Potholepalooza Kicks Off Soon with goal to “repair identified potholes within 48 hours”

1300 block of R Street, NW

Last week we mentioned the standard ways to report a pothole. Soon Potholepalooza will kick off with more:

“Through April, DDOT, the agency responsible for the repair of potholes for the District, will work to repair identified potholes within 48 hours of the request (normal response time is within 72 hours).

Residents and commuters are encouraged to call, go online, tweet, or e-mail to submit requests for pothole repairs (see details below).

Residents can also Track Pothole Repairs.

How to Report a Pothole

Residents and Commuters can notify DDOT in a variety of ways:

Residents can also Track Pothole Repairs.


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  • They repaired the potholes on my block last week (at 1am!). Sadly, whatever they did didn’t stick, and the road is already falling apart again. It’s really disappointing. Now we have somewhat smaller potholes and a ton of loose gravel.

  • palisades

    At what point would “rePAVEapalooze” be more fiscally feasible? Because the street above seems like the type that could use a clean slate.

  • I wish they started this earlier… I got a flat from a pothole on Wisconsin Ave. Repairs to wheel and tire came to about $1200 dollars.

  • Last week I drove the stretch of R Street NW shown in the photo; and can attest that it is among the most concentrated cluster of deep potholes in the city.

  • That block of R St NW was bad waaay before the winter. This weather over the last few months has somehow made it even worse. Don’t be mistaken – it hasn’t been a good street to drive or bike on since at least last summer.

    • While I’m no road engineer, my understanding of pothole formation is that it is created by water weakening the underlying pavement and then car/truck traffic breaking up the compromised soil. As a resident of R St, I blame the developers of the Mission and the adjacent buildings… they’ve been bumrushing trucks up and down this street like demons for a year plus, not to mention all of the assorted workers and their trucks. I don’t know if there’s anything the city can do about it, but a good example of how a developer might be externalizing some costs onto the public.

  • Florida Avenue NW between 7 and 9. Makes a moonscape look flat.

  • I reported potholes down by NASA building on E street over a week ago and they haven’t been fixed – but I realize this may not be a very heavily trafficked area. I’ll be interested to see if the very large potholes on 9th between U and W that I reported yesterday will be addressed within this standard time frame.

  • Perhaps the city could organize a motocross event and use the proceeds to pave the roads.
    It should be noted that 9th & U has been deteriorating since 2013. Patching rather than repaving is the perfect allegory to DC and American infrastructure as a whole.

    • Awesome idea, it could be like offering “FREE BOATS” to criminals to get them to show up and get arrested. We could get all the jerks who tear around DC on illegal ATVs to show up and corral them into a police van 🙂

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