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  • Cliche, trite, boring, 4th grade and vulgar. I’m surprised and kind of annoyed that this was even posted. Sorry Dan – you know I’m a fan. But this is a horrible fail.

  • This is part of my lovely neighbors’ amazing yard and outdoor art collection. All of us who are their neighbors respect and enjoy them and their art. Like other art, it’s meant to provoke discussion.
    This is where comments on the Internet allow people to decontextualize people and their motives.

    • Disagreed — it’s about reader (or in this case viewer) reception, not authorial intent.
      The “art” needs to stand on its own. If you have to know the homeowners to “understand” the “art,” then it’s lacking — most viewers aren’t going to know the homeowners.
      This just looks trashy.

    • +1

  • If it was in my neighborhood U Street/14th — it would be gone, disappeared, in a dumpster, see ya, adios jerks.

    • With all due respect, the garden with the naked barbie dolls around 15th and P in Logan Circle – that’s still there last I checked. It’s also been posted here a few times. Does that offend you as well?

  • justinbc

    Wtf? That entire yard looks like a total crappy mess. If it’s meant to “provoke discussion” then the owner shouldn’t care whether that’s done online, in person, or via carrier pigeon. Anyone putting up garbage like this surely expects it to be disseminated at some point.

  • Noteworthy?

    I grew up in backwoods West Virginia where you would come across some impromptu trailer parks along the road where people would have things like this in their front yard. There, we called it and its custodian “trailer trash”. Funny how you move that same stuff to an urban locale and it is all of a sudden “art”.

    I agree with the first two posters. This is childish and ugly…this and their front yard is the epitome of poor taste and I would be furious if I was their neighbor.

    Ask yourself this. If this was an anatomically correct male mannequin with “eat me” written all over its junk, would you be so accommodating Dan, and post it online? This photo and this person’s yard is by definition “not noteworthy”.

  • I don’t know these people, but they do live around the block from me. I always viewed their yard as just eccentric, sort of charming really, especially as a complement to the stone pillar bungalow. But I agree with most of the other posters that this mannequin is not in the best of taste. If this is art, I don’t get it. Maybe Andy Warhol, or an acceptable non-zombie substitute, can fill me in.

  • The fervor of some of these comments amuses me.

  • I’m a woman, I’ve never seen this before, and I like it. In an urban setting, things like this are generally meant to be thought-provoking. I think it is funny that someone implied that the “Eat Me” is all over her junk. Actually, its everywhere, and frankly not really in the “junk”-y places. It’s funny how people get all up in arms about women’s bodies when there is the suggestion of nudity.

    • justinbc

      I doubt most people are concerned about “the suggestion of nudity” vs the fact that it’s just generally ugly.

    • I’m not offended as a woman and no one is up in arms about women’s bodies or the suggestion of nudity. The objections are focused on how sophomoric it is. Mannequin “art” is pretty much always trite. If this were a (plastic) statue of Venus de Milo painted the same way I might be persuaded to consider it an artistic social commentary blah blah blah. (But probably not.)

      • justinbc

        I think Marie Antoinette would have been more humorous, although historians have discredited her from actually uttering her heretofore famous line.

  • At first I thought the mannequin was vandalized with the scribble written all over it… but it’s someone’s choice of lawn ornament. Again, someone’s choice. It would not be mine, but there you have it. And if someone could find a male one equally of note, then you would have a nice match set for the front lawn…. and a much larger discussion 😉

  • This is amateur night.. I grew up around the corner from the guy who built the whole island of Jamaica in his front yard… Airport and everything. PoP if you haven’t seen it you really should go take a look

  • This offends me not as a woman but as a human with eyes. When I first saw the post, I thought the “statue” had been vandalized by neighbors in protest of its ugliness. This yard is super trashy and I’m glad I don’t live anywhere near it.

  • I like the art.

  • I think its ugly. It doesn’t appear that a lot of thought went into the whole display. Considering “eat me” it’s just propped up against the bushes. Looking at the first picture you can also see a cheap plastic planter with the sticker still on with what appears to be crumbled up paper in the cage below that also still has the sticker on it. Just my opinion

  • Having seen it first hand, my opinion is that the yard is eclectic. The snow kind of makes it hard to see it that way. Let the trees grow a bit and flowers bloom and while the eat me mannequin won’t please many – the yard isn’t a dump as many have commented.

  • MtPCarAlarmGuy

    It makes me hungry. Must be a “Du Chomp!”

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