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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Come on snow!
    Rave: Loving my bike – it got its yearly tune up and it feels awesome.
    Rant: Still waiting on my awesome new bike bag.
    Rave: watched some House of Cards night with the husband last night. I’m liking it. I like the policy and diplomacy talk more than the cloak and dagger stuff.

    • I always hope that my girlfriend will sit down and watch HoC with me, but whenever they get into policy she exclaims “policy is so boring!” and storms out of the room. 🙂

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: just yawned and stretched and managed to hurt my shoulder
    Schadenfreude: Jessa and Ben are going to be the disappointments of the Duggar family.

    • Disappointments as in not having 20 kids?

      • Emmaleigh504

        No, they are totally going to go into debt.

        • binpetworth

          What do you expect when they marry at 19 with no education to do anything with? Plus, that boy has no skillz…you can tell Jim Bob thinks he’s a slacker. I’m surprised he OK’d that union.

          • Emmaleigh504

            And he’s so dumb. It’s painful to watch him talk. The 2 of them together have no concept of money. Doomed.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I hope Jessa and Ben get a spinoff show of their own. I don’t think either of them have a real job (Ben working for Jim-Bob doesn’t count), so they will need the income. And I will enjoy the train wreck.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I once twisted my knee taking a nap!

      • Emmaleigh504

        hahaha glad I’m not alone in weird injuries 🙂

        • Nah, I once tore my ACL and MCL turning around. Planted my foot and didn’t turn it with the rest of the leg. I had to make up a good story for how I did it because nobody believed how it really happened.

      • Yup – I tore my meniscus in my sleep. My ortho says it’s not uncommon…I think he was just trying to make me feel better, i.e. not old.

        • I’ve also pulled/strained muscles in bed doing…other things, but at least that was more fun! 🙂

      • saf

        I broke 2 toes falling out of bed. In my sleep.

    • My hard arm rest appears to be reactivating my elbow issues. I guess I’ll have to look deep in thought all day (hand under chin).

    • skj84

      I’ve pulled a muscle sneezing.

    • Mug of Glop

      A few months ago I managed to hurt my shoulder to the point of near immobility by just sleeping.

    • I threw my back out for a week vacuuming. Which I’ve avoided as much as possible ever since.

    • epric002

      i tweak my neck washing my hair at least twice a year.

      • I had the kind of boss who wanted all your detailed reasons for missing work. I had to tell her that I hurt myself washing my hair. I was out for three days! That neck nerve tweak thing is serious business.

        • SouthwestDC

          Now I’m scared that’s going to happen to me. I can only comb my hair while washing it, and can only wash it once a week, and it’s really thick and long and curly so it’s a tangled mess by then and I’m struggling to get a comb through it. My neck is always sore after hair washing and it’s only a matter of time before I injure myself doing it.

    • I dunno- have you seen the video of Derick (I had to google this cuz I have no idea what their names are) hitting a cat on his sled? What an effing idiot.

      • Emmaleigh504

        ugh. But at least he is 1. college educated, and 2. employed. Bonus points for the Dillards is that if they really need money (can’t go into debt!) Jill is employable as a midwife. I don’t think Jessa has any marketable skills (does hair flipping count?), Ben seems to have a hard time breathing without help.

    • Blithe

      On the flip side, a few years ago I wiped out on the ice, damaging my previously injured knee. Before I could convince myself to limp to the doctor, I fell again, landing on the same knee. And found myself miraculously pain free. Weird works in mysterious ways…..

      • Emmaleigh504

        lol like in movies and cartoons where they hit their head and get amnesia and the cure is to hit their head again!

    • Becks

      I once pulled a leg muscle rolling over in bed.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: I lost some Non-Profit Street Cred when I admitted in a meeting yesterday that as a child I had a pony named Freddy, Freddy the Angry, Flatulent Pony. The only one who really liked Freddy was the neighbor’s cow, Buffy.
    Rave: Snow Day!
    Rant: Even though we follow the Feds, somehow we are now supposed to work anyway on a Snow Day. I don’t see this asterisk on the HR Policy.
    Rant: We received an email that the shuttle service to our building from Farragut Square is being “reevaluated.” Drip, drip.

    • epric002

      feds who are telework ready/approved are generally expected to work on snow days, if that’s any consolation.

      • I Dont Get It

        Our group doesn’t telecommute, that’s the weird part. Plus there has been no notification of this change, in fact our intranet will say we are closed, period. I don’t mind keeping up wth email, etc as I aways do but they seem to forget that we are all supposed to clear sidewalks, clean off our cars, take care of young children, etc and for me, recover from clearing sidewalks!

      • That’s an agency by agency decision, from what I understand. Or at least some agencies, like the commissions, don’t necessarily follow every OPM rule.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Most of the Feds where I work have to work on snow days. 🙁

  • Rant: After a promising afternoon, I’m worse than before. I cannot keep anything down even pedialyte.
    Rave: Doctors appt scheduled.
    Rave: Already put the roomie and downstairs ladies on notice that they better figure out the snow plan with detailed info like what places had ice melt and which won’t.
    Rave: Plenty of food for the storm since I can’t eat anything.

    • Blithe

      Have you tried something like slurpies, popsicles or shaved/crushed ice? This sounds gross, but maybe freezing the pedialyte or freezing tea and making ice chips?

      • I was able to have a slurpee yesterday during my period of bliss. If I freeze pedialyte the sugar will rise to the top, but maybe tea or regular popsicles would be better. Thanks! I’m just so freaking hungry!

        • You can make a pedialyte slushie. It takes some effort, though. Put the bottle in the freezer and shake it every 15 minutes. You should have a passable slushie after an hour.

        • Blithe

          You might want to carefully try a few nibbles of thin stick pretzels — but only if you’re able to keep down enough tea or ice chips to maintain hydration. And if that works, maybe frozen strawberries. Glad that you have a doctor’s appointment scheduled!

          • I’ll try it went I get home maybe. Toast was ok even very early on, but I’m still really dehydrated. This is the first time I’ve kept in what I drank except for the slurpee yesterday.

    • Ug, I’m so sorry to hear this! Crossing my fingers you feel better soon!

      • I’m a tough cookie, but it’s been rough! I’ve never had anything last so long. I chugged a bit of pedialyte, and I didn’t immediately have to hit the bathroom, so that’s progress, right?

  • Rave: Rasika. Totally see why it was packed to the gills on a Tuesday… Had the palak chaat (thanks popville!) and black cod, which was cooked amazingly. Also their garlic naan=heavenly. Definitely worth the trip.
    rant: falling asleep at my desk right now

    • Quotia Zelda

      The black cod and palak chaat are my favorites at Rasika. I didn’t know one could do such amazing things with spinach.

    • Taking a page from Accountering: I have a reservation for Monday, March 9 at 7PM for two people at Rasika that I won’t be able to use if anyone wants it.

      • can you babysit my kid? 🙂

        • lol. I’m probably the last person on here you want babysitting your kid. My friends always make fun of me for how uncomfortable/awkward I get around children.

          • I’d be interested in “taking” that reservation. I will check with my +1. Is it for the one in Foggy Bottom or Penn Quarter?

          • I’ve seen it in co-workers. They’d let a kid run right past them into the kitchen rather than have to touch them. Lucky I love kids, so I can pick them up, give them a tour, and tell them making mom sad is a bad thing all before the parents notice their gone.

          • msus: it’s the Penn Quarter one. Email me at sparklykittytacos at gmail if your +1 says yes!

          • I think Anon Spock just volunteered to babysit for you, jindc!

          • HAHA yeah, I definitely didn’t read that. But I do have a good kid (outside of bed time/sleep).

          • Thanks! just e-mailed you. Great timing too, can use it to celebrate my biopsy results that I just got from the doc (no cancer, woo hoo).

          • msus: Awesome news! Enjoy your celebratory dinner! 🙂
            jindc: I hope my comment didn’t come off as me disliking children (and especially not your kid specifically!). I just don’t have much experience being around kids (youngest sibling/cousin by a lot, none of my close friends have kids yet, etc) so I’d probably be a really boring babysitter!

