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  • I’ve been looking forward to this. But what has taken so long? Permit issues? And what about their neighbors on Quincy who are liable to complain about the inevitable shrieking-loud late night patrons on the patio? Limited hours? Sound-deadening materials?

  • Looking good. Now everyone patronize this and Red Derby so that more local business owners will be persuaded to open shop along this stretch of 14th!

  • Do they have food at Lymans?

    • Yes, they have a small menu and also FREE SRIRACHA POPCORN!!!

    • Decent dinner fare, TERRIBLE brunch food

      • Rockandroar

        I disagree with your assessment of Lyman’s brunch food. I’ve had it on numerous occasions and found no reason not to go back. I try something different every time I go and have never been disappointed.

  • Don’t bother going in if you’re a person of color. The bartenders seem to have a blind eye when it comes to DC-born people in their establishment. My friends have had the same reaction, even though she was more on the latino side of the coin.

    I don’t know what they’re serving there, but it isn’t a “friendly place” like they have on their sign. Maybe they should change it to “a bigoted place” instead.

    • I’m a white, non-DC-born woman who also got a blind eye. So they’re clearly friendly only to white men born outside the Metro area (question: do they have to present their birth certificates? I’ll investigate). Or–hang on, here’s an idea–maybe they just have crappy service.

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