avoid the carageenan and “natural” flavors. And if you make it at home, you can customize it with things like dates and vanilla beans. Here is a recipe with other ideas (all blend-ins are optional, of course). food52.com/recipes/20948-homemade-vanilla-almond-milk

        • I was coming here to say the same thing Shawess. It seems making it at home is slightly cheaper but you have control over what goes into it. And you can use the leftover almond meal in baking, smoothies, as a facial…

  • Rave – boy and I bought plane tickets to somewhere warm – SO excited!
    Rave – Vietnamese food for lunch!
    Rave – Daylight savings time means it’s light out after work which makes me so much happier!
    Rave – First “real” workout in awhile yesterday (rehabbing injury) – went so well and I’m wonderfully sore today. Know I need to take it slowly but so excited to see progress.
    Rave – March Madness/Champ Week = so much good basketball to watch!

  • RANT: Dumped by guy (35 years old) Ive been dating for 3 months. He couldnt bother saying anything nice about me, just says he thought he’d feel more by now. Valid feelings, but you cant bother to say “It was nice getting to know you” or “Youre great but…”

    • ugh, sorry. he clearly saw something in you given that he dated you for 3 months, but for whatever reason he couldn’t verbalize it (my guess is that he’s really dumb or kind of a jerk. or maybe both). either way, you’re better off.

    • Sorry anon. Some people just don’t know how to handle difficult conversations.

    • Not a question for just you anon, but do ppl normally say things like that when they break up? I’ve only encountered it with my ladyfriend and that wasn’t a break up for the sake of disliking each other. When I’ve broken it off, I’ve definitely never said it, and maybe that’s jerky of me when I wasn’t intending to be.

      • I think in any rejection, you want to try with the “compliment sandwich.” Say a nice thing about the person (a true nice thing) hit with the bad news (in this case I was def expecting it and felt the same) and then say something like take care. To just say “sooooo, i thought id feel more” with nothing else just felt cavalier

        • I tend to agree with the anonymous below. I’m very to the point, so the last 2 times I broke up, I simply said I didn’t see any long term potential. The problem may have been that the 2 women were both really clingy, so I just wanted to cut it off. Both women still tried to remain contact, so I don’t know.

      • I’ve got to agree with you here. If I’m getting dumped, I don’t want to hear a bunch of mealy-mouthed, fake compliments. Don’t insult my intelligence.

      • I’ve gotten the “compliment sandwich” when getting dumped. To a certain extent they were sincere, and I guess it’s nice, but I was too upset to really hear any of the compliments they told me. I guess I would have been fine with a more blunt approach, and I did appreciate the face-to-face conversation (we’d been dating >6 months in each case, if it had just been a few dates then I’d be ok with something more remote).
        As much as it sucked, getting dumped was much better than the guy who swore up and down he wanted to still see me (I gave him a few easy outs), yet “didn’t have time” and was so stressed about work/school/etc. Then told me he met someone else and was engaged.

      • Anon Spock, in my observation you’re pretty blunt. So it makes sense that you deliver blunt break-ups and don’t mind being on the receiving end either. But many of us prefer a softer delivery.

        • Based on who’s responding, I’d say the majority may in fact prefer the blunt approach, but let’s see what comes of my question by cob.
          In my cases, I’d have to lie. I saw nothing redeeming about either of the 2 recent breakoffs. I don’t like lying as a matter of personal preference.

          • If there was nothing redeeming about them, why were you seeing them in the first place?

          • Because I like to get to know someone first. Now if you blew your nose into your sleeve on date 1 then no, I wouldn’t continue. Once I see things are problematic I’m going to break it off. Similarly, if it was 1 thing like not wanting kids ever, but I liked the rest, I’d be much more apt to compliment sandwich because that’s basically an ideological difference. It just hasn’t happened for me yet after dating. Online dating makes it easier to avoid the definite no situation in my experience. It just happened to me the other day. Attractive 90% match who didn’t want kids.