          • no no i was kidding anyway 🙂

        • If you actually want to plan a date some time in the future, and your kids likes a loveable dog, I could babysit jindc.
          Next Monday I’d really like to start training for my tourney which my illness had delayed by a week.

          • I could certainly do that in your home, so love for dogs is probably not required. 🙂

          • aw that’s kind of you – we have a nanny that we pay out the ass for babysitting because it’s overtime. Because our son is not the easiest when with strangers. We interviewed people via Urban Sitter, and while it was OK, I just have a hard time leaving him with people who don’t know his quirks. So we generally don’t do anything. It is as pathetic as it sounds, FYI 🙂 Thanks, though! And my kid LOVES dogs. So much that he stops them all on walks. And we watch videos of dogs and babies playing on youtube. He also loves elephants, but we can’t fit one in our home.

          • I’ve dealt with everything from babies to severely autistic older kids. I imagine his quirks wouldn’t really phase me.
            As crazy as my dog can be, he is gentle as can be with kids. He pretty much loves everybody.
            If you ever want to trade babysitting for dog walking (I’d need some evenings so I could go straight to the gym from work generally Fridays or Tuesdays),’hit me up at [email protected]

  • Rant: Took the metro this morning (bike to work 90% of the time, but supposed to rain today), and honestly, what a clusterf**k! It is so hot and crowded! And it takes forever to get up the escalators. I know everyone complaints about metro but…
    Rave: im grateful i live in a neighborhood that allows me to bike to work everyday!

  • epric002

    rave: transported the sweetest, most timid velvet hippo to foster care last night. polly (wolly doodle all the day!) is a beautiful white and gray 3 year old pit(mix). she is incredibly sweet and loves treats, but was scared of: the shelter, me, leaving the shelter, getting in the car, getting out of the car, and going down the stairs to the foster’s apt. she reminds me a lot of grouchy corgi when we first got her. a couple weeks/months of love and patience and she is going to be a FABULOUS dog. if you’re looking for a sweet, calm girl to adopt- polly is your gal!
    rant: snow tomorrow.
    rave: likely will not be in the office tomorrow.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Senioritis
    Rant: Sharepoint
    Rant: Supposed to have lunch with a friend tomorrow at Rasika. The weather looks like it wants to ruin that.

    • Sharepoint is the one of the most frustrating programs I have ever used – I don’t list it as a computer skill because I’m always hoping it can be someone else’s problem!

    • We just shifted a lot of stuff to sharepoint. It seems to be so much slower and inefficient to get files now. Frustrating.

    • epric002

      am i the only one who really likes sharepoint?

      • Emmaleigh504

        yes 🙂

        • epric002

          weird. i’d take sharepoint in spades any day over the terrible task management system (both former and replacement) that we have to suffer through.

          • Emmaleigh504

            We never used any task management system, then sharepoint came along and everything has to go up there, but never in the category. I have 50 billion sharepoint bookmarks so I can find stuff.
            Sharepoint got so big (bad) that work eventually had to create a sharepoint team.

          • Emmaleigh504

            And now they are just inventing stuff to put up there. We have monthly form we upload, then someone figured out we can create a form directly on Sharepoint and check all the right boxes, so now we do BOTH for the same info.

          • epric002

            god i wish we could just use sharepoint as our task management system. le sigh.

  • Rave: Curt Shilling. I am no fan of his generally, but I am a father and a human being. His response to the [unprintable]s who have posted truly vile comments about his daughter on social media has been spot-on, and these people all deserve what they get. If you haven’t seen the story, Shilling posted congratulations to his daughter on Twitter for getting a softball scholarship. Some of the comments in response were – well, you can imagine (if you want to see them, look at his blog). Through the magic of Google, Shilling identified the people behind the tweets and posted their information. One was suspended from his college, and the other was fired from his part-time job with the Yankees. Good for him.

    • Doxxing freaks me out. There was some of that (someone posted one of the icky loser’s PARENTS’ info), but mostly Schilling and readers just went straight to the losers’ schools and employers, instead of doxxing and inviting who knows what action from other scary internet weirdos.

      • That’s true, and an important distinction. (Thanks for the correction.) He did post their names, but that’s it, and did go to schools/employers.

      • skj84

        also freaked out by doxxing. Though I’m not a huge fan of internet shaming either. But I do think Schilling was in his rights in this case.

      • What’s “doxxing”?

        • Posting personal info about someone usually as retaliation for something.
          I had to look it up.

        • Piercing the veil of internet anonymity. Usually done by publicly posting the anonymous person’s personal info (name, address, phone number, employer/school info, etc.)

    • The sad thing is, I really couldn’t have imagined what people said about the girl until I heard it on the internet. I mean, I would have assumed it was more like internet catcalls (just to be clear – still not OK), less violent horrific stuff.

      • Agreed – I heard the story on the radio this morning, and thought, “Well, I can imagine what was said.” I was wrong – much, much worse than I’d thought. Who thinks it’s OK to post things like that? I share others’ uneasiness about piercing the veil of internet anonymity (a very good way to put it, OP Anon), but I just can’t get worked up about it in this situation.

        • This reminds me of the This American Life episode on trolls that Shawess posted the link for the other week. It’s amazing (and sad) how much vitriol is out there.

          • That was an interesting episode!
            And I’m sure that listening to the segment on vocal fry shortly before listening to the Invisibilia podcast for the first time raised my sensitivity to vocal fry. Because I could not listen to the Invisibilia hosts without cringing — might be great podcast but not for me.

  • Additional Rave: I made sure to stay in the loop for my fave agency, and a project keeps getting pushed back. Normally not a rave, but it means I’ll likely have one end and another start pretty close together which is heavenly and rare.

  • Rant. Today’s Hax hit a little close to home… log story short, my BF is a (recovering) addict. I have always known this was a life-long process and always will be, but it scares me. I’m not going to walk away from him, and he is seeking help, and for the most part I’m ok with everything, but reading the first letter made me think, shit, is that where I’ll bee in 5 years?

    • Aglets

      Having kinda been there, I can tell you the HUGE AWESOME DIFFERENCE is that (it seems like anyway?) that your dude is facing up and seeking help and hers is not. Not only not seeking help but not even really admitting the problem. My ex bf refused to acknowledge he had a drinking problem with anything stronger than a ‘maybe…’.
      I kind of consider it a problem if it’s causing you to lose jobs, steal money from your GF, lie about what you did last night and most frustratingly, impede certain anatomical functions that a dude should be able to do.

      I think it’s a great sign that your BF is seeking help but yeah. It is a day-to-day thing with some days being better than others.
      Much luck and love to you both.

      • Thanks, I really appreciate your perspective. To be perfectly honest, I think addiction is much more rife than most people would admit to and I think there are probably a lot of us who have dealt with this in some sort of way. He’s definitely very aware he has an addiction (pills), and the cost is has taken on his life so far. Thankfully (?) is what I would consider a high-functioning addict, and his addiction has not caused any problems with his job, no major issues with his finances (although he really regrets the amount of money he’s spent), or relationships, etc.
        It has definitely been a day-to-day thing, and I try to be as encouraging and supportive as possible. There are times when this feels like too much, days when I feel like my needs have to come into play at some point too. But in reality, he is also very caring and supportive of me. With a few LTRs and one marriage under my belt, this has definitely turned out to be my most healthy, supportive, and truly loving relationships, but really there are days where I think to myself, why are you dating an addict?!?

        • The short answer is, it really depends on the addict. I have a sibling that I had given up on ever seeing beat this who just graduated college and is now making a higher salary than I am. They just got engaged, and by all appearances, things have calmed down for them entirely. So it CAN happen.

          But you are the only one who knows your situation well enough to say. My .02 is that the temptation to always prioritize the addict’s issues and throw everything you have at putting out their fire du jour can be exhausting and is no way to run a relationship. Because with an addict, there will ALWAYS be another fire. If your needs are continuously being sidelined in favor of theirs, that is not going to be sustainable in the long term.

        • Aglets

          Have you ever been to a support group like Narc Anon apart from the counseling? I have some friends who have found that to be tremendously helpful.

