More Random Car Vandalism


“Dear PoPville,

Just wanted to get the word out about a neighborhood crime. Between Sat 6pm and Sun 11am, my car, and at least one other, were hit with white spray paint. Our cars were parked on 16th St NW, near Kalorama Road. Thankfully carnauba wax, loads of elbow grease, and a razor blade were able to remove the white paint. Also, the police required an in person report as opposed to the busted window over the phone report that I have unfortunately, submitted twice previously.”


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  • Jerks. Another thing that works great at removing all sorts of stuff are clay bar detailing kits (sold at most auto parts stores or Amazon).

  • They hit me too, a couple years back. Acetone works great to remove the paint.

    • ****I only used it on the glass—though I’ve read that it will work on the clear coat/paint job of a car.

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