    • Had this conversation with Girlfriend this morning (hopefully not foreshadowing anything). I said that if she’s going to break it off with me I didn’t really care if she said anything nice about me or not, the fact of being dumped was going to overshadow whatever niceties were or weren’t said. She’s more on the “say something nice program,” which I noted, just in case. We already know we’ll do it in person, because she actually detoured during a plane change in London (on her way to meet me in Portugal) to deliver the bad news in person to a guy she was semi-seeing there, while I got off the plan home from that trip and set a date the next night to seal the kiss-off with a woman I was seeing. I guess all that’s left to discuss is breakup sex, and will have kind of a relationship “living will” in place.

  • Rant: Mice. In my apartment. I rent in MoCo, so all of your DC knowledge may not help me here. But I’m wondering how much responsibility is mine vs. my landlord’s. It’s an apartment above a garage on my landlord’s property. So, since it’s a separate unit and not part of an apartment building, it’s technically my responsibility to deal with any pests. However, there are maintenance tasks that would prevent mice from entering the apartment that I feel are my landlord’s responsibility, such as filling in holes and cracks. There is at least one physical hole in the wall that leads to the attic space that the mice are getting through. My landlord has given me some snap traps, I’ve caught two already but there are more. My landlord has said things like “all houses get mice” and mentioned that he recently spent a lot of time and effort sealing up his own house so that they wouldn’t get mice (but not my apartment). Overall he’s had a bit of a dismissive attitude about this. I also have to deal with lots of bugs. Stinkbugs and ladybugs (which don’t sound like a bad infestation, until you wake up in the middle of the night because there’s one crawling on your face).

    It’s also possible that I’ve never had to deal with this issue before and am squeamish about the mice, and am feeling a little resentful that my landlord didn’t tell me about the mice or the bug issues before I moved in, so I’m looking for a way to put the blame/responsibility on him. If I just need to stop whining and suck it up, feel free to say so. I just needed to rant and want some acknowledgement that this sucks!

    • All houses don’t get mice. He should be filling in the holes. That lets in pests. It’s not your responsibility to seal the unit…Maybe MD is different than dc, but I don’t think so. If he knew about it before you moved in, then I feel he’s even more responsible. The apt should have been exterminated/patched before you move in.
      Bug on my face…I couldn’t deal!

      • “All houses don’t get mice” is something I’m seriously starting to doubt!

        • Maybe I’m a bit too optimistic.
          When ppl say that however it’s generally in the vein of its not a big deal when it happens which I think it is. I’ve seen housing ads where they mention the resident mouse. Only in DC!

          • Having battled cockroaches and rats when I lived in VA I’ll gladly live with the DC mice instead! 😉

      • Yup. He also blamed the previous tenant for the mice, saying that she left dirty dishes out while going away for long weekends. But I don’t do that and I still have mice, so…

        • Once they find a food source, they stay until you get rid of them. First the holes then traps. I’m responsible for pest control at my apt but the property manager still didn’t expect me to patch walls…That’s their responsibility if I didn’t do anything to cause it. Unknown to me, the holes were there when I moved in….They had poison down but didn’t fix the hole.

          • Thanks for your comments. It makes me feel more confident and justified in bringing up this issue again.

    • First of all, not all houses get mice and you’re completely justified in ranting. Second, like JINDC above, I’d check your lease and see where the responsibility for pest control actually sits. If he’s otherwise reasonable, see if you can get him to at least seal up the holes, etc. and put the effort into your apartment that he’s put into his own house. If he keeps it up, reach out to the Montgomery County Office of Landlord and Tenant Affairs. They may be able to lay out some options for you.
      Related Rant: Sounds like with the imminent thawing, the wildlife is reawakening. I’ve been mice free for a few years and I hope to stay that way.

      • There’s nothing about pest control in the lease itself, but according Montgomery County code, tenants who rent separate units (i.e., not in an apartment building) are responsible for pest control. He is otherwise reasonable, and maybe I just need to be more firm in stating my concerns.

        • The building thing is because you really can’t control it with 50 other units around you. Yes, I’d definitely broach the issue again and maybe start looking at other places. He knew about the problem, the mice keep getting in, and he needs to deal with it.

  • Rant: Ice sidewalks that homeowners haven’t dealt with.