  • Rant: I left a jacket and a coat in the common area of my building by mistake. 3 hours later the cleaning crew comes. Coat and Jacket are now “lost” I loved that damn jacket and got compliments EVERY TIME i wore it. Had it for 4 years. I’m mad.

    Rave Snow

    Rant Snow

    • In our building, people leave things in the common area to give away. The cleaning staff probably thought your stuff was up for grabs, so it was an honest mistake (but still sad!)

      • If that happened, they should have the donation center. Simply saying “lost” makes me think someone took it.

        • Unfortunately, I’m almost certain someone took them. They were both really nice and gently worn. I reached out to management and I’m crossing my fingers. :-/ It could have been worse, I could have had my ID and debit card in the pockets like I usually do. Le sigh…

          • If you’re bldg has that donation policy, then I see nothing wrong with someone taking what they thought was donated. With that in mind, signs should be posted or something if that is the case, and I imagine someone would return it.

          • Blithe

            I agree with Anon Spock about posting a sign. If your building has an informal donations policy, as many do, it’s likely that someone took the coat and jacket long before the cleaning crew got there. Telling the management won’t necessarily alert the person/people who took the items that they were left in the common area inadvertently.

  • Aglets

    Rave: 4-8″? Call me!
    Rave: It’s not yesterday!
    Rant: Yesterday!

  • Rant: I almost fell on my bum four times on my walk home. I’m not looking forward to my commute tomorrow.
    Rave: I slept so hard last night. I woke by feeling like a human being for the first time this week.
    Rave: Making hamentashen tonight. I will eat all the pastries.
    Rave: Today’s outfit is channeling the mid-90s: chunky sweater over a skirt. I wish I had doc martens to wear with it. My hiking boots (worn to commute) just don’t make the same kind of statement.
    Rave: I do have my criticisms about my workplace, but I am grateful that the dress code isn’t rigid.

    • skj84

      Oh, your outfit sounds cute! I’m dying for a pair of Doc Martins. I saw the coolest pair in fuchsia the last time I was in Minneapolis. Alas, they were a size too small. I can’t wait for it to warm up so I can bust out my riotgrrl babydoll dress.

    • Blithe

      Read your posts, looked on line, and the black Docs with a barely visible floral print that I drooled over two years ago are on sale. Should I do it? My main concern is that they’re traditional Docs and the Clemency’s with the higher heel and narrower last fit my feet much better.

      • Yes, do it! Such a worthwhile purchase. I know people who still wear the Docs they bought in college.

        • Blithe

          Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂 Caveat Emptor: 6pm — the discount site for Zappos, has surge pricing. I looked at the boots and saw one price, but when I added them to my shopping cart, they were listed at a higher price. I then went to another computer and they were listed at the original, lower price. So I did it as a phone order — and they honored the lower price. It sucks — because it reflects not the scarcity of the item, but a response to my continued interest in it. Writing a ranting note to the powers that be at Zappos will likely be one of my Blizzard Projects.

          • I’ll be interested in what you hear back from them. I assume interest-based pricing on airline tickets. But I wonder what else? And I wonder if they’ll cop to it?

          • Blithe

            I’ve sent them an e-mail, via the Zappos site, not the 6pm one — noting that one of their core values is : “Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication”. If the response is anything other than “oops”, I’ll post it as either a rant or a rave”. I have to say that I’ve found Zappos’s customer service policies to be stellar up until now, so I was taken aback by this.

  • To the tall man w/ black cap that dropped $40 on the metro at Union Station–I REALLY tried to catch you to return it. I split it w/ the student on the train sitting across from you (who also tried to catch you). PS. You walk very fast…

  • Rant: Tried to go to the store before work to stock up on snow emergency provisions before inevitable rush this evening but they said they couldn’t sell wine or liquor. It looks like I may have to survive on food and water for the next few days. 🙁
    Girlfriend went to EMILY’s List and was so appalled by the scene, the food and Hillary’s remarks she walked out. This morning, after hearing a lame Hillary sound bite on NPR she looked at me and said: “we just have to admit that Hillary is the John McCain of the Democratic Party. She’s old, she doesn’t really have the temperament for the campaign, she has no charisma, and her chief qualification is that it’s ‘her turn.”
    Rant: I think she’s right.

    • Well, this will be good campaign experience for O’Malley perhaps? (Trying to see the light here.)

      • I like Martin because we both cut our political teeth as “Road Warriors” on Gary Hart’s campaign and I’ll be able to say “I knew him when.” I always thought he was an obvious VP choice — reasonably charismatic Catholic white male — but wonder if he’s top of the ticket stuff. He’s also got the inside track for Mikuski’s Senate seat, so he has some deciding to do.

      • If Marylanders don’t really like him, I doubt the rest of the country will.. He could be an interesting VP pick though. My husband has already started preparing me for that the fact that he might vote Republican if his options are Hillary and/or O’Malley.

        • Those are worse than: Christie, Carson, Cruz, Jindal, Perry…Did I miss any republican hopefuls?

          • Yeah, the two leaders of the pack right now: Jeb and Walker. Oh, and Rubio too of course. And Rand Paul is probably going to run.

    • Aglets

      Bodegas are great for this kind of thing. If you just want beer & wine at least. During snomageddon 2009/2010 where i was convinced it would be easier to decide on the weakest member of your family and eat them as opposed to going back to the Safeway at 14th & D SE I went to my (new to me because I had just moved there a less than a month before) bodega and found it FULL of stuff- bacon, eggs, havarti with dill, decent wines! it was magical.

      • I confess I was being a bit dramatic — ever since Snowmaggedon I’ve assumed that nothing short of a glacier coming down Mt. Pleasant Street will shut the bodegas but, as I was cruising Whole Foods picking up stuff that the bodega’s won’t have — good vegetables, swank cheeses, high-quality beef — I did lament the fact that I might be limited to bulk Chilean Cabernet for a couple of day. (Having just watched the season end of Downton, my tastes will be unreasonably elevated for the next few days).

        • Aglets

          oh, see I’m a ‘do i have some Elio’s frozen pizza (which i think may be a hold over from grade school days) and brownie mix and ginger ale for my rye? then i am good to go!

          • It’s my legal opinion — not that I have a law degree — that simply *writing* about a menu like that — pizza, brownies, rye and ginger — is probable cause for a drug test. And, who knows, I night be dropping by. Man cannot live on Pont l’Eveque and Chablis Grand Cru alone. Plus, I have fond memorios of Elios from roughly the Carter Administration.

          • You all could get really fancy and put the Pont l’Eveque ON the Elios.

    • That is a depressingly accurate description of a(n?) HRC candidacy.
      (Question – do you choose the article based on the next written letter or the next phonetic sound? I can never remember . . . )
      Rave: Electoral math still favors democrats.

      • Can’t answer your question, but I’m pretty sure it’s “a HRC campaign”.

      • With acronyms, you choose the article based on its phonetic sound (Examples: an HIV infection; a USPS delivery; a DoD order; an HOA agreement).

      • Don’t count on electoral math. We’re losing ground with white males faster than we’re registering Hispanics and the “war on Women” is getting old. 2014 was a disaster, and not just because mid-terms have a “different electorate.”

        • Emmaleigh504

          The War on Women may be getting old, but I’d really like it to stop.

          • I don’t believe it’s any less true, just that emphasizing it as a tactic is losing its effectiveness. It gets old and loses its motivational power — we’re already losing married women — and the Republicans are learning to avoid playing into our hands.

          • +1000000000000. There is still plenty of mileage to be gotten out of the GOP’s attacks on choice, equal pay, VAWA, the GOP’s complete inability to understand and accept the reality of rape and the need to not vilify and bully its victims, etc, even if the title used to describe the anti-woman sentiment in the GOP may need to change.

