New Restaurant Coming to Sweet Federal Life Building at 715 Florida Ave, NW

715 Florida Ave, NW

Looks like we finally have some action at 715 Florida Ave, NW (a once planned for coffee house and bar that never worked out.) A reader writes:

“Here’s another from the “cool old building being reno’d for a restaurant” file: 715 Florida Ave, NW. Walked by this weekend and noticed lots of work being done, including the addition of what looks like another level or a roof terrace. And I just looked it up here and saw that they had their zoning review approved back in January for a “new 4270 sq. ft. full service restaurant on c2b district. seating 112 total occupancy 158. first floor bar seating 17 – dining 26. upper floor (terrace) bar seating 23 – dining 46.

Would love to know more about what’s planned.”

Anyone hear anything?


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  • The developers’ site, suggests this could eventually be -two- restaurants.
    Is it possible that the permits are somewhat generic — designed to lure new tenants rather than announce an actual new restaurant or two? Serious question. I know little about licensing and commercial real estate in DC, but saw two ads advertising this space and one of them notes that at least one of the spaces already had a tavern license.

  • I heard it is going to be a Basque-region flavored bar/restaurant with a good amount of cider. One of the principals has considerable experience in DC as a beer director. If not that space, then another on FL ave.

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