    Rave: Sunday was BEAUTIFUL!

  • Rave: Nice weather and pretty, colorful dresses to herald in spring. Finally!
    Not-really-a-rant: Guy on metro wearing shorts and topsiders. Come on buddy, it’s been a tough winter, but really?
    Definitely-a-rant: Washingtonians are always way too eager to dress immediately into a season when it’s only just begun. See previous guy and girls who bust out their boots and scarves when it’s still almost 80 degrees out.
    Rave: Had fun times and made new friends yesterday.

    • That’s a DC thing?

      • +1. I don’t think it is unique to DC.

        • +1. Agreed. Have lived in NY and LA. In LA some people bundle when it’s in the 60s and in NY I’ve seen people wear shorts when it’s below 0. It’s all relative.

          • I suppose it’s not unique to DC but that’s my baseline for this rant.

            Additional rant: my pasty, white legs that haven’t seen the light of day in 5 months. Need some tan towels stat!

          • In LA (and Italy), women will bust out the fur coats as soon as it hits 59 degrees in the evening. It’s absurd.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’m ok with people busting out the fur when it dips to 59 (as long as it’s not raining), otherwise they would never get to wear them in the warmer places.

    • Serious question, and no offense intended: why does it matter to you? I never understand when others express frustration over how strangers dress…genuinely curious as to why this is annoying?

      • It’s kind of annoying if you look out the window to see other people’s outfits when deciding what to wear that day… but I generally agree. I love seeing fresh spring clothes this time of year even if it’s too chilly for me to wear them myself.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I also find it annoying and have reason why. It’s an irrational hate.

        • Maybe it’s like seeing Christmas decorations still up in April? Or Halloween candy at CVS in August?

        • Emmaleigh504

          er I have no reason why I hate it. I don’t hate holiday decor that is left up too long, but I hate when it’s put out too early!

      • You’re right, it doesn’t mean anything to me but I wouldn’t call it frustration. More just an irrational distaste because they look like overeager idiots.

      • Agreed…. I really don’t get why it matters what other people choose to wear. For one thing, some of us are genuinely cold and that’s why we bundle. Others stay hot and that’s why they were shorts. It’s none of your freaking business.

    • Bex, are you the same person as occasional poster Becks? Or a completely different person?

  • skj84

    Rant: My company decided to “restructure” and eliminated my entire team. So I’m back on the job hunt again. On the one hand I was actively looking for another position as it was, but I was hoping to have a new job lined up before I left! Stupid start ups..

    Rave: I did learn a lot during the time I was there. And at least now I have more time to devote to real job hunting. I’m working on my resume with a friend today and tomorrow I’m going to the MD employment center. Then spending Weds in sulking mode.

  • Anonynon

    Rave: New death cab song released today…so excited for all the new music coming out the next 2-3 months
    Rave: Spring time?
    Rant: Took my first GRE practice test over the weekend, a lot of studying left to do…anyone else looking for a study partner?

    • palisades

      Zooey Deschanel heartbreak really brings out the best in Ben Gibbard. I’ve loved all the singles released so far. Seeing them at Merriweather?

      • Anonynon

        I probably won’t see them at Merriweather, but i have seen them almost 5 times now. I saw them right after Plans (DAR), Right after Narrow Stairs (9:30 club), once at FireFly and once at Bonnarooo. I am not a big fan of Merriweather as of recent…i saw Jack Johnson there over the summer and i felt way too old. I am so excited to hear the rest of the album it sounds great so far.

        • palisades

          Wow! I saw Tame Impala and the Flaming Lips at Merriweather last year, and the crowd was quite middle-aged. I think it all depends on the band honestly.

          • Anonynon

            I guess i am spoiled since most bands do come into DC, I would rather go to a show at the 930 club, DC 9, black cat etc than trek out to Merriweather (i don’t even have a car so its tough). I would love to see death can and explosions in the sky….but getting there would be tough and its on a week day 🙁 hopefully they will slip in a show in DC

  • Rave: Had a good weekend (including meeting up with Shawess!).
    Rant: Not a morning person, and the first week after the “spring forward” time change is always a little rough for me.
    Rave: Going to see the Church tonight at the 9:30 Club!
    Rave: Saw someone get pulled over this morning for flagrantly running a red light near the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro.