          • “and the Republicans are learning to avoid playing into our hands”
            Some of them are, yes, but I’m sure there’s a few we can still count on. And despite the 2014 post mortem, they (or many of them) apparently still don’t care about the Hispanic vote

          • Yes, Republicans are doing their best to make sure that minority voters know how much the GOP dislikes and distrusts them. And we may get an Akin or two. But whoever is at the top of the ticket will likely be too smart to open himself up to “war on women” tactics and talk about his “binder full of women.” And he probably won’t be unlucky enough to have Rush Limbaugh mouthing foul and despicable attacks on women who think prescription medications should be covered by their insurance (I don’t think anything did more for Obama –except the 47 percent video, than the Sandra Fluke thing). Note how deftly Hogan in Maryland and Cory Gardner in Colorado — among others — sidestepped that attack. Between Obama, Hillary, immigration and same sex marriage, we ought to have the base sewed up — not that any of their concerns should be ignored or hidden. But We need to find another point of attack, and it needs to be economic, and it needs to appeal to a 36-year-old Ohio white guy and his wife.

          • Accountering

            Agree completely. Run on populist things that everyone agrees with. Increasing taxes on hedge fund managers, raising the minimum wage, infrastructure spending and the like.
            Those are things your 36 year old white Ohioan can and will get behind.

          • Everyone agrees we need the spending on infrastructure, but Boehner can’t find the money to finance it.

          • Just wait until AmWorks starts showing results!! Oh, wait….

          • The Dems are setting up actual family friendly policies that don’t sound great debating against.

        • Accountering

          2014 was a disaster because Dems ran on nothing. The ran away from Obama (who is still popular, especially amongst Dems, and is almost back to parity among all people) and ran away from being populists.
          They won’t make that mistake again in 2016. We are not the party of Stupid, we just acted it for one election cycle.

    • Your girlfriend is spot on. Obama didn’t really have the qualifications either, but his charisma and intelligence and the lack of skeletons in his closet (not that skeletons can’t be manufactured on demand) made him an easy choice. Lots of us will have to hold our noses to vote for Clinton. What’s the opposite of a breath of fresh air? A fetid haze? But you still have to breathe…

      • LIZZIE!!!!

        • I don’t think she’s going to run.

          • Not with that attitude!

          • Agreed, she’s not running. She’s gunning for VP or Treasury Secretary.
            My co-worker was jogging in November in NW DC and actually saw Elizabeth Warren come out of the Clinton mansion on a Saturday morning, get into her car, and drive off. They’re colluding.

          • Ha! No, I mean she has been indicating that she will spend more time in the Senate. I think we could use someone of her intellect, youth, and passion in the Senate (for the time being).

      • I appreciate the enthusiasm, but I refuse to believe that the Democrats are so stupid as to nominate a self-proclaimed socialist to be president. Right or wrong, that label destroys his changes.

        • I can’t imagine anyone would seriously think that Bernie has a chance (I’m still dreaming though).

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: the end of guessing. Good to know she is not into me and she likes someone else. Long story. Maybe this is a rant.
    Rant: Ice. Ice and sidewalks should’t be together.

    • If your first inclination was a rave, it’s purely for the best.

    • Rave because you can stop wondering. Rant because it’s not what you wanted to hear. I’ve been there, and it helps to look at it as a Rave.

    • Pablo Raw

      It’s confusing; it’s a rave because that part of my brain is free now (overthinker here), I’m not completely sure it’s a rant (overthinker here). 🙂

      • Cinnamonster

        #teamoverthinker (I think? I’m overthinking this) So frustrating that she kept you wondering up until this point, though! I’m sorry!

    • 🙁 I’m sorry to hear that, but like others have said – at least you can stop wondering and keep an eye out for new opportunities!

    • Once when I had that experience it was a rave. It was strange. I was rejected yet felt elated after having the clarification conversation. Not sure why I was so elated. I thought I had a bad case of denial and reality would hit me hard eventually, but nope, never felt bad about that one rejection.

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Loving the new Kid Cudi song…
    Rant: I think i sprained my ankle playing basketball last night, am limping around my apartment this morning
    Rave: Work HH tonight, first time in months

  • Rave: Walking my dog, crossed paths with a guy on a bike.
    Guy “How’re you doing ma’am?” MP “Good, how about you?”
    Guy “I’m great. You have a wonderful day ma’am” MP “You too”
    Rant: Telemarketer who insisted on talking to the person who made decisions – ie the man of the house. An exercise in wasted time, but I kept asking him why he thought the man of the house made the decisions in the family, what century he was calling from, how insulting he was being…
    Tried noosa yogurt for the first time (per PoPville raves yesterday)- good thing I don’t love it (@$2.39 for 8 oz)

    • Emmaleigh504

      Liberté is yogurt perfection.

    • Ugh and LOL on your rant!

    • Wait, did he actually ask for the man of the house or did he ask for the person who made the decisions? (In any case, the fact that he was a telemarketer tells us what century he was calling from…)

      • He asked for the man of the house. I asked why. He said he wanted to talk to the person who made decisions for the family…
        I seldom talk to telemarketers – when I say hello and don’t get an immediate response I hang up. This time the telemarketer called right back so I thought I hung up on a friend.

        • epric002

          what did you say after that???

          • This lead to a circular conversation “why do you think the man makes the decisions?” Caller “I’d like to talk with The Man [Who Makes Decisions]”
            When I went a bit ranty and gave him an earful he hung up ~

          • epric002

            good lord! if i knew what company he was calling from i’d call THEM and tell them exactly what i thought. plus side- you probably won’t ever get a call from them again? 🙂

        • Ugh. That’s crazy, like he came straight out of the 1950s or something.

        • That’s pretty messed up.

        • And even if this telemarketer were (alas) so benighted as to think that in a heterosexual couple, it’s the man who makes decisions… has he not heard of divorce? Single parenthood? Gay marriage? Unmarried people living alone?
          Like, even if he thinks that “man makes the decisions” is the way things _should_ be, you’d think that he might have realized that many households do not in fact have an adult man.

    • I get that at work sometimes. When they demand “the person who makes decisions” I ask, “Why don’t you think that would be me?” And they say something along the lines of, “I’d like to speak to your man boss please.”

      • Your man boss?! Seriously WTF.

      • No way. I need you to swear on the soul of your childhood dog that someone has asked to speak to your “man boss”. I’ve had people assume in person that the man in the group is the boss, but I’ve NEVER been questioned/ doubted when I say that I am, in any context.

    • Did you read the Civilities column in the Post this week – it was on this exact thing. Telemarketers and making gender assumptions.

    • I Dont Get It

      There was an article in the Post about this yesterday so yes, you are not the only one receiving calls from 1952.

    • Snark: I had no idea Mayor Bowser was moonlighting as a telemarketer.

      • When the security system guy came to set up our system when we moved in, my husband’s name was on the paperwork because he made the call for the appointment but I was the one home when the guy came. So when it came time to fill out my information, he got my first name and started writing down my husband’s last name (not an entirely unfair assumption) – BUT when I stopped him and said that my last name is different than his, the guy said, “Oh, we’re going to have to talk about that!”

        Um no. We aren’t. WTF??

  • SouthwestDC

    Both a Rant and a Rave: Finished a creative project I’d been working on since November. It turned out well but I’ll miss it!

  • Andie302

    Rant: Renovation issues. It looks like the back wall of the house needs to come down and be replaced. We knew it was bad, but it was even worse than we initally thought once they started working on it.
    Question: Is there a way to either recycle or give away the brick? Would people want free old bricks for things like paving a patio? The contractor said getting rid of them would be around $3k, but I hate to send them to a landfill if anyone wants them. I’m thinking a pile of bricks in the front yard with a “free” sign and a craigslist ad, but maybe I’m being unrealistic. (And I sound a lot like my mother.)
    Rave: A boss that is cool when you need to take care of something personal at the last minute. I appreciate his flexibility!
    Rave: Accountering putting up with my broodiness over decision making.
    Rave: Shiny things are starting to arrive.

    • There has to be a community type of work space where people go to pick up odds and ends around here. Maybe further out? I think people would get them from craigslist or freecycle etc.

    • No way in hell I’d pay $3K to “get rid of” bricks. At that point, I’d pay $50 for a Zipcar pickup truck and haul them to Ft. Totten myself.
      Put that on Freecycle and Craigslist. Plenty of people will want them for backyard projects.

      • Also, community gardens might want them for building planters and pathways. There’s a few gardens in Shaw, IIRC.

