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  • “The DC Hammer” also sponsors the Washington Capitals powerplay, which is appropriate since that’s effectively what Ovi’s slapshot is.

  • STOP! Hammer time.

  • “The DC Hammer” also has commercials on daytime TV, but he has copied his whole persona from “The Texas Hammer” Jim Adler (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TvdiBebWTY)

    “Jim Adler, Texas Hammer” is famous statewide in Texas for thick drawl and aggressive streaming in his TV commercials. Everyone in Texas knows who he is. In the context of Texas, “The Texas Hammer” makes sense. “The DC Hammer” is a nonsensical copycat.

    It”The Texas Hammer” makes a more sense than the “The DC Hammer.:

    his bombastic TV commercials

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