  • Rave: Thanks to everyone for the New Orleans recs! Ate and drank so much… Cochon, Verti Marte, Coops, Adolfos, Cafe Du Monde, Port of Call, some others that are escaping me right now. Awesome city, awesome people.
    Rant: Back in the office after a week away. Soooo many emails.
    Rave: Sunny, warm, melting snow!!! Spring!!!
    Rave: Kimmy Schmidt. The first few episodes weren’t great but loved it by the end. Jane Krakowski is hilarious. Still need to find some time to watch House of Cards.

  • More thoughts:
    RANT: trying to get rid of this sore throat/cough. Any advice or remedies? Should I take the plunge and just buy some Robotussin? That stuff works, but I don’t to be Robo-tripping. Too much work to do :-/
    RAVE: Plowed through first 4 episodes of House of Cards this weekend. I’m liking the story arc. The Russian PM is EVIL!
    Rant: Pu$$y Riot cameo on HoC was really lame. It was a distracting sidebar, they are terrible actors, and it didn’t add anything. Meh.

    • RANT: just realized I’m that annoying Internet person who posts spoilers. FML. 🙁

      • LOL – you didn’t spoil anything for me since I’ve already watched through episode 9! I agree though, the PR appearance was kind of lame, not to mention that there is no way they would have been invited to that dinner.

    • I really like delsym. It’s just cough syrup & it works really well. I’ve been going through that stuff like crazy in the last few weeks for my recurring colds. Then pair with ibuprofen or tylenol if the soreness of your throat is bothering you on its own.

    • OP Anon, have you already tried things like ginger tea with lemon (+whiskey to sleep), a steamy shower or a neti pot? Or are we talking about the next level of sickness, requiring pharmaceutical intervention?

  • I need new glasses. I always have a hard time finding them because I have a wide face and they don’t fit. I went to Voorhies on NM, and, while they had a lot that fit, they didn’t have any that I liked. Any other ideas for where I can go find stylish glasses that fit on larger faces?

    • epric002

      have you tried warby parker?

      • I thought about that, but I find it frustrating enough when I’m in a store and only one or two of their women’s frames fit me. I’d have no idea how to figure out online of a frame was wide enough to fit my melon head.

        • FWIW, I’ve tried on the widest WP frames and not a single one fit me 🙁 They really aren’t built for wide faces.

          • epric002

            fair enough. i actually haven’t tried them, and have a small head anyway. but my husband has 2 pair of warbys…is it possible to order men’s frames or are those too big? i feel like men’s and women’s are looking pretty similar nowadays…

          • I had the opposite problem with WP – all the frames were too wide for me, so I have to assume that they only stock an average range of sizes. On the WP site they do list the width of each frame, so if you know what size works for you (generally you can find the number on the inside of one of the arms), you can see if WP stocks it.

        • You can *try on* the Warby Parker glasses to see how they fit – order six pairs that will come w/non-prescription lenses. You’ll have a certain time period to try them on and then return (at no charge).

          I’d also recommend Carr & Busch, 1220 19th St NW. They were very careful about measuring to get a good fit, and went above and beyond in helping me get a good set of sunglasses.

    • I also have a wide face, so glasses shopping can take me months! And I usually end up spending way too much on glasses that actually fit my face. The last few pairs I’ve had have been from Georgetown Optical and I’ve had good luck with a small number of frames from Mykita and Oliver Peoples. The staff at Georgetown Optical have been really helpful in pointing out frames that would work for my face. In the past, I’ve also had luck at SEE Optical, which has a Georgetown location and a lot of more affordable options.

    • I get my glasses at See in Georgetown. They have a good selection of stylish, funky frames and the staff are super helpful.

  • First day back at school after a 4-day weekend + daylight savings time + high-stakes testing all in one day = hell.
    Rave: I have a lot of fun things happening this week – karaoke, trivia, spring weather!

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