    • Yay for shiny things! 😀

    • albany

      I’d be interested in some of the bricks. I don’t know that I could take a whole wall’s worth, but certainly enough to make a dent. Let us know if you decide on a craigslist ad or freecycle. Thanks!

      • Accountering

        Its a pretty small wall to be honest 🙂 I think the $3,000 was for demo and removal of the bricks, but if the back wall is in as bad of shape as they say, demo shouldn’t be too difficult. Take out of bottom few bricks, and down it comes. I think our move may be to demo it, and leave the bricks in the back yard. We can get rid of them in batches on CL/Freecycle. Hell, we are going to do a brick patio in the back yard anyways, may be cool to reuse the original back wall as the new patio.

        • Maybe it’s just me, but after my day Monday I’d have relished 15 minutes with a sledgehammer and a wall of bricks to demolish. Hell, I might have paid $10 for it. $3000 seems excessing.

        • Andie302

          I think the back wall is a larger surface area than the back yard 🙂 We’ll definitely have some bricks available either way.

        • I like the idea of using the bricks from your old wall in a new patio! If the patio isn’t too big and if you enjoy these sorts of projects it can be fun to choose an interesting brick pattern and lay it out yourself.

        • janie4

          Let us know when you post them! I could definitely use old bricks for a patio!

      • Andie302

        Will do!

    • Not to be too much of a pessimist, but leaving a pile of bricks out might mean one goes through a window.

      • Accountering

        Theres no access to our backyard. It backs to the neighbor on the corresponding NS streets house. No alley access either. The only way to get there is to climb over four of our neighbors backyard fences. It may be one of the most secure backyards (outside of Frank Underwood’s) in the District.

        • Sorry – I was thinking about a giveaway pile of bricks.
          But now I just want to go home and binge the remaining 9 episodes. Thanks.

    • What about ReStore or the community forklift in NE DC?

    • Community Forklift has a free pick-up service for large donations. I don’t know the definition of “large donation” to know if this qualifies, but you may want to check if you decide not to keep any of them: http://communityforklift.org/donate/donate-materials/

  • Rant: My officemate is the loudest eater ever. I thought things would get better when he went on a diet, but it’s so much worse. Now instead of hearing him stuff a sandwich in his mouth for 20 minutes he’s chomping on celery, cracking open peanut shells, sucking furiously on mints, making sweet love to a clementine, and so forth throughout the day. It’s driving me crazy but I don’t know what to say to him. I think he has a sinus condition and has to chew with his mouth open in order to breathe. So I try to drown it out with headphones but then I have trouble hearing my boss when he calls my name.

    • Sorry, but I had to laugh at your description. You probably don’t have this, but there is actually a disorder some people have (misophonia) that causes them great distress, and sometimes anger, when they hear certain sounds. Chewing and breathing sounds are common triggers that set people off. If someone with misophonia had to hear what you’re hearing, they would probably go insane (that, or go postal!).

      • I have wondered if I have that disorder. I used to have an cubemate that would chew on ice throughout the day and it also bothered me (then he died and I felt bad for being annoyed by his ice chewing).

        • Emmaleigh504

          He probably died from all the ice chewing. Extreme ice chewing is a symptom of (usually) severe anemia.

        • I’m almost positive I have some form of it. I get really annoyed at tapping sounds or other sounds in my apartment building. I’ve noticed that other people (neighbors or friends visiting) either don’t notice or don’t care. If it’s really bad, my heart races. Luckily I’m in a fairly quiet building, otherwise living in the District would be an impossible thing for me.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I routinely take clicky pens away from people in meetings. I would like to slowly kill the inventor of the clicky pen for all the pain and suffering they have caused me. And pen/pencil tappers I want to smack them. Why do people HAVE to make noise all the time???
            I also hate leg jigglers. Just sit still and be quiet people!

          • It’s ADHD. They can’t help it. Diverting a portion of their energy to another task (like jiggling the leg) helps them focus, and they’re probably not aware that they’re doing it. My friend holds a glass of water, filled to the brim, in one hand. The mental energy he uses to focus on not spilling it leaves him with the right amount of focus for his work.
            I don’t explain it well, because I don’t understand it. But I’m sympathetic.

          • It’s my biggest meeting fear that I’m grossing people out.
            I always wiggle the foot that’s crossed, but then my ankle usual cracks and it sounds like I’m snapping a pencil in half. In eight years at my company and countless ankle cracking meetings no one has ever said anything, not even my boss when it’s one on one. No one has ever asked what it is either.
            I can’t break the fidgeting habit. Am I the gross meeting person?

          • Emmaleigh504

            wdc- If it is ADHD (I don’t know enough about it to speculate) I wish they would choose a less invasive way to divert their energy. Unscrew and rescrew the clicky pen (no noise!), twist your ring around in circles, wiggle your pen without tapping it on something, etc. There a million fidgety things one can do that don’t make noise. Leg jiggling only bothers me when I can feel it, so I usually move b/c it bothers me so much.
            Jeslett- Is your ankle cracking over and over in the meeting? If it’s just once or twice a meeting, I doubt anyone really notices.

          • As far as people clicking clicky pens… this might not make it any less annoying, but try to remember that people might be clicking pens (or engaging in other behaviors) as a nervous habit, without actually realizing it.
            I vaguely remember that when I was first teaching, someone pointed out to be that I kept nervously putting the cap on a pen, taking it off, and repeating the whole cycle. I had NO IDEA.
            I switched to clicky pens in part to remove the cap-related temptation, but I guess it’s possible I could be clicking the pens without realizing it.
            Fortunately I no longer teach, and I don’t often have to attend meetings. 🙂

          • Emmaleigh504

            Most of the people I see DON’T know they are clicking the clicky pen. That’s why I take them away from them. I usually will give them and non-clicky pen instead, but it depends on if I like them.

          • Emilie- it’s usually just once, but it’s truly pencil snapping loud.

          • Emmaleigh504

            lol maybe they think you have a bionic ankle and it can’t be helped.

      • epric002

        i think i have that. i get ridiculously rageful at people who are making obnoxious noises.

      • Wow I didn’t know this disorder was a real thing. An ex-bf of mine definitely had this. He would RAGE at anyone who was chewing gum. We’d have to move to different train cars, movie seats, etc to get away from people chewing gum because he really just could not deal with it. It would ruin our dates it put him in such a bad mood. Now I feel a little bad for all those times I told him to “just get over it.”

    • I had to LOL at “making sweet love to a clementine.”
      That does sound pretty unpleasant, though. Hang in there!

    • I feel your pain. My imperfect solution, white noise. I think the site I use is called simplynoise, and you can pick from different types of white noise. It drowns out the little office sounds that are annoying, but I can still hear it if someone is speaking to me. It’s difficult to get the volume right, but it def helps. Good luck!

    • Leave a Neti Pot on his desk to help with the sinuses.

    • binpetworth

      I am cracking up here…I have been guilty of “making sweet love to a clementine” (they’re so juicy!), but thankfully never at work. I feel for you, though; I used to share a cubicle wall with a woman who was a “smacker.” She had this way of smacking her lips when she ate–which was often–that was grotesque.

      • He does the lip smacking too! It’s like if the Cookie Monster had lips and saliva and a throat– that’s what his eating sounds like.

    • Cinnamonster

      Sympathetically wincing! Loud eaters make my shoulders tense up!

  • RANT: Diane Rehm. She’s a smart lady, but her voice scares me and I always think she’s about to die on-the-air 🙁
    RANT: I feel a lingering sickness creeping in. Crazy travel schedule is catching up with me, despite lots of sleep the past few day.
    RAVE: Potential snowday tomorrow would allow me to work from home in sweatpants and drink lots of tea and water with lemon.
    RANT: Craptastic weather is crappy. So depressing outside 😡

    • I feel the same way about Chris Berman (I’m a sport radio/ESPN gal, not an NPR gal). He always sounds like the priest is in the room and he’s saying his last words.

    • Ally

      RE Diane Rehm, she has spasmodic dysphonia (something my Dad) had, and can’t do too much about the voice. She’s lucky to have a voice at all (and has to get regular Botox shots into her vocal chords). It’s an odd disease. Hope you feel better!!

