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  • Mug of Glop

    I saw this when I was out running yesterday. I knew it was scheduled for demo, but it was still weird looking at the bare corner.

  • I miss Caribou. Most of the coffee places here now don’t have nearly enough seating. I went there often during ‘maternity’ leave to get out of the house and it was a relaxing spot. The employees were friendly. Coffee was meh, but I’d rather have a place to sit than fight for an uncomfortable stool at the other local places. RIP, Caribou!

    • Bake House is the most ludicrous seating I’ve ever seen. 90% of the people sitting aren’t even eating/drinking coffee. They should charge for rental office space.

      • IMO Dolcezza is the most, followed by Wydown.

        • Let’s not forget Peregrine, which has laughably bad seating, too. The Coffee Bar has about the most seating for a traditional shop in the area. Slipstream has more, but it is more than a normal coffee shop.

          • not necessarily nearby, but Compass Coffee on 7th street and Sankofa Cafe on Georgia usually have space. However, even though Compass is big (probably twice as much seating as that Caribou), a few Sunday afternoons ago I couldn’t get a seat. ugh.

    • Too much seating–the cost of rental square feet–is probably part of what sank Caribou. I love hanging at a coffee shop myself, but really, it isn’t financially beneficial to let people spend $5/10 and pay for their workspace for 3-4hours. I blame ‘Friends’ for putting that idea of normalcy in our heads. ‘The Central Perk’ was just as unrealistic as the apartments they lived in NYC.

  • I used to walk by this several times daily, and still do from time to time, so this somehow feels like the end of an era. I won’t miss Caribou, really, but this is one of the few building alterations that will probably always make me a bit nostalgic.

  • saf

    We lived down the street when the 7-11 was still in that building. How things have changed.

  • Before it was a 7-11, that building was backdrop for a memorable scene in a memorable movie:


  • this should of been done to 7/11 as well !!

  • My husband and I first met at this Caribou Coffee in April 2011 over Scrabble, so it was sad to see it close. I hope the new building is nice, but at six stories I expect it’ll be a cheap stick-frame construction that’ll have to be knocked down in 30-40 years.

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