Probably Well Intentioned But Holy Mackerel How Did This Get the Green Light?


From the Wizards facebook page:

“Black History Month is an annual celebration where we honor and recognize the contributions that African Americans have made to history. Join Monumental Sports & Entertainment as we reflect on some great inspirations of Black History. Check out our month long celebration on #inspire #wizardscare #BHM #nbacares #DREAM #King #Leonsis”

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  • No no no no NO!

    They’ve been doing this all month splicing the black players on the Wizards with the black historical figure that’s inspired them, but the last two with Ted and G-Wiz (the mascot) have been utterly tone deaf and embarrassing.

  • Wow. If Leonsis approved that my regard for him just sunk to a new low.

  • I wonder if they accidentally messed up the quotes, because the Wizards are infinitely disappointing.

  • “I really should have approvals over this kind of thing.”

  • This is beyond embarrassing – completely cringe-worthy. Who would ever think this is a good idea?!?!

  • effin Martin Leonsis King Jr over here…

  • Haha. This is Michael Scott from the Office level tone deafness. It’s also funny because Ted’s quote sounds like a child’s vernacular (doing well by doing good!). They should have just used MLK’s quote because Wiz fans need to keep hope alive.

  • “Who would ever think this is a good idea?!?!”
    People who work at a PR firm/ad agency, most likely. Doubt this was in-house.

  • Taking a page from Madonna’s book?

  • jim_ed

    I can’t wait to read Ted’s Take on this because ooooof. I’m also stuck on which is more facepalm worthy – Leonsis/MLK, or Benjamin O Davis/G-Wiz. I love the Wiz, but fer Christ’s sake, Ted, get it together.

  • I just want to add… using a slain civil rights leader who preached love and understanding to sell tickets to basketball games is utterly revolting. Don’t care that it’s under the guise of relating black leaders to sports during Black History Month. Leave Dr MLK off your billboards please.

  • I take it they don’t have a single black person on their marketing team?

    • I would find that very hard to believe. Maybe you are unfamiliar with the demographics of the NBA’s fan base.

      • I actually know one of the designers of this campaign. I went to high school with him/her and they are most def black. I don’t think it was his/her responsibility to pick the quotes though, more so just the graphic design concept.

      • Joke – it’s a joke!

  • well, they got us, because it’s doing exactly what marketers hope ads will do: get noticed, get attention, get discussed.

    • I don’t think that it’s particularly hard to grab one’s attention, if that’s your only goal.

  • Well…let’s be honest, this is the same man who allegedly gave the Dali Lama a signed copy of his own self-help book ” The Six Keys to Extraordinary Success in Work and Life”, so I can completely envision him thinking this was a-ok.

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