      • It’s amazing the things that they are finding Botox can help with. I’ve had it recommended for two disorders I suffer. Insurance won’t cover it, unfortunately. But brilliant nonetheless.

        • Ally

          That’s too bad on the insurance front! Is that across-the-board, or just with your provider?

          • Possibly just with mine. It’s doesn’t cover certain alternative medicines, which the treatment is still classified as. I could fight it, and I might at some point in my life. But for now, I’m able to control the disorders through other means.

        • My grandma was a neurologist and was doing research with botox to treat facial spasms… I’m not sure for which neurological disorder(s), though. This was in the early 2000s before illness forced her to retire. I’m not sure what happened with her findings. From what I remember her telling me, botox was not initially meant for cosmetic procedures.

          • it just came to me… she worked with Huntington’s disease patients.
            sorry to hear about your insurance, BTW… that’s crappy.

  • Rave: Yesterday is over, and tomorrow’s event has been cancelled!
    Rave: Exciting new opportunity coming up, which will be a huge time suck (and could be difficult given grad school requirements/a full time job/wanting a social life), but it’s something I’m interested in and could keep me more engaged than almost anything else.
    Rant: Called and told my mom about it, and she shot the idea down immediately. Which led to a huge fight.
    Rave: Boy is supportive.
    Rave: dreaming of an Ireland vacation next winter. Anyone have ideas for a history/scenery driven week-10 day long adventure?

    • Jealous of your potential Ireland trip! I’ve traveled throughout Ireland a few times and my favorite towns are Dingle and Clifden by far. Beautiful scenery and quaint small town charm. If you stay in Dingle, I highly recommend the Coill An Rois B&B. The owner and breakfast are both fantastic. I really enjoyed the Kilmainham Gaol tour in Dublin.

    • The northern coast, especially Giants Causeway, is amazing for scenery. The downside is that it’s *really* far from all that shamrocks-and-leprechauns stuff that people like on the southern end.

    • If you decide to go south, the factory tour of Waterford is really interesting, and further south, the town of Baltimore is really picturesque. Also, the Ring of Kerry is beautiful!

  • Rant: snow! Usually I love it but I’m so not in the mood right now. This pregnancy is getting the best of me and I keep having weird maladies, including throwing out my back all the time. Which means no shoveling, which makes me sad (I love shoveling).
    Rant: Cold weather! I only have about two weeks left of my winter coat fitting; it had better be warm enough for layering sweaters by then or else I’m up a creek.
    Rant: I’m from Wisconsin and have clearly gotten soft living in DC.

  • Aglets

    Question: based on another comment on here- what’s your snowday favorite food go-to?

    • Something terrible for me: Chinese or American carryout food
      Could be roasted chicken of I can stomach solid food tomorrow. My chicken has been thawed since Monday. I hope it’s ok to cook tonight.

    • epric002

      i think i’m going to try the 2nd crock pot chicken tikka masala recipe that was shared on PoP.

    • Emmaleigh504

      grilled cheese and tomato soup… gah I have no cheese!

      • Tip for an excellent grilled cheese: add Boursin garlic and herbs cheese spread to your cheddar slices. This has brought my grilled cheese up to another level.

        • Emmaleigh504

          my fabulous grilled cheese: sour dough bread, muenster cheese, sharp cheddar cheese, sometime harvarti if I’m feeling decadent, tomatoes if they are in season, lots of dill weed and cayenne pepper between slices, grill slowly until cheese is ooey gooey mess and bread is golden brown.

        • I usually add some drops of Cholula onto the cheese and bread before I start cooking. It’s awesome.

      • I recently tried :inside out” grilled cheese that includes crisped cheese on the outside. Double comfort food!

    • Takeout: Pho 14 or a noodle soup from Beau Thai
      Homemade: Any other kind of soup (chicken orzo is a favorite, also curried leeks and potato or a seafood chowder). Something that fills the house with warmth and good smells.

    • I Dont Get It


    • skj84

      Mac and Cheese. I just bought a big box of Stouffer’s for tomorrow. I’m ready.

      • I completely get how in some circumstances, familiar prepared foods are just what you want. But do you know how to make mac and cheese from scratch? If not, I will arrange an emergency intervention. Everyone needs to know how to do this!

        • Agreed– it’s so much better and it’s easy to make. You have to have some kind of milk on hand (I find that part challenging) but otherwise it’s a great thing to make when you haven’t been shopping in a while and don’t feel like making anything ambitious.

        • skj84

          I do. But I as much as I hate to admit it I really do love the stoufers red boxes. Not an everyday thing of course, but snow day I’m being lazy treat. Hangs head in shame.

    • Quotia Zelda

      I’m planning to make waffles with my new waffle maker.

    • Red wine to drink, and beef stew to make, and then eat, while drinking it.
      That was my snow-panic shopping earlier today – I have all the stew ingredients ready and waiting for the snow to start falling.

  • Random (older) pop culture quiz – what institution that featured prominently in a popular TV show has a working oil well on it? I had no idea. I took a picture of it Monday. Hint: One frequent PoPvillager should get this in a second – you know who you are. Try to let someone else answer. 🙂

  • Oh, hey, I’ve been meaning to ask. Is there a good music app like Pandora that ISN’T Pandora? Mine went all buggy a few weeks ago, and has never recovered. Tried everything.
    I want something that analyzes likes and dislikes and recommends new stuff, with a good library. Also something that will keep playing for a good period after losing connection (like in metro).

    • I love Rdio and am not sure why it hasn’t taken off like other services have. They have “stations” like Pandora does, but you can also save playlists and favorite albums, both in the cloud and on your device (if you choose that). You can connect with friends (or not) to see what people in your network like. They have a huge catalog and I really like the music they’ve recommended to me.

      • I tried Rdio a while back, and liked it. But then my free trial ran out, and I’m cheap. I see that they now offer “stations” for free. Is that like pandora, where it customizes what it plays (at least somewhat) based on your likes/ dislikes? Or is it just like radio, where you get what you get?

        • I pay for it — and they actually lowered the price of subscriptions! — so I’m not sure what comes with the free service. That said, the stations I use are a lot like Pandora’s (I think). You can make stations by an artist, or they make a station for you based on likes and dislikes. You can also choose to be more or less “adventurous,” where less adventurous picks are songs you’ve played before and more adventurous picks are all from Rdio’s suggested music.
          FWIW, I’ve used this service now for 2+ years and think it gets better and better with time. And cheaper too!

    • skj84

      I use Spotify. It offers the radio option, and you can keep a library. I pay for the premium service. No commercials and I can download my playlists to my devices. The downside is the iPhone app takes up a lot of space. And not all art

      • jim_ed

        +1 for Spotify. I pay for it and stream it through my phone everywhere. I alternate between the radio function and standard albums. It’s well worth the $10/ month.

      • Cinnamonster

        +2 f(or +1 too?) for Spotify! I love it so and agree with jim_ed and skj84 about the premium option.

      • +3 for Spotify Premium. Worth the money, IMHO.
        I also like that you can subscribe to artists’ playlists. For instance, Caribou created a massive playlist of his favorite songs – really cool stuff.

      • palisades

        I’ve found Spotify radio to be far inferior to Pandora’s. It’s algorithms are just not as well-made. I’ll “thumbs down” a song and they’ll proceed to play other songs from that exact album, and so on. It just doesn’t seem as smart.
        Spotify as a whole is much better than any other service out there, though.

  • topscallop

    Rave: Date last night was not a Monet (he was very cute up close) and I had a good time! Tentative plans for a second date when I get back from my work trip in a week or two.
    Rave: the prospect of a snow day tomorrow. They always seem to happen when I’m traveling or on vacation, so I end up missing them. My schedule is light even if I have to work from home tomorrow, so I foresee wine and HoC in my near future. I’d be happy if spring would come immediately after that, though.
    Rant: office politics are making me crazy, in particular people who can’t make up their minds on how they want to proceed, making us push everything to the very last minute. Grrr.

    • Are you sure? Can you do this?…..Rollin’ with the homies *waves arm*

    • Ally

      Love the Monet usage!

    • So happy that the date went well. Hope the best for #2. At least you didn’t fall for a disco-dancing, Oscar Wilde-reading, Streisand ticket-holding friend of Dorothy. I have. (Clueless is my favorite movie!)

  • Rant: My low-grade cold has turned into bronchitis. Lost my voice during my 12 hour work day last night from painful coughs.
    Rave: Was able to get in to the McMackin & Zimnoch office this morning that a couple people recommended before, thought they were great and really nice. I now have antibiotics and antidepressants at last. Yay!
    Rant: Snow tonight arrgh. I hope it’s enough to close work at least…

    • This cold season has been brutal with a capital HOLY EFFING CRAP.

      • Yes, it really has. I’m on my second or third cold IN A ROW, and it’s brutal.

      • I’ve been sick so much, and I’m already running out of sick days for the year. I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I’m fairly new on the job and people were actually LECTURED about taking too much sick time this winter, but I can’t help being sick 🙁 Doesn’t help that we feel pressured to not take sick days now so people come into work sick a lot so we all catch it every.time.

    • I Dont Get It

      YAY McMackin & Zimnoch! Feel better soon!

  • justinbc

    Question: Anyone have a reliable watch battery replacement vendor in DC? It seems like every time I get one replaced they wind up dying again within a year or so.

    • Blithe

      The watch repair place in the basement of Rodman’s is great. I’m not sure what the expected life of a watch battery is — but even the ones that I’ve had replaced at Tourneau seem to last roughly a year.

    • I got mine done at Boone and Sons at Conn and L about 2-3 years ago.

      It was a little pricey but they resealed it and re-certified that it is waterproof.

    • I’ve always gotten my watch batteries replaced at Lee Brothers in Adams Morgan (the jewelry/luggage store that is now a jewelry/luggage/liquor store).

      • And I haven’t kept close track, but I think the batteries have generally lasted me a few years.

    • I discovered Fast Fix Jewelry repair a couple of years ago–they have a warranty for 3 years (not sure if its 3 or 5) so if your battery dies before then, you just go in and they replace it with another one. When my battery died after about a year, I went in and they replaced it, no charge. The trick is to hold on to your warranty card, though I suppose it might be in their system. There is one in Pentagon City and Union station.

  • Question: if it snows 5 inches tonight, do I have to move my car for street sweeping tomorrow?

  • laduvet

    Rant: I have to sell my 1952 3-speed Hercules – London bike – due to the approaching move to London (irony?)
    Rave (question?) Name the BEST DC Libraries for research????

    • Blithe

      Researching what? The Library of Congress is where I often end up, but I don’t have access to any local university libraries. 🙁

  • Ally

    Rave: Tomorrow we find out if we’re having a boy or a girl!
    Rant: It’s going to take trekking through 8″ of snow to do so.
    Rave: Getting to build a gender-specific snowman for the big reveal to friends and family.

    • SouthwestDC

      The snowman is such a cute idea!

    • Exciting news and I love the reveal idea! Can’t wait to hear the results when you decide to show them here.
      Inappropriate digression — please pardon me: Your second rave reminded me of a hilarious recent post by a friend on FB. It was titled “parenting FAIL,” and showed her three darling girls hugging a huge snow penis. Apparently they had been trying to make a snowman that looked like a Frozen character and it looked exactly. like. a huge. penis. I’m so glad they posted it as-is instead of trying harder to mike it look like Olaf or whoever.

      • Ally

        That is pretty awesome. Yeah, this whole time I was thinking we’d need to build a little girl snowman or a little boy snowman. We could just keep it simple with the giant genital snowman 😉

        • Girl snowman would be very Georgia okeefe.

        • Hahaha!
          Of course, that’s assuming that your doctor’s office is actually open tomorrow. If it isn’t, you might not get the nexus of having the information and the snow at the same time. 😉

    • You’re going to make snow genitals?
      Or are you thinking more like a generic snowman wearing some pink or blue?
      Or… ooh! You could put food coloring in a spray bottle and spritz color all over your snowman.

  • skj84

    Rave: Semi caught up on House of Cards. Just finished episode 6. Slow start but it’s getting good.

    Rant: Forgot that HOC has some more “adult” moments and had to turn it off on the bus yesterday. I’m not a prude, but I don’t like watching things with extreme violence, nudity/ sex on public transport. Don’t want to be judged by anyone looking over my shoulder!

    • I decided to introduce my mom to Orange is the New Black, but forgot that one of the very first scenes involved Nikki getting it on in the shower. Kind of awkward.

      • skj84

        Yikes. My Aunt and I were the only ones in the theater when I saw Black Swan. Which made the Natalie Portman/Mila Kunis sex scene just that much more akward.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I went to see My Own Private Idaho with my mom. I have no idea what that movie was about b/c I was so horrified watching the opening scene with my mom. We even have a pretty good deal that when stuff like that comes on we just pretend the other isn’t there, but that scene broke through all the barriers.

          • I don’t remember the opening scene, but I remember thinking that the sex scenes in general were hilarious — a bunch of still photos, and then video of a house falling out of the sky.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Up close shot of River Phoenix getting head. You can’t tell what it is at first but they pan out or something and you know. It seems to last for DAYS.

    • topscallop

      I sat next to a girl on the metro yesterday who was very aggressively typing email on her Blackberry about how she’d specifically asked for VIOLET and not purple. Then she saw me looking and I had to look away. I wish I’d been able to read the rest!

      • Hopefully she doesn’t read popville. I’m very against snooping. I’ve considered getting/cutting out a small privacy shield for my phone. This situation tells me I should.

  • Rave: flu & strep tests negative.
    Rant: drugs won’t fix me.
    Rave: sore throat seems to have abated.
    Rant: but the nighttime coughing has returned.
    Rant: anxious about tomorrow’s 10am flight out of DCA–both getting there & the flight happening. Ugh. Oh, and we can’t check in online for some reason & American Airlines wasn’t even putting people on hold last time I called because call volume was so high. Not sure if not being checked in ahead of time is going to bite us in the butt. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

    • Whooping cough was going around, I think. Did they check for that? It’s one of those it wears off eventually vaccines.

      • They didn’t, but the cough didn’t start until after my urgent care visit. This is following the same trajectory as the last cold 2-3 weeks ago, so I’m pretty sure that’s all it is. Apparently my lungs sounded clear if that matters for anything. I haven’t had a pertussis vaccine since I was a toddler because I had such a bad reaction to it (105 fever), so I rely on herd immunity for this one 🙁

        • I’m not sure how symptoms work, but a few ppl here had it, and since it wears off anyway you’re probably no more likely to get it than anyone else you’re age. Small consolation?

          • I can’t get the booster, though, which is a little unfortunate. Fortunately, since this started with the cold-like symptoms all over again, I don’t think it’s pertussis. Yucky that it’s become a broader issue again, though. Boo.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Time to stop procrastinating and finish my work.
    Rave: Quick break at 3:30 for the animals.

  • Rave: found out job I interviewed for contacted one of my references. crossing fingers I get the job. it’s more in line with I want to do with my life.
    Rant: a manager in my current job had another condescending talk with me about my “initiative” on the job. just because I do things differently, don’t freak out when my boss freaks out, and actually speak the truth at work doesn’t mean I don’t give AF.
    Rave: fun plans this weekend to celebrate my birthday
    Rant: boy I’m sorta dating not initiating dates or contact. Last 2 dates were my idea. It’s your turn! Also, I mentioned twice that my birthday is this week when we went out this past weekend, and I didn’t get even a nice happy birthday text on my actual birthday. little things, buddy. I’m preparing for the inevitable end to this set-up.

    • Do you dislike planning dates? If not, and I’m all for fairness, but what’s the big deal? I think showing up and spending time together and he said he thinks you’re dating (right) is a better indication of interest than simply planning a date. Maybe he sucks at planning dates. I was happy to plan dates after only 1 disaster date planned by the ladyfriend (new restaurant which sucked, movie neither of us liked sitting in the front row).
      Birthday- you’re not exclusively dating, and for me at least, I save those little things for someone when we’re getting more toward serious. The lack of a birthday text seems like a big deal to you, and you brought up your birthday twice in one date. He may have thought you expected a gift and thought not mentioning it was the best course or he’s seeing other ppl and doesn’t care about your birthday at this stage…who knows? I would think this anger/disappointment makes more sense with a bf/exclusively dating situation. We may have different expectations in that regard, however.

      • It sounds like LA is disappointed that the guy seems to be rather passive as far as initiating things — he’s not initiating contact, not initiating dates. I think this disappointment is reasonable; so far all of the effort has been on LA’s part.
        Especially given the outdated-but-not-completely-died-out “traditional” mindset that in a heterosexual couple, it’s the man who initiates ALL the contact, ALL the dates, etc., I can see how LA would expect the guy to be putting forth at least a little bit of effort. It gets tiring to always be the one doing the asking out, etc.

        • Textdoc: you get it. I’m not traditional, so it’s really about effort. Sure, he shows up (not on time EVER but that’s another rant) and we have a great time, but I would like him to do more than just show up. It is exhausting always being the one who reaches out and figures out what to do and when to do it. Oh, and let’s not talk about who pays for the dates. LONGER RANT.

    • Ally

      Good luck with the job. RE your manager, me and mine haven’t always seen eye to eye, but things improved significantly when I started asking him a little more about his expectations (even if they seemed unreasonable or silly); at least I wasn’t flying blind anymore, and it seems to have helped our dynamic a lot. Anyway, hope it improves!

  • I feel like the effort is one-sided when it comes to initiating dates. FYI, he cancelled the last two dates he initiated (I had to ask the day of said dates are we doing this and he was like I have to cancel), and I ended up planning the make-up dates because he didn’t even suggest a make-up date. That’s what bothers me. Okay, cancel but offer up alternatives too.
    As for my birthday, I don’t expect a gift at all at this point. I’m not needy Long story: but I texted him I was meeting up with friends this weekend to celebrate my birthday so we should go on our date at night. on our date, we discussed what we’ve been up to, and when I mentioned my birthday activities, he was like it’s your birthday? I told him I texted him that, and he went back and checked and legit freaked out that he missed it. He said he felt like a jerk for not realizing it, and I said it’s not a big deal since it’s actually next week (this week). He still said he felt bad for not noticing that. And guess, what he really didn’t notice on the actual day. It wouldn’t bother me if he didn’t make a big deal at first for not noticing it. again hard to explain here, but he led me to believe he would acknowledge it on the actual day.

    • Ally

      How long have your guys been dating?

      • We just started dating. I wasn’t expecting anything for my birthday, as I mentioned, but he knew it was my birthday. It would be kinda nice just to hear happy birthday from the person who claims you’re dating esp after some nice sleepovers. I guess I expect too much from people.

        • Ally

          Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe I’ve just dated so many arseclowns over the years that I tend to be overly-paranoid about them (note, just married a wonderful man, so there are great catches out there), but I think I might take some of this is warning signs. The birthday thing I can see a guy spacing out over — especially if you just started dating. But, cancelling dates and not rescheduling immediately, etc, is usually an indication that the person either isn’t that interested or that they’re dating so many other people they can’t keep track. I could be wrong, so take it worth 2 cents. But, if I’m right and you see other warning signs like these, you deserve much, much better and better to move on early so you don’t get stuck with a clown longer than needed.

          • Ally

            And more importantly, Happy Future or Past Birthday!!!

          • Thanks, Ally! He’s a great guy but maybe not boyfriend material. I suspect it’s gonna be the end of the road soon.

          • I have to agree with Ally. I don’t think that the guy needs to take the lead or that you have to measure things out 50/50. But from personal experience in past relationships, being the one who is putting in much more energy and effort in the beginning is not a good sign of things to come. In my past relationships, that meant I was the one doing most of the planning and heavy emotional lifting throughout the relationship. If it doesn’t start to feel more equitable, I would cut bait.

        • I would be disappointed about this too.
          It doesn’t sound like you and he are a good match — it seems like he doesn’t pay attention/isn’t attentive to detail, and he doesn’t take a sufficiently active role in planning dates (or even cancelling them!). He just sounds lackadaisical.

          • Lackadaisical is the perfect word that I would use to describe his effort in dating me. He’s like one perpetual “shruggie.” So, now I need to figure out how to end it.

          • Seeing all the add ons, I have more clear picture, and I’m wondering why you’re still seeing him.
            First, a psa to ladies (and gents who agree) don’t put any value on sleepovers beyond the bedroom. You can have an amazing sex connection with someone you despise, could never date, etc. This guy is showing me as a total outsider that he’s just not that into you but you have good chemistry for sleepovers. It happens. I know nothing of him or you, but the biggest flag for me is the cancelling sans reschedule. That’s on the person cancelling unless the other person is on an indefinite work trip or something. Second the paying for dates. No need to explain further, but seeing a financial inequity so early is bad. Generally the planner pays, but if you always plan then it has to be 50/50 with occasional treating here and there.

          • I’m giving myself time to think about it. Hard to explain attraction, right? He has paid for the dates he initiated. I was irked that in our most recent date he was not prepared to pay for anything. He apologize later and said he should’ve paid for every date we’ve been on. OKay, buddy.

          • I hope he’s a great conversationalist, is really hot, or (preferably) both, because so far he just sounds incredibly lame with no redeeming characteristics.
            But even if he IS a great conversationalist and hot, I don’t think it’s enough — the passivity and lackadaisical-ness are already driving you nuts (and justifiably so), and it’s still early days.
            I don’t condone doing a “fade-out,” but it sounds as though you could (if you wanted to) end things with this guy by just not initiating contact with him. And/or waiting to see how long it took him to actually get in touch with you, and then telling him, “I don’t think this is working.”

          • He’s a great conversationalist and really interesting. He’s of average attractiveness, but I’m not shallow. I’m more interested in people’s personalities (honest!) I’m not going to fade-out because I think he deserves an explanation. I did leave the ball in his court per se because he left something at my place, and I asked him if he wanted it back. He said he could pick it up “whenever” (what a planner!) I said I’ll give it to him when I see him next and that it’s up to him to decide when that is. No response. So that’s where we are.

  • Ally

    No harm in just having a good time, as long as you’re having a good time still and are not expecting much more than that. If that’s the case, as echoed above, he better be darn, darn good at the sleepovers, though. Just sayin’. 😉 And, I’d definitely keep my other options open.

    • Ally

      Oops, that was supposed to be threaded, responding to LA. I’m sure you guys figured it out 🙂

    • Thanks, All and Ally! And I do have a good time when we go out and the sleepovers are v good. Expecting anything more than that would be asking too much. I have a feeling we’re on the same page when it comes to what we expect out of this, so we might need to talk about it before it gets messy.

      • That’s right I said don’t explain because it leaves me with more questions. 🙂
        Have you offered to pay when he paid? Have you paid a lot already by virtue of planning more dates? Have his dates always been less expensive like you like plan dinner and a movie and he only plans happy hour? I’m sure at least one of those happened if it irked you.
        I’d say if he doesn’t respond in a week leave it alone. I’d like to believe he’s oblivious to what’s happening, but I just don’t think so.

        • Anon Spock: you know I can’t help but answer. Well, he paid for drinks and the shows we’ve gone to (not too expensive). I don’t drink a lot, but I offer to pay for myself always and he paid. Dinner at a fairly nice restaurant was my idea, so I paid, he offered to pay. He later said he wished I let him pay. Drinks and a show, I paid for us because he didn’t have cash. How were you not prepared for this? He also showed up drunk to our last date & thought it was okay because it was a music show. Writing this out really helps me see what a mess he is. Such a lovable mess.

      • “Expecting anything more than that would be asking too much.” Maybe with this particular guy… but I don’t think it’s so much to ask (in general) that the other party initiate things at least some of the time and not be repeatedly late.
        I don’t know you, but I think you deserve better!

        • Thanks. Yes, I meant expecting more from this guy would be too much. I still like him, and it’s gonna be hard to shake that. I can’t explain why.

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